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the goal was to see how Soft™ i could make a drawing look

~send me a character + a color palette!~


request a gifset - jackson & members being affectionate with each other for anon

water park - sincerely three x reader smut (and like 1,000 words of fluff)

request: okay but like sincerely three and reader having a waterpark day and she does something like pull connor into and he just gets pissed™ and pushes them against one of the jets and keeps teases them and keeps saying “you’re in for it when we get home” and jared and evan help and then they keep teasing her on the slides and in the water play thing and when home kinky shit ensures plz plz write this i’ll give u houseplants and cuddles

OH BOY OH BOY THIS IS FUN IG oh,, tags @spicy-nug-boi

Word count; 3455

TW; fem reader (IM SORRY I ALWAYS FEEL AWFUL), daddy kink lowkey, teasing!! in public!!, car rides, begging, lowkey orgasm delay/denial, idek?, poly relationship,its longer than i intended, SEX AND SMUT OBVS, PORN WITH MILD PLOT,  jared kleinmeme is an actual meme, evan is 11/10, bad comedy

When Jared Kleinman had suggested that you, Connor and Evan go to the waterpark to relax and make the best out of the final days of Summer, you had immediately thought it was a great idea. Spending a day with your boyfriends, just escaping all the stress and other shit that was cluttering your mind was exactly what you needed, and while it took a bit of… convincing to get Connor on board with the idea, he was prompted to say yes when you and the two other boys promised him to make it worth-while for him. It didn’t hurt your case when you reminded him of the prospect of seeing you running around in a bikini.

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YO nurseydex "nice. great. perfect. fuck this." or holsom "quit it or ill bite"

Yolio, my friend.
I realized the other day that I am the shittiest in the world at writing ransom, so nurseydex it is. 

Dex was not having a good day. At all. In fact, it was decidedly bad.

The worst part was that there wasn’t anything especially horrible that happened. It was just a unch of small things, all at once. First he forgot his bio lab in his dorm, after he spent all night working on it, and the TA wouldn’t accept it late. The strap of his bag broke, and yeah, he’d been using the same one since his junior year in high school, but he had budgeted to buy a new one next month.

In an effort to make his day a little brighter, Dex decided to stop at Annie’s and splurge on himself. Bitty got him hooked on their stupid hazelnut mochas, but he rarely spent the money on himself. He barely got a sip before he spilled it all over shoes.

So, yeah, everything sucked. None of it was life-shattering bad, though, which just pissed him off more.The only thing he had to look forward to was the fresh lemon bars that he knew Bitty had set aside for him. And maybe, just a little bit, he was looking forward to the Haus, too.

He wasn’t sure when it happened, but sometime between his first semester and his third, Dex started thinking about the Haus as home. It was nothing like his actual home, back in Maine. His house was always quiet and pristine.

The Haus, though. It was always loud and messy, full of people and the weird combination of fresh pie and microwave corndogs. Some part of it reminded him of life before Michael signed his enlistment papers (and his death warrant). A little bit of that tension he’d felt building between her shoulder blades for years eased when he walked into the Haus.

Yeah, the day sucked, but he had that, at least. The only bad thing about the Haus was the Nursey seemed to love being there just as much as Dex, and what he could put his finger on exactly was when he fell head over heels in love with Nursey.  After a grueling practice one morning, they changed, like usual, in the locker room. But for the first time, Nursey noticed the small tattoo Dex had tucked under his bicep. He got this overjoyed look on his face, more excited than Dex had ever seen him look before, and that was it. That was the moment when Dex realized he was in love.

Dex hated it. He didn’t want to fall in love. He wanted to go to school, graduate as soon as humanly possible, and make as much money as humanly possible. No feelings, no drama. Hockey was his backup plan, and that’s it. No time for love, or dating, or feelings of any kind.

Among other things, it messed with his game, which means messing with his plan B. Every time he looked at Nursey, he got stupid fluttery feeling, which made him angry, which made him lash out. Lashing out ruined any sort of friendship they had, which made him even angrier. And that, all of that, translated to how they played together on the ice.

Usually, he could hide the stupid hurricane of emotions he felt whenever he saw Nursey, but he was having a bad day. He wanted the weird peace the Haus gave him and he wanted lemon bars, and nothing else.

Dex especially didn’t want to watch Nursey flirting with his stupid peer review partner. So, when he walked into the Haus and saw just that, he couldn’t help his outburst.

“Nice. Great. Perfect. Fuck this,” and walked out.

The fucking lemon bars could wait. They could barely make up for his already shitty day, let alone make up for all of the shitty things he would feel having to sit through a forced conversation with Nursey.

He barely made it four houses down frat row when he heard steps running after him. Dex didnt have to look back to know that is was Nursey. He didn’t bother to slow down.

“Dex, hold up. Dex, wait.” A warm hand clapped on his shoulder, just this side of too hard. “Dude, fucking stop.”

Dex stopped with a sigh. He turned, and seeing Nursey’s stupid face didn’t do anything to help. His stomach swooped and it made him a whole new level of angry.

“What do you want, Nursey?”

“I want to know what the fuck your problem is.” There was a look in those green eyes that Dex had never seen before.

Something in Dex broke. Any somewhat reasonable answer was a lie. It wasn’t anything that contributed to his bad day that was the problem. It wasn’t even the bad day. It was everything, all at once. It was all his stupid feelings. That was the real answer, the answer he was sick of not giving.

“What’s wrong with me is that my socks are sticking to my shoes, since I spent money I don’t have on a coffee I spilled straight away. My problem is that I needed my bag to last until next month and I broke it today. My problem is that my dick lab TA refused to take my report late, so the highest I can get in the class onw is an 89.

“My problem, Nursey, is that every time I walk into the Haus and see you flirting with whatever his name is, I don’t know if I’m more mad at him for being your type or at myself because I’m not. And my problem is that more and more I don’t know if I want to punch your stupidly beautiful face or kiss it.”

He noticed that Nursey’s hand was still on his shoulder. Some time during his incredibly ill-timed speech, he had taken several half-steps forward and was now well into Nursey’s personal space. Dex couldn’t help but look at Nursey’s face. He expected anger or maybe that same odd expression from earlier, but the small smile was a surprise.

Dex felt Nursey’s hand slide carefully down his arm, slipping solidly into his own. “You think my face is beautiful?”

Just like that, the day was forgotten. All the crap fell away and it was just stupid chirps and cute smiles and a warm hand. “Shut up, you know you’re cute.”

“Oh, no. You can’t downgrade me from beautiful to cute like that.”

Dex took another small step forward, close enough that their shirts brushed against each other. “Fine, you’re beautiful. Now, can I kiss you while I still feel like it?”

He got a small nod.

The kiss wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t fireworks. Dex’s shoes still squelched and his shoulder was sore, but it was exactly what he wanted. And it was perfectly them.


12. “Stop judging me”
20.  “Open up, I got McDonald’s.”

A/N: I wanted to try this text message thing and this is my first ever written like this sooo tell me your opinion about this one & if I should do more text message imagines. Sorry it took so long ily

Warnings: uh none? Just fluff and McDonald’s is mentioned. Gif is not mine, credits to the owner.

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Where r u


Are u still mad at me?
read 9:48pm

Oh c'mon, your ignoring me now?


shut up


Don’t be mad

Um, I am going to be mad for a while, you idiot

Idek why ur mad at me because I didn’t do anything?

What the hell

You ditched me at the bar where I never even wanted to go and I tried to find you and then I found u talking to a group of girls and then some jerk spilled his drink and then I smelled like beer and u didn’t even notice

Then why did u came if u didn’t want to

I wanted to hang out with u

wait, are u jealous
read 9:56pm

Do you LIKE me???
delivered 9:56pm

Do not close your phone
delivered 9:57pm

Come back
Come back  
Come back
Come back
delivered 9:57pm

Ok I’m coming over
delivered 9:59pm

I’m outside
read 10:20pm


Open the door please



Go away I’m going to sleep

Open up, I got McDonald’s


Dylan sent a picture  

Y/N went to open her door and streched her hand out. 

“Give me my food.” 

“I’m not going to give you these if you don’t let me in”, Dylan answered. Y/N snorted and let him in. She grabbed the brown paperback with McDonald’s logo on the side and went to the kitchen without saying anything to him. Dylan followed and sat across her staring her as her eyes brightened when she saw her favorites inside.  She put the foods on the table and Dylan reached his arm in order to steal couple of french fries but his hand got slapped away.

“Dude”, she said with a cautionary tone.

“Sharing is caring”, he said and tried again.

“Do not steal my food or I’ll dye your hair pink while you’re asleep.” Dylan looked at her smirking a little. “Somebody’s being overprotective over their food.”

“Don’t judge me, I’ll consider forgiving you after I’m done with these.” There was a moment of silence until Dylan spoke again.

“So, about last night..”  

Y/N interrupted. “Please, don’t.”

“We need to talk, I’ll forget it after we’ve talked, okay?” Y/N thought about it and eventually she nodded.

“I am extremely sorry about ditching you. The girl group kind of  surrounded me and I had no idea you felt like that and you know I would never do anything to upset you, right?” He looked like a sad puppy and you tried your best to not go over and wrap your arms around him.  

“Yeah, that’s okay”, Y/N said smiling softly.  

“No, it’s not okay. I promised myself I would do everything to protect you from stuff like this and it hurts like hell because, well, I like you a lot.” Y/N looked at him like she had just seen a ghost.

“You what?”

“I like you more than I should.” Y/N grabbed rest of her french fries and slide them over the table to Dylan.

“Feelings are mutual”, she smiled and blushed. They stared at each other for a while until Dylan stood up and pulled Y/N from her chair.

“Since both of us just confessed our feelings, do you think it’s okay if I kiss you now?” He whispered hand still on her hand.

“I think it’s more than okay”, she whispered back and pulled him closer so she could reach kiss him. The kiss got pretty intense and a moment later you pulled away to catch your breath.

“You taste like french fries”, Dylan said and tried to hold his laughter.  

“Oh shut up”, Y/N laughed and kissed him again.

Hey for people dumping on Touka cause of this chapter lets go through a short run down together:

  • Had her base/home attacked without her best friend, husband or brother for support
  • Fought the Oggai (Took care of a couple while pregnant) 
  • Attacked and hurt in the process
  • Managed and Lead the weaker ghouls to safety
  • Calling the shots and making real tangible good choices
  • Had to flee as Yomo provided her with assurance (Yomo Survived)
  • Confronted by Hajime 
  • Had to flee as she was protecting weaker ghouls and children 
  • Take and Squad Zero saved her (2 Squad 0 kids died because of HAJIME)
  • Wanting to survive so Kaneki would not be hurt 
  • Was attacked by Suzuya 
  • Hit with multiple knives 
  • Still fought and stood on her own 
  • Defended weaker ghouls 
  • Released her Kagune knowing full well how much pain and suffering it would cause in her current state
  • Had to leave her sister because she had to protect the weaker ghouls (Hinami Survived)
  • Staring down death as the Oggai and Furuta “Won”
  • Realising the man she loves has lost his mind and is doing something out of his control something that will hurt him immensely if he comes back to his sense.

She was not selfish or useless. She ain't a damsel in distress and she is not cold-hearted. She has gone through a lot in this arc and has faced too much adversity (The most of any character tbh) only to confront the love of her life in a form she could never dream off. She is taken aback and hurting there are more chapters and more to her arc and story so let’s just wait this out before going on witch hunt on her.


au where jeongguk and jimin are both actors. they’ve heard of each other of course, how could they have not when the both of them are acknowledged as up and coming actors. it isn’t unexpected then, that they’re both signed on to act in a drama - two popular actors would do wonders for ratings. their story is a coming of age story, focusing more on the growth of the characters. there are mixed emotions when shooting for the drama ends, pride, relief, nostalgia. but jeongguk gets to go home with jimin’s hand in his, so he really doesn’t mind.

playboy seo doyoon (jeon jeongguk) is committed to his hedonistic lifestyle, never stopping to think about the consequences. it ends up being his downfall when he gets into a car accident while driving under the influence. forced to be at the hospital while he recovers which is where he meets his physiotherapist, park soobong (park jimin). they struggle a lot in the beginning, especially considering doyoon’s reluctance to participate in any of the therapeutic exercises and his distaste for the situation. however, soobong’s persistence in trying to get doyoon to cooperate soon pays off. this is when their journey officially begins.

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Can you make some posts of paulo acting silly plz

oh looks like another masterlist timemasterlist time

- let’s start with him playing chubby bunny (video: 🎥

- The time he was he was unsure of his age and sexuality (he’s a confused child) 

- and that time he thought he had boobs 

- humming the pink panther theme song when it was supposed to be inspector gadget. 🎥

- gatecrashing a live TV telecast after the coppa italia win this year 🎥

- dancing in a hotel hallway 🎥


- Ugli singing in car 😂 🎥 | 🎥 | 🎥 | 🎥 | 🎥 

- Annoying his teammates  🎥 | 🎥 | 🎥 | 🎥 

- Angry Mermaid Paulina (original post: [x]

(also i found a saved picture of this ^ tag in my documents and thought it was relevant. kuddos to whoever wrote it )

- Stealing the coppa italia trophy with Dani  🎥

- Coppa Italia celebrations (more cute than silly but yeh)   🎥

- IDEK what he’s doing here  🎥 | 🎥 | 🎥

- making out with the ball midgame  (this was actually before he took the pen against milan last season and he was doing everything in his power to make sure he scored against dollaruma this time) 

- silly fashion style or actual fashion icon??

(judging by Alex’s face, I’d say the former) 

- not doing well to keep his choking kink undercover 

- that time he thought i was cute and playfully asked for me to call him (it turned out the number was fake the whole thing was a joke 😂😭)

- Stealing water from the brazil nt water basket thingy while one of their players was injured. [x]

- Searching for Papa leo [x]

- This unspeakable moment [x]

- he’s smol but still wants to fight [x]

- kicking the ball into his face [x]

- cute laugh [x]

- salt bae? [x]

- harassing asa 

- Water Work Celebration [x]

- play fighting with marchisio 

- when he tried to get into cheerleading (regretfully it didn’t quite work out for him though

- slipping and falling over (this was actually quite funny) [x]

- feel the ball, know the ball, be the ball (the name of drama queen Paulina's newest Broadway show) 

if you have anymore pls add :D 

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I was wondering if you could do an ex's to lovers thing with the RFA+V and Saeran/Unknown? Like they dated and broke up for whatever reason but started falling in love again?

hello dear anon :) it took me a while but i had fun coming up with the silliest scenarios for breakups and how they make up. i was aiming for humor because because it was unspecified. and seven’s got too angsty idek why but it happened though i posted a lighter version of it x3 i really hope this is not too far off from what you were expecting love ^^;;


  • okay. this boy honestly feels so embarrassed when he realizes what’s happening
  • especially considering the break up was totally his fault and over such a silly matter too!
  • he had actually prayed to thank god when mc hadn’t left the rfa completely after yoosung had chosen his games in heated bout over mc
  • and now he doesn’t know what to do
  • before he actually confesses again to them
  • he’s not scared of rejection, because even if mc does it, they will be mature about it and do it kindly
  • what he’s scared of is mc actually forgiving him and ending up hurting mc again
  • the second party after their break up is very successful and everybody is so proud because it was the biggest they have had yet and everything went so well
  • they are all talking excitedly and mc is hugging jaehee in excitement and considering the occasion, jaehee is also hugging them back and seven joins the hug and pulls yoosung with him and yoosung yells i love you so much mc you’re amazing!
  • it’s kind of awkward for a moment, the big hug feeling stiff now and yoosung realizes he could have said ‘we’ instead of ‘i’ but mc is starting to smile and seven is on the floor with laughter and jaehee gives him a stern look with a well deserved ‘you have it too easy. do not mess up this time.’ and mc hasn’t said anything yet but he’s starting to feel less horrified and more awed and he feels his throat close up but he has to do it right this time. 
  • if you will have give me one chance, i will do my best to make you the happiest person mc! i will never speak before thinking again either! i-i’ll give up lolol if i have to! mc rolls’s their eyes and says he doesn’t have to quit lolol, just be more careful


  • oh dear! this girl feels so guilty for having ended things then  just because she had been paranoid and worried it wasn’t the right time
  • sure they had both been having personal struggles but everything was lovely between them and slowly the other stresses in their lives would be sorted. but jaehee hadn’t wanted to risk having a bad fallout with mc
  • jaehee has all of those problems sorted out now, and with her vision cleared she sees just how bad it had been to break up then, no matter how much she had thought it was the right thing. she had just assumed doing the right thing hurts sometimes
  • it’s surprisingly mc who approaches her this time
  • they are timid and almost spend a good 10 minutes stalling
  • but jaehee is patient and wishful and a little scared
  • when they finally stutter out how they still have feelings for jaehee and only dared to approach her because jaehee seems to be much more relaxed now and she has been saying and doing things when they were together and she liked mc like that
  • jaehee almost smiles when mc stutters to a stop because they realized they were blabbering
  • but mc looks like they’re about to cry or run away or both and despite feeling relieved at the cute display, jaehee grabs mc’s shaking hands in a firm grip and waits till they look her in the eye
  • the words come surprisingly easy to jaehee as she answers mc’s half asked request and confirms that yes, jaehee still likes mc like that and yes, she never stopped liking mc like that throughout and that yes! she would love it if they got together again


  • poor jumin was always very expressive of his emotions and feelings when it came towards mc
  • he couldn’t be blamed completely because a lifetime of hiding his emotions he suddenly learned to share them with someone
  • there was no holding back on his part
  • and maybe because he hadn’t learnt to read others emotions properly yet he never noticed mc getting sad/upset
  • he did notice that mc was not very open with their feelings an expressions, always seeming kind of reserved but jumin was not too upset and was willing to wait
  • though he did have a talk or two with mc to see if mc actually needed help or something but mc always playe dit off with a smile telling him to not worry
  • until one day mc actually had a mini meltdown and broke things off with jumin
  • that day he learned mc was actually very emotional and thus impulsive! The reason for break up? mc felt jumin was too sweet and giving and deserved someone who could show love and give as openly as jumin did
  • cute as it was, it was jarring for jumin to hear all that from a teary mc and he couldn’t stop them  and suggest them to cool down before they rushed out
  • they actually make up in about a couple months because mc manages to admit they were running from all the feelings jumin made them feel and that they felt smothered by all the love they were getting because they couldn’t give
  • and jumin understands somewhat and is always careful from then on to not be too intense with mc and is successfully elarning to get a read on their emotions now so he doesn’t say something that is seemingly harmless but may be too much for mc


  • it was zen who dumped mc
  • mc was shocked and by the time they could speak zen was already gone
  • honestly zen had thought having taken such a big step would be depressing and help him fall into characters more easily
  • it had been depressing. but it sure as hell hadn’t helped him perfect his roles as he had thought
  • the worst thing was he had become so used to mc so quickly he was starting to get really bad , not even wanting to get out of bed most days
  • mc would avoid him in the chatroom and they were good at it too, because it had been months since mc had come into the chat at the same time as zen
  • it is surprisingly jaehee who confronts him and tells him to settle whatever matter is between mc and him because she wants his flawless performances back. of course she is more worried about zen and mc as rfa members but she doesn’t vocalize it yet
  • is actually surprised when mc agrees to meet him. lowkey knows it’s because because v asked them to meet him, but tries not not let it bother him too much
  • just as zen starts to talk about how he is sorry and how he feels, right there in v’s studio because a public place was a bad idea, mc interrupts his speech with a single word, ‘why?’
  • and zen doesn’t need them to clarify because he damn well knows what they mean by that. and the guilt is suddenly twice as heavy as before because it really completely sinks in that damn it! he had not even explained the reason to mc
  • but he knows from the look in their eyes that they won’t listen to any excuse he has unless he answers that question
  • so he answers honestly, no matter how stupid and trivial it sounds now. mc is really not impressed to have been dumped because zen himself decided that he couldn’t give mc enough time and attention and that they would be better off without each other- each being able to at least get one thing right in life. their careers
  • zen apologizes profusely and mc reluctantly agrees when he asks them out again because he is so sincere and it’s not like they’ve gotten over zen yet


  • this boy was so torn! 
  • on one hand  the love of his life, his mc, had given him a news which would be the happiest news for normal people. 
  • and perhaps mc somewhat knew what his reaction would be because they were timid and looked almost scared when they told him
  • but it was like his brain shut down completely as the meaning of what mc said settled in
  • he immediately broke up with mc
  • there was no way he could ever be trusted with not one, or two, but three lives! especially one that would be completely helpless and at anybody’s mercy!
  • mc knew that but even after having just found out about their pregnancy, they refused to not keep the baby. they said as much to him before they packed up their stuff and were leaving
  • seven took their bags and walked to the garage , knowing mc would follow
  • the car ride to jumin’s was silent and tense and the body guards let them in, already having been instructed by jumin
  • he did the right thing. mc would be taken much better care of here than with him this was probably best for them
  • or so seven tried to tell himself
  • the guilt was always there in the back of his mind and it honestly didn’t let him sleep. it was just what he deserved, he thought, to get even lesser hours of sleep than he already did
  • it was really his fault though. all of it. if he couldn’t have been careful, he must at least take responsibility. The process was slow, but seven was warming up to the idea of apologizing and asking mc back. he could try! he could be better than his mom
  • only, it’s almost a month and he hasn’t heard from mc since 
  • his stomach in knots and heart in his throat, he races in one of his babe’s to jumin’s and rushes to the apartment
  • he parks in time to see mc trip over an obstacle he doesn’t see in the blur 
  • he rushes out but mc has already hit the ground 
  • seven has never driven that fast and he’s never seen mc that pale but they’re at the hospital within minutes and mc’s being rushed to er
  • only when the doctors says that everything is fine and that mc might have a concussion does he feel he’s able to breathe
  • mc looks shocked at his choked question about the baby, but he focuses on the doctor’s response, that the baby was safe for now, but it was been quite dangerous
  • saeyoung is surprised he is so relieved and he just kneels beside the hospital cot and apologizes again and again to mc and mc actually says it’s okay. that it’s not his fault. he has never been so sad and so happy at the same time
  • vows to take care of them both and always keep them happy if mc would give him a chance
  • mc says they don’t have the heart to keep his baby from him but that he must keep his word
  • he didn’t know he could cry from happiness


  • poor sweet man was devastated
  • mc’s birthday was coming up and v was panicking because mc had given him the perfect gift for his birthday
  • and he couldn’t decide what to get them
  • if he knew what mc liked, he would have bought the whole list
  • the problem was! he did not know what mc liked
  • and it was such a shame for him to not know; of course he could just ask them, but that would give him away
  • so in fit of angst he broke up with mc
  • …though a phone call
  • is so sick of the sadness and guilt and can honestly not even start to forgive himself
  • what has he done
  • mc hasn’t even called once and it has been months
  • one day he gets a visitor at a strange hour
  • he thinks he’s hallucinating when he opens the door to mc but they just push past him and walk into his place
  • when he comes back in, they are seated on the couch with a business like air about them
  • jumin would be proud, v thinks
  • ‘jihyun, you’re not a baby, sweety’, mc starts , and okay this is serious because they called him jihyun and not v
  • which means they are pissed, despite their polite, almost friendly tone
  • v takes a seat as they give him a pointed look and clears his throat
  • looks awed when mc tells him they had given him some time to clear his head and get his thoughts in order because he had sounded so stressed when he had made that call
  • and to tell them what he felt or what problems he was facing
  • just after saying that they looked at him curiously, because ‘are we still dating? or was that break up-break up?’ 
  • jihyun has honestly never felt so relieved and he just wraps mc in a hug because thank you so much, and yes of course we are dating!


  • it was so crazy for saeran
  • did he care about mc? yes
  • did he love them? maybe?
  • how was he supposed to know when he had never known love all his damn life
  • he also didn’t want to be tied down or depend on mc
  • but he didn’t want to say it out right
  • because he knew he would phrase it harshly if he did
  • so he kept canceling their dates
  • and mc was persistent because it was after the 6th cancelled date that they called him, sounding upset and asking him what was worng
  • not if something was wrong, saeran noted felt a swell of pride at their perception
  • but he gave a distant answer and mc sounded more upset and asked him to just answer honestly
  • ‘you want an honest answer?’ saeran snapped ‘well, it goes something like this: i don’t wanna be tied down, and I certainly don’t wanna date you’
  • he expected an angry explosion or maybe even for mc to burst out crying
  • he did not expect them to hang up as soon as the words left his mouth
  • he felt somewhat guilty because he obviously really hurt mc, but he figured it was okay since this way they would have more time to ‘heal’
  • whoever said that time makes everything better was a fucking liar and saeran would punch him
  • because instead of feeling better as days passed after the break up, saeran kept feeling wrose
  • when it wasn’t the guilt eating away at him, it was all thought of mc- mc this, mc that, how mc liked their egg, how mc hated when their coffee got a bit too sweet but couldn’t drink it without sugar either, how mc always let saeran sleep 20 minutes more
  • it was excruciating
  • he especially hated when his damn brother would ask about mc not visiting any more
  • as if to rub salt to his wound
  • what he couldn’t understand was how the heck had mc become such an important part of his life without him having noticed? important enough to have left a gaping hole and that made saeran feel empty even when doing only what he wanted to all day
  • his meddling brother started inviting mc over a lot and it was so awkward because
  • they were right there
  • one such day saeran had locked himself in his room when asshole saeyoung barged into his room and pulled him by the hand till he was on the couch in the living room
  • and mc was already there and saeyoung conveniently left on an errand so they could talk
  • it was awkward but mc asked how he’d been doing and the next moment he found himself spilling everything to her and he couldn’t shut his mouth if he tried and now his voice was getting wobbly and mc was getting teary eyed and this was torture he just wanted to hug mc and hold onto them all day
  • …turns out he did shut up once he realized he had said the last part out loud
  • at least it made mc laugh
  • bonus: saeyoung came home to see saeran and mc cuddled up tight and warm

I’ve been asked a couple of times for good fanfiction and since I do read a lot I decided to make a post with some of the ones that I really enjoyed reading or found interest in.

(in alphabet order)

  1. A love that consumes - COMPLETE - Elena Gilbert loves Stefan Salvatore. No, really, she does! Sure, she’s been having more and more late night encounters with his devilish handsome brother Damon and there have been a few kisses and touches, but it’s not like they mean anything. Right? (Post Canon)

  2. A Woman’s Worth - COMPLETE -  Love hurts. This story takes on a literal meaning when Elena is a victim of abuse by her boyfriend. A journey of the silent sufferings of a girl with no one to turn to and unwilling to ask for help. Enters Damon, a social worker determined to rescue a damsel in distress and falling for her along the way. What is he willing to sacrifice in the end to save a girl he loves? (All Human)

  3. Addictions - COMPLETE -  When Elenas’ life has been consumed by addictions, can anyone save her? (All Human)

  4. All At Once - COMPLETE -  Damon and Elena have been in an extremely casual arrangement for a month when he assumes temporary custody of his teenage nephew. Follow them on a journey as ‘nothing’ may just turn into 'everything’ if they can overcome dark pasts & biggest fears. (All Human)

  5. All You Are To Me - INCOMPLETE -  Damon and Elena have been best friends for their entire lives, but when they risk their friendship to become something more will their relationship be strong enough to weather any storm? (All Human)

  6. Anyone Else But You - COMPLETE -  Elena has worked for Damon for five years, they complete each other in ways no one else can. But will either of them be brave enough to fight for the love they deserve? (All Human)

  7. Bittersweet - COMPLETE -  Elena has her “happily ever after.” Married to the love of her life with the job she’s always wanted, she can’t dream of making any changes. But sometimes life has a way of playing by its own rules. When her world turns on its side, can the one person who’s always been there when she needed him help her pick up the pieces? (Post Canon)

  8. Can’t Be Tamed - INCOMPLETE -  Damon Salvatore is a well-known and ruthless mobster who gets what he wants, when he wants. When John Gilbert fails to settle his debts on time, Damon takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps his niece, Elena, Johns most valuable asset. But is Damon her captor or her saviour? (All Human)

  9. Crying Lightning - COMPLETE -  "I should have helped her. I should have done something. I deserve this. I deserve to die" - Damon is an 18 year old troubled lost soul with a bad reputation and Elena a 17 year old popular high school student who thought she had everything she ever wanted, that is until she got to know the eldest Salvatore and realizes that life is about more than being crowned Prom Queen! (All Human)

  10. Dancing in the Dark - COMPLETE -  Singer, Elena Gilbert gets signed to the most prestigious record label in the world. She thinks it’s her big break until she meets her producer, the cold and stoic Damon Salvatore. (All Human)

  11. Do You Believe In Angels? - INCOMPLETE -  "Damon?“ She asked. He looked at her, waiting. She took a shaky breath, "Do you believe in angels?” “No,” he said, “Not anymore.”. Two children with tragic pasts meet at a refuge. Hurt and alone, they clinge to each other to survive. This is their story, and everyone involved along the way. (All Human)

  12. Don’t give up on my son, a dying man’s wish - COMPLETE -  Elena takes a job caring for her friend Stefan’s father. When Elena discovers his dying wish is to reconcile with his older son Damon she decides to make it happen. But Damon doesn’t exactly make it easy on her. (All Human)

  13. Down A Crooked Path - COMPLETE - Some loose ends should be burned. Sequel to Self-Inflicted Wounds (Post Canon)

  14. Echoes - COMPLETE -  Things have been calm in Mystic Falls for years. Damon and Elena have been peacefully raising their family in the town where they both grew up. But this is Mystic Falls. Things can change quickly…and never for the better. Sequel to “Bittersweet.” (Post Canon)

  15. Echoes of the Past - COMPLETE -  Each of us has a past that shapes and defines us. Some pasts are filled with pain and heartache. Can Damon and Elena overcome their pasts to allow themselves a chance at happiness? Or will things from their past resurface to destroy their future? (All Human)

  16. Faults and Blizzards - COMPLETE -  Six months after their divorce, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are forced to spend Christmas together. (All Human)

  17. Fighting Fate - COMPLETE -  "I believe in fate more than the average person. We will run into each other again because we are meant to be. I just know it.“ (All Human)

  18. Forever Mine - EPILOGUE LEFT -  The night Damon Salvatore met Elena Gilbert changed the course of their destinies forever. But just as the future made itself known, the past caught up with them to destroy it all. Together on the run, Damon finds himself falling for this girl. Hard. But, Damon Salvatore doesn’t love and he won’t let her change that. No matter how much his soul…his body begs him to give in. (Alternative Universe)

  19. Forever Yours  - COMPLETE -  'But If we’re really meant to be, shouldn’t this be a lot easier? Why has it all been so hard’ - Do you believe in reincarnation? The chance to start over after your life has ended. Take this journey with Damon and Elena to find out if they should be together for eternity. Is it possible to fall in love with the same person over and over again? (Alternative Universe)

  20. Four Lettered Lie - EPILOGUE LEFT -  Damon Salvatore thought he’d never have to see Elena Gilbert again. He was wrong. (All Human)

  21. Friends with benefits - INCOMPLETE -  'He breaks me every single time.’ They’re best friends & lovers until they’re torn apart by secrets, lies & pride. 'A love like that – consumes until there’s nothing left to break. Destiny leaves you no choice - love conquers all.’ (All Human)

  22. Georgia On My Mind - COMPLETE -  Damon takes Elena on his little road trip to Georgia. Elena, distraught over her resemblence to Katherine, decides to let loose with surprising consequences. (Post Canon)

  23. Gravity - INCOMPLETE -  Sequel to Cannonball - Finally free from the clutches of Mystic Falls and their rivaling families, Damon and Elena are home free. Their love and loyalty to each other is stronger than ever, however they will soon learn that being on the run isn’t all that easy. (All Human)

  24. Guide You Home - INCOMPLETE -  Elena has been a foster kid her whole life, the day she goes out there, trying to find her roots and herself, she meets someone, a man, that will change her life forever. Someone that gives her hope again. (All Human)

  25. Her Mother’s Eyes - COMPLETE -  Damon tries to heal from the death of his wife while raising their small daughter. He thought no one could compare, until he meets Elena Gilbert, who will forever change his, and his daughter’s life. (All Human)

  26. Hindsight - COMPLETE -  After a blissful summer Damon & Elena find themselves surrounded by sad and dark secrets being revealed. While trying to deal with the regularly scheduled Mystic Falls drama of aftermaths and side-effects, they are unexpectedly confronted with Silas’ new macabre plan that threatens to tear them apart forever. (Post Canon)

  27. History - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert’s nightmare is just beginning. Picks up right where season one finale left off. No relationship is left unchanged in the aftermath as history comes back to haunt them all… (Post Canon)

  28. If You Can Afford Me - COMPLETE -  Damon is a wealthy businessman in need of…Well sex. Sex kept out of the papers, that is. Elena is a high class call girl able to offer that. What happens when need presents itself and they meet? (All Human)

  29. Inevitable - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore are juniors at Mystic Falls High School and they have been best friends and partners in crime for as long as they can remember. When Elena needs Damon to pose as her boyfriend things start heating up between them, but complications arise when you’re dealing with such emotionally damaged people. Is it worth risking a friendship for love? (All Human)

  30. Jump Start to Feeling - COMPLETE -  Elena is paralyzed from the waist down. She doesn’t like Christmas because on top of everything else, her old boyfriend walked out on her because he couldn’t deal with her injury. In walks Damon… (All Human)

  31. Killer’s Insight - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert is an FBI trainee who needs information on a case. She has to turn to infamous serial killer Damon Salvatore for his insight and help. Will her connection with him be more than she can handle? (All Human)

  32. Kiss Me, Break My Heart - COMPLETE -  Elena Gilbert has been in love with her best friend Damon Salvatore for years, but when he asks her to help him win back the woman of his dreams, Elena decides she’s had enough. Now Elena wants to move on, but Damon’s not making it easy on her. (All Human)

  33. My Damon - COMPLETE - Damon has become everything he swore to Elena he’d never be, driving her away in the process. When he realizes his mistake, Damon will stop at nothing to win back the love of his life and prove to Elena that he’s still her Damon, always. (All Human)

  34. Near to You - COMPLETE -  Damon and Elena continue to search for Stefan, but they quickly realize he’s a lost cause. While they struggle to fight their feelings for each other obstacles like doppelgangers, Originals, hybrids and the return of Stefan always seem to threaten their new and undefined relationship. Can Delena overcome anything or is their new found connection doomed from the start? (Post Canon)

  35. Oblivion - COMPLETE -  It’s been 4 years since she last saw his blue eyes, or so they say. 4 years since the coma-inducing tragedy that took her parents but let her live. Elena wakes up at 23, with no memory of the years leading up to her accident or the gorgeous man sitting beside her with a ring on his finger. Desperate for answers, Elena embarks on a not so typical amnesia-love story. (All Human)

  36. Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction - COMPLETE -  It all started with a night of hot sex. Where things could go from there to Elena and Damon? Could they fall for each other although they don’t believe in love anymore? (All Human)

  37. Picking Up the Pieces - COMPLETE - After Damon convinces a reluctant Stefan to leave his exile, things quickly go wrong when Stefan’s reunited with Elena. The outcome leaves Elena shattered, and Damon is there to pick up the pieces. (Post Canon)

  38. Pretend You Love Me - COMPLETE - While their marriage is falling apart, Damon and Elena must learn to get past their demons or lose each other forever. (All Human)

  39. Real Life - COMPLETE - Sequel to Physical Attraction, Chemical Reaction. "Is that what I think it is?” Damon asked as he looked at the tiny pair of plain white handmade crochet booties shoes. She nodded but she was wrong. (All Human)

  40. Restrictor Plate - COMPLETE - Damon is a NASCAR driver with a troubled past and present. Elena is the former love of his life. Both find themselves back in Mystic Falls and employed by Salvatore Racing. With a mountain of baggage between them, including a carefully guarded secret, it’s only a matter of time before they have the “Big One.” (All Human)

  41. Rock Hard, Love Harder - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore, the lead guitarist of the world-famous band, The Mystic Republic, is used to getting what he wants - women, alcohol and music. But when he realizes he’s falling for the one person who is off limits, the world as he knows it shifts from right under him. What will loving his best friend’s little sister and band manager mean for the band and ultimately, his heart? (All Human)

  42. Self Inflicted Wounds - COMPLETE - “If I had chosen differently, I never would have met you.” Elena chose to kiss Damon. Stefan chose human blood. Katherine chose redemption. Damon chose to confess. These choices change everything. (Post Canon)

  43. Separate Beds - COMPLETE - A heartbreaking tale of love, loss and everything in between. Damon & Elena shared an intense connection from the moment they met, and she ended up pregnant after just one passionate night together. Damon, now engaged to be married to Kat has to make a choice; to please his father or to follow his heart. (All Human)

  44. Settle Down - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore is a fast-talking, womanizing sports agent, living big in New York City and leaving his childhood in Mystic Falls far behind him. When he returns home for his father’s funeral, he meets Elena Gilbert, a fiery brunette who gets under his skin. Between her and facing his past, returning to Mystic Falls may change his life. (All Human)

  45. Sink or Swim - COMPLETE - Can love born out of a lie? Elena is getting married to a man she thinks she knows but things are not always the way they seem. And trough all the web of lies, would she be able to find true love? (All Human)

  46. Slow Burn Summer - COMPLETE - When the unthinkable happens, it’s never the thing you expected. It’s the thing you never even thought you should be afraid of. (Post Canon)

  47. Small Time Charm - INCOMPLETE -  After nearly 10 years away from small-town Mystic Falls, Damon is summoned back in another punishment from his father. Once there he’s determined to live the good life, having fun, and certainly not doing anything his father wants. Life has something for him when he stumbles upon a little boy getting picked on by some bullies. Saving him brings Damon close to the boy’s mother.(All Human)

  48. Snowbound - COMPLETE - When Elena left Mystic Falls to visit her Aunt in Richmond, she got stuck in the snow with her ex-boyfriend Damon Salvatore? Can she try and mend things up during the short time they have together considering she’s the one that broke his heart? (All Human)

  49. Somebody I Used to Know - COMPLETE - Grieving the sudden death of their parents, Damon and Elena are forced to face their past choices and mistakes. Take a wild a journey through 20 years of their lives…together, apart and everything in between. (All Human)

  50. Someone like you - INCOMPLETE -   You fall in love, get married, fall in love again, get your heart broken. What if it got broken by a heart surgeon that never came back to fix it? (All Human)

  51. Strawberry Wine - INCOMPLETE - It’s funny how those memories they last…Is the first love really the deepest? A decade after her departure Elena Gilbert returns to Mystic Falls to relieve the best years of her life. They say there’s nothing like first love and Damon Salvatore is certainly not an easy man to forget. (All Human)

  52. Swap Out - COMPLETE - If Damon Salvatore believes in one thing, it’s second chances. And fun. And the word “yes.” Okay, so three things. But when asked if he wants to go rock climbing, skydiving, mountain biking, the answer is unequivocally in the affirmative. But dealing with his control-freak tyrant of a boss, Elena Gilbert? That proves to be far more difficult than anyone planned. (All Human)

  53. Sweet and Sexy Mistakes - COMPLETE - An expert on the dynamics between men and women, Damon Salvatore knows his uptight new publicist could use his help getting a date. The only problem is, the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he doesn’t want her dating anyone but him! (All Human)

  54. Taking Chances - INCOMPLETE - After spending 9 years in the Army, willingly isolated from home Damon Salvatore returns to Mystic Falls to see Elena Gilbert, his brother’s girlfriend and his first love. What he finds is a battered and broken Elena and he’ll do everything in his power to make it right. Can he help her and overcome his own demons or are they both too damaged to take a chance on each other? (All Human)
  55. Teenage Diaries - COMPLETE - You think you have it all and one day everything you know vanishes and you can’t stop the downward spiral. Your Parents die in a car crash, your forced to move to a small town and start at a new school. Worse part your pregnant from a one-night stand.(All Human)

  56. The Choices We Make - COMPLETE - It’s 117AD and war has erupted between vampires and werewolves. So what happens when fate brings vampire Damon and a pre-transitioned werewolf Elena together? Just something that results in the creation of the Sun and the Moon curse.(Alternative Universe)

  57. The Rain King - INCOMPLETE -  Sequel to The Queen of Unintended Consequences. Six years after Damon leaves Elena with Klaus, he’s called back to handle a delicate situation. (Post Canon)

  58. The Road Less Traveled - COMPLETE - My version of early S4. Of course there’s angst, but that’s part of what makes it fun. (Post Canon)

  59. The Story of Us - COMPLETE - The past four years have built up to the moment that will define everything for Damon and Elena. When reality comes crashing down around them, they find themselves looking back on the past and trying to decide where to go from here. (All Human)

  60. Their Best Life - EPILOGUE LEFT - Elena and Damon’s romance began in “His Best Girl” but how did they get to that perfect future? Follow their journey through pregnancy, adoption, and much more. (All Human)

  61. Through the Ghost - COMPLETE - Damon, a carefree soldier & Elena, a no-nonsense physical therapist at an Army base met under ordinary circumstances. Stuck between attraction and resistance, they struggled to define their relationship until fate made the decision for them. 4 years later a heartbroken Elena battles to make good on a promise when she discovers nothing but the shell of the only man she’s ever loved. (All Human)

  62. To Save a Sinner - COMPLETE - Damon Salvatore, the new star swimmer and transfer student at MFU, befriends the dark and mysterious Elena Gilbert, a girl the rest of Mystic Falls considers crazy. When he discovers the deep, haunting secrets she keeps from the world, can he handle the truth or will it cost him his heart and even possibly, his sanity? (All Human)

  63. Vagrants MC - INCOMPLETE - Born and raised in Phoenix, Damon Salvatore has everything he needs to lead his father’s M.C., the Vagrants; the thirst for danger every young man has and a shining motorbike ready to lead a shining city. But cue a girl, arriving amid a cloud of flame with trouble on her tail, can Damon step up and deliver what is expected when the Vagrants are threatened? (All Human)

  64. What’s Wrong with Us? - COMPLETE - Adjusting to having a daughter is driving Damon crazy so he hires someone new to help out. Elena has her own secrets & her past but she puts everything aside, falling in love with her employer and his daughter. Juggling therapy, secrets, and exes. (All Human)

  65. Where We Are Now - EPILOGUE LEFT - Still recovering from a bad break-up, Elena moves to Mystic Falls to live with her Aunt Jenna, enrolling at a new school and meeting new friends. But who’s that guy always hanging around her? And what about Damon Salvatore, the 'bad boy’ of this new school and town? (All Human)

  66. Wrong Salvatore - INCOMPLETE - What if Elena got into a car accident and woke up with no memory of the last four years? As she learns to cope with her amnesia she has to also cope with her new life… it was certainly not what she expected. (Post Canon)

Happy reading!

Elodie stuff???

Yeah so I wrote this at 1am bc I uhhh can’t stop thinking abt them?? I call it Soup Reaches as Far as She Can To Make Up a Reason for Elodie being Tra$h

—she was fuqin hyped af to enter the point academy exam w her bff Enid yes that’s Real
—she found out there’s only one person accepted each exam right? (By means of a tournament!) But she wasn’t gonna give up on her dream bc she knew enid wouldn’t want her to (just as she wouldn’t enid–DUH) but she didn’t wanna tell Enid abt it
—so she fought her very hardest just like her bff enid and found out they were against each other for the top 2
—once she realized this she got rly emo knowing she’d b away from enid and she didn’t want that bc she’d miss her sm
—but she also knew enid would hate to see her just give up and w the pressure of the situation she came up w a Stupidass plan: Make enid hate her so it’d b easier for them to b apart
—when enid said she couldn’t fight her best friend elodie got fuqin emo as fuq like it totally caught her off guard but she convinced herself she needed to go through w her dumbass plan so she shot Enid n on the damn spot created this bitchass popular attention whore persona
—FAST FORWARD to current
—since it’s been a Hot Minute elodie took a shitton of time away from enid and as a way to cope w missing her,,,convinced herself their friendship rly was only a way for her to get into point prep and Enid is Below Her and also Irrelevent
—her trip to Lakewood plaza is like,,,not specifically to see Enid but rather bc she hasn’t shown off there in a while, (Geoffrey knows enids there tho) when she does see Enid she’s kinda shocked but treats her like the Enid she’s been sculpting in her head for the past idek 6-11 years lmao
—when they fight and Enid kicks the shit out of her,,elodies kinda brought back into reality and upon seeing her best friends necklace come out and ALSO relaizing Enid just BEAT HER she’s like Holy Shit
—she doesn’t Kno what to say and all she’s thinking is like Damn I am a Shittyass person she knows she can’t suddenly change her persona so she ends w an I Still Love Being Popular!! To act like nothing affected her
—-but it’s angstcity up in that limo like elodies going through the years and Remembering like Shit I rly liked her!! GOD I miss her???!! I WAS TOO AFRIAD TO MISS HER SO I RUINED HER IM AWFUL…IM SO AWFUL so anyway she gets on the Self Hate train and doesn’t Kno what to do