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Day 2: Firsts / Unrequited

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He’s warm, Hajime thinks, as Tooru buries his face in his chest, arm sliding around to Hajime’s back and tugging him closer, until their bodies are pressed together.

He’s warm, even though he always complains about cold fingers and toes, and always uses it as an excuse to get up into Hajime’s personal space.

Not that he minds it. It’s always been this way, and just like how, with time, Hajime learned to read, write, and not to leave jars with bugs open in the living room, he’s learned to accept these kind of things (hands linked under the table, arms around each other under the covers and sometimes during lunch breaks when Tooru needs to recharge) as part of how the world works.

And honestly, there’s so many more of these truths, universal and reassuring. Like how Tooru’s tone of voice gives away more than his smile. Like how his eyes search for Hajime before a powerful serve. Like how he can deal with Shittykawa and Crappykawa and a whole host of other almost-hurtful nicknames as long as Hajime grabs his wrist on the way home (he’ll slow if he doesn’t, getting lost in his insecurities) and lets Tooru curl up into his side when they’re on his bed watching movies, sometimes with popcorn, sometimes with chocolate, sometimes with grapes and apple slices if Hajime’s mom has her way.

Hajime knows how Tooru makes himself small sometimes, smaller than he ever should be, weighed down with doubts and fears and what if I’ll never be good enough.

Hajime also knows how to fix it, better than anyone.

And maybe that’s the thought that kickstarts it. Better than anyone.

He’s never really had to think about Tooru not being there, because he always has been. And honestly, Tooru would be a complete mess without him, anyway, because he forgets half his stuff all the time? Hajime’s the one who carries two bottles of water, an extra roll of tape, a small tube of hand cream for cuts and calluses - all in anticipation of Tooru draping himself over his back during practice with his telltale drawn-out “Iwa-chaaaan” to indicate that he’s once again forgotten to pack his bag properly.

Hajime’s heard Makki and Mattsun call him “team mom” behind his back, but really, the things he does are mostly for Tooru’s benefit. It’s not weird, or special, or anything. It’s just them.

Tooru mumbles something in his sleep, incoherent with his face smushed up against Hajime’s collar bone. Hajime exhales, tightening his grip.

Plus, he sleeps better with Tooru here. It’s an arrangement that works on both ends; it’s not like he’s always giving and never getting anything in return. Tooru’s just sort of reckless most of the time, and someone has to stop him from running himself into the ground. The recharging is mutual, as is the joy they share in victory (and the frustration of defeat). And Tooru’s also more thoughtful than people give him credit for. He notices things, pays attention, remembers. He buys Hajime small things that reminded me of you; takes Hajime to that new café that sells homemade chocolate ice cream, to the shrine and to festivals, to amusement parks and aquarium dates-

Tooru lets out a soft noise that rips Hajime from his thoughts, and he finds himself suddenly holding very still, tension growing in every muscle.


Fingers clench over the fabric of Hajime’s shirt (Tooru’s, actually, because his sci-fi fan shirts are way softer than anything Hajime owns and perfect for sleeping in, even if Tooru swears by Hajime’s hoodies) and Tooru wedges his leg between Hajime’s knees, hooking in and pulling himself even closer.

Hajime might have stopped breathing.

Oh. Oh.

Tooru exhales against his skin, and Hajime feels goosebumps erupt down his neck. He reflexively tightens his grip because it’s the only thing he knows how to do, though he should probably be pulling away, should think this through, should give himself time to process the realization that just burst across every fibre of his being, shit, shit, I’m in love with him-

With a tiny hum, Tooru nuzzles his face against Hajime’s skin, and he can only imagine that his eyes are fluttering open.

Hajime is acutely aware of how his heart is slamming against his chest, and on reflex he squeezes tighter, arms clenching around Tooru’s middle.


Oh god, he’s got his ear pressed right up against Hajime’s ribcage, he can probably hear-

The hands on his back unclench, touch going soft and gentle.

“…your heart’s going crazy,” Tooru mumbles, and Hajime thinks he might be dying. There’s nothing he can do but hold on, pretty sure his knuckles are going white from the strain. And then-

“D'you have a nightmare?”

Hajime lets out a breath that’s way too shaky and tries to calm his racing mind and heart, but he’s drawing blanks and probably breathing too fast now, too, because he’s bad at lying, this is the perfect excuse but he can’t use it because it’s Tooru and holy shit he loves him so much, how did he never realize-

“Hajime,” Tooru whispers, and he’s not sure if it’s the concern in his voice, or the fact that he used his given name, or the fact that he starts rubbing his palms between Hajime’s shoulder blades - either way, it feels like Hajime’s heart jumps clean out of his chest and he knows there’s more color in his face than is probably healthy, heat rising and making him wish the earth would open up and swallow him whole.

Slowly, Tooru tries to pull back to get a look at his face, and shit, it’s too bright (even though the door’s closed, the lamps are off, the only sliver of light comes from a crack in the blinds) and Tooru will see-

“No,” Hajime manages, and his voice is so wrong - and Tooru stills.

Through everything, his own nervousness and the crushing weight of his realization, Hajime still feels apprehension rising from Tooru.

“…then what’s wrong…?” he asks quietly.

Hajime wishes he could see his face, to judge his reactions, to make sure he’s not crossing a line - but what line? Was there ever one? Was this Tooru’s intention from the start? God, does he know?

Hajime is bad at lying. He doesn’t usually see the point, and even though he’s wishing he could, some small part of him is coming to terms with the fact that he’s not supposed to. He wouldn’t want Tooru to lie about something like this.

A million scenarios are shooting through his head, possibilities, reactions, what does this mean for us?

But underneath all that, there’s a certainty, and with every second it grows.

Tooru is an irreplaceable part of Hajime’s life. They’re not two halves of a whole, but they complete each other in a way Hajime could never imagine anyone else doing. His mind jumps to Tooru’s girlfriend, the only one whose confession he accepted, and how their relationship fizzled out after only a few weeks. She wasn’t right, for him.

Hajime hadn’t worried, back then. He hadn’t given it much thought at all, especially since it hadn’t taken long for it to become irrelevant again. Maybe some part of him knew that Tooru wouldn’t find what he needed out there.

In fact, he’s pretty sure (and his confidence is growing) that maybe what they both need is here, in each other’s arms.

His heart’s still racing, what if’s churning and terrifying him, and maybe all of this is moving too fast but how did I never see this before?

“I- I just-”

And even though Hajime is fighting for words, Tooru is already pulling him close again, offering comfort and warmth no matter what. It’s honestly not fair, how easy it is to let himself go, to surrender to everything Tooru is offering-

It’s too easy to love him.

“Tooru,” he says, and the tension is rising again, but really, there’s no choice. Hajime can’t keep this a secret, he already feels the words pushing towards his lips, out, tell him, now, “Tooru, I- I think I’m in love with you.”

Tooru goes scarily still, and then it’s his grip that’s turning rigid, clenching tightly around Hajime’s waist.


Hajime takes a few breaths, trying to steady himself, his own fingers catching on Tooru’s shirt and staying there, tangled up and close. Like a lifeline.

“I’m in love with you,” he says again, and the relief of saying it overpowers everything else. “I’m- shit, Tooru, I’m… I’m in love with you.”

The silence around them is suddenly heavy, strong, everywhere, and Hajime’s mind races, what if-

And then there’s a sound, so small that Hajime almost misses it over the way his pulse is pounding in his ears.

It’s Tooru’s breath, hitching in his throat, followed by what might be a sob.

“…oh,” Tooru whispers, and then he starts shaking, curling in over Hajime and pressing himself close, hiding his face and he’s crying, actually crying, air catching in gasps as his hands clench into fists.

Everything else fades. All Hajime’s senses zero in on the boy in his arms, and it’s all he can do to hold him, to try and shoulder some of the weight that seems to be coming off him in waves, along with the tears that are slowly drenching the fabric over Hajime’s skin.

“I-Iwa-chan,” he chokes, pulling back so their eyes can finally, finally meet, “Iwa-chan, I-Iwa-chan, I-”

Hajime brings his hand up to cup Tooru’s cheek, staring in awe at how much raw emotion he can see in his eyes, despite how red and blotchy his face is from crying.

And it’s all there, too. Oh, oh, Hajime, I love you and I’ve waited so long and please, please be mine now.

But he wants to hear it, then, with a fierce kind of determination, needs to make sure that he’s not making a mistake, that it’s okay to move on from here-

“Do you- do you think… do you think maybe we could try… being more than this?”

Tooru lifts his own hand to cover Hajime’s, fingers slipping together like they belong. His expression softens, wet with tears and so full of hope it’s almost painful. Hajime swallows against the lump in his throat, against the thoughts screaming oh, oh, I don’t deserve this.

“I’ve always loved you,” Tooru says, barely more than a whisper, heavy with awe. “Always. And I never thought - I-I was sure you could n-never- love me the same way.”

Hajime tries to think back, to ten minutes ago, ten hours ago, ten days ago, when tonight’s revelation was unthinkable - but he finds that he can’t. Because it feels like everything makes sense now, and his previous understanding of the world, of their lives, of his feelings is falling away. All he knows is that Tooru was always most important, for as long as he can remember.

“…think I always did,” he says, blinking the disbelief out of his own eyes. “I just- I didn’t realize. God, Tooru, I’m sorry-”

But Tooru brings up his other hand and claps it over Hajime’s mouth, cutting him off.

“D-don’t. Don’t. This is perfect. I’m- y-you’re here now. You see, now.”

Hajime nods, brushing his thumb over Tooru’s cheek. “Yeah.”

Tooru holds his gaze, and despite the tears he’s never looked more certain, more resolute. Hajime finds himself falling, bit by bit and then all at once, for the fire in Tooru’s eyes and the salt on his skin, for the way he’s practically glowing, exhaustion and worry falling away in favor of a smile that has Hajime catching his breath.

It’s a little too much, and Tooru seems to think so too, because he lets out a small, breathy laugh and lets himself fall forward, back into Hajime’s arms.

He catches him on instinct, fitting him against his chest like he’s done so many times before - only now it feels closer, stronger, definite.

“Y-you mean it?” Tooru mumbles into Hajime’s skin, arms trembling ever so slightly. “…’s this real?”

And Hajime says the only thing he can think to say, because there aren’t words for the magnitude of feelings building in his chest. He squeezes him tighter and hopes that’s enough.

“Yeah. Yeah, it is.”

❧ l.wz | assassin!au

Originally posted by wonnhao

pairing; seventeen woozi x reader

genre; bulletpointed, assassin!jihoon, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

tags; @lunarjihoon

  • who would have thought 
  • that this smol, cute human bean 
  • would have so much pent up anger inside of him 
  • everyone tbh 
  • but besides that! 
  • he is a very skilled hacker 
  • one time 
  • he even managed to hack the president’s computer 
  • and 
  • what he found on there 
  • ,,, 
  • let’s just say it was a very informative evening 
  • he didn’t remove or change anything on there though, he didn’t need to
  • he was just ,,,,,, inquisitive
  • and he didn’t leave a trace of his being there too so haha all’s good
  • and of course 
  • it didn’t go unnoticed jihoon was so skilled with computers 
  • he even took on a major in algorithms 
  • you know ,,, so it’d be less evident that he’s doing all the illegal shitz lmao
  • not everyone possesses such skills at such a young age 
  • everyone would question him if he had taken another course
  • sO! 
  • he got recruited to this team 
  • full of dorks 
  • seventeen teen teen teeeen
  • tbh he was so surprised when he got there 
  • not even ONE person,,, 
  • new how to properly hack 
  • like
  • ???
  • what kind of assassins are you guys? amateurs? 
  • but the only thing he was good at was technology so
  • he shouldn’t be the one to talk HAHA
  • anyway
  • he could work with them very well very soon 
  • if it wasn’t for seokmin or seungkwan screaming through headquarters at those times when he was ‘working’
  • those two were noisiest of the group
  • you just want to,,, 
  • hit them in the head with a guitar, you know? 
  • but back to the story 
  • he got a mission to hack the cameras from the ministry of defence 
  • things were,,, shady? 
  • and apparently someone in there was bribing everyone and thus no one’s doing their job properly
  • like 
  • the money they got to take care of the city 
  • actually the whole country
  • just? 
  • disappeared? 
  • to nowhere? 
  • that can’t be good 
  • but 
  • jihoon’s teammates were already on another important mission 
  • something about a drug dealer idek 
  • so jihoon had to do it alone 
  • the killing too :”)) which was necessary
  • bc the drug dealer is indirectly killing hundreds SO
  • but honestly 
  • it annoyed him so dAMN MUCH
  • he wasn’t one to kill? 
  • he just hacked stuff 
  • he’d feel way too guilty 
  • sticking a knife through someone’s body and leaving them there to bleed 
  • or shooting someone and watching them writhe in pain
  • o h g o d
  • but orders were orders 
  • so he had to do it anyways
  • nd with that
  • he left the building with one small pocket knife 
  • seungcheol had said it would do bc “the target is weak and frail and small”
  • and jihoon had narrowed his eyes like
  • small? are u sure ?
  • i’m small too ???
  • and jihoon had no experience with killing
  • at all 
  • he’s in big trouble lmao
  • you’d think a hacker would think twice about that stuff 
  • apparently not 
  • and 
  • when he got to the building 
  • he finally realized
  • “damn how am i gonna do this” 
  • whatever 
  • he’d try anyways 
  • it’s not like much could go wrong, right? ,,, 
  • just walk in there and stab him!
  • that’s it!
  • you’ve seen seungcheol and the rest do it on camera jihoon it’s no biggie
  • he was very VERY wrong about that 
  • because
  • at the same time 
  • you, a fellow assassin
  • had received a mission to take out an office worker who was suspected of rape
  • and he worked in the same office as where jihoon’s target was lmao
  • how coincidental
  • you were much better equipped, though
  • target in sight with your sniper set up on the opposite roof 
  • shooting in 3… 2… 1…
  • SHIT 
  • you missed your target!!!! 
  • and hit someone else !!!!!
  • the bullet had shot through the window jihoon was walking past and grazed his upper arm
  • he winced and fell from the shock, grabbing his arm and blood started flowing wowee
  • and everyone started gathering around him to help him omg and jihoon was freaking out like fuckfuckfuck i’m supposed to be undercover
  • in the end jihoon called seungcheol bc what else was he supposed to do ???
  • who rushed over nd brought him to the hospital for stitches
  • yeah jihoon’s pain tolerance is quite ,,, good ,,,
  • but he had sooo many questions in his head
  • why would anyone shoot him???
  • no one knows of his identity
  • but! 
  • he immediately got back to headquarters and hacked the cameras 
  • thank god for that invention
  • and he saw your face clearly in one of the shots
  • yes the roof had cameras and you didn’t know lololol
  • and fortunately,, jihoon removed the clip from the cctv storage bc he wasn’t gonna let you be found out by the police
  • he wanted to get back @ you himself 
  • anyways 
  • so from that day on 
  • you’d think 
  • it became a sort of cat and mouse game 
  • of who can take out their target first??? 
  • you and him met actually
  • but just stared @ each other before walking past 
  • like nope i didnt see you i dont know you
  • and
  • weirdly 
  • it became this sort of,,, alliance?
  • he hacked cameras while you took out people 
  • you never figured out who was doing it 
  • you would just see the camera’s little red light fade off and you could walk past everywhere without a single alarm going off
  • it made things sooOO much easier really
  • and after every mission 
  • you’d wave to the camera 
  • cause you knew the person who was watching was definitely helping you 
  • and a while later,,, jihoon follows the team to a mission
  • he wasn’t really doing anything
  • he was just,,, tagging along
  • and he met you
  • !!!!
  • face to face
  • finally
  • but you don’t recognize him of course
  • and your guards were soooo high up when he approached u
  • and he told u about the cameras
  • and specified scenes of your work to prove to you that he was the one behind the camera hacking
  • and you were like !!!!!!!! hi friend !!!
  • you 2 became friends can you believe
  • and jihoon would always save cctv clips of you from his computer and then put it in slow-mo
  • to emphasise the seriousness you have on your face when you’re carrying out your plans
  • it was funny
  • and cute

Collab with @theliqht !

Originally posted by soonsyoung

  • who would have thought
  • that this smol, cute human bean
  • would have so much pent up anger inside of him
  • everyone tbh
  • but besides that!
  • he is a very skilled hacker
  • one time
  • he even managed to hack the president’s computer
  • and
  • what he found on there
  • ,,,
  • let’s just say it was a very informative evening
  • he didn’t remove or change anything on there though, he didn’t need to
  • he was just ,,,,,, inquisitive
  • and he didn’t leave a trace of his being there too so haha all’s good
  • and of course
  • it didn’t go unnoticed jihoon was so skilled with computers
  • he even took on a major in algorithms
  • you know ,,, so it’d be less evident that he’s doing all the illegal shitz lmao
  • not everyone possesses such skills at such a young age
  • everyone would question him if he had taken another course
  • sO!
  • he got recruited to this team
  • full of dorks
  • seventeen teen teen teeeen
  • tbh he was so surprised when he got there
  • not even ONE person,,,
  • new how to properly hack
  • like
  • ???
  • what kind of assassins are you guys? amateurs?
  • but the only thing he was good at was technology so
  • he shouldn’t be the one to talk HAHA
  • anyway
  • he could work with them very well very soon
  • if it wasn’t for seokmin or seungkwan screaming through headquarters at those times when he was ‘working’
  • those two were noisiest of the group
  • you just want to,,,
  • hit them in the head with a guitar, you know?
  • but back to the story

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Wanna One as Construction Workers

* Idek I was thinking about Sungwoon and this came up. I thought about everything in my head while my mother and I were going to Rite-Aid. Idk I hope you like it? 

Disclaimer: Might be horrible

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sing-for-your-lover  asked:

MEGHAN! pls do ronsey for the ship thing 💕😘

ADRIANA!! I can always count on you to add trc to my inbox thank you babe <3


who is more likely to hurt the other?

look….. ronan hurts so bad that it kind of gets on everything and I feel like gansey’s in the splash zone?? Gansey hurts ronan by caring about other people more than him but ronan hurts gansey when he hurts himself ie: all of book 1&2

who is emotionally stronger?

Like probably gansey sorry to say I think he has a lot of practice with being absolutely pristine and tucking his emotions into his waistcoat pocket, etc

ronan is resilient and rebellious but he is an open nerve man he takes everything deeply personally

who is physically stronger?

EXCELLENT question let me break it down: Ronan is the obvious choice - boxer, brawler, carries the weight of his huge crushes on his friends 24/7. buT Gansey has those rowing club arms and if it came down to it you best believe gansey would throw any member of the gangsey over both shoulders and carry them to safety

who is more likely to break a bone? 

I’m gonna go with ronan because he’s reckless as tits and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna skid too far at some point. gansey is a quester & he’s hell on history books but he’s so so cautious

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

uhhhlmao its ronan NEXT

wait actually im pretty sure gansey could be like “im going on a study date w adam” and ronan’s head would explode but that’s more his deal than dick’s, u feel

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

ronan would apologize to god himself that’s it. Gansey is like…….. never the source of an argument but he desperately wants everything to be mended and back to normal so he spends his time glossing over their fights. It’s a process. It’s paint over cracks in a wall, they’re still there buddy!!! fix the wall!!!!!!

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

>_>>_>>_> gansey literally probably held ronan together after he was shredded by his subconscious and I have no doubt that it never really stops like self loathing coupled w night horrors is a killer

(gansey never stops helping him, delicately at 3 am w blood on his hands, composure crumpling when he turns towards the sink to rinse them, holding ronan’s face still and then keeping his hands there).

who is in constant need of comfort? 

boooooth really really both. ronan is so outwardly ruined, he’s a building in the process of falling down, and like gansey’s gotta be support beams BUT that means he’s getting crushed?? like he helps so hard and he gives so much he hacks his own limbs off and hands them to the people he loves. he has trauma up to his eyes. He needs someone to unconditionally love him w their eyes & arms open

who gets more jealous? 

LMAO ronan jealous lynch from the jealous boys the jealous thieves jealous lily lily jealous and the jealous king

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

“i’d take you all everywhere w me if I could” did u read that me too neither of those fuckers are moving an inch

who will propose? 

u know i think ronan would?? my instinct was gansey but the truth is that ronan is all action and gansey still has the smallest shrapnel bit of uncertainty about where he stands with ppl so I think ronan would leap for him. he’s a leaper

who has the most difficult parents?

one pair is dead so take a wild fucking guess buddy

(if alive it would be a toss up: wild and dangerously intangible liars or high-brow, tongues so gilded w gold that they’ll cut you liars take ur pick)

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

surprise it’s both ! ronan reaches for gansey bc he’s defiant and tactile and generally has never given a shit nor will he ever!! not one!!!!

gansey reaches for him because he knows physical contact brings ronan back from whatever shitty corridor his brain is tumbling down, and he loves to have people close like it’s thrilling to him. ronan’s pinky brushing his gives him fucking chills

who comes up for the other all the time? 

again if u mean in conversation idek maybe just by sheer probability of actually engaging in conversation for long enough to bring their bf up it would be gansey 

who hogs the blankets? 

ronan’s a messy fucking sleeper for obvious reasons and he can and will find the most inane ways to piss someone off so it’s him 

who gets more sad? 

everyone’s sad bish!! they’re both sad they’ve lost a lot times is hard

who is better at cheering the other up? 

ok maybe this is controversial but it’s ronan.. tbh…

he does THE dumbest things like idk proposes some sort of race between his dream creatures or shows gansey a fuckin meme or starts compiling a comprehensive list of compound swear words, like just dicks around so hard that gansey is busy pretending to scold him and his worries pack their gd bags

gansey is like. ronan’s life support like don’t get me wrong, but ronan’s just purposefully juvenile enough that it helps. it rlly helps

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly (dad) jokes?

gansey says THE most ridiculous garbage and ronan can and will punch him in the arm 

who is more streetwise?


(gansey’s probably wearing a salmon polo shirt rn why don’t u tell me)

who is more wise?

gansey’s an ancient forest & he keeps an aspiration journal ://

who’s the shyest? 

they ain’t shy my guy they just flat out refuse to show their true colours. like buried under ronan’s ritual of blistering eye contact and aggressive engagement there’s a real shock of anxiety and discomfort 

but under gansey’s plastic face there’s a whole lot of squirmy uncertainty and hatred of superficiality as well so……. like who knows

who boasts about the other more? 

they’re always bragging about each other dude if you say gansey’s name and ronan’s in the CITY he’ll be smug and impossible, and u don’t even need to mention ronan for gansey to be talking about him like at any given time he’ll be like have u met my boyfriend ronan lynch or my boyfriend henry cheng or my boyfriend adam parrish or my girlfriend blue sargent or my boyfri-

who sits on who’s lap?

don’t even joke about this ronan would sit in gansey’s lap like it’s a custom throne made for his ass, he needs to be held to live


I finally wrote pirate!Jimin !!!! I’m so excited bc I’ve had this concept in my head for so long so now I finally wrote it so without further ado, here is the first half of the Busan princes, an absolute angel with the sweetest smile, Park Jimin aka chim chim (this post is once again a bit link heavy but as always, there are all tumblr links, you don’t have to click on any of them they’re just some nice ass visuals)

  • Is this a fucking Little Mermaid AU this may be idek all I know is that it sounds cute
  • Lil Eric looking ass looks so good I mean co m e o n (this one’s a fan art but that shit fucks me up)
  • Jimin can pull off pretty much any hair color and it’s extremely confusing but I’m here for it bc get yourself a man that can pull off blonde hair as easily as he can pull off black hair
  • Dyes his hair orange once and hobi keeps making jokes about how Jimin’s here to fight off scurvy and Jimin’s never regretted a hair color so much so quickly
  • So there were s o fucking many good options for the outfits so here’s just a bunch of options bc this is just me pointing out how g o o d Jimin looks 24/7
  • Now pair that up with the black hair and a sword at his hip and any of those outfits and tell me that doesn’t sound fucking nice
  • Jimin would be in charge of a couple things, he’s mainly in charge of keeping an eye on everyone, he’s closer to the title of a second mate than a first mate bc I feel like he would handle more of the injuries and keeping everyone healthy
  • Jimin’s s o caring and so loving and sweet and he’s always there to comfort the boys when they’re hurt or upset and I just I know that he would do so well with being in charge of that shit bc he already does it naturally
  • I also feel like he’d handle a bit of the training when it comes to fighting/protecting like just plz just picture Jimin teaching everyone how to fight using a sword and like lowkey fencing bc geT READY FOR THE BACK STORY
  • The boys first meet Jimin bc they’re looking to add to their crew before they set sail together for the first time and they want someone who will be able to defend their ship so they start asking around, they do a bit of digging and they find out that Jimin is a fencing student and that he’s at the top of his class and does all of these competitions and wins a bunch of them
  • And then once they get to know him, there’s that immediate friendship and he points them in Jungkook’s direction as well bc you don’t get one without the other man Jikook isn’t about to just have one half go sailing around the world
  • Once they’re both of board, Jimin starts instructing everyone bc tbh he was already at the point of helping out the teachers with the younger students, that’s something he really loved doing so when the boys asked if he would teach them, he jumped on the opportunity
  • He’s one of the members that no one believes packs a punch until it’s too late
  • He’s got those lil cheeks or that precious smile and he definitely uses it to his advantage whenever he needs to bc he’s a lil flirt when he wants to be and he’s super charming and basically no one ever looks at him and goes “threat”
  • That is until he’s sailing away on their ship and leaving them in just a lifeboat, then their attitude changes a bit
  • Okay so here’s the Little Mermaid reference
  • You’re a mermaid
  • You’re constantly seeing Jimin’s ship floating around, you’re always hearing them talk and laugh and sing and dance and just be goofs that probably shouldn’t have been given swords
  • At first you ignore it bc plenty of ships are in the sea every single day, you see that shit all the time, it’s nothing new and it’s better for everyone if you just avoid investigating bc then you don’t have to deal with the humans freaking out over the possibility of a mermaid
  • But then Jimin falls into the water and all of your nice lil plans of ignoring them go right out the window
  • It’s around three or four in the morning all of the boys are asleep except for Jimin, who just got up to make sure the anchor was down and that they weren’t secretly floating away from their destination
  • While he’s leaning down to see if the anchor was released, he ends up slipping up on some water bc ya boy is a bit clumsy he’s graceful as shit with his clumsiness though so he saves himself (I still don’t fucking understand how he was able to manage to slip and land in the splits so effortlessly someone explain that to me plz and thnx)
  • You can’t tell if he’s able to swim or not bc all you can see are the kicking feet and him yelling for the boys but you just can’t sit back and wait for him to either get pulled up or pulled down so you have to swim up and help keep him afloat until the boys can get him back up
  • Once he’s back on the boat, he goes to thank you but you’re already gone bc humans and mermaids aren’t normally a good mix so might as well just save the dude and leave
  • But then you come back the next night to “make sure he doesn’t fall again” even though you really just wanna see if you can figure out his name and get a better look at his face when he isn’t shivering from the cold water
  • He notices you and at first he wants to say something but then he just gives you a lil smile that warms your heart and it turns into this mutual hey thanks for saving me/thanks for not commenting on my tail that you totally felt and saw
  • And the next night, you’re telling each other your names and you’re telling him more about the whole tail thing and he tells you about his legs and you’re both really giggly and you’re so confused as to how he’s a pirate it’s like how can a lil puppy be a wolf
  • You get him to swim over to a rock that he can sit on so the two of you can talk without having to crane your necks all around and it turns into a nightly routine where you just sit out on that rock together and talk for hours and hours
  • It’s hard not to love Jimin tbh he’s so cute and sweet and goofy and he’s so lovable so it doesn’t take you very long until those lil night talks turn into sweet lil kisses and I love yous
  • The two of you lowkey become a team?? The pirate and the mermaid, he works the sea from above, you work it from below and the two of you pair up to piss a whole lot of people off
  • “When we retire, you can be a fencing teacher and we can use the gold we make to buy a lil house together on the beach and maybe get a puppy, sound good??”
  • “Sounds amazing”
seven minutes in heaven (septiplier)

because every fandom needs a fic about guys being shoved into a closet until they make out. and I wrote this just now and have nothing else to post. also I swear I don’t mean to write so many drunk/tipsy fics, idek where that comes from, why is it becoming such a pattern for me?? D:?

No, nope, I’m out.” Mark makes to stand but Felix grips his knee hard to keep him sat where he is. It’s stupid that they’re still playing though, considering half the people in the circle have already wandered away to the patio or to the kitchen for more pizza and booze.

“We made an oath,” he says, using Mark’s shoulders to keep from tipping sideways. “A sacred pact, Mark, you insensitive fuck.”

“We sealed it with our jizz!” Ken chimes in from the bathroom down the hall, then promptly continues to hurl.

Felix bunches Mark’s shirt in his fists and shakes him. “We sealed it with our jizz,” he says solemnly, or at least as solemn as a shit-faced swedish person can be.

The whole thing is stupid of course, but that was kind of the point - when Mary suggested Spin the Bottle everyone jumped at the idea of living out shitty teen party cliches, even though most of them are in their twenties.

“Would ya stop talkin’ about jizz and get Mark in the fuckin’ closet, already!” Jack sounds muffled through the closet door, giggling as he starts kicking at it from the inside.

“We’re trying to get him out of it, though,” Felix says, even though it’s only him that hoists Mark up and pushes him towards the closet by the kitchen entryway, while Ethan rolls around on the floor cackling at them and Wade has his palms covering his eyes as Molly rubs his back consolingly.

Eventually, Mark finds himself pushed into the small space, the door banging closed at his back and the quiet snik of a lock being turned.

“Seven minutes!” Felix yells, “And if either of you leaves cum on my rain boots I will delete both your channels!” He smacks the door, mumbles something about being a goddamn youtube hero and wanders off.

Mark sighs, his head tipping back against the door as Jack crowds in closer, snickering as his fingers dance at Mark’s waist. “Hey buuuddy!”

“You’re trashed, aren’t you.” It’s more of a statement than a question, and Jack’s muffled giggle is answer enough. “I’m not making out with you drunk, man.”

“Fine,” Jack huffs, close enough that Mark can feel his breath on his collarbone. Even in the darkness, he can tell Jack is grinning as he says, “I’ll make out wit’ you.”

And just as Mark’s about to reply there are lips on his, or really, Jack’s lips on his bottom lip and chin. It… could be worse.

Mark lets it go on for a bit, stays tight-lipped and still as he tolerates Jack’s tongue dipping clumsily at the corner of his mouth for a few moments too long, until finally finally it’s just too much.

“Stop, stop,” he says quietly, leaning back, and Jack does immediately though he’s still got his hands curled around Mark’s waist.

Mark sighs, totally put-upon, grasps Jack’s chin and catches his mouth properly against his. And yeah, it’s way better.

eyes on me

jikook / 2,477 words / rated M / AO3
once upon a time @baebsaes mentioned something about power bottom jimin and tied up jungkook and my mind… ran with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jungkook clenches his hands into fists, rope digging into his skin as he shifts. He turns his head slightly to where Jimin is watching at the side of the bed, eyes wide and eager as he bites his lip. He looks gorgeous in the soft light, face deceptively sweet and angelic. Jungkook knows the dirty ideas going through Jimin’s head, and the younger’s body flushes all over at the realization that Jimin looks like this–naked and flushed in the glow of the lamplight--because of him.

“You look,” Jimin stops, swallows, “good.”

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BTS Demon/Gang AU

Author’s Note: So back a while ago when I first started this blog, I posted a BTS demon/gang au called Meraki(idek why I picked that name tbh) I came back to it last night, and decided that my writing had improved so I should try to re-vamp it! This is still one of my first tries doing first person, though, so sorry for any mistakes! Also, though I try to keep my fanfiction pretty gender-neutral most of the time, this protagonist is pretty obviously female, so I’m sorry if that annoys anyone. That all said, enjoy!:3

Members in this part: Yoongi

Word Count: 1646

Originally posted by yoongijae

Part One|Psychopath Perverts

You know, I really hate parties. I’m not entirely sure what the reason is. Maybe I don’t find watching random girls drunkenly flirt with every male in sight as entertaining as others. Maybe I don’t want to slowly become deaf from the crappy dance pop blaring in my ears. Maybe it’s because of my glaringly obvious social ineptitude. Either way, they suck major ass.

There’s also the psychopath perverts. Yeah, they kinda suck ass too…


Shitfuck. Fuckshit. Fuckity fuckity fuckshit.”

These and many other glorious word-combinations fly through my panicked mind as I stumble my way down a dark alley, my crazy stalker mere seconds behind. Why I had decided an abandoned alleyway was a good escape rout I will never understand; but hey, you try running away from a psychopath in a tiny dress and a pair of heels, and see if your mind still works. “Stay away from me you freak!” I shriek behind me, angrily removing my heels and throwing one back at him.

Yeah Y/N, throw insults and a shoe at the bad guy. That outta stop him for sure. Sigh.

Of course, my brilliant plan fails miserably, as the shoe bounces harmlessly off of his chest-what, is he made of steel or some shit?!-and he laughs at my pathetic attempt at an attack on both his ego and face. “Aw cmon baby, you know you want me,” he shouts back drunkenly, continuing the chase.

Okay no. Ew. Nope City. I resist the urge to vomit as I turn the alleys corner, breathing heavily as my bare feet slap against the damp pavement. “Curse my being so out of shape! I swear I gotta hit the gym when I get out of this. If I get out of this alive that is. Wait, what the fuck am I thinking about the gym for? Agh!”

I’m so lost in my own crazy thoughts that I don’t notice the wall in front of me until I run headfirst into it. I exclaim some more choice words as I clutch a now surely bleeding nose. I was at a dead end; no side roads, no escape.

Like I said before: Shitfuck.

I whip back around to face my pursuer head on as he rounds the corner, holding the heel end of my shoe out like a dagger. “Don’t come any closer!” I exclaim, fighting to keep my voice steady as my nose blood oozes between my fingers and down the back of my hand. My pursuer-fuck I just realized I have no clue what his name is…I guess we’ll call him Mr. Pervert Guy-ignores my threat and advances closer. “If you come any closer I swear I’ll…I’ll…”

Wait, shit, what was I going to do?

Mr. Pervert Guy seems to follow my train of thought, a wide grin spreading across his face. “You’ll what? Shoe me to death?” He throws back his head in a maniacal laugh.

Wow. The only thing missing in this shit show is some lightning and a crack of thunder.

I throw my heel down and back myself against the wall, trying to keep as much blood in my nose as possible. I resort to the only thing I can think of to keep him distracted; shit talking. “Wel,l what are you gonna do huh? I don’t see any weapons on you.”

Mr. Pervert Guy freezes in place, cocking his head to the side. For a moment, I think I have him, but his evil smile quickly returns. “Oh, that’s right, you don’t know what I am.”

“Uuuh…a creepy pervert trying to kill me and use my body for his own needs? I figured we were on the same page here buddy.”

Mr. Pervert Guy rolls his eyes. “No, idiot, I’m a demon.” He puts particular emphasis on the last word, his lips pulling back in a snarl. “A demon with a job to do…though I might do those things too…”

Oh great. Not only did I get a psychopath pervert; I got a psychopath pervert who thinks he’s a demon. Just my luck. I still keep up my shit talking act, glancing over Mr. P’s shoulder every once in a while to see if anyone is coming to rescue me. “Oh really? And what exactly is that job, demon boy?”

This time, he looks genuinely confused. “Wait, you are Y/N Y/L/N right?” he asks.

He knows my last name? How the hell does he know my last name? Or even my first name for that matter? I’m only able to nod my head in response. Mr. P seems completely dumbstruck,staring at me in confusion. “You don’t even know what you are, do you?” he asks, his voice barely above a whisper. I can only stare back in utter confusion. What I am? What does that even mean? I don’t get the chance to ask him, as he quickly shakes his head, the darkness back in his eyes full force. “It doesn’t matter. Only makes killing you that much easier,” he growls. “Now, come quietly and I promise I’ll make this quick.”

“I don’t think that will be necessary Akira.”

The voice had come from somewhere above me. Mr. P’s-or I guess now Akira’s- head shoots up toward the voice, and his lips pull back in a snarl. “What the hell are you doing here, Yoongi?” he asks, glaring somewhere above my head.

I follow his gaze to see a figure perched on the wall above me, their face cast in shadow. I stumble away from the wall, my eyes never leaving the shadowy stranger. Slowly they stand and drop from the wall, landing softly on their feet and stepping into the yellow of the streetlight. His dark brown eyes glance at me for only a moment before landing on Akira, his face breaking into a lazy smile. “Oh ya know, just wandering around as usual.” His eyes land on me again and he cocks his head to the side. “You scream quite loud you know.” He suddenly launches into a horrible impression of my screams; when he laughs his silver hair shakes, catching the light.

“Okay, did you come here to do lousy impressions of me, or save my ass?” I ask, my voice muffled behind my hand.

I catch a mad glint in Yoongi’s eyes. “Both,” he says with a wink. He gently pushes me aside as he approaches Akira, who growls again and cracks his knuckles. “A bit pathetic Akira, preying on helpless humans like this. Don’t you have something better to do with your time?”

Oh great, so this one’s a nutjob too.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, idiot, but she’s not a human.”

I couldn’t help it, my snarkiness comes out again. “Oh, well good thing I have you around since you seem to know so much about me. Creep.”

Akira’s glare falls on me again. “Shut up bitch,” he growls between gritted teeth.

Yoongi watches us with an amused smile, his hands in his pockets. “See. Why did you have to speak up?” he says, looking toward me. I open my mouth to give another snarky remark but jump when I hear Akira let out a yelp before falling to the ground, clutching his jaw. Yoongi stands over him, and when he speaks, his voice is eerily calm. “Now I have to fight him because he tried to kill you and called you a bitch.” He kneels down, grabbing Akira by the hair and yanking his head back, shaking his head. “Tsk tsk Akira. Don’t you know that’s just adding insult to injury?”

Blood streams from Akira’s nose down his chin, but he seems completely unfazed. “Go to fucking hell Yoongi.”

Yoongi chuckles darkly, leaning forward so he can whisper in Akira’s ear. I only just catch what he says. “No thanks man, once was good enough.” He pulls his fist back and punches Akira one more time, effectively rendering him unconscious. He places his head down on the pavement and pats him gently, pushing himself to his feet and brushing off his hands. When he turns to me the mad glint is gone from his eyes. He takes a few cautious steps toward me but I stumble back. He raises an eyebrow and smirks. “You’re really going to back away from me when I just saved your tiny human ass from a crazy demon?” he asks.

Okay, does he know how crazy he sounds right now? Because he sounds really fucking crazy right now.

I try to keep some distance between me and Yoongi. “Okay first of all, demons don’t exist and if you think they do, you’re just as crazy as Mr.-uh I mean, Akira. Second of all, you just knocked some dude out in like two punches, and third of all I’ve dealt with enough crazy nutjobs in this one night to last me a fucking lifetime okay?!”

I can feel my pitch rising as I rant, my voice finally cracking on the final word as angry tears begin to stream down my face. Great; I hate crying in front of people. For a moment, Yoongi seems unsure of what to do; when he speaks his voice is considerably softer. “Look, I understand what you went through tonight really scared you. I can also completely understand why you wouldn’t believe me. But you’re standing here at…” he pulls back his sleeve and glances at his watch before looking back up at me “two in the morning, cold, bare-footed, and scared with a bloody nose; and considering you’re out here alone, I’m going to assume you don’t have any friends I can bring you to or a ride home. So, just…lemme help you okay?” He holds out a hand, looking at me pleadingly.

I only pause for a moment to mull over what crazy shit I’m doing, before taking it.

lililibird-deactivated20161207  asked:

But like, Drilla, how much would Jason have changed if he was Greek? Like, from past info it's normal for the Greeks to be more emotionally tied to their lives, so can you like, imagine Jason who's loud and has a temper like Thalia always and plays basketball and gets in fights with Clarisse and gets hit on a lot and has Satyr friends and has more of a thirst for power and helps run camp and doesn't trust the Romans at /all/?? (Also, also, Roman!Percy is my favorite but I'll stop now.) <3 <3 <3

OKAY. so. assuming jason is greek, then he’d have never been left to the wolves/made it to camp jupiter, yeah? because. that means he ran away with thalia. that means thalia/jason met luke, and later on, when thalia was twelve and jason was five, they met annabeth. (because thalia’s 7 years older than jason, and that would make annabeth 2 years older than jason–? i think?). that means, jason was there when thalia died. SO. what you said about the temper? absolutely. aaaaabsolutely a thing. like, roman!jason/canon!jason had distance and time to “move on” from the loss of his family (he never really moved on, but–time sort of softened the blow), but if he’s greek, and growing up in chb–where thalia’s tree serves to remind him every day of what he’s lost, as well as the prophecy to remind him what COULD lie ahead for him? that’s gonna seriously change his personality, isn’t it? SOOO. consider this in a greek!jason au:

  • the four of them, luke/thalia/annabeth/jason, being pretty tightly knit. enough so that jason trusted luke with his sister and acted like luke/annabeth were his actual siblings as well as thalia
  • but then. thalia dies protecting them, and things just flip upside down for him. and jason/thalia have been through some pretty hard times with no-one/nothing to lean on but each other before, so jason probably fights tooth and nail to try and get back to thalia, even if the others insist it’s too late.
  • he just doesn’t believe she’s gone for a while. 
  • ..and it kind of feeds his anger/grief in the days that follow? (personally i hc jason’s fatal flaw as his wrath!! and u don’t need to hc it the same as i do, bu t. it just made me think since you mentioned him having a temper). when the grief wears down a bit, the anger does too. 
  • but he goes from being very cheerful and quick to help, to being defensive and suspicious and insanely protective of annabeth. like, super SUPER protective bc he’s already lost one sister, he refuses to lose another.
  • and he’s a child of the big three, and very young, too, so the other campers are a little nervous??? around him to begin with? a little nervous because his dad is destructive as hell–a lot of demigods have cause to resent zeus, and what’ll they do if his son is as unreasonable? as prone to violence or horrible punishments?
  • he’s not. he’s not cruel or vindictive, he’s just really stern and serious. seems very unapproachable, too, but luke and annabeth seem to get along with him just fine. and he might not warm up to people easily (read as; if you’re not either of his surrogate siblings, it’ll take a while) but he respects anyone who’s willing to maintain order, do the right thing, and fight for their friends. all the more the respect if annabeth likes you, bc if you’re good to the people he cares about, he’s good to you.
  • he totally gets in fights. mostly, he breaks them up, but not without getting involved first. sometimes, though, he gets a little too invested (i.e. what you were saying there about clarisse) and it maybe takes someone else COUGHANNABETHCOUGH to break it up.
  • (listen im weak for jason/annabeth being like siblings ok….don’t judge…)
  • (i could yell about the jason/annabeth/luke dynamic for a year tbh, but anyway–)
  • his ~Strict~ behaviour seems to come from not wanting to not wanting to be part of that prophecy? being a child of the big three i’m pretty sure the thought of it would hound the poor boy. especially with his sister dead.
  • so he does his best to lead these demigods, following his sister’s example. because she is, and probably always will be, his hero
  • hE CAN’T EVER WORK OUT WHEN HE’S BEING HIT ON. EVER. because he’s aware he’s pretty unapproachable, and generally people consider him far too ?rigid to date, but, it happens and it totally flies over his head. he just doesn’t get it at all. then he’ll realize later when he’s on his own and bLUSH.
  • …since you mentioned percy. omfg, imagine him meeting percy in this au, and at first they kind of clash. not out of dislike, but, completely polar opposite personalities? jason comes off as a little condescending or percy comes off as a little reckless and they don’t mesh at first.
  • THEN THEY BOND OVER BASKETBALL. and their mutual respect/fear of annabeth, probably who knows
  • jason being partly relieved theres another child of the big three
  • theeeeen when nico comes along, jason is a little painfully reminded of what he used to be like. so he acts like a big bro towards nico and people just??don’t understand wtf happened to endear one of the most intimidating guys in camp to this tiny, excitable dork?
  • but then bianca dies, and nico might fight back against anyone trying to get close, act like he doesn’t need anyone or that he doesn’t want anyone, but jason understands that pretty well. big brother mode just increases.
  • …i’d talk about thalia being revived but i’d just start crying about the grace siblings so instead have this
  • jason/annabeth visiting thalia’s tree together. jason worrying for annabeth when she goes on her quests with percy. annabeth going out of her mind w/ worry for jason and percy, because the prophecy could mean either of them
  • also imagine the shitload of angst when the HoO timeline swings around
After The Storm ; Kim Namjoon

He is the sun after every storm.

Word Count: 1K

(A/N): so this was 1 of 5 documents i’ve been working on for the past like …month !??!! idek, but i’ve started a lot okay… and tbh, i’m not as proud of this one as i wish i was but i wanted to post something really badly. i miss you guys btw, come talk to meeee >.<

When you’re angry with Namjoon, you’re quiet. Too quiet for him to notice at first. But when the silence bites him too hard, when he sees the tension in your shoulders everytime he walks by you, it’s then he notices that fuck, you’re upset and fuck, it’s because of something he did.

He’s been with you long enough to know how to approach you by now but sometimes even he loses courage when he sees the disappointment in your eyes for the split second you look at him before you turn away with a huff. But he’s been with you long enough to know that it’ll just get worse if he lets it go for one more day because God only knows how long you’ve been angry with him.

“Babe,” there wasn’t much volume to his voice but it was loud enough for you to hear so you turned your head slightly, looking at him only through your peripherial vision.

“Is…is everything all right?”

Of course it wasn’t but he needed to start it off somehow.

“C'mon, babe, talk to me,” he sighed when you didn’t answer his first question. You adjusted yourself in your seat, the ache in your head starting to rise. He let out a frustrated huff when his question still went unanswered.

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you make me forget the hard times

Summary: where jaebum loses track of time at work and lots of fluff follows

Word count: 1610

Pairing: Jaebum X OC

Warning(s): fluffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, this story is just cute ok idek, lapslock

A/N: ANOTHER DRABBLE TURNED LONG OTL IM SORRY T-T and ok tbh i just wanted to write about a scene where jb had a rough day and finds comfort in hugging but lol what happened here idek man. i need to take a breather the next time i write fics cause i need to chill with my drabbles ;-; and i’ve been writing in lapslock lol i think i like to write it that way

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•cockiest boyfriend ever ok let’s discuss this
•would probably compliment himself and not u
•jks he would compliment you
•would honestly love when you compliment him as it makes him feel special
•he would never admit that tHough
•so funny
•would literally piss himSeLF lauGHing when u sometimes get jealous over markson
•"Jackson do you like wanna fuck mark or something fr???“
•"whAt omg Jagi whAT”
•would never deny that shit tho
•ok honestly would freak out when you wear his t-shirts
•"omo, you’re so cute!!!“
•"I won’t be cute when u find out what I’m wearing underneath hM;););)”
•would probably fall to the floor because he still finds you cuTe
•laughs everytime you try and be sexy honestly like
•"you can’t be wild and sexy like me"
•"Jackson. Shut up.“
•when you say no to like getting pizza or something would literally look at you for 20 minutes pouting and pretending to cry until you give in
•when the food arrives he’s honestly very happy and kisses you because he loves pizza nights
•"boy it’s just a pizza”
•"you don’t understand, Jagi, you don’t understand"
•you guys would watch movies during pizza nights with cuddles BC cuddLES WITH JACKSON FUCK
•his cuddles would be reaLly protective ???
•like he’s quite bulky in the sense that he has broad shoulders and muscle so you alWays feel safe
•his arms would be wrapped around you as your head is like on his chest and his head on yours
•defo would like trace his fingers over your side in a relaxing matter
•he’d tickle you until you like tell him he’s the “sexiest most amazing boyfriend ever and he’s perfection in bed!!” Or smth because he’s a huge greaseball
•always gives off the vibe to ur friends that like he’s very like clingy or something??
•he’s not clingy at all but at some times he just wants to hold you because he likes the feeling of you in his arms anD HE NEVER WANTS YOU TO LEAVR HIM
•is lowkey the most adorable boyfriend ever
•this could go one of two ways like
•short and sweet before he leaves for work
•hot, needy and passionate before he leaves for work that would leave you like ???!!!!!????!!!!!
•actually not even before he leaves for work like whEnever hE WANTS AND WHENEVER U WANT
•he’d pull you in by your wrist so you like hit his chest softly with yours and he puts ur hand on his shoulder cAuse hES SO SMOOTH
•one hand would prolly like cup your face and bring it closer while the other is like on your waist
•now either he could like peck your lips and then smirk and chuckLe and go
•or he could press his lips against yours and just fucking IDEK man fuCkIng kiss yoU WITH SUCH LUST AND LOVE AND WOW IM SWEATING
•Jackson would so so so so bite your lower lip which would cAuse you to moan slightly and hE would fuCking die
•cries because he can’t do anything with you cauSe he hAS TO GO AND WORK
•you cry too tbh
•sex withjackson oh my god
•again one of two ways
•like gentle AF
•hot and sweaty and fast and wOwzor
•i can’t even go into detail on thIs cause I’d probably fucking jumP out of my window cAause sEX WITH JZCKSODN
•so imma let ur imagination run wild;););)
•when Jackson is sad you literally someTimes doNt know what to do because you hardly ever see hIm sad
•you probably cheer him up with a blowjob or something
•or am I ????
•no for real, you probably just hold him and just let him rant and you listen and he loves that cause sometimes he just needs someone to listen
•when you kiss him and tell him that he’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened to you and how everyone is proud of him and how far he’s become
•he honestly he falls in love with you so muCH MORE
•when Jackson says “I love you” he means it every single time
•even its just like when you’ve brought home chocolate or smth he’d be like “Wowowww I loVE U”
•you would blush and smile everytime
•I think the first time he said it, it was kinda unexpected ???
•like you guys had gone on a date to a restaurant or something
•and when you like really laugh lOudly at a joke he made
•he just shakes his head with a smile on his face and goes “fuck, I love you”
•you would most likely choke on air lets be honest
•"I love you too, jackson, so much"
•so would he TBH, he’d most likely like open his eyes wide and say somethin like
•"holy shIt I fiNALLY SAID IT"
•he would definitely like say it over and over
•"I loVE HER" he yells to strangers
•you would laugh and be like “jacksonnnnnnnn”
•he’d giggle and just hug u prolly
• Jackson loves u so much, he may not show it all the time bUt shiTTING hell he really does
•you don’t know how much he brags about u fr
•he tells the boys fucking how much he loves u and stuff and they honestly have to punch him and be like
•"dude, shhhhhhhhh"
•wouldn’t “shhhhhhhh” he’d carry on
•Jackson juSt wants to show you how much you mean to him
•but trust me you know and you’re so lucky to have him, and hE you

Surprise (M)

So recently I’ve been appreciating the talented writings of @noir0neko and @cuzimsickwithhope and they inspired me to try my hand at smut writing. So please tell me what you think of my first smut! 

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 740

Contains: Light Bondage, Orgasm Denial, Vibrator, Fingering, & A lil’ bit of Eating Out

Premise: Jungkook brings you home a little surprise.


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myjeon-deactivated20160806  asked:

∞ and if it's okay could you please do a blerb with jungkook? thanks :)

whoa that was fast lmao i deleted it like right after i posted it when i realized i actually had homework to do but i’ll do this one bc procrastination

♕ knight!jungkook.

song: coming home, part ii

lyric: i know my kingdom awaits / and they’ve forgiven my mistakes

Rain hisses against the ground as your boots touch the gravel below, and you squint against the cold droplets falling onto your face as you tilt your head to stare up at the night sky. It’s been starless the past few days, but you catch a glinting star from the corner of your eye as you hear rapid footsteps approaching.


Never have you ever heard your name spoken so solemnly, and so full of everything as it echoes in the empty castle grounds. You can’t bring yourself to speak after hearing the fragile tinge in his tone, but then you don’t have to say anything because his arms are pulling you to his broad chest.

It’s hard to tell who’s more taken aback by the intimate action, but neither of you can speak by the time you’re staring at each other, frozen in time, yet the rain never stops pouring.

“You’re back,” he mutters after a silent forever, “I- I’ve- We’ve been worried sick.”

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koala-lul  asked:

A week without asking arg ! I need Seijou4 fluff about anything !

  • Hanamaki loves to sit in one of their laps, arms wrapped around their waist and head on their shoulder and likes to fall asleep there 
  • Matsukawa likes to share blankets while sitting on the couch he finds it weird to use a blanket for only himself so he usually always forces someone to snuggle with him 
  • Oikawa loves to cling tbh okay like if one of them is just standing, like if Mattsun is watering his plants Oikawa will just come up and wrap his arms around him and just follow his movements. He’s a very touchy person. 
  • Iwaizumi would never actually say it out loud but when he sleeps at night he loves to wrap his arms around one of them and hold them close 
  • Makki loves falling asleep listening to the sound of one of their heartbeats 
  • Oikawa also loves that 
  • Mattsun likes to give piggy back rides and he doesn’t know why he just does 
  • Iwaizumi and Hanamaki basically challenge each other all the time 
  • Who can get to the bath room first, who can wash their plate faster, who reaches the couch first, ect 
  • Mattsun and Oikawa have collection of soft blankets because soft blankets are important 
  • Hanamaki likes to take showers with the others, if they don’t lock the door then they will most likely find Hanamaki stepping into the shower with them five minutes later 
  • Oikawa doesn’t sing in the shower, he performs.
  • Matsukawa likes bubble baths and likes to take bubble baths with the others every once and awhile 
  • Iwaizumi secretly likes whipped cream piled high on his drinks. Like, he’ll get black coffee and pile whipped cream on it. He’s really weird 
  • Oikawa loves when one of them runs a hand through his hair (Iwaizumi has called him a cat before) because it just feels nice
  • Mattsun is great at giving massages 

I want more posts/stories/whatever about how Geoff Ramsey got to be king of Los Santos. Sure, it’s a known fact now, but he didn’t start that way. 

Give me early-crime-days Geoff who joins a crew, because he was never much of a loner (the way Ryan or Ray or even Michael could be). He starts out small, petty gangs and the like, learns the trade and meets the important people, gets invited to a fairly small crew. He quickly makes some friends, and pushes other people’s buttons real hard. He talks loud and fast and he’s smart, and that’s not something everyone likes. Some people just want muscle or guns; they don’t want another brain. 

So Geoff gets in a fight with the heads of his crew, splits and takes half their men with him. They don’t take kindly to that so they come for him, but Geoff is prepared, and he shoots the man he just worked for for 6 months point blank. Looks up at the other tops of the crew and shoots them all too. He goes to the remaining rival crew members, tells them to join or die (secretly laughs to himself about the history joke, because Geoff is nothing if not a closet nerd. He and Ryan become fast friends on this later). Some join, some resist, and true to his word Geoff kills all dissenters. 

He finds the people most loyal to him and delegates some responsibility to them. He begins planning his own hits– nothing big yet, just enough to get his name out there. They’re calculated; big enough to give him exposure, small enough that he won’t face retribution from cops and crews alike. “Geoff Ramsey” begins circulating amongst groups, and fuck if Geoff isn’t proud.

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