[ssooo…. I’ve honestly wanted to rp Mtt before I even wanted to try Sans n someone said some pretty touchy things when I told em and it turned me off of the idea for a while. So now I’m thinking about it again and idk I’m still thinking of things. I just think it’d be kinda fun cos I’m imagining him p.much the exact opposite of Bones here lmao…. Also might make him like kinda Underlust-inspired just cos yeah i’m a ho for smut rps I admit it idec. But he’s also not 100% about sex n shit so don’t worry if ur muse won’t be into that.

but uh. still kinda nervous abt startin it, guess I just wanted to kinda. Throw it out there, see if anyone’s interested. I also don’t wanna be stepping on any toes or anything idk /)v ; i guess i won’t mind talkin deets if anyone wants]