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I wonder why Ez is the only guy that send you a note after the apology scene

because fucking loser didn’t know how to express his feelings and how sorry he was and thought it would be easier to do it by writing a letter like dude apologized maybe 100 times to Gardienne that night but still didn’t think it was enough so he spent the night writing a letter to Gardienne to give her in the morning like the fucking loser he is i love him

:-( it’s midnight and im having these wild thoughts again im sorry i went on hiatus from writing i feel super bad what kind of scenario blog am i anymore- im so sorry to everyone of you who have waited so long for your requests but ;-;

Ok but what if Marinette got a haircut and Adrien compliments her on it in class

And later on patrol Chat is about to compliment his lady on her new look (because dang that hairstyle looks great on her) when he’s just like wait a second

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Dark 03)

(He said being at the castle was suffocating, i’m fine coming to this abandoned building with Shuu-san but…)


(I wonder what I should do. Shuu-san is listening to music)

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