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Good Morning Surprise // Drabble

Word count: 673

Genre: fluff, humor, domestic au

☼Pairing: Min Yoongi x GMS female reader (third POV)

☼Rating: PG-13

☼Warnings: none!

☼Synopsis: Yoongi hated puns. How did his girlfriend change that? He will never know.

☼A/N: This was incredibly fun to write! I was smiling the whole time while writing this and my mom continuously questioned if I was alright! Hope you all enjoy this, I know I did!

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If it weren’t for @rbbsbestfriend I probably wouldn’t have finished this (his tattoos were fun to draw :’) ) {i might’ve added a pink tshirt version in light of recent pink louis hype} :D

pugglepuppypuffypants  asked:

Everything we said was true and it baffles my mind how you think WE help YOU!! Every night I look forward to this and you've helped me in many ways and I'm sure some of of your other followers would say the same. So thank you as well for always cheering me up on those days when life feels like a living hell.

oh honEYY sHOOSH y’all are so important to me, idek where i’d be without this blog. like jfc im The Worst™ IRL but i go through every reblog just to check the tags (but with tumblr’s most recent update, that is super fucking difficult) like literally every other artist on this site, feedback and comments are SO DAMN IMPORTANT I CANNOT EMPHASIZE – 


Read from top to bottom, right to left!

I’m supposed to be working on my weirdass doujin but I found the skeleton of this sitting in one of my folders and I… gave into temptation……. so have really halfassed doodles again.

This silly sequence is based off my fervent wish of how the manga will progress (that Miyuki and Eijun would take Koushien as a badass battery together… someday… maybe… hopefully…). It occurs when Miyuki’s a third year about to graduate. He told Eijun that he’d have a prize for him if he managed to lead the first and second years to victory against the graduating third years, and the button was intended to be it.


yuusthetic  asked:

Bokuaka !! :^)

- Who’s shy about their first kiss? Omgomg bokuto definitely. i can see him like, attempting to, getting super close and then chickening out at the last second until akaashi just “bokuto-san, please just kiss me already it’s been 4 minutes”

- Who would have to call the other, because they know the other is bad at getting out of bed in the morning? hloy shit bokuto is SUCH a morning person its ridiculous and he calls akaashi every morning to remind him of morning practice even though akaashi already knows (he answers though just to motivate him more)

- Who has to force the other to eat breakfast? for some reason i see this both ways?? bokuto being either too excited or too dejected to remember to eat until akaashi just repeats “bokuto-san bokuto-san bokuto-san eat breakfast bokuto-san” or akaashi being the drowsy anti-morning person that doesnt get hungry until 11am

- If one would want a dog and the other would want a cat, who would get what they wanted? akaashi. as much as bokuto pleads, akaashi is inevitably the most responsible of the two (plus bokuto loves seeing akaashi smile with his enormous newfoundland puppy)

- Who hangs up first late at night? Bokuto doesnt necessarily hang up but he does fall asleep first

- Who reads fanfiction about them? again i can see it either way,, idek 

- Who writes fanfiction about them? lmao same as above

- Who catches the other when they fall? trustworthy akaashi, always got bokuto’s back :’)

- Who makes hearts of the dough when they make bread? BOKUTO-SAN PLEASE STOP THIS BREAD IS FOR MY PARENTS DONT MAKE THEM INTO HEARTS

- Who eats their food cold, because the other was too impatient for the microwave oven to be done? rip akaashi’s hot wings

- Who drags the other to watch their favorite band? Bokuto loves Owl City and when akaashi hears they’re in Tokyo soon he starts preparing himself for vanilla twilight being sung badly for all of practice and every dinner date until the concert

- Who gets jealous of the other liking the band too much? akaashi ends up loving the concert and now bokuto is confused on whether hes glad he likes his favorite band or jealous bc hey akaashi you dont smile that much at my jokes ehy

- Who gets mad at the other the easiest? oh definitely akaashi (its ok though, hes never really that mad… just irritated hes got so much fucken energy, jeez)

- Who kisses the other’s cheek to cheer them up? Both! :3

- When eating out, who wants to stay just a little bit longer though they’re done eating? akaashi looks too good in that shirt to go home just yet, how about more dessert??? what do you mean 3 slices of cake is too much cmon akaashi

- Who listens to the same song over and over, and annoys the other with it? oh god we all know its bokuto

- Who has a hard time opening the jam jar? akaashi doesnt even try anymore, just hands it to bokuto and goes ahead and gets the toast out of the toaster

- Who doesn’t tell the other that they love them often, but shows it with small gestures instead? Akaashi <3 <3


hi everyone!! so for 4 months now awhile now i’ve been wanting to do a give away and ive been putting it off long enough! 

sooo please look forward to it!

sorry for the cheesy images guys


okay well there are two prizes to be won here. 

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if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask!<3



Remember this beautiful flower on Tokyo Ghoul? I bet yes is your answer since it appears on the last episode which makes me think “why the the heck this flower tho?” and obviously it wasn’t in the manga, but apparently the animators did a plot twist from the fandom~ This flower is called “Amaryllis” and I was intrigue coz in the forums that I’ve read they tag it as the language of flower which state the symbolism of a flower, then when I search it, Amaryllis is a symbolic of success won after a struggle—
jfc so that’s it Kaneki is given a amaryllis for job well done on defeating his weakness idk if this makes sense but I’ve also search that white flower on the last episode which is “white carnation” that represents a innocence and pure, that gives a good luck~


Late birthday gift for TitaniumCrayon (how do I tag people in posts hhhh idek oh welll)

Flower prince Bertholdt with light pink/purple roses and calla lilies UvU

done in about twelvish hours in photoshop