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knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.

it’s sad when relationships fall apart. it’s sad, it’s really sad. i hate seeing two people who once loved each other walk by each other like nothing ever happened. i hate seeing their old pictures erased from their facebook walls and i hate how they don’t know the stuff about the other anymore. like what music they listen to or what their favourite subject at school is now. it’s like what was the point if it was going to end?

but i think that’s life. or at least, that’s what i’ve learned. i think you meet people and for a time, they are the love of your life. romantically or otherwise. you love the shit out of them. yet even those relationships are susceptible to falling apart sometimes. and that happens. and it sucks and it hurts, but it happens.

so to the me in 2017… i hope you meet a lot of new people or old people become your new favourite people and that you have the time of your life with them. they’re not all going to stick around, but that doesn’t mean that time is worthless.

i hope you never let someone harden yourself to the point where you shut yourself off from people, but i hope you learn your lessons. i hope you find the ability to move on from the past even though that’s your biggest struggle. i hope you can let go. i really do. please. let go.

—  // lily rose.

☀️ Summer tol and smol ☀️

Kenma and his shoes are too cute for this world and Kuroo is That One Guy™ who wears flip flops all summer you can’t convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m definitely not done unpacking yet, but I’m so bored with it that I’m looking for things to do instead- and being new to the area is sort of a drag. I refuse to let myself be confined to campus regardless of how great that little cafe is, so I’m taking recommendations of awesome places to go around town.

Oh yeah, and I’m Hannah Grace, but friends just call me Hannah.

I hope we get a little scene of a young kid seeing the black panther. like you know how we got those scenes of some kid meeting spiderman or that boy who saw captain america in the museum and u could clearly see the awe and wonderment on his face??????? i want that but for the black panther where a little kid catches a glimpse of t'challa right after he finishes with some bad guys or somethin idek i just hope we get something like that

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Hi! I think I saw somewhere where you don't ship Drarry or Dramione? Do you hate the ship or just not like it? I was just wondering as I have seen some Dramione and Drarry posts on here before :)

I don’t ship either drarry nor dramione but I wouldn’t say I necessary hate these ships. I don’t hate a lot hp ships (just one tbh lol) because when there is a hp ship I don’t like I normally still get why people ship them (but it’s just not working for me you know). I’m just like one of those ‘ship whoever you want’ people lol like it’s just ficiton at the end. I do reblog some drarry content from while to while because the people on here are so TALENTED ahhhh I just love pretty edits even if I don’t ship the ship it’s about hahaha 

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Could you please I beg u please sketch first kiss with captain and Krupp what would it be like? ;)

OMG I really do want to but I’m horrible with ideas like this but I want to make it good!! Like the fluff the everything (I could do it as a comic practice)

But I’ve got a few HC on how it could go out:
1. Cu goes to George and Harold explain these weird feelings for Krupp and he boys are like “yea you like him” and cu is confused like
“yea I do like him”
“No, no you like LIKE him.”
And it becomes clear to him so he ask what he should do (of course Harold is kinda an expert because of his mom and that he’s gay) so he suggest basic date ideas n such or the all too know just talk to him George stops him right there saying that’s lame and that he should really WHOO him he is a superhero after all so they study by watching superhero movies and their cheesy love scenes

2. George and Harold both know that they like each other by the way they act when they separate CU is all flirt and goofy smiles and giggles Krupp is nervous af and stuttering but trying to act cool. It’s the situation where it’s obvious that they like each other but them so it frustrates the boys on how obvious it is and are like C'mon someone make a move!!
So as usual they take it upon themselves to do something so they know that they communicate most of the time by writing notes to each other or they just ask them like asking Krupp if he wanted to hang out with cu later because CU was asking and the other way around or trying to give them hints (IDEK I’m bad at this)
If you guys got ideas I’d love to hear them I’m horrible with this stuff XD

Woozi: The Many Rules Of Dating Lee Jihoon (pt 4)

[table of contents] I. II. III. IV. V.

Summary: bad boy jihoon part 4 I honestly have no idea where I’m going with this series tbh…. WARNING: as per usual, swearing, mentions of smoking and underaged drinking, implied sexual content (that I am cringing at because I don’t want there to be any sexual content at all but I’m putting it in for character and plot development even though it makes me uncomfortable), don’t read this if you’re like under 13

Jihoon wrapped his arm around Soonyoung’s waist, pulling the boy closer to him. He breathed in the scent of the boy’s shampoo as he busied himself with curling his own body around the other’s. Soonyoung’s light chuckles vibrated through his chest, emanating through Jihoon’s body as well as the younger boy sighed and squeezed him even tighter.

“What’s wrong, Jihoon? You’re never this clingy.” Soonyoung said, turning around in the boy’s arms. He pulled Jihoon’s head onto his chest and ran a hand over his head, petting him much like he would his own younger brother.

“Y/N and I had a fight.” Jihoon said. He melted into Soonyoung’s side as the older boy curled his fingers in his—now purple—locks.

“Already? Haven’t you only been together for a month?” Soonyoung asked. Jihoon nodded, wincing at the thought.

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the bob cut is in

also just look at all that girl power (and once again, asami designed the suits)

this is nothing but 4x the girl power

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4/4 in sex?? Awkward idek

oh god im so bad at smut wo w sorry guys this is gonna be really bad oops apologies in advance

ashton okay so we all know that ashton would be a dom theres no fucking question about that like ive got a feeling that on occasion he would get really into it like totally animalistic losing himself like how he gets into it when he’s drumming he’d probably make low growly noises in his throat and he’d pin your hands up above your head and watch your eyes roll back into your head and you’d be making a valient effort not to make any noise but you’d slip and make some sort of ungodly noise and that would just light a fire inside of him he would be so incredibly turned on knowing he made you make that noise and immediately would make it his goal to go harder and faster until you made that noise again

calum is a kinky guy tbh i can see him into tying your hands together with a tie or making you keep your bright red heels on from dinner and he would be sweet at times but other times he would just really want to tease you and make you feel some of the pain he felt when you were out teasing him in public and he couldnt do anything about it and he’d probably make sure you couldnt reach your hands down and put them in his hair like you liked to and he’d just trail hot kisses down your stomach and totally dive right in to where you wanted him bc he’s pretty impatient and why was teasing a good idea anyways

michael would seriously be the worst in the best way not even joking like you would have to be incredibly relaxed to fuck with michael bc while we know hes a total build a bear workshop teddy bear who likes watching frozen he is also a sex machine who just wants you to get on your knees for him while he’s sitting on the couch and just blow him and i think he’d like to think he can hold out for a long time but we all know that michael would just enjoy the view down your shirt too much and paired with your hands and your mouth on him and the occasional kiss and nip to his hips and thighs oh god he wouldnt be able to last very long oops

luke i think is kinky too tbh like if that boy doesnt have any kinks i will be damned he is totally the farthest from vanilla there is oh my go d the one thing i really see him getting into is overstimulation like he would probably would love nothing more than to make you scream and cry and beg him for it and you know that he would relentlessly tease you and make sure you felt good enough to where you were still way too turned on to just give up but just desperate enough to scream his name and jerk your hips up in a desperate attempt to get him closer to you to touch you and you’d beg him to just please do something and he would be so fucking turned on seeing you twisting around under him begging wow

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