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omg omg pls write some hufflepuff hcs !!

(I actually never posted any of my writing on here)(because of different reasons)(but i’m so motivated for this SO LET’S DO IT)(this is the first time ever that I write hc’s so pls don’t expect too much)(sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes)

Being A Hufflepuff Means…

  • organizating protest marches around the Lake to fight for the rights of transgender studens
  • studying until late at night because of a continually fear to fail
  • smuggling butterbeer to Hogwarts to play fun little drinking games in the common room
  • sneaking out at night to lay in the grass and watch the stars (because is there anything better than the night sky ???)
  • having insider jokes with your friends that no one else understands
  • listening to music while dancing around the common room (Sprout: “Guys, I know we all love dancing but the whole school is awake because of the music.”)
  • going to the owlery just to feed the owls
  • being best friends with the house elves and fighting for better working conditions for them years before Hermione even founded S.P.E.W.
  • speaking up when you see unfair behaviour and unequality and don’t take any shit from anybody (the hufflepuffs reported Snapes behaviour to Dumbledore at least once a week)
  • fading away into day dreams during the lessons
  • defending your friends in front of other people because you would go down for them
  • being passionated about the things you love and sometimes talk about it for hours while the other hufflepuffs just listen happily
  • making ‘body-positivity’ buttons to celebrate all kind of body shapes
  • dreaming of traveling the world to get to know all the different cultures
  • trying to change the world into a better place and never give up on it because you’ll always belief in the good and you would rather go down fighting than not trying at all
  • loving the nature A LOT
  • buying christmas presents for all of your friends because there is nothing better than making people happy
  • making fun of the other houses because they taking this whole ‘house cup’ thing so serious
  • starting petitions to let kids from abusive households stay at hogwarts over the hollidays (professor sprout actually offers to take them to her home)
  • worrying about the future a lot because you’re always afraid to not be good enough
  • actually having problems with finding new friends because you need some time to relax around people (but once you do you’re the best friend someone could wish for)
  • supporitng the lgbtq+ students and even starting a club for them where they can feel safe and where you can help them with their coming out
  • sneaking into the kitchen to bake some cupcakes with the house elves
  • being the house that cheers the loudest at any quidditch match
  • having the coolest clothes from all the houses because your constantly redesign the school uniforms (Sprout: “Guys, you know that you can’t just change the school clothes… *whispers* but this looks damn cool Hannah *whispers*”
  • being the person in class that always has a good comeback to everything
  • having the dormitory decorated with tons of pictures that you and your friends took during the year
  • being the house that always laugh the most at the feasts 

So this idea came into my head a couple of days ago and it made me laugh so take this probably OOC ‘Andrew encounters a fan’ HC

Looking down and finding a knife pressed against his stomach was not a regular occurrence in Sam’s life, especially not when it was being held by an armband clad arm that led to a bored but deadly expression that made up Sam’s celebrity crush, Andrew Minyard. This is ridiculous his mind came up with, I don’t even like Exy.

Really, this was entirely his girlfriend’s fault. Exy was her sport of choice, and while he appreciated what it did to her legs, he was completely uninterested in picking up a racket himself. He’d watched the occasional game to be able to share something with her, but then he’d stayed too long and the post-game interviews came on, and coincidentally so did Andrew’s slightly sweaty completely impassive face. His girlfriend had taken one look at Sam’s face and raised an eyebrow; Sam was rarely affected by strangers, and she certainly hadn’t expected the short blond goalie to catch his attention. Sam shrugged, a little embarrassed. He didn’t find Andrew attractive exactly, but the way his face was put together made Sam want to draw it. His fingers itched for a pencil even as he tried to play it off, but he hadn’t fallen in love with his girlfriend for no reason, and her continually buying him Minyard merchandise had become a running joke between them.

He still didn’t enjoy watching Exy, but if he occasionally searched Andrew’s interviews on youtube, well, that was his business. He’d learnt lots about Andrew over the last few years from these interviews, the primary of which being that he genuinely did not care about most things (Sam had to wonder what it was about Exy of all things that kept him entertained), but being harassed by overexcited fans was one of the few things that would cause him to show emotion; in this case, annoyance.

That takes us to this morning, when Sam was doing his usual stroll through the park only to see Andrew Minyard and a slightly taller red-headed man who he was fairly certain was some other famous Exy player walking in the opposite direction. It probably would have seemed more normal to just keep walking and pretend he didn’t know them, but he was so determined to not be one of Those Fans that he spun on his heel and ran straight back out of the park again.

Cut to ten minutes later, jogging back to his apartment, completely out of breath, and he’s dragged unceremoniously into an alleyway by his elbow and pressed up against the brick by a strong arm and a more worrying knife. The red-haired man is there too, eyes darting around him and towards the exit like he’s getting ready to take off.

“Who do you work for?” Andrew asks, in a flat tone of voice, and Sam’s mind spins confusedly out of control. Andrew pushes the knife a little closer when he doesn’t answer and Sam squawks.

“Um, Starbucks? At the moment. I kind of just got made redundant but I mean- what am I saying you don’t care. Yeah I’m at Starbucks at the mo.” This time it’s the red-head’s turn to sound cold. Josten his unhelpful brain supplies, as the man narrows his eyes, blue eyes glinting like ice.

“You expect us to believe that?” Sam doesn’t know what to do.

“I hope so? Because it’s the truth?” Why does it feel as if he’s getting interrogated? Ah, the knife he remembers, his mind flashing through various gang crime movies.

“Why did you run away from us just now then?” Josten says, confusion beginning to seep into his voice too.

Andrew does not move the knife.

Sam blushes, and if he didn’t have a deadly weapon pressed to his stomach by what looks like a practiced hand, he’d try to laugh it off. “I, uh, I’m kind of a fan.” He mumbles. The knife is removed as Andrew shoots Josten the most unimpressed look he has ever seen.

“Brilliant another one of your junkie fanboys.”

“Uh, not of, erm, Josten is it?” Sam corrects before he thinks about it, wondering why he’s prolonging this already mortifying conversation.

“Neil.” Josten returns, a hint of amusement playing around the corners of his mouth.

“I, uh, just know you, like, actually hate people that talk to you so I thought I’d try and be, like, a decent person and fuck off.” Sam says to Andrew, staring at his shoes. A short, delighted laugh rings through the air, startling everybody by the looks of it; even Neil seems surprised at the noise that came out of his mouth.

“You play Exy?” Josten enquires. Sam feels the heat rise even further in his cheeks.

“No. I’ve never even sat through watching a full game.” He shoots an apologetic slightly fearful look at Andrew, who still seems to be thinking about Neil’s laugh. “I, uh, justthinkyou’recute.” He says in a rush, and Andrew’s eyes widen minutely in disbelief. You made Andrew Minyard do something with his face! Sam’s brain screams excitedly even as he wonders whether he’s about to get stabbed for real.

“You have a crush on Andrew?” Neil asks, all the syllables coated with amusement this time. Andrew shoots him another look but this one Sam can’t interpret and just makes Neil smile wider.

“Erm, well, not exactly I don’t really do crushes on strangers. Like, I have to know someone really well first. People aren’t just attractive to me like that.” Sam says sheepishly, snapping his fingers. “Demi problems. I just think you have a very draw-able face?” The look Andrew gives him this time is considering, and Neil looks sort of like he just hit him with a bus.

“Huh. Looks like you’re not alone idiot.” Andrew says conversationally, not taking his eyes off Sam though Sam’s pretty sure he’s talking to Neil. Neil shrugs and Sam suddenly remembers how fucking weird this conversation is, though at least he can add ‘is defo in a relationship with Neil Josten’ to his facts about Andrew Minyard list when he gets home.

“I’m going to go home now?” Sam half-asks, and when neither man makes a move to stop him, apparently locked in each other’s gaze, Sam walks carefully out of the alley and as the adrenaline rush begins to turn his legs shaky wonders how upset his girlfriend is going to be that he met them and she didn’t.


Group/Member: ASTRO/Rocky


Word Count: 1221

Summary: Besties who dance together, fall in love together. <3

Requested: yeppers!! This was requested by @justbeing-kpoptrash (ayyeee I did another request for you before!!!! Glad to see some regulars on this blog! ^-^ )

Author’s Note: I feel like this is absolute shit compared to my other works lol. Idek where I was going with this, but hopefully it won’t turn out too terrible!! Nevertheless, I hope this is what you were aiming for! :)

- Admin Bekah

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idek if this is a how story it just shows my family is fucking crazy. my cousin was sucking off her boyfriend and they had been together for like 2 years? turns out he was cheating on her with her bestfriend for the best part of a year so she decided she would bite down and she bit the tip almost completely off and then he had to go to a+e. they havent seen eachother since it happened but apparently its still fully functional

THE BEST KIND OF REVENGE: just bite off his dick

f.r.i.e.n.d.s inspired au prompts
  • ‘you found out someone once unclasped my bra with just a look and now you won’t stop staring at my chest for fuck’s sake will you finally quit it?!’ au
  • ‘we’re having a trivia night with another couple and it turns out I don’t really know all that much about you and the others are totally kicking our asses but it’s okay, they’ve known each other for ages… wait, you answer everything about me correctly shit now I feel guilty’ au
  • ‘I just got glasses and I look hella fine so I’m trying to get everyone to notice but no one says anything and then you come and tell me it’s because I’ve always worn glasses what the fuck do you mean?? I haven’t?? yes, I’m sure oh my fucking god you’re the worst girlfriend/boyfriend ever I’m breaking up with you’ au
  • ‘I made up a joke and you sent it to a magazine/newspaper and they published it and no, it’s not your fucking joke so stop being so smug it’s mine I’ll fight you’ au
  • ‘I’m really into bubble baths and you don’t see what’s the big deal until I force you take one and now you won’t stop stealing my baths’ au
  • ‘the first time I kissed you I panicked and I told you it was because I needed chapstick and you still tease me about it fucking let it go already, it was a dry day okay?!’ au
  • ‘you have a date and I am not happy so I just happen to show up while you two are waiting for your table to be ready and I ‘casually’ bring up all the embarrassing things that you’ve done but shit I forgot you also know embarrassing stuff about me and oh hey would you look at that, your date left! … let’s have dinner together? not that I want to or anything but you’ve got a reservation and it’d be shame to let it go to waste so…’
  • ‘my friend and I agreed to set each other up with one of our other friends and go on a double date and I said I have a friend with your name but I don’t so I go to a random café and call out the name, hoping someone will answer and you do and holy shit you’re hot! we go on the date but fuck, I think I have a crush on you’ au
  • ‘you’re my friend and I have a huge crush on you but I’m like 100% sure you don’t like me back so I’m trying to get over it and another friend suggests I make a list of everything I don’t like about you but I can only think of one thing and I don’t even dislike it I am so screwed… oh you found the list… listen, I can explain’ au
  • ‘I exchange every gift I get and you’re determined to get me one I actually like good luck with that buddy’ au
  • ‘what do you mean you don’t cry at movies? not even when Bambi’s mother died? that’s it, I’m making a list of the saddest movies I can think of and you better get some tissues ready because you will cry mark my words!’ au
  • ‘every year I try to find the chirstmas present you’ve gotten me but I never do and this year I finally find it, ha, take that! … oh… it’s an engagement ring’ au
  • ‘I just bought my wedding dress and I literally had to fight another woman for it and it was tough but I won and why are you laughing? you shouldn’t be laughing you should fear me. feAR ME!’ au
  • ‘I just wrote my wedding vows and I’m pretty satisfied how it turned out but then I accidentally find yours and holy shit that’s beautiful mine can’t compare what am I going to do????’ au

“You think I don’t know how stories get written—how this story will be written?” Rhys put his hands on his chest, his face more open, more anguished than I’d seen it. “I am the dark lord, who stole away the bride of spring. I am a demon, and a nightmare, and I will meet a bad end.”

He thinks he’ll be remembered as the villian in the story. But I forgot to tell him that the villain is usually the person who locks up the maiden and throws away the key. He was the one who let me out.

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Request for Rohan, Mista, Giorno (or you know, ALL the husbands 😍) and s/o who is self conscious about their body, their appearance. Idek, just do whatever the heck fluff stuff you want it'll be gureto mom

It turned into more general relationship fluff, so I hope these are okay anyways!

☆ Rohan ☆

  • Rohan’s never been in a serious relationship before, so he’s going to be awkward at first, but he’s trying his best. He’ll make a valiant effort at not thinking about his work all the time, so that he can pay attention to his s/o whenever they want it. He gets comfortable with his s/o really quickly, so they get to see his happier and more relaxed side than anyone else.
  • Even if his s/o doesn’t live with him yet, he enjoys having them sleep over a lot. He’s not even trying anything sexual, he just thinks it’s nice to wake up with them in his arms. He loves when they play with his hair as they’re both falling asleep, and it relaxes him like nothing else; it’s those moments where he opens up the most, because he’s just so comfortable with them. His voice is soothing late at night, when he’s tired, so while his s/o’s playing with his hair he’s likely to ramble. He may make up a story on the spot, he may talk about his day or his upcoming plans- whenever he’s rambling like that, though, sleep isn’t too far off.

  • He’s naturally going to be sketching his s/o at random points throughout the day; having someone around the house makes for fantastic candid shots, so he makes a time exercise of seeing if he can accurately capture his s/o’s posture before they’re able to get that dish off the top shelf- it isn’t long before he’s filled multiple sketchbooks with images of his s/o, instead of whatever it was he’d set out to draw in the first place.

☆ Mista ☆

  • Mista’s learned most everything he knows about romance from cheesy movies and stupid, tired late-night conversations with the older Passione members. Until they’re used to each other’s mannerisms, his s/o’s going to have to deal with stupid one-liners that he’d learned from American television.
  • The Sex Pistols absolutely adore Mista’s s/o, so they’d better be ready for the little imps to shower them in compliments and kisses. It’s also not uncommon for Mista to lose the little things because they settled in his s/o’s pockets and got tossed in the laundry. The Sex Pistols can be kind of embarrassing when they’re hanging out with Mista’s s/o, because yeah, they mean their best- but they tend to vocalize his thoughts, so it’s mortifying when they inform his s/o that he thinks they’ve got a nice ass-

  • Similarly to Rohan, Mista absolutely adores having his hair played with- it’s not even something he realized at first, because he rarely takes off his hat, but the first time his s/o runs their hands through his hair he’s going to absolutely melt. He develops a habit of coming home to his s/o and just laying across their lap, so they can play with his hair as he talks about his day- naturally, he’s willing to do the same in return, if his s/o wants.

☆ Giorno ☆

  • Giorno is definitely serious, but he’s determined that he doesn’t want to be anything like the man that raised him, so he’s going to put his all into being a good boyfriend- and hopefully a good husband, eventually. It will take a bit of time, but he’s going to find a good balance between his important work and his equally-important s/o; he can’t just abandon his men and his job, but he’ll give his s/o attention whenever and however they please.
  • Given that he’s a busy man, he’s constantly buying fancy things for his s/o, to make up for his inevitable absences. One thing he quietly enjoys is matching clothing; he may buy matching outfits for the two of them, or he’ll let his s/o keep something he no longer wears, and get something similar for himself. Naturally, one of the first things he bought for them way a brooch that matches his own. He’s also developed the habit of turning unwanted items in bouquets of his s/o’s favorite flowers.
  • No matter how strong or experienced his s/o is, he wants to keep them away from his work. As soon as they started dating, he had them move in with him so that he could protect them on his own, and whenever he’s gone he has Mista stay home in his place. Anyone that even makes an attempt at getting to his s/o will most likely never be heard from again.

I got sick and now I have a little bit more free time this week than I usually have, since I shouldn’t do much other than sleep - which I can’t really complain about. Still, the whole doing nothing situation can get boring very quickly, and that’s probably how I ended up spending an hour doing random quizzes on the internet because that’s undoubtedly the best way I can learn more about myself, and it was all really enlightening. I mean, apparently according to my favorite movies I should travel to Australia, and my food preferences say I’m going to be in a serious relationship this year - with a tattooed and badass dude. Also, it turns out my choices in ice cream say that my dream job is to be an actress, so there’s that. That’s how I know I made the right decision, because my main would never lie to me about anything.

The sound of two swords clashing together made her spin to face the fight head on. No way were they going to hurt him. She sprinted forward, pulling her sword from its sheath. Despite being fully aware that the men she was facing were vampires, that didn’t stop her. ‘Elizabeth Alice! Look out!’ came the voice from behind her. Turning towards the voice of her beloved, her eyes met his briefly for a second before-

She was staring at the ceiling of her familiar dark bedroom. 

“It was just a dream…just a dream.” 

Penny pulled her hair into a ponytail and made her way down and out onto the street, breathing in the cool night air. It had seemed so real. Remembering that there were monsters out there in the shadows, she slowly stepped back onto her doorstep, keeping one foot inside in case of emergency. It was then she spotted the dark figure across the narrow street, “Who’s there?” Her voice was shaky and weak, terrified.

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vikii please help :( how can you tell if a girl is flirting with you or just being friendly? there's this girl that i've met through mutual friends and she always compliments me and plays with my hair and i always catch her staring at me but??? idek if she's into girls and whether there's really some type of tension going on between us or i'm just looking into things?? also i'm not out yet and can't really risk making a move if it turns out she's just being nice so what do i do? :(((

maN thats the worst and hardest thing ever,…i….dont know what to tell u tho i dont wanna like give u false hope or the opposite bc im not there??:/ but, i guess if the conversation gets deep you could ask her about her being into girls subtly? or bring up a celebrity?? u could talk to her about selena’s bad liar video and be like,, wow she’s a wlw in the music video, would u have guessed? lmao iDK or you could try touching her arms or legs more and see how she reacts? cause touching is like,,the best flirting besides the stares..u could maybe lick ur lips slowly while she’s talking and see if her gaze drops down and stuff?? i m…sorry idK but i hope everything turns clear and things work out <3

So my friend @amyxmanning takes the most amazing selfies right and long story short a little while back I took one of them and made what is to this day my greatest accomplishment in photo editing:

(Thanks to Amslydale for both encouraging this creation and giving her enthusiastic and official blessing to post it - she’s a majestic peep that needs to be appreciated honestly)

New Beginnings || Wendy & Cornelius


Wendy’s whole world was turned upside down. This new place…Fableton….it was nothing like she expected. She didn’t expect to see Peter and Ho–Killian, or any of the people she knew in her own world. What was going on? She wanted to move forward, but she wasn’t sure where to go next. She couldn’t even figure out how long she’d been here in the first place. She felt like she was waking up from a dream. And now that she was awake, she needed to settle in.

 She knew her family opened an Orphanage….and for a bit, staying there was okay. But she didn’t want to be there forever. She needed to find her way on her own. And she supposed the first step was finding her own place. 

How did she do that?

She sighed, sitting down on the park bench she was currently occupying. She seemed to be spending most of her time in the park lately. “I wish I could have some sort of sign? Something….” She felt herself tearing up again. She felt like such a child! Wiping her eyes, she noticed a man staring at her. “What? Never seen a woman down on her luck?”

@julesdrenages The picture of Slash as a self!cursing fairy will haunt me for the rest of my life, thank you.

I haven’t told you that the curse he brought upon himself was that he had to find the love of his life before day X or he’d die and it turned out to be duff who was turning tricks in order to run away from home but had eventually given most of that stuff to izzy so he could go wake up sleeping beauty and was like well shit now idek how I’m gonna survive oh hey should we just commiserate and get drunk together

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I haven't seen an actress go so ham since, tbh Idek. Winona went to new fucking levels. I mean, the first scene when Will talks to Joyce thru the lights? Not to mention "HE'S WANTED TO GO TO NYU SINCE HE WAS SIX. YEARS. OLD!" And on another note, imagine how badly Will wanted to contact his mom? I mean, a petrified eleven year old boy stuck in a place that /looks/ like home but isn't? Imagine how terrified he had to be in order to make the phone ring, lights turn on, and the fucking Clash play on the stereo? And he didn't even have powers like El did.
  • Shout out to the Byers Family. Those are some strong motherfuckers right there.
pre-party planning

Although it had taken quite a while for Santana to fully get all of her things unpacked, even with Sophia organizing her drawers for her, it was finally all done in time for the girls to start getting things in gear for the party. The rest of the house was all set, so all they needed now were to take care of figuring out decorations and what food/booze they would need, and finding costumes. And being that she was sure all of the good costumes would be gone if they waited until a few days before Halloween to actually pick out their costumes, she wanted to go ahead and get things situated. Besides, they hadn’t even officially gotten the word out to everyone they needed to. After showering and throwing on some jeans and a tee, she finally decided to go see how Zoe’s secret dungeon had turned out. She was sure Zoe would be putting it to good use the night of the party, and she might have to do the same, so why not? “Zoe! Where are you?” She called out as she started wandering towards the basement.