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I made a short, 3 am thing here about a Neil who grew up as his father’s son rather than Riko’s player, and now here’s my rant about it. (I will write about it eventually, alongside my Cinderella AU and my cliche high school AU. Maybe. I’m aiming to do so) (What should I call this AU? Heir AU? Butcher AU? I think I’ll go with Heir for now)

This got incredibly long because for some reason I decided to plan an entire fic wow

  • so this is a nathaniel who was never sold to the moriyamas
  • a nathaniel whose father was never in debt
  • a nathaniel who takes the time to learn how to take over his father’s empire
  • he learns how to cut and carve and the best places to aim and how to cut a man’s eye out and how to torture with only a few weapons
  • because hes not at risk, his mother doesnt take him away
  • i imagine that, considering her own history, she doesnt let him ignore her side and teaches him how to fight physically and how to use a gun
  • (not that nathan would let him ignore that either, but he wouldnt prioritize it like she would)
  • perhaps nathaniel grows up beside ichirou rather than kevin and riko because theyre heirs to their fathers
  • now, nathan and mary frown upon exy but it keeps him in shape and it does something with his pent up energy
  • besides, exy makes him seem normal-ish
  • (hc nathan puts nathaniel into a private school and the private school happens to have exy)
  • until nathaniel turns thirteen and he makes his own kill
  • its gradual but hes brought into the business more and more as he grows older so he has less time for exy
  • and nathaniel cant say he really likes being the future butcher
  • but he knows better than to go against his father and mother
  • but then kevin day happens

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someday when connor mcdavid is 30 yrs old & has 1000 points, some 18 yr old rookie is gonna be put on his line and be star struck. “oh my god. im
playing with connor mcdavid” and connor is gonna be all captainly and take the rookie under his wing and the rookie is gonna become totally normal w it. “yeah. i live w connor mcdavid. its chill”. but when hes 70 yrs old and watching his grandchilds midget hockey game hes going to remember connor and how amazing he was. hes gonna smile and tell all his friends, and his family. im so ready

I wanted to let you all know thank you for letting me be apart of your group or whatever it is idek what it is. Im always quiet and hardly speak ever but i just wanted all of you to know how happy and nice it is to bw apart of something like this. I just logged on to tublr after like 3 weeks and saw all the things you guys tagged me in and trust me when the group thing started i was like wtf is this but trust im really happy to be a sliver of some of your lives even if you honestly dont know me. But thanks for it you guys are amazing. So yeah thats all i got to say
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It was a pretty slow Sunday, and while I was chilling I realized I missed @tarysande‘s birthday, haha. So I scribbled up a Solana and slapped some color on it because she is my fave and I love Tary’s rendition of her so much.

Also it was a test to see how my style has changed. Granted this is more scribbly than I usually do but…

Anyway, Happy birthday Tary! Hope it was lovely and full of good things~.

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when I first joined the fandom (and before) I always got normani and dinah mixed up. like ALLL the time, but now that I look at them idek how I thought that 😂

Lol. Yeah not sure how you did that Munchkin. They’re both gorgeous but in very different ways.😏


“You don’t know where you are?!” Tony was definitely concerned. She didn’t look all that well, and a discreet scan confirmed the excess of alcohol. “Do you know how you got here?” He sat down beside her, awaiting an answer.

weeellll, I mean I have been walking all over the city tonight, so…yeah I don’t E X A C T L Y where I am,❞ axelle replied, leaning into him a little bit when he sat down beside her.  ❝okay so I was at a bar…and then I went walking down the street, right? but oh my god! my feet started to hurt real bad, like look at the size of my heels! so I decided to sit down…and then…I might of fallen asleep for a couple of minutes– but then you showed up! do you know how YOU got here?❞

I’m X-posting this because why the fuck not.

Warning: some of this shit may not make sense. I’m not in it to win it tonight, so idk how coherent I actually am. 

Okay, so, multiple “things” making up beings, perhaps a person. Seems fucking weird, yeah? I was mulling on this a while back, trying to think of ways I could wrap my mind around the concept better. There was an image I got of a beach of sand. In animistic contexts, I was wondering- would each grain of sand have it’s own sentience, its own spirit? Or would the sand as a whole have the sentience? Could both?

If we looked at this in a human context, that would beg to ask if our cells had their own sentience. We are made up tons of cells, but we are sentient as a whole. But do our cells have sentience? Are they their own beings? What about the parts that make up the cell? (we could argue the same for plants, too. leaves, petals, branches, etc.)

Turtles all the way down.

Anyways, back to the sand. Say each grain of sand is it’s own being. And the sand as a whole is its own being, because fuck it. What happens when lightning strikes that sand? It fuses all of those grains together into a weird glass formation. All of those thousands of grains of sand are now a new “being”, a new “thing” if you will. That glass is made up of thousands of other beings, and belongs to a bigger being (the whole-sand being) simultaneously.

And when you consider that we’re all made up of repurposed star dust- well what happens when a star or other space-thing explodes, and parts of that space-thing end up in 49867 different solar systems? You could be in thousands of solar systems right now and not know it. Your star bits might have impacted a place like earth, and managed to come down so hot and so quickly that you hit sand and merged with that sand and formed a new “thing” or being. And if your space-thing fell into pieces as it descended to said planet, well again, you’re now in a bunch of places at once.

I mean, in a way, I could pull out several strands of your hair and leave them in various houses, and you’d simultaneously exist in several places at once, albeit not aware or necessarily cognizant of it. But that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t take that part of your hair that you no longer recognize you have, and possibly use it to make other yous (if we had perfected the science of it), or things of that nature. It’s your DNA, so it’s effectively /you/. And I mean, I could take that hair and do several different things with it that could cause that part of you to merge into something else (horse hair pottery comes to mind), and cause it to merge into something else, etc. The same way that you mix ingredients to make a cake (multiple ingredients with mixed levels of sentience reformed into a new “being”), then you eat that cake and it becomes a part of you, and yet part of it is shat out, and in theory could become part of the soil which in turn grows plants… and like. where the fuck do the “spirit” or sentience of the ingredients end and you end and the possible new beings begin in such a situation. Where does the pattern end (merging and splitting of beings, items, etc), or does it continue indefinitely?

Like. Turtles. All the way down.

This is the shit that keeps me up at night.

You know what’s the worst part of being stuck in a car with a grumpy fucker for two days? Being stuck in a car with a grumpy fucker for two days. And then having to hear about why you’re stupid, and how he should kill you right now. Two days straight. On repeat. How either of us got to where were going, alive, will forever be a mystery. On the bright side, at least Lanford hasn’t changed much? See, I can look at the positive side of things…. Yeah, I need a drink.