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I've seen a few people ask about lil' facts regarding Watercast and have wondered some stuff myself, so I was wondering if you could do like a little fact post or something about all the little details that wouldn't just come up on their own?

Oh that’s a good idea anon! sorry for the drip-feed answers haha, I didn’t think there would be this much interest! I’ll collate everything after my exams and put them into one post but keep answering separate asks…?? idek. 

If you guys have any other questions, please send them in and maybe i’ll answer a whole bunch in one go and save your dashboards… (sorry again).

If you can, please prefix your message with “WATERCAST DEETS”. :3

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The Houses and how they get angry/insult people:

Gryffindor: hot, overwhelming anger. short fuse. fire and bombs in your chest. usually blows over quickly for little things, but if they’re deeply hurt they can stay angry forever. Insults while mad tend to be yelled and choked out through rage; they generally find it difficult to think properly while angry, so they’re pretty basic insults. get angry over being laughed at and seeing something they deem wrong.

Ravenclaw: anger is itchy and stingy and makes them feel sick. it coils in them and they hate the feeling. usually get angry when their hobbies or passions are insulted, or are lied to. they usually deal with their anger by feigned confidence/arrogance and by using creative insults to try and make themselves feel more in control and superior to the person making them angry. they try hard to cover up their hurt and pretend it doesn’t bother them.

hufflepuff: anger is low and thick and hurts. if it’s about them, they’re usually fairly quick to forgive and understand. but if they’re defending a friend or seeing someone innocent attacked, the anger is much stronger. hufflepuffs don’t generally enjoy insulting or hurting people, so their insults are usually aimed to make the other person feel bad or realise what they’ve done. ‘Why are you being so cruel?’ ‘You should be ashamed.’ are common phrases.

slytherin: slytherins like to keep their anger under control, so they don’t often let it show. when they do, they tend to get angry over people insulting things that matter to them, and people questioning their knowledge on something they know a lot about. their insults are usually thought out in advance, and are aimed to hurt. they know where to hit, and if they know the person already, they’ve probably thought out how they’d hurt them well before the fight. often, they forgive but don’t forget.

I really need to read or write the canon-divergent story where Steve realizes that the Winter Soldier is a victim before he realizes that the Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes. Steve sees an equal – another super-soldier – and understands that he’s never had the choices Steve got; where so many of Steve’s friends think it’s crazy, but Steve decides to save him, anyway. 

(And the Winter Soldier wants to trust this man – this target – who’s offering help, and kindness, even though he has got no idea why).

It’s reckless, and borderline suicidal, but Steve does it – Steve finds a way to offer the Winter Soldier a way out from HYDRA, to give him protection, Steve defends him from everyone who says that he is a monster – without having ever even seen his face. 

Because Steve Rogers sees the best in everyone, and I want the AU where it is that quality that brings him back the person he loves most in the world. The AU where Steve takes the muzzle-mask off the Winter Soldier’s face the first time that the Winter Soldier lets him come close enough, and finds Bucky Barnes.

What have we learned in 2013?
  • Xiumin:I'm the master of high notes, arm wrestling, and being cute
  • Kris:Hi I'm EXO's Picasso and art is my strength *mumbles sexily behind drink*
  • Suho:Money too old money treats members to food moNeY needs vitamins MONeY mONEY Have you ever had bread soaked in tears? MONEY
  • Lay:what arE YOU DOING GET AWAY FROM MY NECK HAKJDSAFH Let's all be quiet during the movie~!! *falls asleep*
  • Baekhyun:*first member to fart in front of the others* HAVE ME CHEN
  • Chen:Senpai just noticed me and called me the most handsome but I still think Sehun is the most handsome hey Kai can we switch bodies for a day??
  • Chanyeol:I'm Kai's fan hyung loves you Kai love hyung KAI-AH ANNYEONG
  • Kyungsoo:Animated tennis made me cry but istg I am the spawn of satan oBEY ME OR I'LL BEAT UR ASS
  • Tao:hYUNG SHOWER WITH ME *has others take bathroom selcas for him* KRIS GEGE BUY THIS FOR ME
  • Sehun:Yehet

based on an actual coffee shop i witnessed (don’t worry it’s deancas just from another perspective) ao3

“When you said you wanted to go out I didn’t think you meant to Starbucks,” Lisa groaned as Aaron stopped them outside the coffee shop. “You have a problem, seriously.” Aaron rolled his eyes and pushed the door open, the bell overhead chimed weakly, the sound of it drowned in the excited buzz of the store.

“Shut up, you weren’t doing anything anyway.” He hooked his arm through her’s and tugged her into line. It was long, so long that they had to crane their necks to make out the menu.

“Aaron, I don’t even drink coffee.” Lisa withdrew her arm and crossed it stubbornly over her chest. Aaron snaked his arm around her waist and drew her close to him.

“Get a tea, then. Or a cake pop.” Lisa huffed and fixed her eyes on the menu. She absentmindedly tucked a stray strand of dark hair behind her ear. The line shifted a little and the counter became more visible along with the assembly line of baristas working tirelessly to fill the orders of the caffeine starved morning rush. Aaron’s shoulders relaxed as he zeroed in on his favorite barista.

“Why are you smiling?” Lisa eyed him curiously, as Aaron tore his eyes away from the barista with the light brown hair and broad, powerful shoulders. He feigned nonchalance.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Lisa’s eyes narrowed, clearly not convinced. They moved forward in the line and Aaron sucked in a quick breath. The barista, Dean, as his nametag said, was right there on the other side of the counter. Looking at his tanned skin and the way his long eyelashes fanned out under his brows as he focused on making some complicated order made Aaron’s mouth go dry.

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what the types probably whisper in their sleep

INFP: “i can see a turtle….overlooking a small, private valley, yet to be discovered by mankind……i like turtles….mankind is draining the environment of its natural resources by making fuel out of……turtles…….’’

INTP: “…..’clean ur room intp’…… mom no….. ‘clean ur room’ ……..mooom no ………..‘clean it’ nooooooooooooooo…………..” *awakes in a cold sweat*

ESFJ: *texting while asleep* *probably solves someone’s break-up drama while asleep* *talks shit about the couple to their best friend at the same time* *still asleep* ‘’:-) :-) :-)”

ESTJ: *the Beggin Bacon Dog Snacks commercial* ‘’I’d get it myself but i don’t have thumbs…………………thumbs…..” 


ENTJ: *Sleep walks back to their office* *sends an email* *sends two emails* *involves themselves in a pyramid scheme* 

ISFJ: “Dog legs dog legs dog legs dog legs dog legs dog legs dog legs….” 

INFJ: ‘’….Friedrich Nietzsche…..mermaids……Friedrich Nietzsche was a mermaid….mermaid Nietzsche… porpoise….Nietzsche mermaids…”

INTJ: ‘’Sleep is for the weak” *is sleeping soundly* ‘’some call me a true night owl” *snoring lightly* “gosh i can function off less than two minutes it’s literally just like blinking and bam i’m recharged’’ *rolls over*

ISTJ: *sleepwalks to their kitchen* *makes themselves coffee* *drinks coffee* *is still asleep????* 

ESFP: *is awake and talking to ESFJ, completely unaware of the fact that ESFJ has entered the second stage of REM sleep*

ENFP: ‘’stayin…..alive……by the beegees…..stayin…..alive…..we all just want to…..stay alive in this….cruel….but fascinating world….dear god let us live”

ESTP: *also awake talking to ESFJ, but is aware they’re asleep and is screenshotting the entire convo because it’s actually nonsensical*

ENTP: “…….remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible………………. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start……………On your mark, get ready……….” 

ISTP: “Fuck you, Barbara…..stop posting pictures of me smiling it’s ruining my image……gotta stay tough……” 

ISFP: ‘’no you’re cuter…….no…’re cuter…fucking listen to me…’re fucking oh my fucking god you’re cuter just listen. Listen……..oh my god”