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More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)


“I will come as the rain.
I will come as the first snowfall.
I will beg the Heavens
to let me do just that.

how i described bts before i knew them
  • 2 of them can act right? lmao: jin and v
  • the one with the abs more famous than the queen of england herself: jimin
  • coconut who can do anything: jk
  • dance monster 2.0 and a lot of people called him a horse why: j hope
  • his face is the proof of gods existence: jin
  • english speaking dude who i fallen in love with but never knew his name or that he was the leader: namjoon
  • i was intimidated by a shroom: yoongi
  • why is everyone calling him an alien: v
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

the goal was to see how Soft™ i could make a drawing look

~send me a character + a color palette!~


There is an element to this journey into the dark that I’m only now beginning to appreciate.  // What’s that? //  How good it feels.

Hold Me Close

// warnings: bullying and harassment

// sneak peek: The girl standing in front of you tucked her phone in her back pocket and crossed her arms. “And you don’t seem very interesting either. What did you even do to make an idol date you?” She paused and then huffed. “It doesn’t matter anyways, because you’re not gonna date him anymore. Do you understand me?”

// minghao x reader

// word count: 1362

  You took a deep breath; the air felt fresh and clean, something you weren’t used to in the city. You were visiting Minghao, your boyfriend, for the first time in forever, or it appeared to you. Being in a relationship with an idol definitely wasn’t easy, since he was always busy with either practice or promotion, which meant he had very little free time. Even when you could free your schedule a little to go see him, he still had long hours of practice.

  That’s the reason you were currently walking alone in a park near the dorms. Just because you were visiting Minghao didn’t mean you had to wait on him all day at your hotel. It really was a beautiful day, so you’d decided to go out and visit the neighbourhood.

  As you were sitting on a bench, just enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin, you noticed a bunch of girls staring at you from afar, immediately making you weary. Your relationship with Minghao wasn’t open to the public, but there had been some pictures released on Twitter and Tumblr, so you always needed to be careful about overly obsessed fans.

  You dug into your pocket and put on the face mask you always carried around with you. You didn’t care much about getting tanned, but it helped make you less recognisable. When you looked up, the small group - about 4 girls around your age or younger - was walking towards you. You got up quickly and tried to walk away, but they managed to reach and circle you.

  “Is this you?” One of the girls asked, harshly shoving her phone in your face. You took a glance at the screen: it showed a picture of you and Minghao, a few months earlier, sharing a muffin in a little café downtown. Your boyfriend wasn’t facing the camera, but it was very painfully and obviously your face that was leaning towards his for a quick peck on the cheek. You clearly remembered the moment, and you hated yourself for being so careless in public.

  “Um… no?” You nervously glanced around you. Behind you were two smaller girls, both in height and frame. Another one was standing on your left. The tallest of the bunch was standing in front of you, menacingly close. She pushed her glasses up her nose, glaring at you. She clearly knew you were lying.

  “Do you think a piece of trash like you is good enough for THE8?” The girl on your left asked. She was drop dead gorgeous. “I don’t know what he sees in you, but that’ll soon be over, you know that, right? Look at you, you’re all awkward and ugly.”

  The girl standing in front of you tucked her phone in her back pocket and crossed her arms. “And you don’t seem very interesting either. What did you even do to make an idol date you?” She paused and then huffed. “It doesn’t matter anyways, because you’re not gonna date him anymore. Do you understand me?”

  As she took another step towards you, you decided to make a run for it. You pushed the two shorter girls apart, and sprinted towards the main street, hoping the crowd would allow you to lose them. Your heard the girls chasing after you, calling you names and yelling at each other for letting you go. As soon as you reached a more crowded place, you started zigzagging between people, trying to make yourself as unnoticeable as possible.

  You slowed down for a minute and looked behind you. You saw the girls still looking for you, but it seemed they’d lost you. Just in case, you entered a clothes store, grabbed a few items randomly and made a beeline for the dressing room. You waited for a few minutes (even tried on a really cute sweater) and went out again.

  The girls were nowhere to be seen. You guessed they’d continued running down the street. You let out a relieved sigh as you started to walk back from where you had come from. You’d never encountered sasaengs before, and you were deeply hoping it would be the last time.

  You knew going to the dorms now wasn’t the best of ideas, but you really didn’t want to go to your hotel room and spend the rest of the day alone. Besides, after that, you really needed to see your boyfriend. You headed for Seventeen’s dorm, head down and ready to start running at any moment. Even though it seemed you’d lost them, you didn’t want to let your guard down.

  As soon as you reached the building, you ran to the largest room, which Minghao shared with five of the other boys. You’d just dropped your bag in the corner and sat on the cot that was the farthest from the door when you started to shake and cry. The adrenaline was wearing down, and you were just realizing how exhausted and utterly freaked out you were. What if those girls had gotten to you?

  You were still silently crying, curled in a ball on the cot, when the boys came back to the dorm. You heard them coming in, dropping their bags all over the main room, and then themselves plopping down on the couches, but you were too tired to move.

  It was Junhui and Soonyoung that found you lying there, still trembling from the aftershock. They came to your side and made you sit up. Jun gently pushed your head onto his shoulder, stroking your hair soothingly. “Get ‘Hao,” he told Soonyoung. The boy nodded and quickly got out of the room, making sure to close the door behind him. While you waited for him to get your boyfriend, Jun didn’t say a word, but kept holding you. When Minghao finally came in, your breathing had evened out, and you weren’t shaking as much.

  “What’s wrong?” The younger asked. “What happened to you? Why are you crying?” He looked at Jun for help, but he only shrugged.

  “I don’t know, man. Want me to leave you two alone?” The older boy didn’t wait for an answer. He carefully got up, trying not to startle you, and let Minghao take his place. He exited the room, and you saw that he kept Chan from entering it.

  At first, your boyfriend didn’t say a thing. He held you against his chest, gently kissing your hair and wiping your tears. Once it seemed like you had calmed down enough to talk, he started asking questions. “Bǎobèi, tell me what happened, please. Did someone hurt you?”

  You told him about your little stroll in the park, and your encounter with the sasaengs. At first, you didn’t want to go into details, but you ended up spilling everything. You started crying again halfway through your story, and Minghao patiently and calmly comforted you, and waited for you to be ready to tell him.

  When you finished, you saw that he was surprised, maybe even a little flustered. You knew that he didn’t think he was popular enough to have sasaeng fans, but wasn’t saying anything in worry over you. He gave you a tender kiss, wiping the tears on your cheeks with his thumbs.

  “I can call them out if you want me to…” he said. “I’ll tell the whole world that we’re together and that I love you. I’ll tell them that if they ever touch one strand of your hair I’ll/”

  “Minghao.” You interrupted him, placing your hand on his face. He leaned into it. “You know it’ll only make things worse. If we go public, I’ll be even more exposed, and those kinds of thing could happen more often, and I won’t be able to come see you as often as I’d like…”

  He pressed his forehead against yours, sighing. You were right, of course, but he still wanted to show these people that it didn’t matter what they thought. You were important to him, and he loved you with every fibre of his being. “What can I do, then?”

  “Just…” you sniffled a little. “Just hold me, please.”

   “Okay, I can do that.”

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We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned. The good thing is, my brother wanted to help a lot of people and that’s what we’re going to do.