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Time for a very, very long ramble on the state of things regarding Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, the Diamond Authority, and the Crystal Gem rebellion.

@ariadnearca said:

Man, this Pink Diamond stuff is making me SO nervous. There has to be a /reason/ they’re hiding PD’s identity that isn’t just “so we can trick the fandom into believing she’s Rose”, right? I hope it’s a satisfying reveal at the end, whatever it is (though I’m still holding out for Rose being an ex-Diamond…)

@powtothenuts said:

hi, to clarify, is your pink diamond theory post implying that the placement of pink diamond’s gem is on the stomach, proving that rose quartz is pink diamond? or something else?

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That post was mostly a scream of… I have no idea what to think anymore, and I definitely don’t know what they want me to think. It feels like the episodes this week deliberately poked a million holes in the theories about Rose being Pink Diamond and tore it down for good, but then the next second they turn around and tease it some more, like with this whole gem placement thing implying that, yes, following the pattern Pink Diamond’s gem would be somewhere around her midriff, and the highly conspicuous hiding of the mural in the Moon base. Basically, if Rose isn’t Pink Diamond, what is the deal with Pink Diamond, what’s so important about her, and why is she being kept such a big secret? It feels like I’m trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, but have too many pieces, and I can’t make sense of this… red herring? misdirection? impending twist of whatever kind? narratively or otherwise. Additionally, Rose Quartz is a character I am very invested in (second only to Pearl), so I really hope this big mystery she’s obviously embroiled in somehow gets a satisfying resolution.

I recommend taking a look at this post and this post, for a rundown on how the whole Pink Diamond thing grew. Lots of words and Oath Opinions under the cut.

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