idek how no one thought of this already

B.A.P: How they react to their S/O taking them to a rock/metal concert


Yongguk would be kind of surprised at first but since he’s Yongguk, he’d be totally down for it. He’d like this side to your personality and would go along and enjoy it for your sake. Probably would try to find other concerts for groups you like and take you to them from then on, just because he’s a thoughtful baby.


I always thought Daehyun was the sweet innocent one that would be shook in this situation but I feel like I’m wrong so idek about him? XD It just depends on the crowd/how heavy the music is. I think he’d have fun and like the music a lot, wouldn’t be that surprised at it or anything, especially if he already knew your taste in music. He’d probably be the loudest and most energetic in the crowd tbh XD 


(Himchan has the best reaction gifs I swear lol) 

Himchan would be overwhelmed by the music and loudness, especially if it was super heavy metal. Being in the center of such a wild crowd would probably make him just: 

would cling to you for protection XD


Youngjae would probably find it funny that this is what kind of concert you liked coming to, he’d tease you a little bit about it but would end up having fun and enjoying it, even if it wasn’t really his type of thing. Probably would happily dance along, watching you out of the corner of his eye to mimic whatever you were doing. 


Jongup is such an awkward little bean so like obviously that would apply here too. He would have no idea what to do at all. 

Him: *awkwardly dances offbeat in an attempt to blend in* 

You: ……

Him: *looks at the nonexistent camera like he’s in The Office*


Him: I’m so smol, protect me 

You: Zelo you’re literally a tree

Him: but but *clings to you* 

Favourite Gintama Doujinshi 2/?

I’m here saying nothing by 3745HOUSE

One thing to say about Takeru Mikami’s works: her art is one of the best out there. How she drew emotions, body lines and gestures, as well as background scenes in general made all her works feels like a proper and established manga instead of just a fanwork. Her characterisations might be a bit off because of how affectionate they tend to be with each other but well, it didn’t stop me from feeling all mushy inside.

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