1D Hiatus: Day 230

* Niall posts a picture with Justin Rose on Instagram and wishes him happy birthday

* A few more pictures and videos of Harry on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ two days ago come out

* #RespectHarryAndLouis trends on Twitter

* ESPN releases a video of Louis and David Luiz at the FIFA event last week

* Pictures of Harry with fans in Weymouth two days ago come out

* A fan posts a picture on Facebook of Niall sleeping on the plane yesterday

It’s Jul 30th, 2016.


Imagine dancer!Y/N leaving Michael for the day for practise. Michael decides to stay at home and have a chill day of FIFA and pizza. But after 5 hours without you, Michael starts to get whiny and needy. So, he brings the boys to your studio to watch you dance for a bit. When they get there you are practicing a Hip Hop solo with a few of your fellow dancers.

Michael, being Michael, immediately checks out your ass in your leggings, but what he also notices, though, is the SnapBack perched on your head. He was certain you didn’t leave with it on, and he was sure he’d never seen it before. He starts to get annoyed, wondering who’s it was. His mind automatically thinking that you had been given it by one of your many admirers that you didn’t seem to realise liked you that way.

Michael did, though. He noticed them grinning while watching you from across the room, checking your ass out as you danced, readjusting themselves while standing behind you. It angered him. So much. Michael knew you would always be faithful to him, but it wasn’t you he didn’t trust.

Michael watched in awe at you dancing, marvelling at your moves. You hadn’t noticed him yet, continuing your routine. After you completed it, you left them studio to get something to drink, very surprised to see your boyfriend standing there.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned, panting slightly after the strenuous routine.

The boys all greeted you, and you walked over to Michael, slinging your arms around his neck.
“Hey Baby.” You mumbled, kissing his red lips.
“Hey.” He replied. “Nice hat. Who’s is it?”
“Oh yeah,” You took off the SnapBack, placing it on Michaels died hair. “They’re new ones for us from the company.” You told him, pointing to your dance company’s logo plastered on the front of the hat.

“Oh.” Michael said under his breath, cheeks turning slightly pink.

“Yeah,” You grinned. “Not my ‘new boyfriends’ hat.”

He blushed harder. You had this way of reading him that no one else did. Most of the time he loved it, but times like these he wished you couldn’t practically read his mind.

You poked your younger out at him, him kissing the tip. You giggled, kissing his cheek.

“So, what’re you doing here?” You asked, leaving his embrace to pack up your gear.

Michael shrugged. “Missed you.”

You giggled. “It’s been like 4 hours.”


“Oh ok sorry.” You laughed at his clingyness.
“I can leave now, so how does pizza and cuddles sound?”

“Absolutely perfect.”

Chocolate, Vanilla & Kookie (Jungkook x Reader) Part III

[A/N: Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed it! (Y/F/N) - Your Full Name, (Y/L/N) - Your Last Name)]


                               Two souls that are meant to be 

                  will always find a way back home to each other 

                                   Life will misguide them 

                                but true love is never lost.

“Awhh ____’s leaving so soon?” Seokjin asked.

“Yeah oppa, I have work tomorrow,”

“Awhh it’s a shame you won’t be joining us for dinner. Next time then?” Seokjin smiled.

“Yeah..hopefully,” you said casually although those words contain so much more meaning.

“See you later ___~!” the other’s said simultaneously.

“Take care of yourself while driving okay?” Yoongi hollered at you.

“Okay~! Take care of Kookie okay?” you told them in a light manner.

“Of course we will! Have we ever not?” Jimin said while putting the younger in a headlock.

“Aghhh Jimin hyung let me go,” the younger grumbled.

You chuckled. “I trust you that you will,” -I know you guys willyou smiled.  

Before you left, Jungkook gave you one more hug and a kiss to your forehead.

“I’ll see you tomorrow after your shift ends kay?”

“Sure,” you –tried to- mustered up a smile.

“Bye. I love you,” Jungkook said as you were inside the elevator.

“Bye. Love you too,” the minute the elavator doors closed you broke down crying while making your way towards your car.

It was the day of you and Jungkook’s 2nd year anniversary and the moment you woke up you saw a text from Jungkook.


You cried yet again due to the dilemma you’re going through. 

Your shift just ended. You’ve been dreading it the whole day. You kept praying and praying to God to help you get through the night with none of your cancer acting up in front of Jungkook. Lately your condition has been getting worse with more frequent chest pains, sudden panic attacks and what not.

15 minutes before your shift ended Jungkook sent you a location along with the text to come meet him there which you recognized to be the park as he said he’ll be a little late.

You slowly drove back home to change. You wore a simple white dress with white sandals along with a cardigan to cover yourself incase it gets  too cold for you to handle.

You decided to walk to the park since the journey only takes about 7 minutes.

Once you got there you felt exhausted that you cursed yourself for not driving.

You were too exhausted from the short but marathon-like walk to the park that it took you a few minutes to calm down your breathing then only realizing on the ground that there’s a picnic blanket and top of it is filled with you and Jungkook’s favorite food ranging from pasta to bread to fruits and desserts.

And in front of it was a blank projector screen

…but no Jungkook to be found.

Since you were still tired from the walk you decided to sit down on the picnic blanket.

Once you did, you saw a tiny remote control with a note that says ‘press me’ to which you did and that’s when the blank projector screen suddenly turned to life and there appeared a nervous but beautiful looking boy named Jeon Jungkook. Your love. Your life. Your everything.

You started tearing up.

Hey baby, happy 2nd year anniversary. I’m- oh god I’m so nervous,” Jungkook covered his face with his hands.

Dude man up already! This is already the 7th take,” a voice whom you recognized to be Taehyung’s, whispered not so subtly.

Taehyung, you idiot shut up! Your voice is gonna be heard!” Yoongi scolded him.

“Well better my voice than Jungkook’s cause he’s not saying anything- OW!” the camera shook and you laughed, which you haven’t been doing a lot lately.

“Shut up!” and this time all of the guys voices –excluding Taehyung’s and Jungkook’s voice is heard.

You laughed the second time that day.

Are you guys done now?” Jungkook exasperatedly said to which the camera replied with a nodding motion “Great. Thanks!” he said sarcastically.

“You’re wel-OW! ….Sorry-OW!” you shook your head and chuckled Oh Taehyung.

Jungkook sighed loudly and continued.

“So yeah I um..” he bit his bottom lip and looked at the camera intently. Without you realizing, you did the same.

“These 2 years with you have been the most wonderful 2 years of my life. Meeting and falling in love with you was a miracle and I did not know how I have lived my life without you,  (Y/F/N). If I was given a choice between owning the whole world and spending just one day with you…without a doubt I’d choose you ___,”

At this point you’re already crying.

“I know I can be a cocky annoying brat sometimes so seeing me tongue-tied must be hilarious huh? Well it’s what you do to me ____. It’s what you do to this,” he put his palm over his heart.

“So in order to tell you how I really feel about you –although it’s impossible because I don’t think there’s enough words in the world that’s able to describe how much I love you. Me with the help of the guys back there,” the camera suddenly turned to reveal the 6 other guys that you adore so much in the whole world other than Jungkook

“Hiiii ___!” “Happy 2nd anniversary!” “We hope you like it” “I sacrificed my sleep for this” “You should’ve dated me~” “Jungkook’s gonna get laid” were some of the things they said.

The camera then turned back to Jungkook who was shaking his head at his hyungs.

“So yeah with help of the people at the back there, we made a special song just for you. Hope you love it. Happy Anniversary, love”

And then the video changed to a slideshow.

At the background you can hear an intro of a song you already know you’ll love.

The song started out with a melodious voice whom you recognized to be Jungkook’s accompanied by Namjoon’s deep voice.

Yeah~ yeah

Just one day, one night

And then on the screen appeared you and Jungkook doing the V pose together in a selca.

After that, you hear Yoongi’s sweet voice rapping.

If only I had just one day

I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent

A picture of you and Jungkook asleep in the car with your head on his shoulder and his head on yours.

Your breath-taking neck when you put it up and the strands that fall out

A picture of you with your hair up during summer break with Jungkook last year. 

After Yoongi’s part you heard the melodious voice of your lover.

Just one day, if I can be with you

Just one day, if I can hold your hands

Just one day, if I can be with you

Just one day~

You and Jungkook eating.

You and Jungkook playing games.

You and Jungkook studying.

You and Jungkook watching a movie.

Basically every moment you’ve spent with each other is compiled in a beautiful slideshow. Every loving moment you had with each other.

As the slideshow -accompanied by the beautiful song- came to an end Jungkook dressed in a dashing suit came up from behind and said “Can you please stay with me?”

Upon hearing his voice you slowly turned toward his direction and as you did so Jungkook got down on one knee and looked up to connect his eyes with yours.

You almost choked at the sight in front of you.

“_____, just as the song said I want to spend just on day with you, I love you so so much so will you please spend just one day with me from now on throughout the rest of your life and be my wife” he took out a small black box from his pocket and inside was a simple but breathtakingly beautiful silver ring.

Oh dear god, forgive me for what I’m about to do you prayed silently.


Yes “No,” you croaked.

Jungkook looked shocked and hurt. It took him a few seconds to finally register what you said and he replied “What?” his voice cracking up.

Yes! I will marry you Jeon Jungkook!

“I’m sorry but no. I can’t marry you Jungkook,”  

Jungkook’s hands that was holding the box has now dropped to his sides. He was speechless.

“J-jungkook,” you started “We should break-”

“Come on I’ll take you home,” he cut you off and rose up to his feet. He offered his hand for you to take it but you pretended not to see it and got up on your own.

Jungkook was hurt by your action but didn’t say anything and just walked forward to the direction of your house.

Neither of you attempted to say anything.

You kept your eyes to the ground while Jungkook stared blankly ahead.

5 minutes through the walk and you were already getting tired.

Jungkook realizing that you were lagging behind walked slower so you could catch up.

He finds it odd that you were walking slowly since you hated walking slowly and sluggishly but due to the events earlier he didn’t think too much of it. 

Both of you arrived in front of your apartment door.

The whole way neither of you still attempted to say anything.

As you unlocked the door Jungkook said “Good night. See you tomorrow,” he said casually while smiling but with sadness mirrored in his eyes and proceeded to walk to the elevator.

“Jungkook,” you softly called out.

He turned to the direction of your voice and was shocked to have you hugging him whilst in tears.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Jungkook,”

“No _____ please don’t say it,”

“We should break up,” you croaked.

And with that Jungkook embraced you and cried too.

“No no please don’t. Say it isn’t true. ____ please!” he held you tighter

“I’m sorry. You’ll be better off without me,”

“No I won’t! I can’t live without you! I love you,” Jungkook was holding on to you for dear life while crying so hard. It hurts you to see him like that.

No. Don’t back out nowThis is all for him. Your life is basically ruined ____, you’re not gonna let his life go to waste too. You’ll be glad that I did this Jungkook you thought

“Well that’s just the thing I…don’t love you anymore,” you pulled his hands off of you “I can’t imagine having my future with an aspiring singer. These two years have been nice but I need someone stable, that has a future. I’m sorry,” you turned your back away from him and proceeded to go inside.

“Goodbye Jungkook,” you said while looking into his eyes and you kinda wish you hadn’t because that broken look on his face will probably haunt you.

I love you.

Don’t leave me.

Both you and Jungkook thought before you closed the door, leaving him in the hallway alone, shutting him out forever. 



That’s the end of CV&K folks! Hope you guys enjoyed the series as much as I enjoyed writing it ^-^ Fun fact: CV&K wasn’t supposed to be a series, I intended to just post it all at once as I wrote it all in one go for my submission but admin blxnktae advised me to split it -which I thought was a great idea- and tadahh my first ever series! Thanks again for reading and please give this blog LOTS and LOTS of love~!

-admin chimie

Sonic, Shadow, Silver… Hmm…

3 hedgehogs

S, S, S

Past, present, future

Green eyes, yellow eyes, red eyes… which make the colors of a stop light…

Red stripes, white fur, blue fur… American patriotism…

….I think we all know what this means…

Actually, I just got bored and I’m literally going nowhere with this. Idek forget I said anything lmao