SPN Family!

Okay, so its Monday which means its officially the start of my spring break… Since I now have some extra time not procrastinating papers this week I did an SPN family!
If you want to join:

1) check out the page
2) send me a message with who you want to be in the family (either something not already chosen, or an object/ship/character/actor that I don’t already have included on the page) and a quote either about or from the character that is about 10 to 20 words.
3) And then I’ll add your url to the page as well as a link to your blog and the quote with it. :)



anonymous asked:

Haha omg I'm sorry but that is an awful URL, I'm so glad I got some one else to make me a blog, I even had friends who were fans, and we thought we were so discreet about it, we really weren't every one knew and even at the beginning were the stupid like carrot fans, and had one of us write a fanfiction which we thought was so good, they were really embarrassing years

omg ik, when i was 13 i also posted this insanely long  self insert fanfic to and it’s like, 50 chapters long and it’s just me and niall dating with completely unnecessary drama, my friends thought it was so good and so i wrote them into it and had them all date all of the guys, it’s still up and i read it from time to time to remind myself of the dark days

anonymous asked:

they're both so busy but imagine taekai hiding little notes to each other around the sm building in little hiding places only they know about like i love you and i miss you and then it's like a game of who can hide the most notes without shineexo or sm noticing and ofc nini hates to lose so he goes overboard with love and affection snd idk where i'm going with this tbh

o h m y gosh im in taekai hell this is sO FUCKING PERFECT JFC THEY WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT ND KAI WOULD LOSE EVERY DAMN TIME AND THE EXO MEMBERS WOULD MAKE FUN OF HIM FOR HIS STUPID LITTLE LOVE LETTERS THAT HE THROWS AROUND AND U G H IDK MAYBE ONE DAY THE LETTERS WOULD LEAD TAEMIN TO H I M aND EXO WOULD BE LIKE “OH” IDEK WHAT IM SAYING BUT THAT IS SO PERFECT ((im writing it one day idec)) but that is so cute and lovely im a sobbing mess rn thank you anon that was so fucking perfect and brilliant oh gosh;-; ur an angel bless u for this headcanon it was beautiful and well thought out ^^

p.s. u sound like a great writer tbh

mariesanson asked:

exo, bts, 9myu

exo: baekhyun can fight me lmao i will kick his ass. fan accounts put him at 5′7 or shorter and he’s weak lbr (chen is the same in the height department but i wouldn’t hit my cute grandpa ok). if i had to choose from the giants i’d say sehun bc he’s a noodle and i could make fun of his irrelevancy.

bts: i kind of want to say jimin bc he might be buff but i don’t think he has it in him to fight someone? maybe suga too but idk.. he might surprise me

9myu: they can all beat me up idec i’d feel blessed

ayllx asked:

Once you get this, list 5 things that make you happy; it'd be super-cool if you'd also put this in the ask of 10 people who reblogged from you last :)

1. my friends usually
2. i like dogs there pretty fun
3. playing games is my fave
4. watching anime is another good pass time for me
5. tumblr for he endless scrolling and finding new AMAZING things to anno… i mean show my friends