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Apologies in advance if this is stupid AF, but, okay so we know how Harry was the one who had to kill Voldemort, and how he was the Chosen One blalalala–

In DH, by the final battle between Harry and Voldo, all the horcruxes had been destroyed, including the one inside Harry, so does that mean that anybody with incredibly quick reflexes could’ve aimed a well placed AK at Voldo and done him in?

Cause technically Harry didn’t even shoot the killing curse at him, Voldo as good as shot himself lol. But at that point, with the horcruxes gone and Voldo being nothing but a wispy bag of bones with 1/7th of a soul in him, could just anyone have killed him?

So, we all know that Magnus Bane is a dad™, so imagine with me if you will :
• Alec and Magnus met in college, they shared a dorm, later when Magnus moved out and he got his first apartment, Alec did too, cause by then he was like a permanent fixture in Magnus’ life, his rock and his constant

• so Magnus wants a kid, he really really wants to be a dad. He spent his life thinking he will start a family when he finds the perfect person but after a string of failed relationships he is done

• he decides to just go and adopt a kid and make his own family and so he goes to the adoption agency, obviously the person there tells him it is much more difficult for a single parent but they will try

• now one day, a person from the agency comes for a surprise visit and automatically assumes that Alec is Magnus’ bf and Magnus is his nervousness doesn’t even bother correcting

• but from that Magnus does have a very bright idea, what if they got married, he could totally get a baby!!!

• so he proposes to Alec who initially resists but how can he say no to Magnus, so he agrees on the condition their friends know the truth of course

• so they get married, nothing changes for the most part, they already lived together, its just now Magnus can kiss Alec is front of people whenever he wants and Alec cant resist

• then one day watching Alec Magnus realises that the perfect person for him was right there all along?? And he is like crazy in love with his Alec?? and how will he ever tell the truth??

• so Magnus stays silent, happy to be fake married, there are many more surprise visits until one day Magnus gets a call that there is a new born baby girl, his baby girl waiting for him

• so he rushes to Alec’s school (he is totally a teacher..) and he gathers him in a bruising kiss and then they go off to meet their new daughter!!!

• anyways they toally settle in their domestic life and Magnus is just so in love with Alec, watching him with the baby and stuff

• until one day Alec says that he is leaving, he got a new house and everything and now Magnus has a kid and they can get divorced and everything so he is leaving

• and Magnus is like why?? He is internally screaming cause he needs Alec, their baby needs Alec, Alec is the kids daddy too and just why now??? He is so scared and worried and tired and just in love and he is hurting

• the night before he is supposed to leave, Alec decides to just sit down and tell Magnus the truth, that he is leaving cause he know that if he doesn’t leave now he will never leave and he doesn’t want Magnus to be trapped in a loveless marriage

• and Magnus is like ??? Are you crazy?? So they kiss and make up and their daughter has two amazing dads and they later on go on to adopt another kid and have this beautiful family and they live happily.

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Prompt: Keith brings Lance home to his brother's for Christmas, but is surprised that Shiro brought home someone as well.

“i promise my family’s normal,” keith says to lance as they stand at the threshold of keith’s typical suburban home. there’s snow falling around them, and if lance wasn’t actually living in this moment, he’d think they were in a hallmark movie. minus the homophobia, of course.

golden lights dotting the porch create an aesthetic glow around them, bathing keith’s mullet in a halo that makes lance’s heart flutter. even after so many months of them dating, he still can’t believe he got so lucky.

“i believe you,” he says softly, feeling a little breathless as he looks at keith, whose eyes crinkle as he flashes a reassuring smile. “i’m just nervous. i feel like i have to make a good impression on them.”

“they’re going to love you,” keith promises, “almost as much as i do.”

“almost?” lance asks with a smirk.

keith’s smile widens. “yeah, almost. because no one can love you as much as i do.”

lance leans in and kisses keith, his heart swelling with love. when he pulls away, keith opens the door.

“we’re home!” he calls inside, and as they step across the threshold lance takes note of the warm, middle-class atmosphere of keith’s home. he’s starting to doubt whether he’s not actually in a hallmark movie.

the giant christmas tree at the end of the hallway lights up the dim house with colorful dots of reds and blues and yellows, and keith clasps lance’s hand tightly as he pulls him further into the house.

the hallway opens into a family room with a high ceiling and lance feels his heart pound in his ears as he sees the small gathering of people sitting on the two couches. the fireplace in the center of the back wall roars with flames, and lance smells the warmth before he can feel it.

“welcome home, keith!” calls a tall man who, unsurprisingly, sports a mullet. his voice is deep and distinctly southern, another reminder that lance is unfortunately stuck in the south for their entire christmas break.

there’s a few other people, mostly men who lance has never seen before, but there’s a pair of girls curled up together near the fire.

“keith!” comes another voice, and lance directs his attention to a (finally) familiar face.

“shiro!” keith and lance exclaim at the same time, and shiro stands up and makes his way over to them. shiro pulls keith into a tight hug and offers a hand to lance, which he takes with a grin.

“it’s good to see you, bro,” keith says. then he turns to lance, purses his lips, then looks back at his family. “guys, this is lance.”

the room erupts into a cacophony of voices, people scrambling over people as they come to greet keith’s boyfriend.

lance hears shiro whisper, “i’m glad you’re finally here.” he looks over to see a shorter man with wavy hair and dark skin making his way toward shiro instead of lance, and he lifts his eyebrow as he inspects the situation.

“what do you mean?” keith asks, his attention still half-focused on introducing lance to his vibrant family. he starts pointing out various people, naming them in turn. “lance, this is ryou, my dad, and lotor, my uncle. my sister, acxa, and her wife ezor.”

“i mean,” shiro says, pulling keith’s full attention, “i never got a chance to introduce you to my partner.”

keith stops, eyes wide. “you? congrats, dude!”

shiro smirks and gestures to the man with gorgeous hair. “this is slav.”

“looks like i’m one-upped yet again,” keith laughs as he shakes slav’s hand, his other still clenched tightly around lance’s. “it’s good to meet you.”

“it’s good to see you finally got together,” shiro says, shifting his gaze between keith and lance. “it took you, what? three years?”

lance sticks out his tongue. “shove it, old man.” shiro retorts with a friendly punch to lance’s shoulder.

“we just needed time,” keith says as an explanation, turning back to his family. ryou pulls him into a tight hug and keith tugs lance along behind him.

“i’m glad you’re home for the holidays,” his dad says.

“me too, dad,” keith says, looking back at lance with a soft smile. lance thinks that maybe this winter break won’t be as bad as he’d thought.


“They said the age of heroes would never come again.”

“It has to.”

repressed crushes 

I am all for the messy, flowing hair in a ponytail/bun look on both girls and guys and anyone else and you will have to pry that from my cold, dead fingers if you think i will change my mind

And if you need an example: Kim fucking Heechul

The Houses and how they get angry/insult people:

Gryffindor: hot, overwhelming anger. short fuse. fire and bombs in your chest. usually blows over quickly for little things, but if they’re deeply hurt they can stay angry forever. Insults while mad tend to be yelled and choked out through rage; they generally find it difficult to think properly while angry, so they’re pretty basic insults. get angry over being laughed at and seeing something they deem wrong.

Ravenclaw: anger is itchy and stingy and makes them feel sick. it coils in them and they hate the feeling. usually get angry when their hobbies or passions are insulted, or are lied to. they usually deal with their anger by feigned confidence/arrogance and by using creative insults to try and make themselves feel more in control and superior to the person making them angry. they try hard to cover up their hurt and pretend it doesn’t bother them.

hufflepuff: anger is low and thick and hurts. if it’s about them, they’re usually fairly quick to forgive and understand. but if they’re defending a friend or seeing someone innocent attacked, the anger is much stronger. hufflepuffs don’t generally enjoy insulting or hurting people, so their insults are usually aimed to make the other person feel bad or realise what they’ve done. ‘Why are you being so cruel?’ ‘You should be ashamed.’ are common phrases.

slytherin: slytherins like to keep their anger under control, so they don’t often let it show. when they do, they tend to get angry over people insulting things that matter to them, and people questioning their knowledge on something they know a lot about. their insults are usually thought out in advance, and are aimed to hurt. they know where to hit, and if they know the person already, they’ve probably thought out how they’d hurt them well before the fight. often, they forgive but don’t forget.

Was stalking through JR’s Instagram and found this picture. All I could think about was how this is literally all the guys I ship Stiles with, like it was a ‘Stiles’ Daddies night out’ or smth

Backup Dancer

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1950ish

Warnings: Cursing kinda a lot

Summary: You’re one of the backup dancers for Zendaya’s Lip Sync Battle. While backstage, you run into the enemy.

A/N: STILL NOT OVER IT  (btw idek how the building goes but don’t worry about it)

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Reader’s POV

Shit, shit, and double shit.

You were running late. You don’t even know how late. All you know is that you forgot to set your alarm last night and woke up naturally thirty minutes later than you were supposed to. And the cherry on top, you almost forgot your costume bag in your apartment, adding another seven minutes to being late.

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One day, I’ll stop trying to make you proud.

And you’ll know it’s happening. You’ll know when I keep you posted on school only as much as you require. When I get a job and you know what it is and nothing more. When my social life is a mystery to you and my possibly active love life remains a blank slate in your mind. You’ll know when you get more information about me through chains of people I trust more than, than you do from me.

Or maybe you won’t. You tend to be pretty oblivious like that.

So maybe you’ll realize it’s happened suddenly one day. You’ll invite me to a family affair and I’ll show up, not for you, but for the people who actually seem to care for me and my well-being. It’ll be catching up with my siblings and hugging my nephews (and possible nieces at this point) that draw me back, not you. Never you.

After all, you’re what drove me away.

And I’ll show up with a smile on my face, and maybe a pretty girl holding my hand. You’ll realize it then. When people have specific questions and yours are all vague, when my life is a mystery to only you. When no one else shares your shock at my companion because they made me feel safe enough to share facets of myself I never felt free to reveal to you.

I’ll hide away in a corner, the antisocial daughter you hate.

And I won’t care anymore.

One day, I’ll stop trying to make you proud.

And I’ll know it’s happening, because my accomplishments won’t be met with the crushing fear of your reaction, and my pride won’t be obliterated by your consistent lack thereof.

Who wants to hear about the worst kuro theory I’ve ever come up with?

Well. One morning a little while ago I woke up feeling like at some point in the night I’d come up with this great new theory but I couldn’t remember the details. Whatever it was, knew I had to share it. So I went back over the notes I made while falling asleep that night and I shit you not all I found was:

“What if Ciel doesn’t grow because he has celiac disease”

Needless to say I didn’t post it

Luke has grown so much not only physically (bc wow did he grow into his broad shoulders), but even his demeanour has changed, he’s so much confident in the way he holds himself and interacts with people. He used to be so shy and kinda like tried make himself smaller (which is impossible bc he’s so bIG) and now his ass is out here practically stripping at any convenient moment and captivating everyones attention on stage and every room he steps into. Then you have the changes in his overall character, like not gonna lie my man can be messy and problematic and he’s done some stuff that doesn’t shine him in a fantastic light, but his character has developed and he’s learnt from his mistakes and wrong doings and I’m sure he’ll make many more, but the fact he can learn and grow from his mistakes already shows he’ll learn and grow from future mistakes too. Luke is the poster boy for growth and change and I am so proud and I feel so lucky to stan him bc even though he can be messy and I have to call him out from time to time, he’s still the same loser that watches cartoons in his underwear and uses out of date memes and then leads a crowd of thousands at night and I love him so much