DP x KP crossover ideas

Here are some ideas for Kim Possible and Danny Phantom crossovers:

1. Danny and Ron are the mascots for Middleton High School, and they argue over who will mascot each game. Sometimes Danny will wear the body, and Ron will wear the top when their fights get so huge and Kim forces them to comprise. (Or Vise Versa)

2. Danny is the mascot for the Casper High Ravens at an away game for Middleton High School, and he and Ron both get beaten up after the game. They become mutual friends. Danny especially likes Ron’s naked mole rat Rufus, and shows Ron his “pet” dog Cujo.

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INFP + INTP relationship?

[see this post for relationship tips]

INFP (Fi-Ne-Si-Te) + INTP (Ti-Ne-Si-Fe)

Potential for Conflict:

  • Fi v. Fe: Both types tend to be fairly inexpressive in terms of being difficult to read. INFPs are quite in touch with their own inner experiences especially feelings and emotions, whereas INTPs struggle with processing emotion and reading others. Thus, it would be easy for both sides to misunderstand the other through misinterpreting intentions, motivations, or expectations.
  • Ne: Both types like to explore a variety of ideas and possibilities but INFPs tend to focus on human experience whereas INTPs tend to focus on abstract systemic knowledge. Thus, INFPs might see INTPs as too detached or out of touch, and INTPs might see INFPs as naive or unrealistic.
  • Si: Both types can use Si to be more detail-oriented but can also use Si defensively to obsess about the past or some insignificant details. So, if both types were being defensive, it could create distance as both withdraw into their own corners. Both types tend to have difficulty attending to routines and schedules.
  • Te v. Ti: INFPs tend to devalue impersonal critical analysis, whereas INTPs understand the world analytically. Thus, INFPs might see INTPs as cold, inconsiderate, or neglectful, and INTPs might see INFPs as irrational, unreliable, or ineffective.
  • Both are introverted and tend to withdraw easily from others especially during conflicts.

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100 Ways To Say I Love You, a major crimes fanfic | FanFiction

Day 1 / “Pull over. Let me drive for a while”

Somehow, Sharon and Andy had let Provenza talk them into a “couples’ weekend away to Las Vegas before he finally tied himself down for, what would hopefully be, the last time”, though secretly Sharon was sure that it was Patrice’s idea to invite them along - possibly for her own sanity.

Much to Sharon’s surprise, it had been a fun trip, not at all what she had expected. She and Patrice had even managed to talk the boys into going to a Celine Dion concert with them, but the pair got their own back by dragging them along to a Las Vegas 51s’ baseball game.

The only part of the trip she regretted? Deciding to save money by driving.

Driving for over four hours really wasn’t her cup of tea.

“Pull over. Let me drive for a while” Andy offered as he watched Sharon’s eyes grow heavy from a no stop weekend in the city that never sleeps. “You drove the whole way there as well, you should at least let me drive some of the way home” He insisted, glad that his girlfriend’s stubbornness was at an all time low when she was both tired and suffering caffeine withdrawals.

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Because mookie–maniac is talking about Indra’s reincarnations and how the soul of his lover could have lived in Rin, now I’m thinking about Asura. Like, his soul and the soul of his lover always find each other eventually. Hashirama and Mito. Naruto and Hinata. I also really like the idea of Kushina being a possible carrier of Asura’s soul, which would be part of the reason she got along so well with Mito.

doing dramamime and the lil dimey i had of coke was a baad bad idea ; quite possibly my worst all summer i still feel unsettled but i was passing in and out of a conscious dream i was so thankful when i began crashing off of the stim high because then it was easy enough to just pass out a few hours

Dark Stars

laughs nervously So, this totally isn’t based off of miachee ’s au idea ( ) Totally… (it is) And Blood Moon Ball kinda dragged me into this shipping hell so…. This is a thing. Enjoy.

Dark Stars

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Crimson and Ebony Suffering

Rosa Evergreen the youngest female mafia boss was beating herself up. She had been caught moving to do one of her jobs and now she was strung up with metal cuffs by her wrists her feet dangling a couple feet off the ground in some old abandoned place she assumed. She’s been gone for Hel only knows how long and she was wondering if anyone even knew she was missing.. She wondered how her crew and friends where doing while she’s been beaten and tortured in this dark dank place. Angel, Vance, Alex, the twins, her little sister Desi, her best friends Otis, Greedsie, Toby. The trolls she managed to befriend. Hell even Vertoria and Aiden/ Ghosty. Even though she doesn’t know them well. She still wonders how they are doing. There was a loud clank and bang before heavy footsteps thudded down to where she was strung up. Her torturer had returned.

My Boys

more positive public interaction between Zayn and the boys to ease everyone into the idea of them possibly talking and hanging out ✔

more positive public interaction between Zayn and the boys to improve his standing with the fandom ✔ 

convenient timing to remind everyone that they still need to be buying and streaming the single ✔ 


So I’ve been getting closer and closer to 1,000 and I keep feeling like I should do something fun for all you guys crazy enough to listen to me ramble…except I never thought it would happen this quickly. So now its decision time.

I’m not a huge fan of follower forever because I have the world’s shittiest memory at times and will inevitably forget someone and feel like a jerk about it.

So….here’s my thought. Do you guys want TWFI outtake(s)? Deleted / missing scenes? (Note: from the current timeline not for future unposted events.)

I’m going to caveat this that if I get too many of them to possibly write I’ll probably put it up to vote or randomly pick requests out of a hat or something along those lines. Provided anyone is interested at all….

It’s always bothered me when SS extremists create this idea that Sakura saved Sasuke from his darkness and somehow ‘fixed’ him.

Firstly, no female in this series (and i’m speaking as a SK) significantly helped Sasuke through his darkness. They may have kept him physically alive, and in the the case of Taka they reminded him of the importance of bonds for a short period of time. But no female assisted in saving Sasuke. That was what Naruto did for Sasuke, and even then i feel some extreme SS don’t understand what Sasuke actually needed. 

They imagine that Sakura’s love for Sasuke helped ‘thaw his heart’ or ‘banish his darkness’ or some other overly romanticized interpretation of what NARUTO”S love for Sasuke caused. Sakura had nothing to do with that.

Secondly, Sasuke wasn’t ‘fixed’ by anyone, so the initial idea isn’t even possible. When someone is making bad decisions with their life, you can’t force them to think correctly. Your love can’t suddenly make them turn around and be a good person. You can’t ‘fix’ people, that’s not how it works, and that’s not what happened between Sasuke and Naruto.

Naruto didn’t force Sasuke to become what he (Naruto) believed was a better person. Rather he caused Sasuke to want to be a better person. That’s all you can ever do. Sasuke saw that Naruto always believed that he could be a better man, a good man, a great friend, a hero, a good brother. Sasuke saw that Naruto truly believed that Sasuke could become those things, and that’s what made Sasuke want to change, he wanted to live up to Naruto’s expectations. Because no matter WHAT he did, Naruto believed in him. THAT”S what saved Sasuke, THAT faith. 

Yes, NARUTO ALONE OF TEAM SEVEN HAD THAT LASTING FAITH IN SASUKE. Kakashi didn’t, at the bridge all he showed towards Sasuke was slight remorse and large quantities of disdain. Sakura wanted to kill Sasuke, and why?

Because Sakura thought the only way for Sasuke to be redeemed was for him to die.






What I got from the full BTS video of the kiss:

Robin is not dead! He is just weak. He encountered a magical being that was sucking out the life out of him or what not. And Regina comes running in telling the monster that if it wants a life, take hers. Then she charges after Robin only to be blocked away by magic. They all join hands and somehow overcome the magic and Regina runs to a weakened Robin then kisses him. It doesn’t look like it’s true love’s kiss because from what I saw, Robin’s eyes were open and Regina was caressing his cheeks before she kissed him. It was like a moment of Regina relishing in the moment that Robin isn’t dead. “Thank god. I thought I lost you.” Then she kisses him and his hands find her arm and he rubs them to comfort her. That’s how I saw things.


Blood Ties

By: Dragongoddess13

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who preformed the injury.” -Marcus Aurelius

Death came swiftly; she barely remembered the sound of the building crumbling or Tony’s pained scream as he failed to catch her.

…But it’s all wrong, she wasn’t supposed to die, not that day; not like that. Magneto wasn’t supposed to attack; the fates had not foreseen it that way. And yet it did happen.

The balance has shifted; has been shifting from the very beginning and the powers that be think she is the only on who can fix it.

Change the past. Fix the future.

…Why her though?

She’s not anything special in the eyes of the universe. Just another bright young woman failing to live up to her potential, who got caught up in something so much bigger than herself and now she can’t pull out of its gravitational field.

They assure her she can do it, that she’s the only one who can, but their assurances mean little to her.

She’ll do it regardless of whether she thinks she can or not, for they tell her she will live again should she succeed. It may be a selfish reason to do it but she wants to see Jane and Thor get married. She wants to see Tony and Pepper’s new baby, wants to see Bucky and Steve smile at her again.

She just wants another chance.