To new beginnings

Silas Grimm finally settled down in his  new apartment in Bridgeport He was so overwhelmed by it all, there was so much for him to do that he simply went to sleep, tomorrow the journey begins. 

Lot is from Ideas4sims The door isn’t functional so you have to find a door to use…and the shower is int he way of the toilet so just find room if you don’t want to ruin the floor of the room.  But that’s just me…and I’m all type of wonky.


Requested by ideas4sims - Industrial Living by marcussims for TS2

• Barrell Endtable (+5 rc) • 4 different books (+2 rc each) • Bookshelf (+1 rc) • Coatrack • Coffeetable (+3 rc) • Floorlamp (+1 rc) • 3 Floor Lockers (1 Master + 2 Slaves) • Leaning Picture • Media Console (+1 rc) • Sofa (+1 rc) • Sofa Throw (+2 rc) • 2x Suitcase Chest • Rope Light •

Also included: previews, collection files and icon, multipliers and psds

Credit: marcussims

Download: COPY | Mediafire


25 Peanut Street.

Aubergine is done! It’s really cute and I like it a lot :3 I stole the sofa bed from Ideas4Sims, all credit goes to them for that, haha.


  • Both an exterior only version (includes planting) and a fully furnished version can be found here (Onedrive).
  • Or here (Mediafire).
  • Or at Sim File Share.
  • Note 1: I included the vendigroth’s lupin default because it’s amazing.
  • Note 2: I accidentally left a OMSPs out in the open in the hallway :|

As for compatibility: I have the Ultimate Collection version of the game.

My thanks to all CC creators whose work I’ve used.