idek i just miss this show

i need a famous ship where they’re both insanely busy with album recordings & red carpets & tours & they’re trying to make this whole long distance relationship work but with the time differences & going months without seeing each other it’s difficult, not to mention all the rumors & shit. but then there’s all the cute things like showing up on tour to surprise each other & going to award shows together & just finally seeing each other again after going so long with only facetime dates, missed calls, & late night texts to get them by. honestly idek where i’m going with this i just know that i really want it ??? but like this or message me & we can figure everything out k cool


Psych 101. We all have something we want, but can’t have. So, tomorrow let’s start with what that is for you. And one more thing… If you think of stabbing me with whatever’s in your pocket, you better hope you don’t miss… Because if you do, I will kick your nuts up through your mouth and show you how we do it in Canarsie.

I wish when some characters are missing from the show the writers would make up an excuse or reason why they’re not there.

like in girl meets jexica, smackle was not in that episode I wish someone would’ve asked “oh where’s smackle” or “has anyone seen smackle today” and then at least one of her close friends would’ve said “oh she’s sick” or something like that, idk it just irks me that when some characters are missing no one cares or it doesn’t really matter, I feel like the acting would be a lot more realistic if it was noticed.

idk maybe that’s just me.

Don’t mess with the classics.

Seriously, I started watching The Muppets, and the show started with Kermit and Miss Piggy breaking up. Then I talked to my sister, and she said even Barbie and Ken have broken up and I need to get over it. But I don’t want to get over it; I don’t get why TV and movies and stuff have to mess with good things just to mess with the viewers. What’ve they got against happiness?