• Stiles, ripping apart his room, mumbling to himself:Where the hell did it go?!
  • Derek, jumping through Stiles' window:What are you looking for?
  • Stiles, turning:You should know, you're the reason it's gone!
  • Derek:?? What ??
  • Stiles:My heterosexuality.

omg lmao

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could I get an apocalypse AU with hara please?

“Here, eat some more.”

“I’m not hungry…”

“Please? Just a little bit.”


Hara looks way too pale and skinny for your liking, but you can do little more than encourage him to eat whenever you two have the chance. Finding unspoilt food is rare, and you know you should eat those as often as possible - who knows when you’re gonna be able to eat next.

Seeing your boyfriend finish the rest of his questionable looking porrigde, you sigh and take a look around you. Finding friendly humans gets harder and harder by the day, and as you look around the city in ruins, you wonder if now is really the time to be fighting each other when the whole human race is in danger.

A rustle of clothes catch your attention, and you look at Kazuya’s tired form leaning against your shoulder.

“We don’t have to move again so soon, do we?”

He sounds like a child, and the sight brings a rare smile to your lips. You kiss his cheek, nuzzling into him and sighing.

“Of course not.”

non exhaustive list of shit i’m not gonna reblog

because i feel like it and also because i keep getting new followers?? hi friends

1. guilt posts

“why aren’t people talking about this” and “reblog or your dog will die” and “this is waaaay more important than that thing you also care about” 


2. pictures of dead bodies 

3. anything violent or abusive or any discussions of abuse with out explicitly tagging it

including police violence or state violence

i often reblog things that will be tagged black lives matter, justice for mike brown, ferguson, (other relevant state/city of recent violences), the names of people who’ve been killed, state violence, police brutality, and institution betrayal, activism, protest, prison industrial complex, voting suppression or voter suppression, poverty, race or racism, institutional bias, and systemic inequality

trigger tags will include ‘cw’ for content warning at the end (as i understand this helps blacklists catch them as opposed to starting with tw or cw but idk at this point it may be merely stylistic) 

violence cw, domestic violence cw and murder cw are my violence tags

abuse cw and emotional abuse cw are my abuse tags

sexual assault cw, child sexual assault cw and rape cw are my sexual abuse tags

4. suicide threats 

or posts where someone wants something from their audience or will harm themselves


5. posts about how depressed you are or how awful you feel 

or about how the world or you are the worst

your feelings are yours and totally valid (though maybe not correct. since depression can warp the way you see the world: you’re probably doing better than you think) and i might send you a note but i can’t reblog

6. posts where people are arguing about the validity of a sexuality or gender identity

it’s valid 

you exist, i exist, we exist

no one gets to define us but us and i’m not interested in having the argument again 

i am too old for this

7. rarely: posts about trans directed violence

infrequent and heavily tagged 

because it just hurts too much



I just got into this studio yesterday I’m so freaking excited AHHHHHHHHHH

I had part 7 h e h