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The Tower

Fenris/f!Hawke, Rapunzel inspired AU

“I’m Hawke. Is this your tower?”

He is too perplexed to be on guard and just shakes his head. She musters him for a few seconds and then actually starts making her way up the tower, despite the height, despite the thorns.

“I’ve never left here.”

Fingers clenching, expecting shock or worse, pity. She just shrugs.

“This is the first time I’ve left my village, too. And the first thing I did was get lost in the woods and it’d just figure that the person I’m asking for directions has no clue either.”

Just like that, she makes them equals. Until now, he’s only ever been lesser.

She returns, more than once, further nurturing the little flame of hope that he’s desperately tried to squash.

“I brought you pastries.”

Casually, she brushes off some of the glazed sugar that sticks to his cheek. He flinches. She apologises and refrains from touching him after that. He wishes she would.

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a p e r f e c t combination.

  • my gansey trk aesthetic: rose-gold glinting winter sunrises, barely tied scarves, dark leather gloves, windswept hair, pushing up wire frame glasses, ink-stained fingers, fawn turtle-neck wool sweaters, flushed cheeks and lips, the pig's ice-crusted windscreen, long sweeping coats, mint-sweetened breath misting on frosty air, steaming coffee, brisk aglionby striding, warming blue’s freezing cold hands inside his own
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It is I, Hyper.

It is you, also Hyper.

Wait… What?