idek and idc


some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

Oh my when i am with you I am the happiest person ever, you make me laugh, you make me smile and listen to my stupid rants about how I hate people, You’re always there and that’s all I ever wanted. you’re all I really need to keep me going, whether it’s love or not I don’t care, but I appreciate whatever we have.
Thank god for your existence 🙏❤️
—  Life is being good to me and I didn’t even do anything to deserve it.
The signs as abbreviations
  • Aries: wtf
  • Taurus: nvm
  • Gemini: lol
  • Cancer: ily
  • Leo: omg
  • Virgo: imo
  • Libra: tfw
  • Scorpio: stfu
  • Sagittarius: af
  • Capricorn: gtg
  • Aquarius: idc
  • Pisces: idek