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AU prompt: In a world where Kaiba digs around for some 3000-year-old DNA remnants and bio-engineers the ultimate duelist spawn.

Kaiba Yuuitsu (遊獝 play devil). Nicknames are: you eat too, U1, YuuEats. Pun on yuitsu (meaning “the only one″). 

A quiet duelists who eats a lot. Isn’t particularly unsociable but doesn’t like to talk. If she had to open her mouth, she’d rather chew on something tasty. Uses other means of communication besides verbal speech.

Other than food, she is interested in games. Although normally kind, she turns into a devil when challenged. Likes to play around with her opponents before finishing them off like a cat with a cornered mouse.

Inherited Kaiba’s bad sportsmanship but Atem’s helpfulness. (2am notes)


HOLY SH!%, Anon! My favorite Tank! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Reinhardt!!!!

I see it and with my favorite skin where he’s blind on his left eye. Since Alfred possess unimaginable strength, he can carry Reinhardt’s hammer no problem. 

“Reinhardt Wilhelm styles himself as a champion of a bygone age, who lives by the knightly codes of valor, justice, and courage. “

I just adore when our boys accidentally let slip that they talk to each other to other villagers during affair days. 

Like Aaron congratulating Vic on her culinary school birthday treat, Its bleeding obvious Robert the smug doting brother he is has been bragging about this present to Aaron for ages. Lucky Vic grants Aaron a gift horse and assumes it was Adam who told him about the birthday present. Its just the sweetest thought, Aaron and Robert talking about his little sister together, cuddling up, trying to think of presents. 

Robert trying to find Vic/ Adam when they eloped by hiring Harriet to spy on Cain, Accidentally revealing that Cain has form, that he helped Aaron out of the country, so he could do the same for Vic and Adam. Its so obvious that Aaron has whispered his story to Robert in the dead of the night, how lonely he felt in France, and how he needed his family around him, how Cain helped him. 

It’s just so amusing to me that an affair is meant to be about sex but them two literally met up so often just to have a quick kiss and to talk about their problems. 

okay but i know a lot of people are on the knight jeremy train, but hear me out for a second

king jeremy

one of the youngest kings out of the current kings to rule. he may not know a whole lot, but he tries his best to learn all he can so he can run a successful kingdom. who always puts his people first and is one of the kindest rulers. who creates beautiful buildings and structures either for people to live in or to decorate the kingdom. who is fair and kind and courageous. a man who is a nightmare on the battlefield and can destroy armies with little effort. a man who charges into battle with hell’s fire in his veins. who, after every battle, weeps for the lost lives and goes to the homes of the knights who gave their lives to say his condolences to the families, should their families be alive. a king who gives it his all to protect everyone, even if they have committed crimes.

literally just give me king jeremy who tries his best and is always optimistic and trying to make his kingdom a welcome place for all to come to.

LazyTown / Emperor’s New Groove au:

  • Stingy as Kuzco
  • Mayor Meanswell as Pacha
  • Ms Busybody as Chicha
  • Robbie as Yzma
  • Sportacus as Kronk
  • Stephanie, Trixie, Pixel, and Ziggy in place of Chaca and Tipo

Stingy is a mega spoiled prince who wants to build himself a getaway on top of the village of Lazytown. After he fires Robbie for laziness, he is accidentally turned into a pig and ends up being taken back to LazyTown w Mayor Meanswell. The kids overhear that Stingy wants to build on top of the village and when they stumble upon him as a pig, agree to take him back to the palace in return that he won’t destroy their town.

nozoroomie  asked:

nicoeli prompt!! stoll this from a list i reblogged but "I’m that dork that makes stupid puns and you’re the nerd that actually finds them funny"

School had ended, classes had let out, and Nico was still here. She didn’t need to be; last week her club had ended miserably with the resignation of her two members, and there was no point in moping around in her empty clubroom. She went up to the roof instead, her footsteps echoing loudly in the stairwell. Outside the air was painfully still, the muggy heat of early July suppressing all sound.

It left Nico alone with all the thoughts she wanted to avoid.

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✨ Self Love ✨

hey guys! so i recently saw this video by dodie clark. it’s about her insecurities, about how she wants to change a few parts of herself but she says how you wouldn’t be you if you change these few things about yourself. 

She then turned what she thought of as negative into something positive. She told people to comment below about 3 things that they dislike about themselves & then write down why they actually love them.

We tend to find so many flaws in us, be it physical or emotional, but the truth is, we’re human. we have problems & we have flaws. we’ve made mistakes & we’re all just here trying to do our best. so just love yourself. it’s obviously easier said than done, but it is possible. 

I really love these chain posts & thought it would be a good idea to do it here to spread the positivity? So I’ll start off & tag a few peeps to get it going.
If you do this, tag a few people you’d like to see do this. 💕

2am conversations
  • ~ AU Prompts with friends ~
  • B: What would dad-Kaiba even be like. I can't imagine...
  • M: Would Kaiba be the one who is suddenly the over protective parent or would he be like a lion and just throw her out onto the streets?
  • H: Nah, he wouldn't throw her out, but she'd probably have to duel for anything she wanted. "Dad, I want ____."
  • H: "Then, duel me."
  • B: So...she'd go to Atem first and pout if he ever says "ask your father, dear."
  • H: I sorta assume that in this AU, Atem is still quite dead. He'd be a single, lonely dad.
  • B: Aww, sad dad. "What was mom like...?"
  • H: Killing me softly there...
  • B: He lives off her resemblance to Atem, and when he's having a bad day, she learned at a young age to challenge him to a duel. Challenging him to a duel always sparked some light in his otherwise tired and anguished eyes on those days.
  • H: AsdgasgdyuaASHkhasdkas *keyboard smashes*
  • P: Wow, that went straight to my heart.
  • ---
  • Post-ideas:
  • -Kaiba gives her something like daily Duel Links challenges for homework. When she rakes up enough points he grants her one thing.
  • -If he duels her himself he probably gives her a handicap, except when she uses a Spellcaster deck. In which case it’s no holds. But her favourite deck is probably Fiend.
  • -Originally he was going to bio-engineer a boy to Atem's likeness but destiny and mutating variables had other plans.
  • -Yuuitsu only verbally talks during Duels, probably.