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Social Media Say-What-Now?! [Overabundance of Social Media Job Titles]

Social media buzzwords are all around us — Web 2.0, engagement, community, conversation, influencers, and countless others. But have you realized how much social media buzzwords have infiltrated Human Resources? Social media job titles seem to be all the rage, and I’m getting super confused!!

To be honest I’ve used a few of these; Rright now I am the “Social Media Innovator and Online Community Director” at Ideaz Factory. It’s been confusing my clients, so I’ve just been saying “Social media consultant” and sometimes “social media strategist”. But I’m currently a professional blogger (although definitions vary from anyone running a business-oriented blog or getting paid anything at all to blog to those earning a full-time living from blogging — I go with the former definition).

That’s a part of the problem though. We’re at a point where it seems like everyone is defining these social media job titles so differently that in the end they mean little to nothing. Are we simply caught up in social media stardom, or are we more lost in trying to explain what we do? And what are people’s thoughts on some of the more ‘interesting’ (read: ego-centric) social media job titles out there — from czar to guru? Check out the list below to see what kinds of social media job titles are out there and being advertised these days.

  1. Analytics Manager
  2. App Designer / Developer
  3. Blog Editor
  4. Blogger / Pro Blogger / Professional Blogger
  5. Blogger-in-Chief
  6. Brand Ambassador
  7. Brand Champion
  8. Brand & Project Manager
  9. Brand Promoter
  10. Client Engagement Manager
  11. Client Services Coordinator, Online / Social Media
  12. Community Content Outreach Coordinator
  13. Community Data Guerrilla
  14. Community Manager
  15. Content Manager – Strategic Marketing
  16. Content Strategist
  17. Conversation Manager
  18. Director of Enterprise Communications
  19. Director of Integrated Media
  20. Director of PR & Social Media
  21. Director of Social Media
  22. Director of Social Media Communications
  23. Director of Social Media Strategy
  24. Digital Marketing Manager
  25. Digital Media Coordinator
  26. Digital Media Strategist
  27. Digital PR Consultant
  28. Digital / Social Media Strategist
  29. Ghost Blogger
  30. Head of Search Marketing
  31. Idea Inventor
  32. Internet Media Associate
  33. IT & Telecom Consultant
  34. Leadership Trainer
  35. Marketing Communications Specialist
  36. Mobile Social Media Developer
  37. Multi-media Communications Specialist
  38. Multi-media Journalist
  39. New Media Coordinator
  40. New Media Developer
  41. New Media Specialist
  42. Online Community and Social Media Czar
  43. Product Evangelist
  44. Podcaster
  45. Search and Social Media Optimizer
  46. Serial Entrepreneur
  47. Social & Digital Media Manager
  48. Social Impact Manager
  49. Social Media Activist
  50. Social Media Advocate
  51. Social Media Analyst
  52. Social Media Attorney
  53. Social Media CFO
  54. Social Media Community Manager
  55. Social Media Consultant
  56. Social Media Coordinator
  57. Social Media Evangelist
  58. Social Media Expert
  59. Social Media Guru
  60. Social Media Lead
  61. Social Media Marketer
  62. Social Media Manager
  63. Social Media Missionary
  64. Social Media Monitor
  65. Social Media Music Publicist
  66. Social Media Professional
  67. Social Media Representative
  68. Social Media Rockstar
  69. Social Media Specialist
  70. Social Media Strategist
  71. Social Networks Designer
  72. Tweeter / Ghost Tweeter
  73. Underground Band Promoter & Event Planner
  74. Virtual Worlds Developer
  75. Youth Marketing Manager

Ok I give up. But I need to pick one soon before I get my new contract and order those glossy, perdy business cards!!

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It takes one to start one

After a little nudging, a little inspiration, a leftover bottle of wine, and a very hectic day at work….i have a tumblr. (Soo..Basically your typical Friday afternoon.)

I’ve had a super private quiet life for the longest time,but since every day something interesting happens, I thought I’d document my thoughts from time to time. I love it too much not be able to remember it one day. 

And here it goes with an obligatory introduction, as this blog will capture some time to time glimpses of my life, situations, problems, and endeavors that will probably just be work-related (but I love my job, and everyone I work with, and I’ve only just started). 

I’m a social media marketer, in case you were wondering. Official title is: “Social Media Innovator and Online Community Director at Ideaz Factory International”

Sounds cliche? I’m trying not to be.  

I’m a personable go-getter that adores good company, especially at here in Beirut. I love living in a country that has 4 seasons, retro fashion, and will always have a craving for coffee. A “I left my heart in Boston” girl (and better yet - a Loveanese? Because I Love Lebanon and that blog about Love in Lebanon) that occasionally will get an Almaza, or 4…  I am a daughter, sister, good friend to many, girlfriend to one, student, sassy, twenty-something tweeter, & now a [public] “blogger.” I’m trying to grow-up, but enjoy the occasional slip-up. I require that you have a sense of humor, maybe with an ounce of sarcasm, and a personality above anything. 

And I’m only warming up.