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Author’s Notes, 11-30-2015:  “Anybody here like ‘The Flash’? <3 I am SO HOOKED. I’m up to speed on the show and can’t wait to write even more fic!”

Remember when I said I was just going to write as much H/C fic as I could to fill the gap I found in fandom?  And here I am writing (1) Barry having a conversation with the Speed Force (hint: it’s a feathered animal), (2) a correspondence between time travelers, and (3) a nervous bride and groom pre-wedding (hint: WA).  I’ve also got a veritable hoard of ideas ranging from speedster extinction to superpuppies and no plans on stopping any time soon.

I love this show so much.  I’m indescribably excited to show you some of these meta ideas, to debut new theories, to ground old ones in a more accessible form.  I’m eager to sink my teeth into some good ol’ H/C and whumpy stuff, but I’m also here for bonding fics, and friendship fics, and the occasional straight-up shenanigans fic.  I’m here for angst that makes your teeth ache but leaves you feeling fulfilled and fic that is, as one lovely reviewer once pointed out, “melancholic, but with a hopeful ending.”  I’m here to elaborate on rare emotions, difficult emotions, and complicated relationships.  I’m also here to find the beauty in ordinary things.

This journey only gets better with time.  I’m truly eager to keep moving forward and keep improving.  I’m nowhere near my peak and now it’s just fun building up strength and skill.  I love working like a sled dog. 

I’m a fan of real idols, real Japanese girls who sing and dance and train almost everyday to do their job of making people happy and smile. I hate when I mention that I like idols, then a LL fan goes ‘me too’ and shows me a pic of anime girls. They’re not real, they don’t deserve to be put at the same level as real live actual idols. Even the seiyuu, they’re not idols, they’re SEIYUU. This is why I hate the LL fandom, with them calling themselves “idol fans” they’re discrediting all the work that these girls do almost everyday. They’re constantly scolded, crying, training all the time and you people think it’s fair to compare some anime girls to it. smh

I just want to say that now that I know more details about this single and how it’s not on Syco and how it’s a collab and the artwork and stuff, I’m super excited for Louis. I’m not loving the idea of debuting it on X Factor, but I still think it’s a means to an end with that “relationship” so bring it on. 

This just makes a lot more sense to me and I’m ready to love and support it. 


[Undertronic OC’s] Cider, Chronos and Zephyr (slight outfit redesign)

After two months of work, the Undertronic trio is finally debuting tomorrow with my remix of “Goodbye to a World” and I decided to do some quick outfit redesigns for Cider & Chronos since I had some time to spare. I edited Zephyr’s outfit a bit too, and I’ve just been so excited about finishing this remix, their vocals sound fantastic OvO


miss A through the years

yg shouldve just gone with his original idea of having dara debut as an actress and bom, minzy and CL as solos…. or bom and gummy as a duo and CL and minzy as solos. 2ne1 shouldve been just a yg unit or a collab because they were good at the start but now the fandom has just split up too much and theres too much CL for us daralings, bomzys and minjas to handle.

We’ve been working for the last 2 years on a passion project of ours. Our goal is to work with musicians and visual artists alike to build a community that doesn’t adhere to any one genre or style but rather focuses on originality and genuine expression. Today we bring that idea to life with the debut of Foreign Family Collective.

Our first release is a track called “Fiend” by Troy Samuela and Monsoonsiren. Every few months we’ll release something through Foreign Family Collective showcasing an artist(s) that inspires us.We’re really proud of this one and there’s a lot more to come. Stay tuned.


Harrison and Clay

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