ideas for new years resolutions

ideas for things you can achieve! 

Happy (early) new year! Here’s to 2017, the best year yet! (because 2016 has set the bar pretty low)

You can start working towards a goal anytime of year, not just for a new year’s resolution! 

→  Guide to Setting Effective Goals


  • run x distance
  • run x distance in y time
  • attend a certain fitness event (ex. color run, ironman)
  • be able to lift x amount of weight
  • lose, gain, or maintain weight
  • eat healthy food
  • start incorporating new fitness types into your life
  • go for daily walks

Physical & Mental Health

  • keep up with medication
  • quit bad habits like smoking, binge eating, drinking too much, etc
  • go to x number of dentist, doctor, optometrist, psychiatrist, therapist, etc appointments
  • improve self esteem
  • drink more water
  • start journaling


  • contact friends and family x number of times
  • meet new people
  • reconnect with old friends
  • stop contacting an ex


  • save x amount by y date
  • save x% of each paycheck
  • no spend for x amount of time
  • start a savings or IRA account
  • establish a budget
  • pay off debt
  • get insurance

Personal Development

  • take an online course
  • listen to podcasts 
  • learn an instrument
  • learn a language
  • start a blog or youtube channel
  • get a promotion or better job
  • start playing a sport you like to watch
  • learn to cook
  • write a novel
  • read more
  • start a business
  • get organized, clean more often
  • learn self defense


  • travel to places you want to go
  • watch concerts and performances
  • visit museums
  • watch new movies in cinema
  • attend conventions 
  • go to theme parks
  • change your style
  • get or remove a tattoo
  • adopt a pet
  • donate money or volunteer

+ more posts / youtube channel


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Cornflakes. That’s all Tyler could think about all day, stupid cornflakes. Mark, Ethan and he had gone out to meet up with fans and record some videos, and the whole time Tyler has a craving for some cornflakes. As soon as they got home, he went to the pantry and was excited to see a box of them sitting on the top shelf. He grabbed a bowl from a nearby cupboard and poured himself a hefty bowl of the delicious cereal. He went to the fridge to grab the milk, but was very disappointed to find they had none. He contemplated throwing away his bowl of cereal, but he knew his craving would only get worse until satisfied. He decided he should ask his roommates just to be sure they were out.

He walked out to the living room expecting to find Ethan, but instead found Mark, and decided to ask him about it. “Hey Mark, do you know if we have any more milk?” he questioned.

“I have no idea bro, sorry. None in the fridge?” Mark answered. Ty just shook his head and continued to look for Ethan. After checking everywhere downstairs, he decided to just call him to see where he was. The phone barely rang before Ethan answered.

“Hey Ty, what’s up?” Ethan questioned.

“Hey babe, do you know if we have any more milk?” Ty asked his boyfriend.

“Uh…no I uh…I think I used the last of it this morning.” Ethan confessed, sounding a bit flustered.

“Oh alright. Where are you?” Ty asked, wondering where he could have gone.

“My recording room. Why?” Ethan replied.

“Oh just wondering. I’ll let you go then. Talk to you later babe, love you.” Ty said casually.

“Uhh, you too. Bye.” Ethan answered awkwardly. After hanging up, Ty couldn’t help but wonder why Ethan sounded so nervous on the phone with him. He didn’t say anything different than normal, right? He had talked to him while he was recording before, and Eth just always edits it out. He couldn’t figure out why he would be acting so weird. Ty dismissed it as just a weird occasion and decided to focus on his craving dilemma instead. After a few seconds of internal debate, he decided to go to the store to buy some milk.

“MARK! I’m heading to the store! Be back soon!” Ty called to the man in the other room. After hearing an affirmation, he headed upstairs to say goodbye to Eth. He walked into his recording room without knocking, like he does quite often. “Hey babe, I’m heading out to buy some milk really quick. I’ll be back soon,” Ty said right before kissing Eth goodbye. He had done this plenty of times before, so it startled him when he pulled away from the short kiss and saw Eth with big eyes looking very nervous.

“Um, babe? You okay?” Ty asked, concerned.

“Well uhh…I’m livestreaming…” Eth answered.

Two words. ‘I’m livestreaming.’ Two words that practically scared Ty to death. He instantly jumped back and covered his mouth, mortified. He looked at Eth’s computer screen to check, and sure enough there was a live chat that was slowly blowing up with confused fans.

“Oh my god. Ethan I’m so sorry,” Ty apologized sounding like he was seriously freaking out. He couldn’t believe he had done something so absolutely moronic. He felt so many emotions at once, everything became extremely overwhelming. He couldn’t breathe, his vision started acting strange, he felt like a boa constrictor was tightening around him, all while he continued rambling apologies to his boyfriend. He felt like this went on for hours, but in reality it was mere seconds. He only calmed when he felt a pair of lips on his. Eth was kissing him. He didn’t hate him. Why didn’t he hate him? Eth pulled away and looked at Ty with concern and love in his eyes.

“Ty, it’s okay. It was going to happen eventually, might as well be now. It’s okay. Calm down, my love.” Ethan reassured Ty. He finally was able to calm down enough to realize the stream was still running, so he let Eth get back to his fans. As he stood off camera, he heard Eth tell his fans, “So uh, yeah. Ty is my boyfriend, and I could not be more happy to finally get to say that to you guys. He makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time, and I love him more than anything.” Eth looked up at Ty and gave him the most genuine smile Ty had ever seen, and in that moment, Ty knew everything was going to be just perfect.


So this is my first thing I wrote for my New Years resolution. Original idea goes to @crankityler (I asked for permission, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet, so if they want me to take this down, i will)

Hope you like it! message me with ideas for future fics.

The chocobros and their favorite holidays

Noctis: Halloween- but not for the reason you think. Yeah, he loves going to apple orchards and haunted hay rides, but he loves Halloween because he can dress up as whatever he wants and no one will know it’s him. Every year he picks a costume that he can use a mask or face paint with and goes out to do whatever he wants. Even if it’s just going to see a horror film with the rest of the bros at their local theater, he can relax knowing people don’t know they’re sitting right next to the prince of Lucis.

Prompto:Christmas- this is kind’ve a given but can you blame him? The lights, the smells, the food, the aesthetic of it all. Not only does it make for great photo opportunities but he loves spoiling his friends with gifts, and this holiday is the perfect excuse to do so. He is exactly like buddy the elf; loves the snow, loves to sing Christmas songs, loves to bake cookies. If it gets him in the Christmas spirit he’s game.

Ignis:New Years- he’s already really appreciated the idea of a “fresh new start”. His New Years resolution every year is to expand his knowledge of cooking and has stuck to it every year. He also insists on preparing most of the food for the evening so it’s the perfect excuse to spend his time cooking and trying some new recipes. It also makes him feel very sentimental when all of his close friends are in one room but he’d never say anything.

Gladiolus:Doesn’t actually have one- he appreciates every major holiday for what they are, but he really enjoys the holidays the know one really even knows about. National strawberry ice cream day? National wear your shirt inside out day? Talk in third person day? He’s all over them. He loves any excuse to do something just for the hell of it and if google says it’s a holiday then it’s a holiday to him.

  • Warden: I don't really have any new years resolutions. Anyone got any ideas for me?
  • Alice: Maybe stop being an obnoxious dick.
  • Jared: Or stop making fun of people's insecurities?
  • Stingray: And also, get a real sense of humor!
  • Warden: ...okay WOW YOU GUYS
2017 New Year Resolutions Ideas

- Break a world record
- Learn a new language
- Explore a new place near where you live
- Be organised
- Journal everyday
- Workout everyday
- Get a new hobby
- Read one book per month
- Learn an instrument
- Learn how to sing
- Learn a new sport
- Meditate
- Worry less
- Reduce stress
- Be more happy
- Go out and meet new people
- Do the thing you’ve always wanted to do
- Conquer a fear
- Visit another country
- Start a blog
- Keep your room clean
- Survive a day without your phone
- Survive a day without the internet
- Call an old friend
- Cook for your family
- Maintain a regular sleeping schedule
- Write more
- Go outdoors
- Donate to a charity
- Go hiking
- Drink more water
- Declutter your wardrobe
- Get your shit together
- Start an online business
- Eat healthy
- Become a vegetarian/vegan
- Find a favourite quote
- Inspire others
- Apply for internship
- Enjoy life
- Do something and be really good at it

What each of the Avengers New Year Resolutions are

Tony Stark

Tony was too proud of himself to admit he needed a new years resolution but the rest of the team and deep down he knew what it was. To loose his ego. At first Tony, of course denied it and ended up completely ignored everyone. But one day he sat down and thought about what his ego had done. Created his own nemesis, Aldrich Killian. Created a deadly AI called Ultron that went rouge and decided to destroy all of humanity. And to put the icing on the cake, split up the team causing a Civil War that ended friendships. So he decided that maybe it would be worth a shot.  

Steve Rogers

Steve didn’t like the idea of New Year Resolutions for the reasons. (1) He thought that if you wanted to change something you just do it anytime. (2) He doesn’t agree with the idea with of changing something about yourself, no matter what it is. But he still did have a Resolution, to help Bucky in any way he can. At first people (mainly the avengers) jokingly said that it is supposed to be a Resolution for himself. But he just simply said “Why should I waist it on myself?” Because after getting captured by Hydra, falling of the train, losing an arm, being brainwashed and turned into a super assassin, Bucky defiantly needed it more than Steve did.

Natasha Romanoff

Now Natasha put on a sort of mask which basically told everyone that she thought New Year Resolutions were rubbish and that she was a strong, confident and didn’t need to change anything about her. But that couldn’t have been far from the truth. Natasha did secretly have one New Year Resolution that she has had for almost all her life. To let go of her past. That was the one thing that was dragging her down. She was embarrassed of her past, hated herself, at times was unsure of what she was, felt like it was controlling her. But from now on it was no more. It will be a brighter, better, and hopeful future for her. Nothing like her past.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky has definitely had the most difficult and depressing life of the Avengers, from being tossed out of his time period like Steve, but becoming a Russian Super Assassin and sent to kill his former friend. And finally having almost on idea who he was outside of an assassin. And he also had a metal arm which he loathed. He had multiple reasons of why he hated it. It made in stick out like a sore thumb, it had helped him kill so many innocent people, and it just wasn’t everyone’s idea of a good look. Which Bucky hated. So he decided that his New Year`s Resolution would be to learn to love himself again. But he only told this to Steve, because he felt embarrassed to tell anyone else. So together Bucky with the trust of his best friend Steve taught Bucky how to love himself. Because it broke Steve seeing his best friend this way. 

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda knew all about New Year Resolutions, but she didn’t really know the point of having them, whereas Pietro always, mind you it was always to do with his speed, always having to faster. So she decided to do it for him. So Wanda decided that her New Year Resolution would be to master her powers, so she would be in control. Also because she will no longer afraid of herself or what she can do. But she isn’t one for asking for help, so she mainly does it by herself, in her room when it isn’t regular training with the others. But Steve can pick up on the idea that she needed help so he helps her on the stuff that she cannot do alone.

‘Rincewind, all the shops have been smashed open, there was a whole bunch of people across the street helping themselves to musical instruments, can you believe that?’

‘Yeah,’ said Rincewind, picking up a knife and testing its blade thoughtfully.  ‘Luters, I expect.’

—  Terry Pratchett, “The Light Fantastic”
(This was a completely unnecessary pun and that is obviously the best kind.)

1 January 2017: [1/100]

New year, new possibilities! I finally finished my resolutions spread in my bullet journal, and decided to adopt the 100 Days of Productivity challenge. I definitely need to hit the ground running in 2017, and I can hardly wait for what the year holds in store!

NYE is drawing near, signaling the end of holiday revelry and the beginning of reflection of things we’d like to improve in 2015. Organization is often high on that list. 

Check out this simple DIY project that can be customized as storage for so much more than shoes. Add a coat of stain or a pop of fun paint and this can be a worthy addition to your New Years project list.

Get the instructions.

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New Year's Eve but the boys s/o being in another country

Sure Love! I’m so sorry it took so long, I hope you like it all the same!

Tamaki: Tamaki would be on the phone/video chatting with his s/o all night, celebrating both when it was midnight for them, and for himself. Kissing the phone and saying over and over again that he missed his s/o with all his heart and wanted to see them in person. He would get a little emotional at one point, telling his s/o how much he loves them, and how much he is looking forward to another year.

Kyoya: Kyoya doesn’t believe in the idea of New Year’s resolutions, so when his s/o calls him from their hotel in the US, where they were visiting family, he was only half listening as they went on and on about the things they were going to do as the new year started. He only fully began to listen when they said how excited they were about being able to spend another happy year with him, to which he responded with,

“I don’t need a resolution to do that.”

Honey: Honey was celebrating with his s/o over the phone, singing happily to himself and his s/o as they waited for midnight to happen. It happened to him first, and he shouted into the phone that they had officially made it a year and when his s/o got back to the country they were going on a big date to celebrate their anniversary.

Hikaru: Hikaru would not understand why his s/o couldn’t be with him on New Years. He understood he was in a different country than his s/o because they were on vacation for the holidays with their family. He would be on the phone, with his s/o, who midnight had already happened for, when he would become very livid about the fact that he can’t physically be with them right now, but his s/o would eventually calm him down and make him happy again.

Kaoru: Kaoru would be watching the clock with a picture of his s/o and himself in his hand, scared to call incase his s/o was asleep. He knew he should have paid more attention when his s/o was explaining the time zones but he was too busy staring at them, again. Then the melodic ringing of his s/o’s ring tone and ‘baby’ flashed on his screen. He quickly picked it up, and the first words out of his mouth were, “I love you”

Mori: He couldn’t stand the thought of not being with his s/o on New Years, it was a very spiritual and important time for him. So before he knew what he was doing, he was on a plane watching the lights underneath him as he made his way to London. He had butterflies in his stomach as he made his way up the staircase to his s/o’s hotel room. He rasped his knuckles against the door and when he saw their face appear in front of him, he smiled, grabbing their face and pulling it to his in a sweet kiss.

Happy new year! Sorry this took so long, I hope you like it! (:


1. Surround yourself with as much positivity as possible. Those with constant negative energy will only bring you down. This also means that you must remain as positive as possible, within the realm of reality.

2. Seek out new friends as well as continuously strengthening older bonds. There are plenty of new people out there to meet. Just because this is a fact does not mean you should forget about old friends; there’s a reason you were friends with them in the first place.

3. Take interest in other people’s stories and adventures. Listen. Try to see what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes. Changing perspectives, even slightly, goes a long way.

4. Do not beat yourself up over small blips. These mean nothing in the long run. Skipped a workout at the gym? No biggie. Failed a test? Oh well, you’ll work even harder next time. Look to the future instead of dwelling on the past.

5. Find (or re-find) something that you are truly passionate about. This could be a cause, a hobby, a subject in school… Anything. Make sure to tell others about said passion.

6. Do something that scares you. This could be a daily task or maybe just a bimonthly ordeal. Don’t like heights? Go to the top of a tall building and enjoy the view.

7. Take care of your body. Feed it the right nutrients and vitamins. Allow yourself to indulge in that chocolate cake once in a while. Go to the gym. Take boxing lessons. Do something fun that also keeps your body in good shape so that it can operate at its maximum potential.

8. Read. The newspaper, a book, a blog. Gain new knowledge.

9. Surround yourself with people who only bring out the best in you. The ones that make you shine. The ones that realize your potential. Do not let go.

10. Live everyday as if it were your last. This may be cheesy but it holds truth. Would your future self be proud of how you utilized the 24 hours of your day today?


New Year’s Design Resolution #2:

Be fearless with color. Timeless neutrals are great, but color evokes emotion and displays personality. A bonus? It’s super easy to change when you’re ready for something else. So this year is for painting the walls with colors that say something, for color blocking an entryway or brightening the ceiling, and for adding a bold hue (or two!) to the unexpected.

It’s a new year. Get to it. 

See our other design resolutions. 


My Bullet Journal set-up.

Each spread has six blocks, one block per weekday, the last block used for the weekend.

I don’t like to have awkward empty space, so when a spread is done, I stick some magazine cut-outs or photos to fill it up with beautiful colors and images! For example, the weekly spread shown here, I didn’t do much on Friday through Sunday, so I stuck some photos in there. Also, all of winter break was completely unplanned, so with some 1979 National Geographic Magazine clippings and some paper, I created a page I could use later to write down some ideas on. (hmmm… maybe some New Years resolutions?)

At the back of the book, I have some lists.

Books to read

Test info (for when teachers tell you the layout of their midterm, or what to expect on the test)

Films to watch

Songs to listen to

Places to go



Songs to play on the Ukulele

Things to buy