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me when someone tells me shit like “you know all these meds are actually worse for you they turn you into a zombie ://”, “you should try yoga”, “why dont you exercise more”:

DC/Tri-state Area Gothic
  • no one ever sees anyone on the yachts docked on the river. no one ever will.
  • one night, you swear you saw a deer with three eyes grazing in your garden. it hissed at you, its mouth full of flowers.
  • on a trip south, you never make it to you destination. you drive the winding mountain roads, being consumed by the fog. The only other vehicles you see are trucks from faraway places.
  • countless hawks circle something just behind the walls on the highway
  • teens that make the mistake of swimming in the potomac never stop feeling the imprints of the ghost hands on their bodies
  • you have been to the museums a thousand times before. you never remember what you saw. you don’t really want to.
  • Helicopters circle the elementary school you went to. You used to think the president was in them. 
  • There is a forest next to your house. There are never any animals in it, but there are always deer walking around in the neighborhood. There is one path you never take.
  • You find an arrowhead by the stream and put it in your pocket. When you get home, it’s gone. You find it months later under your bed.
  • they are always working on the metro. in 2012, they said it would be over in 2013. in 2013 they said it would be over in 2014. you don’t remember when it began. 

because I am trash, just imagine this for a second:

Sherlock and John are in a recently established relationship and one day John is teasing Sherlock after a particularly stroppy performance of his violin one day and suggests, “Why not instead of screeching through that thing when you’re in a mood you just sing me a song, sometime?”

He says it as a joke, because the point of Sherlock playing his violin usually means he’s not interested in talking, let alone singing; which John has already never heard from him and never expects.

Then one day, out of the blue, Sherlock pulls out the violin when they’re just settled and in one of those peaceful moments. The moments where they share an atmosphere and don’t require conversation to be comfortable. 

Sherlock pulls out the violin and sings this along with it, and as soon as he’s begun, John stills for a moment before lifting his eyes to look to him. Sherlock’s not meeting John’s gaze, but he can feel it.

He continues to play and John is astounded by yet again how human Sherlock can be. He feels a swell in his chest at the thought of how yes. These moments are just for him.

He can here the subtle hesitancy in Sherlock’s voice and the occasional wavers but at the same time is convinced he’s never heard anything more soft from the other. He’s different as he sings. He doesn’t want to stop the music so he keeps going, but it’s so genuine John can’t help but remain silent for moments after the song ends.

Finally Sherlock speaks up, his face flushing as he gradually gets more fidgety and impatient and says, “John, say something.”

And it’s all John can do to hold still for another two seconds before rising and closing the space between them in a seemingly single, swift movement, so that he can kiss him in place for his loss for words.

essential hq hogwarts au questions you need to ask yourself
  • in terms of their character portrayal can oikawa be called a muggleborn and kageyama a pureblood?
  • can karasuno be called gryffindor, aobajosai -slytherin, nekoma - ravenclaw and fukurodani - hufflepuff?
  • would ushijima corner gryffindor oikawa and suggest he comes to slytherin?
  • would iwaizumi be a dueling champion? would he take the care for magical creatures? would he prevent oikawa eating all chocolate filled with love potion or would he just watch him fall into the trap?
  • would kenma’s hair be a consequence from an unfortunate accident of being paired up with lev during charms practice?
  • would BOKUTO’S hair be the result of him blowing up his cauldron all the time??
  • would suga be the one who is best friends with house elves and bring snacks with him to the common room?
  • would kenma know every secret door, stair and passage in the castle? would he wonder around them, playing with spells, and get lost, only for kuroo to always find him?
  • would akaashi take the divination class? muggle studies? ancient ruins? all of them? or is akaashi the top of his transfiguration class? what’s his favourite subject?
  • would oikawa be singing in the choir?
  • would kuroo’s cat and bokutp’s owl get in epic fights with each other?
  • would ushijima walk in the room of requirements by accident to see a nutritious garden full of fruits and vegetables??

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