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how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend

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Maybe something like "Love, look at me." With Harry Please :)

its kinda short and im kinda tired but thanks for reading. 

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Uchuu Kyoudai (Chuya Koyama)

“Are you prepared to die?”. Most astronauts answer with a simple “yes”, but you can say anything. It’s just a weak yes. You shouldn’t be prepared to die. Instead, you should have the resolve to live until the very end! If there’s someone who replies “no”, you can trust them.


a series of unlikely crossovers

Don't comment people in public places plz.

OKAY so… I don’t get pissed at people easily but today…ugh…here’s what happened

I’m going up the stairs at the subway and behind me there are two girls maybe my age ..even a bit older idek… at this point I just hear the one saying to the other
“Dude does my ass look like that?” (Quick fact, I’ve been insecure about my appearance my whole life…and I did maaaany diets and many shit and believe me even when I look like a toothpick my butt sticks out I can’t do anything about it)

So the other one says “No dude”
“Is she like taller??” …. “i don’t know , I don’t think so” At this point they’re talking loudly and I’m right in front of them. Even the people who didn’t even care were now staring at me cause they’re commenting on me and they don’t even whisper.
I’m just SPRINTING my way up the stairs and then she says
“OKAY dude look at it THAT way” so they both stop walking and literally stare at my ass while I’m walking 20 feet. AT THAT FREAKING DISTANCE I CAN STILL HEAR THEM TALKING.

I’m pissed. I stopped I turn around. Of course they’re still staring. With a dead smile I say
“Is there a problem?”

They both lose their shit the one just stands there like an idiot and the other said “eh what?no!” Or something .

I said “good. Goodnight.”

I went home and now it’s 4am and I can’t fucking sleep cause I feel embarrassed.

I just felt really bad and please don’t do that to anyone …

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sorry to just barge in but I've had a bad day and then I saw some very detailed Snape hate posts and.. here's what I've always wondered: we all read many books, watch many movies and shows and love some of them a lot. there are always characters we don't like. but I've never felt compelled to write 2000 words on tumblr why exactly I hate a character a lot?? why do people do this?? there's so little time and energy, why can't they focus this on things they like??

ugh i can’t wrap my head around why people do that. i honestly don’t get why people are like so angry and up for a debate on here, it tires me out just seeing it so idek how they have the energy to spend so much time on something they hate. that would just bring me down, but some of them almost thrive on it?? 

tumblr has this toxic view on things where it’s like ‘i’m so much more informed on this subject so this makes me so much better than you’ or ‘this subject is problematic and no one is allowed to like problematic things and i’m gonna tear apart this subject until i show you every problematic thing about this subject’ type of attitude and a lot of them just can’t shut up about it. it’s exhausting and after all these years i still don’t get it, seems like an absolute waste of time to me. blahh 🙈 just leave them to stew in their bitterness and don’t let then spoil what you love. excuse the late reply and i hope you’re having a better day now, lovely 💕


One of the coolest things imo is how one tiny portion of the Zelda II: The Adventure of Link overworld appears to be the entire overworld from The Hyrule Fantasy: Legend of Zelda (aka Zelda 1)

In Zelda 1 it´d probably take you weeks if not months to beat it for the first time ever. And then in Zelda 2 walking across it from one end to the other will seem like just a few simple steps.

I feel like it shows how Link (and the player) has grown up. How something that felt almost impossible is now impossibly easy to do.

  • sunny: i'm gonna need someone to hold me back
  • sunny: this douchebag outside the dorm wont shut the hell up and has been yelling about some bullshit for the past hour
  • sunny: i'm like this 👌👌👌 fucking close to throwing something out the window and letting it smash him
  • sunny: i just gotta find something big enough to do the job

I can’t describe how thankful I am for musicians. Making music. Something that has layers and layers of complexities. Something both them and all their listeners can relate to in their own and personal way. Whatever genre it may be, music has literally saved lives. Mine included. And I’m so glad to be living and breathing whilst incredible music surrounds us.  

Sakura gives Sasuke the poncho ~

WARNING: this did not go as I expected it to and I’m not super happy with it and it should have been shorter but idk how to do that shit and I haven’t written anything in a while so and idek anymore fml

also ooc sasuke. I’m just pissed bc SP fucked up the designs and Sakura looks like a ten year old flat board like wtf, are you serious? Do you have some grudge against her or something that she regresses in age while everyone else gets hot?

It was hideous.

Had it been anyone else giving him such a gift, Sasuke would have felt offended beyond belief, and the unfortunate giver would end up with that stupid thing stomped mercilessly on the ground.

But because Sakura was presenting it, this tough, ground-colored fabric that portrayed itself as a lame excuse for a poncho, it had some merit.

“Well?” she asked, her excitement obvious on her face. She leaned forward, trying to determine Sasuke’s untold emotions behind his long, unkempt bangs. “Do you like it?”

Through his black fringe shielding his embarrassment, he eyed the poncho with disgust. There was no way he would wear it, not even if she started crying. Absolutely not. He was an Uchiha, and since he was already on unsteady terms with Konoha, he did not need anything more to soil his name.

Sakura frowned. “You don’t like it,” she said blankly.

Kami, he groaned. He knew the course of action of her disappointment. The sparkle in her eyes that he adored so much went out, and her shoulders—high and proud—would slump. Through her full lips, coated with a fine sheen of a glossy cosmetic, she would let out a sigh of defeat. And maybe, just maybe, her eyes would start to tear, and—should he even dare ask—she’d angrily tell him, with her back facing him, that she was not crying!

“No,” he said. “It’s—“

“You don’t have to lie to me, Sasuke-kun. I can handle it.”

“It’s ugly as hell.”

Her eyes sprang up to his in shock, as if she didn’t realize he would actually dare to say such a thing.

“I got this especially for you—“

“Let me finish,” he interrupted, pressing his fingers to her lips. “It’s uglier than sin, yes, but I like it.” Sasuke reached out with his free arm (his only arm, as Sakura liked to darkly joke) to grasp the hem of the fabric between his fingers. It was a made from a warm, soft material, one that would keep him comfortable during harsh weather, and thick enough to shield him from any devastating blows. “I like it because it’s from you. Although, if we’re being honest here, you have terrible taste.”

Sakura frowned, pushing his chest with her palm. “There’s a difference between criticism and just being mean!”

Sasuke caught her wrist, guiding her hand to rest over his heart. She softened, her touch now gentle against his torso, and she pressed her forehead delicately against his body.

“Put it on me,” he ordered, ducking down his head to a comfortable height.

“I think you can put it on yourself,” she shot back, an affectionate bite of sarcasm accompanying her words.

“One hand,” he argued, waving his right fingers. “I’m still learning. Help me out.”

But his eyes were sweet, telling her that even though he might not treat her with such obvious feelings as Naruto did with Hinata, he really did care for her, even between their playfully acerbic back and forths.

“Fine,” she sighed. Sakura, still too short for Sasuke’s lowered height, stood on the tips of her toes and slipped the cloak over him, brushing out any stray creases. Then, she moved his bangs behind his ears, clearing them from his face.

“I like to see your eyes,” she smiled. “They can tell me what you’re feeling. And right now, you don’t seem to be as angry as you say you are.”

The poncho was warm and comforting, and he felt new heat surge through his body as he became enveloped in the soft, dingy fabric. Refusing to tell Sakura he was wrong—her ego didn’t need any more boosting—he drew her in for what she thought was a hug. Instead, she found Sasuke’s arm around her, forcing her under the poncho.

“Hey, Sasuke-kun, this isn’t funny! You know I don’t like the dark!”

She felt his fingers on her lips again and wanted to angrily protest, but when she realized that his hand was combing through her hair and that his other arm was merely a stub, she realized that the thing on her mouth was something else entirely.

And although she couldn’t see anything under the cloak, she knew Sasuke was smirking, and Sakura was grateful that she was in the dark so that she wouldn’t have to deal with her rising blush.

“Thanks for the gift,” he said, enveloping her in a thankful embrace. He rested his chin over her head. “And this unsightly brown sack.”

Sakura swelled in fury. “…You ungrateful bastard!”

Magcon Preference: Youtube Videos Together (3/9)

Magcon Preference #6- You make a youtube video together

Nash: (The Boyfriend Tag) You were already a pretty famous youtuber when you started dating Nash, all of your fans begged for him to be in a video. So, who decided to do the classic boyfriend tag. Since you were filming it in Nash and Cameron’s apartment, Cameron would pop up in the video every minute or so, basically it was The boyfriend Tag+ Cameron. ‘’Do I have any weird obsessions?’’ You asked, raising and eyebrow at Nash. ‘’Well, you like chocolate..‘’ he said trailing off. ‘’That’s not weird, almost everyone loves chocolate,’’ you huffed. Cameron burst out laughing from behind the sofa, and Nash rolled eyes, grinning.

Cameron: (The girlfriend does my makeup challenge) ‘’Stay still,’’ you say, turning his head toward you. You grabbed your liquid eyeliner and did your best to apply it to Cameron, who was jerking away every 5 seconds. ‘’Babbeee this hurts, you’re like jabbing me in the eye,’’ Cameron groaned. You rolled your eyes and grabbed the fiery red lipstick. ‘’Aww hell no,’’ he whined. You bursted out laughing, while smoldering his face with lipstick. ‘’There all done,’’ you said, handing him a mirror. ‘’Oh my god I look totally hawt girl,’’ he exclaimed.

Matt: (The boyfriend does my makeup challenge) ‘’Hey guys its Matt here and today I’m going to be doing my lovely girlfriend (Y/N)’s makeup!’’ He said, smiling mischievously at the camera. ‘’I was tricked into this!’’ You grumbled, folding your arms across your chest. Matt just laughed and grabbed your makeup, which he somehow managed to steal. ‘’Let’s get started,’’ he said, rubbing his hands together. You closed your eyes and soon felt an eyeliner pencil on your cheek. ‘’Matt what the hell?‘’ You said, genuinely concerned about what he was doing. ‘’SHHH!’’ He said, ‘’I know what I’m doing!’’ ‘’I doubt it,’’ you mumbled. By the end of it Matt, hadn’t done your makeup, but instead turned you into to ‘’Harry Potter’’. With the glasses, scar, and everything.

(A/N): something i found hidden deep within my old drafts of my computer and I hope you guys like it? idek and don’t worry the other boys should be up tomorrow 💜
pls request imagines guyss

so apparently there was a vixx fan who went to the coex fansign a couple days ago and kept asking leo to say “i love you” to her and he didn’t want to but she kept on asking and asking even after he rejected to do so (multiple times). and then she somehow touched leo’s thigh (idek how you can?????). during the questionnaire, she got chosen to ask a question but passed and asked leo AGAIN to say “i love you” and finally got her “love confession” from him. “i was worried that his face will look like he ate poop but checked my fancam and fortunately he smiled♡”

as i was reading her fanaccount i was completely disgusted by her actions. how do you think leo felt? getting touched by a complete strange without his permission? being forced to say something that he even told her before that he didn’t want to say? if you ever meet your idol, don’t force them into doing something like this fan did to leo. also, keep you hands to yourself.

the hardest part is that we can’t just “wait for next season.” we lost the WC in 2011 but we had the olympics that next year. this one hurts because it’s 3 years. there’ll be retirements, injuries, roster changes, people falling out of form, fans losing interest, trying to keep together a league that’s struggling, lost momentum on the fight for fair pay… until 2019 when we can finally show something on the world stage again. idk man it just sucks??? I am so gutted for the girls because they of all people knew how much was riding on this.

they should be proud tho. what they’ve done for this sport and especially for women in this sport is incredible and i know they will continue to do that. idk im not gonna try to be fake positive because i don’t even know how to feel…just empty and numb i guess. but i do love them and i am so so proud of them. sorry for the dramatics, it’s just when you’ve invested so much of your livelihood into a team…they’ve done so much for me i really couldn’t put it into words how much they mean to me