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@dandelionandbuttercup, @holy-squirrel-of-death, thank you so much! ♥

I don’t usually do these things, but this one seemed pretty cool, so here we go:

  1. my hair [it’s really soft + now it’s ginger because I always wanted to have red hair, and I love it]
  2. my eyes
  3. my writing skills [even tho I hate almost everything I’ve ever written, I know it’s just my inner critic trying to prove I suck, but am I going to listen? not a chance. and yeah, some of my pieces are goddamn brilliant]
  4. my imagination [it can be pretty wild. I’m one of those people who almost never talk, but my mind is never a boring place]
  5. my body [this one is very important. I’ve been judged my whole life for being too skinny, made fun of, been criticized, etc. It took me a really long time to learn to feel comfortable in my own skin and look at myself as a beautiful human being I am]

anonymous asked:

I love coming onto this site and seeing the overwhelming affection for you! It's so positive and true! Much love from a smol gay to a tol cutie ❤

This message made me so happy aaah thanks so much, smol gay cutie pie!

I appreciate all of the messages I receive, you have no idea! ❤️ All the overwhelming positivity and cuteness brings me so much joy

Just because you don’t look like somebody who you think is attractive doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive. Flowers are pretty, but so are sunsets and they look nothing alike.

Friendly reminder that

-trans men are men

-trans men are not, in any way, shape, or form, women

-trans men who are attracted to men are gay

-trans mlm are not straight girls fetishizing gay relationships

-trans mlm are not just cis girls with internalized misogyny 

-trans mlm are valid and good

-i hope every trans mlm reading this has a good day 

my girlfriend is studying outside on her college campus and keeps sending me pictures of the trees, sunbathing turtles, and dogs walking by. apparently she wants to take a nap here and use my boobs as a pillow (i’ve never loved her more) 

@shacklefunk ‘s gem oc coffinite (left) inspired me to make my own morbid/dark gem character bc im out of fresh ideas at this point, so here she is meeting onyx (right)! after i designed onyx the other day i realized how similar their designs r to each other so i made a joke out of it lmao, but i in no way meant to rip off coffinites design, so blease dont sue me

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my gf and I are makin a list of date ideas for the summer do u have any suggestions?? 💓

this is adorable and i would love to see your completed list!

my first suggestion: make a summer scrapbook to document all your adventures! have a page for each bucket list item with photos, funny things that happened, ticket stubs, etc.  

  • try (and fail) several pinterest DIY crafts
  • bring a blanket and attend to a local outdoor concert
  • start a book club between yourselves (i.e. read independently, or out loud to each other, with discussion questions)
  • hide and seek in ikea
  • start a mini herb garden or terrarium
  • beach bonfire with volleyball competition
  • host a dinner party
  • twister with paint (wear white shirts for keepsake)
  • hangout with animals at local shelter
  • make homemade ice cream (i know the salt+shaking method) or popsicles! get creative
  • couples massages
  • build/paint a bird house
  • stay up all night and attend a dawn yoga class
  • kayaking/canoeing/paddleboarding
  • spin art?
  • complete a coloring book together
  • stargaze - download an app or find an online guide
  • draw with sidewalk chalk
  • drive in movie theater!
  • make smores!
  • fly kites
  • hike and picnic at a local national park
  • trip to the beach or lake! bonus: skinny dipping?
  • fruit/berry picking!
  • if you have young siblings/family members: help set up a lemonade stand
  • win each other something at a fair or carnival
  • kiss on top of a ferris wheel
  • scavenger hunt in mall/zoo (could potentially be a group date idea, with couples as teams)
  • water gun or water balloon fight
  • sleep outdoors (real camping, backyard camping, rv camping, trampoline camping)
  • body paint each other
  • buy local produce at farmers market, then bake/cook together
  • tie dye!

Having discussions with people who believe that “there are only two genders” is optional.

Sure, you might be able to change their minds or further our visibility with discussion, but your safety as a nonbinary person must come first.

Listening to people who don’t want you to exist is an exhausting and harmful task that should never be demanded of you.

You don’t need to sacrifice yourself for a bigot’s hate speech.


Guys, it’s been a day.

Less than a day even.

Are we really doing this? Sega lets you design your own character that obviously WOULDN’T be a recolor because, duh, they wouldn’t put that option in the game, and some people are really complaining about it?

I get it, I really do. I’ve been in the fandom for years and have been with Sonic since the Genesis days. I understand that people don’t like change. Some people still don’t like boost. Even if it’s not wisps exactly, some people hate that it’s still there. Some want a return to the Adventure style. Some people are upset that the third character isn’t one of the many characters Sega created over the years.

Modern and Classic Sonic are iconic. Generations is also really well-loved, so it was an obvious choice to have both of them in the game. Yet, maybe they didn’t want to make it exactly like Generations, and thus chose to add another character.

But they considered; what if they picked someone that people didn’t like? I mean, even some of the Adventure lovers didn’t like playing as some of the characters, or just the characters themselves. It was a risk.

So, they sat around in the office one day and decided that they wanted you to be in the game. They wanted you to be part of the adventure.

They wanted you, because no matter what anyone says, they wouldn’t be here without their fans, and they know that.

Character customization is not easy. I’ll bet they spent so much time slaving over this because they didn’t want just anyone to fight alongside Modern and Classic; they wanted you.

Some people are joking, and I understand that. Some are poking fun and that’s completely okay. Yes yes, I’ve heard it all; Sega letting people make custom characters is what caused everything in the game to go to hell, blah blah blah.

But this? Being negative like this? That’s not okay.

I’m not saying that people can’t have their opinion, and if anyone legitimately doesn’t want to play as a customizable character, that’s perfectly fine, but saying that this game is suddenly going to be bad or that Sega’s made a huge mistake and actually meaning it? Before the game’s even come out?

This franchise has gone through many changes over the years; from Classic to Modern and everything in-between. It’s natural that things change as Sega tries new things.

But isn’t that part of the magic? There are so many different attempts at making a Sonic game, and none are exactly alike. Sometimes it’s just Sonic, sometimes someone else comes along for the ride, and sometimes it’s a whole slew of characters you get to choose from!

And this time, it’s you. Even if no one ends up liking the gameplay style, Sega made a conscious decision that YOU were more important than every other character they’ve made aside from Sonic himself.

I think that’s pretty special.

Sonic is not dead. Even if Sega stops making games, as long as people continue to cherish the franchise and the character, Sonic will never be dead.

Negative opinions, no matter how severe, will not change that fact.

There is no “right way” to be or feel nonbinary. It’s hard to finally learn to accept and be comfortable with your gender, regardless of outside influences. There’s no such thing as being “nonbinary enough”. If you identify as nonbinary, then you are nonbinary no matter what. Don’t worry about matching other peoples’ presentations or identities. Be your own enby; there’s no better way to be than yourself.

There isn’t a list of criteria you need to check off in order to qualify as nonbinary. You are perfect the way you are.

There is a lot of talk about gender dysphoria and euphoria being signs that you are nonbinary.

But you don’t have to have any strong feelings about your gender or lack of gender.

You can just “know” that you are nonbinary.

Don’t let others monitor your feelings so that they can decide how nonbinary you are.