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Len’s Hands

Welp… I don’t want to admit how much time I put into studying Len’s hands and gif-ing them. And yet there’s so much more I could say than even made it into this post, but ah, here’s some analysis of Captain Cold and what his hands say about him, and mostly it’s just a lot of gifs of his hands okay?

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It was a pretty slow Sunday, and while I was chilling I realized I missed @tarysande‘s birthday, haha. So I scribbled up a Solana and slapped some color on it because she is my fave and I love Tary’s rendition of her so much.

Also it was a test to see how my style has changed. Granted this is more scribbly than I usually do but…

Anyway, Happy birthday Tary! Hope it was lovely and full of good things~.