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Hosoi Mieko’s Illustrations Anime OPs/EDs

how to tell if you are fetishizing lgbt+ characters: a quick guide by tumblr user isakvaltrsens

chapter one: why am i a fan of this content?

  • only because i find it hot when the lgbt+ characters make out
  • only because i find it hot when the lgbt+ characters have sex
  • because i want to seem like i care about lgbt+ issues
  • if you answered yes then you are fetishizing lgbt+ characters!

chapter two: can i be part of the lgbt+ community and still fetishize other members of the community itself?

  • yes!!!
  • refer to chapter one if you have doubts!

chapter three: how can i check to make sure i’m not fetishizing this content?

  • make sure that you actually value the lgbt+ characters 
  • make sure you actually care about the plot
  • do not leave comments on the actors/writers social media about how you want the two lgbt+ characters to have sex/kiss/etc.

chapter four: can i still write fanfiction about these two characters?

  • yes!
  • literally, i love a smut fic just as much as the next person!
  • be sure your works don’t rely heavily on stereotypes!
  • refer to chapter one

Moodboard Challenge by @aandidas  (´♡‿♡`)

Rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it. {tips for making a moodboard here}

I was tagged by @citrontart , @soft-almond and @simemi ty bb’s ♡ I’ll tag @applepiedimples , @cabsim (SONG OMG) @bratsims , @ohare-lane , @pxelbutt, @simsy-baby, @malcolmlandgraab and anyone who wants to do it!

I had no effen’ clue what a ‘moodboard’ was until I was tagged in this challenge and it was hard af. Sooo idek if I did it right or whatever, but Eden is a colourful goddess, so yah, here :’) 

Get to know me better tag

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Nickname: Cy

Zodiac sign: Scorpius

Height: 5’3”

Last thing you googled: Neil Patrick Harris Family (they’re so cute!!!)

Favourite Music Artist: Bastille, Hozier

Song Stuck In Your Head: Cigarette Daydreams by Cage the Elephant

Last movie you watched: Pete’s Dragon

What you’re wearing now: A Lindsey Stirling shirt and black sweatpants

Why did you choose your URL: bc it’s literally snowbaz

What did your last relationship teach you: ha. As if.

Religious or spiritual: yes. 

Favourite color: grey

Average hours of sleep: fuckin idek cause it varies so much. one week i don’t ever stop sleeping and the next i get maybe 10 hours the entire week

Lucky number: 191

Favourite characters: Baz Pitch, Luna Lovegood

How many Blankets: All the blankets

Dream job: Computer programmer

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  • *new character is introduced in an anime*
  • Me: ah finally! *goes through their entire tag and reblogs 20 consecutive posts of them*

Hey guys, so I thought I’d post my fan cast for what I think the foxhole court characters look like. This is almost exactly how I pictured them in the book!

So I have:

Danny DeVito as Neil
Danny DeVito as Andrew
Danny DeVito as Renee
Danny DeVito as Kevin
Danny DeVito as Dan
Danny DeVito as Aaron
Danny DeVito as Allison
Danny DeVito as Matt
and Danny DeVito as Nicky

So yeah, thanks for checking it out!!!!! (◠ω◠✿) (◡﹏◡✿) (´◠ω◠`) Tell me if you picture any of the characters the same way I do!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ヽ(*・ω・)ノ (ノ◕‿◕)ノ (◡‿◡✿)

20 Question!

name: Ayana

nickname: Aya, yanna, ayayay (don’t ask) nana

sign: Gemini 

Height: 5′7

orientation: Questioning 

ethnicity: Mixed (Puerto Rican and African- american 

favorite fruit: grapefruit 

favorite season: Spring 

favorite book: Chronicle of nick series 

favorite flowers: roses 

favorite scent: when it rains or after it rains 

average hours of sleep: man, idek anymore 

dogs or cats?: Both 

number of blankets i sleep with:  1 or 2 depending on how cold it is. 

favorite fictional character(s): uh, the characters from walking dead, nick from the chronicle of nick books, etc 

ideal trip: Tokyo or England 

when this blog was created: 3 months ago 

birthmarks: I one on my back 

number of followers: 159

something embarrassing: my life…? 

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Relationship status - fuck u too
Favourite  colour - lavenders not even a colour its a flower and a flavour of laundry detergent
Lipstick  or  chapstick - chapstick more like fuck off stick
Last  song  I  listened to - idek what that is but sounds like nerd music
Last  movie  I  watched - when did u get a social network at all???
Top  three  TV  shows - im the only voltron fan around these parts
Top  three characters - actually putting answers like a Nerd?
Top  three ships - why sean is the worse
Books  I’m  currently  reading - a nyc book how shocking

Tagging: @brimaquonx did u think i wouldn’t do this bc i did so Ha

yuusthetic  asked:

Bokuaka !! :^)

- Who’s shy about their first kiss? Omgomg bokuto definitely. i can see him like, attempting to, getting super close and then chickening out at the last second until akaashi just “bokuto-san, please just kiss me already it’s been 4 minutes”

- Who would have to call the other, because they know the other is bad at getting out of bed in the morning? hloy shit bokuto is SUCH a morning person its ridiculous and he calls akaashi every morning to remind him of morning practice even though akaashi already knows (he answers though just to motivate him more)

- Who has to force the other to eat breakfast? for some reason i see this both ways?? bokuto being either too excited or too dejected to remember to eat until akaashi just repeats “bokuto-san bokuto-san bokuto-san eat breakfast bokuto-san” or akaashi being the drowsy anti-morning person that doesnt get hungry until 11am

- If one would want a dog and the other would want a cat, who would get what they wanted? akaashi. as much as bokuto pleads, akaashi is inevitably the most responsible of the two (plus bokuto loves seeing akaashi smile with his enormous newfoundland puppy)

- Who hangs up first late at night? Bokuto doesnt necessarily hang up but he does fall asleep first

- Who reads fanfiction about them? again i can see it either way,, idek 

- Who writes fanfiction about them? lmao same as above

- Who catches the other when they fall? trustworthy akaashi, always got bokuto’s back :’)

- Who makes hearts of the dough when they make bread? BOKUTO-SAN PLEASE STOP THIS BREAD IS FOR MY PARENTS DONT MAKE THEM INTO HEARTS

- Who eats their food cold, because the other was too impatient for the microwave oven to be done? rip akaashi’s hot wings

- Who drags the other to watch their favorite band? Bokuto loves Owl City and when akaashi hears they’re in Tokyo soon he starts preparing himself for vanilla twilight being sung badly for all of practice and every dinner date until the concert

- Who gets jealous of the other liking the band too much? akaashi ends up loving the concert and now bokuto is confused on whether hes glad he likes his favorite band or jealous bc hey akaashi you dont smile that much at my jokes ehy

- Who gets mad at the other the easiest? oh definitely akaashi (its ok though, hes never really that mad… just irritated hes got so much fucken energy, jeez)

- Who kisses the other’s cheek to cheer them up? Both! :3

- When eating out, who wants to stay just a little bit longer though they’re done eating? akaashi looks too good in that shirt to go home just yet, how about more dessert??? what do you mean 3 slices of cake is too much cmon akaashi

- Who listens to the same song over and over, and annoys the other with it? oh god we all know its bokuto

- Who has a hard time opening the jam jar? akaashi doesnt even try anymore, just hands it to bokuto and goes ahead and gets the toast out of the toaster

- Who doesn’t tell the other that they love them often, but shows it with small gestures instead? Akaashi <3 <3


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  • Relationship status: Taken.
  • Favourite colour: Blue. Anything pastel. Grey.
  • Lipstick or chapstick: I love makeup, but I don’t wear it. Lipstick.
  • Last song I listened to: Selfish by Vir.ginia to Ve.gas.
  • Last movie I watched: Curse Of Chucky.
  • Top three tv shows: Buf.fy the Vam.pire Sl.ayer, Pa.rk Bo.ys, Rup.aul’s R.ace.
  • Top three characters: As.h Will.iams, idek how can i pick 3 fuck you.
  • Top three ships: Sa.ilor Moon/Star Fighter fUCK, Chiffany, aaand idk Major Kira/Gul Du.Kat from DS9 lmao I haven’t thought about ships in forever…………
  • Books I’m currently reading: Doc.tor Sleep by Ste.phen, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

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The Great Emma Swan Debate
How do different shippers see Emma Swan? Please keep your answers free of shipping issues and character/ship/fandom hate. This survey is about Emma Swan and only.

So since people have started answering this (including two non-CSers), you’re all welcome to start completing the form as is. This is for all Emma fans and made in an effort to see in a peaceful way how differently we all see Emma Swan.

If it gets popular enough, I will start making posts about it tagged as both ‘Emma Swan’ and in case you want to blacklist/track, as ‘the great Emma Swan debate’.

It goes without saying that you should only fill this once and as honestly as you wish, but it’s not a place for character/ship hate. Mild criticism is okay. Reblog to spread the word :)