ideas are just better in your head

Anon asked: “I get all these plot ideas in my head, but I really struggle with writing them down in words, to sit down and actually write, partly because I usually think too much whenever I try to write (like how the grammar is and how it sounds etc) and I always think it all sounds so slow and boring when I write my ideas down… which leads me to just “write” the story in my head instead of actually writing it :/. Do you’ve any advice on how to stop doing that? Because it’s really frustrating!”

Originally a question for It’s a Writer Thing, but it was decided that answering it on this blog would be better for the less technical answer and the more actionable answer!

This answer will cover two reasons why my suggestion works, and one alternative if you don’t like the first piece of advice.

-       You Need to Stop Caring So Much

Your main problem is you’re overthinking things, which is natural, because you want this scene to be perfect. As perfect as it was in your head, and every moment it doesn’t do that, you become more frustrated and your creativity is more stifled.

Those grammar and word choices worries aren’t about grammar or word choice – it’s your mind battling with the cosmic issue of scientists not getting off their butts and creating a device that projects thoughts onto paper yet. There’s nothing wrong with your writing. You have created an impeccable scene in your head, and the more impeccable it is, the more dissatisfied you’ll be with writing it.

-       So, the solution:

Drink wine. No, seriously. Carve out an evening to yourself, put on some music that inspires you to write or that serves as the background music of a scene you want, get a glass of wine (or three), and sit down.

Drink the first glass of wine.

Play the music and start brainstorming the scene. Let it play out in your head. Let yourself get a little crazy in the details because you’re not writing yet, you’re brainstorming.

If you smoke, have a cigarette, and start on the second glass of wine.

Now start writing.

-       Why This Works

Wine takes the edge off. Stronger alcohol can work too, because it’s called liquid courage for a reason. It makes you stop CARING so much if it’s perfect, so that your mind can relax enough to actually write the scene as good as it can be. If you drink too much, then you’ll have problems with the keys, so know your own limit and drink just until you just have that nice buzz that makes you not so upset if this draft turns out less than satisfactory.

Trust me, when you look at it later, it will be 80% better than you thought it’d be.

-       The Sectioned Off Evening Itself Does Wonders

Knowing that you are just messing around with the scene for the next few hours – that it doesn’t have to be perfect; that it doesn’t have to be really anything, since you’re just having an enjoyable writing session – will take half the edge off.

You’re not here to do miracles – you’re here to chill out with a nice glass of wine and enjoy yourself! Even if you just brainstorm it in your head and write down notes to fill out later, that’s for later! You accomplished something. Good for you.

-      If You Don’t Drink

That’s fine. I’m not telling anyone to start drinking if they don’t like it, or encouraging alcoholics to fall off the bandwagon for the sake of a scene. … unless it’s a really good scene.

I jest.

The key is to chill out. So whatever makes you relax, calm down, and cast off the more anxious side of yourself, do it.

If you smoke, have a cigarette. Or five.

If you like a warm bath, get a notebook and try your best to keep it dry, or if you have nerves of steel, take your chances with the laptop.

If chocolate eases your nerves, get a bag of Hersey’s Kisses and go for it.

Just remember that you have to not only kill that usual tension that life brings, but you have to go one step further to make your inner critic decide to quiet down for the night.

-       To Wrap Around

The key is to calm down. Then calm down some more. Calm down clear to the point where your “give a damn” function is disabled for the night. You can accomplish some pretty amazing things when you don’t care so much. Then the scene at least has words on it – and you can always work with a bad scene, but never a nonexistent scene.

Hope this helps!

  • family: we support you all the way!! we just want you to get better and we can accept you just the way you are! this illness doesn't define you!!
  • me: *shows one symptom*
  • family: um excuse me do you have any idea how you're affecting this family?? this is all in your head. you have control over this. you're just making this whole family miserable. we won't hesitate to put you back in the hospital.
Twin Felix Au

A slight continuation of this post.

  • After Felix has come to terms with his crush, he just carries on.
  • He’s not going to make a big deal about it.
    • Sure, it’s would be nice if he could date Marinette but she’s head over heels for his brother.
      • Which stings a little but it’s nothing to get worked up about
    • Thinking hard about it, Felix also decides that this is just a crush, not the be all, end all of his relationship with Marinette
    • She’s still his friend first.
    • So he’s not going to angst about not being able to date Marinette.
    • (If anyone has a problem with this, this is how I deal with crushes on friends. There’s no real angsting about it.)
    • He thinks it’s great!
    • (He’s a little jealous though)
    • Felix is not getting paid enough to deal with this
  • Adrien wants to set Felix and Marinette up on a date.
  • Felix is going to need so much coffee for this conversation.
  • It essentially goes like this for about three days
    • “No.”
    • “Yes!”
    • “No.”
    • “Aw, Come on Felix!”
    • “No.”
  • Eventually, Felix manages to get a word in and tells Adrien Marinette is head-over-heels for someone else.
    • He makes very pointed remarks about who it is
    • He won’t straight out say it’s Adrien
    • He still Marinette’s friend first
  • Adrien still doesn’t get it
    • Don’t ask Felix how Adrien got to that point. He’s not sure either.
  • Felix just leaves after this revelation
  • Felix runs into Marinette soon after.
  • He explains he has a crush on her
    • She’s a little shocked
    • He’s pretty chill about it
    • “I just tolerate you more than I tolerate most people. Don’t get too worked up about it. You are still my… friend.”
    • They talk about it at length and it’s pretty open.
  • Felix then tells Marinette that Adrien found out about his crush and that’s the only reason he is telling Marinette
    • Aside from the fact she and Adrien are the only ones who he feels comfortable with talking about ‘feelings’
  • He tells Marinette that Adrien somehow got it into his head that she likes Chat Noir.
    • Poor Marinette’s head pretty much explodes

So Felix having a crush on Marinette, them still being good friends cause nothing can stop this friendship, Adrien being the dense Ray of Sunshine we love and poor Marinette’s head exploding.

A Forfeit Is A Forfeit

“How?!” Zoe gapes over at Alfie, surprise etched across her face as Joe and Y/N high five.

“I have no idea,” Alfie laughs, shaking his head. “I’m as surprised as you are.”

“This isn’t fair! You cheated!” Zoe points at her brother, who stares back at her, mouth open.

“What! No we didn’t! We just know each other better!”

“You gave her the answers before we started, didn’t you?”

“You know I don’t cheat at these things, Zoe.” Joe chuckles, “Clearly you and Alfie just don’t know each other that well.”

“Oi!” Alfie protests, “I know your sister very well. We bloody live together!”

“Then explain how Joe and I won.” Y/N questions, smiling innocently at him.

“This isn’t fair.” Zoe repeats, crossing her arms.

“You’re just upset because of the forfeit.” Y/N teases, poking the other woman in the side.

“I don’t want water balloons thrown at me!” Zoe whines, turning to look at Joe, a pleading look on her face, “Please don’t make me.”

“Sorry, sis.” He shrugs, “A forfeit is a forfeit.”

“You are the worst brother in the world.” She mumbles as Joe turns to look back at the camera.

“Well, there you have it. Zalfie vs Y/S/N, and Y/S/N wins. Which means its time for the forfeit! This should be fun,” He rubs his hands together, and evil little smirk on his face.

“Leave a comment saying who you thought would win,” Y/N adds, “Because I’ll admit, I thought Zalfie would win.”

“Do you not have any faith in us, love?” Joe looks over at her, “I knew we would win.”

“No you didn’t,” She scoffs, “You told me this morning that your sister was sure to win.”

“Really?” Alfie laughs, “Way to believe in your relationship, mate.”

“It’s not that!” Joe cries out as the other three stand, “You and Zoe have just been together longer.”

“Not bloody long enough, apparently.” Zoe mutters to herself, grimacing as Y/N grabs a bucket of water balloons. “I really don’t want to do this.”

“Too bad.” Joe tells her, repositioning the camera to see outside. “You lost. We Won. Time to get pelted with water balloons.”

“All electronics get left inside, by the way.” Y/N reminds them, placing her own phone on the table.

“Let’s just do this.” Zoe leads the way outside.

“Ready?” Joe asks a minute later, water balloons in his hands, Y/N standing beside him, her own balloons in her hands.

“As we’ll ever be.” Alfie tells them, chuckling as Zoe covers her face.

She lets out a scream as the first balloon breaks against her stomach, gasping at the coldness.

Laughing, Y/N and Joe continue to throw a few balloons, until one doesn’t pop, but lands at Alfie’s feet.

“Free for all!” He calls, bending down to pick it up quickly, throwing it at Y/N has he makes a run for the bucket of balloons.

It doesn’t take long before all four are throwing balloons everywhere, and Alfie gets his hands on the hose, spraying the other three.

“Cheater!” Y/N calls out, trying to hide behind Joe as Alfie continues to spray them.

“Fair game!” He calls back.

“Alright, alright!” Joe hollers, holding his hands up, blinking at the water droplets falling in his eyes as Alfie turns the house off. “We’re all soaked, I think it’s time to call a truce.”

“Truce is good.” Zoe shivers slightly, “Because its bloody freezing out here.”

“Agreed,” Y/N nods, wrapping her arms around Joe in an attempt to warm up, “Perhaps we shouldn’t have done this in February.”

“It was still fun,” Joe smirks, rubbing his hands and up down her bare arms.

“There’s towels by the back door.” Zoe tells them all, pulling the wet shirt from against her stomach.

“You can just clean up the water!” Joe tells her, making his way inside quickly.

“Wait, Joe!” Zoe chases after him, “Stop getting water everywhere!”

“Those Suggs,” Alfie shakes his head, following Y/N inside, both staying by the back door to dry off.

“They’re crazy.” She tells him, smiling as they listen to the siblings call back and forth.

“But they’re our crazies.”

your otp finding each other annoyingly endearing aka:

  • you’re so stoic or deadpan most of the time but when your get flustered your face lights up red like a beacon and it’s so cute.
  • you’re such a bum getting up late all the time but you always greet me by wrapping your hands around my waist and just get dressed already
  • you have no idea what personal space is and it’s really distracting when your face is two inches away from mine, what if i turn my head and accidentally kiss you
  • your music choice is so bad but your undeniably yet irritatingly cute when you bop your head along
  • you don’t like snuggling or a lot of touching but when you’re asleep you’re a cuddler for better or for worse

Okay so I just realized this while trying to design a costume for a fusion I’ve created.

But remember in Answer when Sapphire and Ruby first formed Garnet and she looked like a hot mess?

And I thought ‘Yeah, that makes sense, it happened so fast and they couldn’t really think of a form yet.’  And then I thought about the other fusions more and then I realized…

Hold on…Malachite

Their formed wasn’t formed in confusion and was made with a purpose which raised another idea.

At one point in their fusion, Jasper and Lapis were trying to decide an outfit together.

And since Lapis’s top formed on her I just imagine this was how it went in their head.

Lapis:  So how are we gonna look?

Jasper:  I don’t know.  Your top’s pretty nice, let’s go with that.

Lapis: Noice

Even if that’s not the case and there’s probably a better explanation I will still believe that Jasper is fashionably challenged and relied on Lapis momentarily to look nice and not like a warrior gem.

Confessions (Elliot Alderson)

word count: 2, 075

summary: Y/N spends the night at Elliot’s apartment which leads to a confession. 

dedicated to: @pandalandalopalis

a/n: I LOVED WRITING THIS SO MUCH?? ELLIOT DESERVES SO MUCH LOVE??? Also, two updates in one day AND I wrote this one in like three hours. I just loved this idea so much! (Re-named the one-shot because it sounded better and fit the story)

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this one’s sorta based on my personal experience playing pyro. sometimes you get called useless, other times you get thanked by the engineer for helping them defend the last point.

  • Robert: Are you not coming back through?
  • Aaron: No, I'm busy.(pointing to the TV)
  • Robert: (turning the TV off) Liv might have a point, you know. Even if she is half-feral, she's not stupid.
  • Aaron: I don't want anything to do with his dirty money.
  • Robert: It's all very well being moral but it doesn't put a roof over your head, does it? What else is she gonna do with it? Buy one of them monster trucks with wheels the size of a house?
  • Aaron: If she wants to, yeah.
  • Robert: It's probably a better idea than that old wreck she was on about doing up, but still... You might be better off encouraging her to invest it properly.
  • Aaron: What, for a house for us, you mean?
  • Robert: For her, really. We'd just be lodgers, God help us. You know how insecure she is. Well, what if we found a place that we could afford?
  • Aaron: That she could afford, you mean.
  • Robert: It would be in her name, yeah, or in trust or whatever. I'm not trying to pull a fast one here. You really think I'd rip off your little sister?
  • Aaron: No, you better not.
  • Robert: Well, it might do her the world of good. It's a bit of security, isn't it? Like, putting down roots. It might even stop her being an almighty pain in the backside. (Aaron looks annoyed) I'm joking, I'm just trying to lighten the mood. Just think about it, that's all I'm saying.
  • Aaron: Just shut up going on about it, Robert, I've already said no. I don't just want him dead, I want him erased, cut off like he never existed. Do you get me?
  • Robert: Yeah, I get you. I just want us to be happy. And living with your mum and your little sister all crammed in, taking it in turns to use the bathroom, it's not exactly how I imagined it would be.
  • Aaron: What, so it's a bit crowded for you here, is it? Cos everywhere I turn, there's a woman that you got off with.
  • Robert: There is nothing going on between me and Rebecca. Yes, I might've led her on a bit, but it was only because I was trying to get Andy off the hook.
  • Aaron: Yeah, well... If it was the other way round, you'd be the same.
  • Robert: Yeah, I'd be beside myself but I'd believe you. (scoots closer) Come on, you know how I feel about you. No-one even comes close. So, are we good? (Aaron shrugs) You know, you are such a wind-up. Just give it up, I know you too well.
  • (KISS)

“Well?! What do you hear?” Lila Grace demands as she peers down the hall at her cousin Hazel.

“Not much,” the older girl replies in a somber voice. “They’re talking, aaaand… YES! He said he’s letting her go!”

“This was such a bad idea,” Lila frets. “What if he finds out that I lied to him?!”

Hazel shrugs. “You didn’t lie lie. You just… stretched the truth. You told me that Mrs. Kirby told you that your dad would be ‘irate’ if you flunked the reading test at school, and everyone knows that you can’t possibly love someone you’re ‘irate’ at. And besides, it’s not like you failed on purpose, and it was her job to help you get better at reading. She deserves this, Gracie.”

“But I shouldn’t have lied,” Lila shakes her head dejectedly.

“Seriously, don’t worry about it!” Hazel insists, rolling her eyes in frustration. “You’ve been telling Uncle Theo for weeks that you don’t like your nanny. Even my mom tried talking to him about how awful she is, but your dad has his head so far up his own butt that I swear he wouldn’t hear himself fart.”

“What are you two up to?” the clear, melodious voice of Hazel’s mom echoes down the corridor, and with a delighted squeal the young blonde sprints over and leaps into her mother’s waiting arms.

“MOMMY! I missed you!” she screams excitedly.

“Still in your pajamas at this hour?” Arabella laughs as she scoops her daughter in for a hug. “Where is your father, Lila Grace?”

“He just woke up,” she mumbles. “But he and Mrs. Kirby are busy talking right-”

As if on cue, the door to Theodore’s office swings open and Mrs. Kirby storms out. “And you’re going to believe the word of a six-year-old over me?!” she shouts.

Stepping out into the hallway, Theodore sighs. “She is my daughter, Mrs. Kirby. I have no reason to doubt her.”

“Fine! FINE! But I will have you know, Mr. Davenport, that I am good friends with the director of Bridgeport’s premier childcare agency, and I have no doubt that she will believe my word on this matter over that of a spoiled, bratty first grader and her absentee father.” Turning to Arabella, she spits, “So good luck finding another nanny who is willing to work with him!”

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Josh Dun Imagine

@songbirds-sweet : “Y/n works as a techie for TØP, she has a crush on Josh, which leads to Tyler and Jenna setting them up.”

Pls, send more requests, I’m horrible at ideas

“You have a staring problem,” Jenna said casually as she plopped herself beside you at the snack table, unwrapping the base of a cupcake in the process.

You immediately looked away, embarrassed, and refocused your attention to the clementine you were halfway through peeling.  “I was watching the set being put together,” you lied, “you know, I am new here, I still have stuff I need to learn.”

“You’re so full of shit,” Jenna said, shaking her head.

“I’m not full of shit, you’re just being ridiculous.”

“You’re the ridiculous one,” she mumbled back, lacking a better comeback.  She nudged you jokingly with her shoulder and opened her mouth, a sign that she wanted some of your food.  You plopped a wedge in her mouth just as Tyler skipped over towards the both of you.

He bent over Jenna, kissing the top of her hair and stealing a large chunk of her cupcake as he wrapped his arms around her frame.

“Hi,” she said, squeezing her eyes shut and looking backwards at him.  They shared a moment and you went back to focusing on your orange.  The perfect distraction.

“What’s up with her?” you vaguely heard Tyler mutter.

“She’s trying really hard to break the habit of staring obnoxiously at Josh,” Jenna chuckled, “which apparently includes burning a hole through that orange instead.”

You dropped the clementine and stared annoyingly back at the couple, rolling your eyes and scoffing.  Like the idea of you staring at Josh was so ludicrous, you couldn’t possibly imagine it.  

“Ah,” Tyler said, finally understanding.  “Well you know, he’s even cuter to gawk at up close.  You should try it sometime.” He threw you a wink.  

“I definitely don’t gawk,” you protested.

“You actually had your mouth open, I don’t think you were blinking,” Jenna teased.  

“Oh here,” Tyler said suddenly, standing up from the back of Jenna’s chair and leaning towards you, he brushed the corner of your mouth, “Just some drool—“ he snickered.

“I hate you,” you stated, standing up from your seat.  

Jenna laughed.

“And you,” you said.  “I actually have to go work for a living, so see you later.”

You left Jenna and Tyler in a laughing state as you went backstage to see if you could help with anything.  You were fairly new to this whole thing.  In fact, you were still amazed that you landed this internship for school.  Your professor had given a seriously monumental reference, and getting really close to him these past four years really paid off in the end.  You were still so humbled to be part of something so intimate and incredible.  

Of course you didn’t actually have any work to currently do.  The stage managers and security were lifting heavy equipment and truth-be-told, you’d probably just be in their way if you tried to help, so instead you wandered to the front of the venue, plopping down in one of the seats in the arena, taking it all in.  

You checked your watch briefly, the time reading half past four.  You still had a while until showtime, you thought.  As you looked up from your watch you saw Josh up on stage.  He was helping the crew position his drum set.  Probably needed it at a perfect angle or something stupid.  You watched him move, his tank top all but torn on the sides.  He might as well be shirtless, you could see his entire chest anyway.

Jesus, maybe Jenna was right.  You looked away immediately, forcing your eyes to go anywhere but towards Josh.  It really was just a stupid crush.  Of course you found him insanely attractive.  And you’d been around him enough to know how funny he was.  He could always crack up an entire room.  But you’d barely had any personal, one on one conversations with him, two or three tops.  You really shouldn’t be this hung up, you thought as your eyes wondered back on stage.  Only, when you looked up, you saw Josh jumping off stage and making his way towards the right side of the arena.  Making his way towards you.  He had his head down, watching his feet as they skipped up the few steps separating the two of you, and without hesitation, or warning at all, he sat two seats down from you, kicking his feet up and resting his arms.

“It’s all coming together,” he said.

“Yeah,” you sputtered, your nerves flaring for no reason at all.  “Good thing, show time is in a few hours.”

“Mm,” he agreed, “so you like it all so far?”

“Hm?” you asked, you were having a hard time paying attention to anything other than his stupid nipple poking out from his shirt.

“You know, the tour life.  You like it? The busses and hotels and different-city-different-night kind of thing?”

“Oh, yeah,” you say, “I mean, I suppose.  It’s all a bit hectic pretty much constantly, but I like that.  Keeps me busy.”

“Busy,” he repeated, a hint of laughter in his voice.  “That’s the understatement of the century.”

We both laughed at that, agreeing that our lives were a chaotic mess.

“No, but really though, I moved around a lot as a kid.  My mom and I never stayed anywhere long enough for me to be attached. I never really had a house or town that I considered home.  It was just constantly adjusting to a new school or friends or whatever—“ You pause. “I’m not trying to make it sound all horrible either.  I mean, I liked it.  I liked the attention of being the new kid.  I liked driving on the highway with our old car, crossing state lines.  So this tour stuff, this constantly on the go, it’s kind of all I know,” your breath hitches after realizing how much you just said.  Nothing dire or overly personal, but just the ease of which it all came out.  

Josh nods, “I’m the total opposite,” he laughed, “I lived in the same town my whole life, same house actually.  I walked the same path to school for twelve years.  I had the same friends.  We even put the Christmas tree in the same spot of the house every year.  And I love it and all, but it’s kind of a relief to get out, you know? Cause a lot of people don’t.  A lot of people just stay, and live their whole lives there.  Which isn’t bad, I guess.  Just not what I wanted.”

You nod, “There’s too much to see to stay in one spot.”

“Exactly,” he said, breaking out in a huge smile as you made eye contact.  You couldn’t help but blush.  You tucked your hair behind your ear like a cliche maniac and shyly looked away.  

“So, remind me again what your job is here?” Josh laughed, was he blushing too?

“I work with the tour publicist,” you laugh, “don’t feel bad,” you object when you see him shaking his head embarrassed, “there’s so many people around here, I can’t keep track either. What do you do again?”

He chuckles, “I’m like, assistant to the lead singer and you’re like assistant to the tour publicist?” he asked.

“More like the assistant to the assistant,” you chuckle, “not even, I’m an intern.”

“Ah, college gal?”

“Boston University.”

“I didn’t know we took interns.”

“You don’t,” you say honestly, “I got really, really lucky.”

Josh pauses, fiddling with the fabric of his shirt before saying, “So did we,”

He’s beckoned then.  Right on cue.  Tyler’s calling him from the stage, waving his arms like an idiot, something about soundcheck.

“Right, that’s my sign,” Josh mumbled, patting his knees before standing up.  “See ya later then.”

You nod, baffled and stomach fluttering.


“Hey man,” Tyler said, snickering.  He had this awful, shit-eating grin on his face, “Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt the moment.”

Josh laughs, nodding, “Yeah, you did always have excellent timing man.”

“She’s cool, yeah?”

Josh nods, “Yeah, she’s cool.”

“You like her?”

It’s really not a question, more of a statement, but Josh doesn’t bother pointing that out, “I mean, I don’t know her all too well.  I mean we’ve talked a little- had a few conversations. But yeah, I guess I’d like to know her.  I guess.  I mean, I don’t know, she’s—“

“You’re rambling,” Tyler laughs, giving Josh a little nudge in the shoulder.  “I’ll tell you, Y/N’s definitely got it in for you.”

Josh’s eyes snap up, a slight grin appearing on his face, “What?” there’s laughter and disbelief in his voice.  

“Yeah, I mean Jenna catches her gawking at you at least twice a day. She won’t admit it though, stubborn that one.”

Tyler pulls his ukulele out and begins tuning it, giving the instrument a few strums as he continues, “She’s definitely interested though, if that was a fear or anything.  I think you should go for it.  Just like ask her to dinner or something.”

“Not like we get much time off for dinner—“ Josh interjects.

“Ask her to dine on the tour bus then, I don’t know.  Just something,” he puts the ukulele down, “And don’t look too smug, I saw you gawking at her too.”


The show was killer.  As usual.  This was the eighth one you’d witnessed and the guys smashed it every time.  

You were helping clean up backstage, just getting last minute gear packed away, whatever you could do really, while the guys did meet-and-greets backstage.  Jenna was helping you, holding a trash bag as you picked up loose trash here and there.

“Thanks, Jenna,” you mumble tiredly, grabbing the trash bag from her and tying the top.  “See you tomorrow, yeah?”

She nods, and you both part ways.  Her going to find Tyler.  You going to your van.  Just as you were turning, you heard someone call your named, you turn around, assuming you forgot some trash, and are utterly surprised to see Josh running to catch up with you.  His hair is a frizzy mess and his skin is still glowing with sweat.  

“Hey,” he said breathlessly, “How’d you, uh, like the show?”

You nod, giving him a thumbs up in a approval, “Yeah, you guys killed it, nice job.”

He smiled wide, making you nearly go weak in the knees.  His eyes got all crinkly cause his smile took up too much room.  

“Thanks, yeah-,” he paused scratching the back of his neck, “So I was wondering if you wanted to come chill with us on the bus tonight?”  

You raise your eyebrows, sure you heard Josh wrong.

“I mean, it won’t be much, we’ll probably just play some video games, maybe some scrabble if Tyler gets his way,” he chuckled nervously, clearly waiting for a response.

“Um, yeah,” you say, “Yeah, sure.”

“Yeah?” he repeats nervously, scratching the back of his neck again, his elbow wavering near his head.  

You nod, smiling and continue to walk beside Josh towards Tyler and Jenna.  

“She coming?” Tyler asks.  

Josh nods beside you, giving Tyler the lamest thumbs up.  It was adorable.  

“Cool,” he says, wrapping a lazy arm around Jenna and slandering outside towards the tour bus.  

The night was rather uneventful, just like Josh suggested.  But it was perfect.  The boys battled against each other in some stupid video game while Jenna and you watched, laughing at their attempt to insult each other.  Tyler won and Josh threw his controller dramatically on the couch cushion.  Tyler threw a movie on before running to the recliner, sitting down with Jenna sliding in on his lap.  She was asleep within minutes.  You and Josh lay on the couch, his back against the wall, with his arm wrapped around the top.  You tried so hard to pay attention to the movie, but between Josh smelling so good, just out of the shower, and your eyes feeling so heavy, you just couldn’t.  You slowly let your body rest against Josh’s, practically falling into his lap like a child.  You felt his arm gently wrap around you as your head slid to his shoulder, felt his finger tips brush up and down your arm, sending chills up your spine.  You fell asleep like that, wrapped up protectively. You had the best nights sleep so far on the tour.

Ravenclaws are often perceived as “boring” by other houses…but it’s really just that their passions are narrow and incredibly deep. If it’s a certain genre they’re into, for example, or a branch of science, or even a particular fashion trend, you’d better believe they know e v e r y t h i n g about the thing they love. 

Their minds are always full and bright with new ideas, connections and areas of interest. 

If they seem boring, it’s because their worlds are internal and the joy they derive from the simplest of things might seem like academia to those whose heads aren’t in the same place. 

Before you start an illustration, get reference. As soon as you know the general idea of what you want to draw but even before you draw any sort of thumbnail, get reference, save it, make a pinterest board or a reference folder but just spend some time just grabbing visual inspiration. Props are hard- get reference. Environments are hard- get reference. Drawing characters interacting with an environment is hard- get reference.

your thumbnails and your sketches will be so much better if you just have that reference in your head get reference use reference love reference

For those of you how haven’t figured out from my two to three reblogs of Lazytown things (ie most of you) I have fallen into Lazytown Hell. It’s quite nice here, great weather. I wasn’t going to spam you all but I had an idea while taking a nap (Robbie would be so proud), LazyCatandDogtown! (I too hope a better title is in the works). Honestly it’s just what I think everyone would look like as a cat or dog and who would be what.Great excuse to look up puppy and kitten pic.

First the dogs!

Sport- Border collie because if you know anything about these dogs you are nodding your head in agreement. He’s be a blue merle color and have blue eyes which isn’t really common or a thing in borders. Elf magic.

Stephanie- Standard Poodle or possibly golden or labradoodle. Obviously she’s a puppy right now. Poodles are athletic and intelligent dogs and it fits even when ignoring the “pink poodle” cliche. I imagine she gets a lot of flack, especially from Trixie, until one day Trix falls into a pool or pond and can’t swim. Enter Steph’s water retriever instinct and saves her. Insta bff. 

As and adult she is dyed pink (with beet juice), which she actually loves, and vistis kids in hospitals along with other more athletic pursuits.

Trixie- German Shepard. She’s misunderstood and sometimes feared but it’s all in how you treat her. Likes to be the tough girl but is still just a puppy.

Mayor Milford Meanswell- Basset Hound. That face just screams the name Milford to me.

Now the Cats!

Robbie- Siamese. Long and lanky with a distinct face and voice the Siamese was the first thing that came to mind. Robbie however has grey eyes though almost no siamese does.

Stingy-Scottish Fold. Personality wise I don’t have anything to back this up. It’s more in the face, the big eyes and ears make me think of Stingy. And I can just imagine this little gay saying to himself ‘that’s mine’.

Bessie Busybody- Persian. Elegance, grace, a little bit stuck up? Certainly has the looks of it. Honestly the cats are mostly based on their looks vs. personality. Maybe I’m cheating. But Ms. Busybody does look like a persian to me. Can’t anyone tell me otherwise.

Ziggy-I went through so much with Ziggy. An image of a mostly white Kitten-Ziggy with brown tabby patches playing with a hair tie was what inspired this whole thing. I could just see Kitten-Ziggy getting into so much trouble. Originally he was going to be a British Short Hair. I know I know, BSH? They have such big eyes. Well no one quite fit. I bounced around a lot and thought Norwegian Forest Cat! Someone should be a Scandinavian breed. Then I found this guy. A munchkin. And it just clicked. The face, the short stubby legs.Ziggy. 

Now your about to say where’s my son Pixel?! And rightfully so. And he could’ve been either cat or dog (most of them could go either way) but my half asleep brain had immediately said ‘He’s the human!’ I guess this is at an animal daycare and Pixel takes care of everyone? I think my brain needed it to be even but it’s still a cute idea. I’m planning to find the cat-dog reverse of everyone and post it so I’ll add his breeds there. I already have them picked out ofc.

"You know you love soft Draco"| Draco imagine

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Draco which actually makes me really sad cause he will always be my fave, this isn’t my best but someone requested this a while back when I didn’t have any ideas, but here it is. ************************************* You sat on your bed putting the required books for the lessons you had tomorrow in your bag. You hated nothing more than realizing the weekend was over, especially when you knew you had a hard monday ahead of you. “(Y/N)?” Your boyfriend asks poking his head around the door to your dorm room(I am aware boys can’t get to the girls dorms but let’s pretend) “Hey” you smile feeling a little better just for having him there. He sits on the bed next to you not knowing what to say, he knows how stressed you get before a test and he never knows how to react around you. “Do you need any help?” He smiles taking your hand in his. “No, i’m fine, thank you though” You say kissing his cheek lightly. “You have to stop stressing babe, i know its hard, but beleive me you’re going to pass this test by a mile” He says placing his hands either side of your face, his thumbs caressing your soft skin. You sigh not wanting to argue. You knew that it would be a miracle if you passed this test but at least he was being kind enough to lie to you. “I’m being serious, look at me” He says before pressing his lips onto yours. He deepend this kiss quickly, all the stress and worry you had pouring into the kiss as your lips moved perfectly in sync. “Now, cuddle with me” He sighs lying ontop of your bed, pulling you down with him. “You dont need to stress this much, its going to be okay, just calm down” He says quietly drawing patterns with his finger tips on your arm. Kissing your nose cutely he smiles at you. “What?” You ask, a smile forming on your own face. “You’re adorbale.” “Oh dont start, go back to being the hard stubborn boyfriend” You laugh. “You know you love soft Draco” “Maybe” You smirk before kissing his lips lovingly.

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I received an anon ask for a Stonathan first kiss fic. This is my first go at this ship, so I welcome your feedback! Enjoy!

“Why don’t you study with Jonathan? He knows this stuff even better than I do.” Nancy made the remark casually, as if the idea of her boyfriend and Byers hanging out together was the most natural thing in the world. With a history test coming up in less than a week, Steve just assumed that Nancy would insist on spending Saturday night preparing, so he was surprised when she announced a plan to head out of town for a campus tour.

“Studying” had begun as a euphemism for getting into Nancy’s pants, but in time their evening prep sessions were actually improving Steve’s grades. As anxious as the thought of being alone with Byers made him, Steve was at a loss to think of a better substitute study partner. His other friends weren’t a particularly scholastic bunch, and Jonathan was a dedicated student; he even had his college applications in ahead of the deadline.

After joining forces against the Demogorgon, Steve began to spend time socially with Jonathan, but Nancy was always with them, keeping any residual awkwardness between the two boys at bay. The trajectory of Steve’s relationship with Jonathan was so bizarre that it was challenging to classify as a friendship, but also impossible to define as anything else. Where do you really stand with someone who takes creepy pictures of your girlfriend then saves you from being murdered by an inter-dimensional monster?

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Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: JuminZen
A/N: No one can convince me that Jumin and Zen aren’t a thing. @drawverylittle also heavily encourages the idea of this pairing. I just can’t get them out of my head. *cue the music*

Jumin hears him outside his office door. He’s been expecting it. But perhaps not so soon. 

“Where is that trust fund kid?”

“Zen…” Jaehee’s voice, though soft, hardens in warning. As much as she admires Zen, Jumin knows she values her job and the money it brings in. “Please lower your voice. Mr. Han is trying to get some work done and–”

“You think I give a shit?” Ignoring the warning, Zen’s voice rises. “You better let me in there, Jaehee. He knows what the hell he did. JUMIN!" 

“Zen, please…" 

Jumin sighs and reaches out for the intercom that connects to the phone on Jaehee’s desk. "You may let him in, Jaehee." 

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Paladin’s Pacer Test

Can we just take a moment to imagine like Coran and Allura just stumbling upon a ‘fitness test’ from earth that would help with their training, and physically well being all while reminding them of their beautiful home. They all go and like when they start playing the audio from it all they hear is “The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is-” And they all just flip shit, everyone excluding Keith (Cause let’s be honestly, this desert boy probably did his own fitness test to go against the world). 

Lance is Screaming

Pidge banging her head on a wall

Hunk is crying like his life is a lie

and Shiro is just 126% done with everything

All while Keith just looks as confused as the Altean duo. Allura just looks at Keith while no one can handle it and just

Allura: “Is this normal for your humans to do?” 

Keith: “I have no idea what’s going on.”  *So confused*




To make it better, they all actually end up doing it.  Hunk doesn’t last long, bless this precious bun, Pidge just doesn’t give a shit and stops.  Lance wants to beat Keith, but that ain’t gonna happen. And like, Keith and Shiro are neck and neck, but Keith’s pride won’t let him stop and this boy is about to pass out, so Shiro dips out like ‘Okay yeah, you win.”

Because he’s best dad.

Then Keith just goes around and boasts about beating Shiro at something, who then challenges him again and just fucking DESTORYS this teenager in Pacers.  Like he left him in the dust and Keith is just dying while Shiro is completely okay, with all the energy in the world, and the rest of them are just laughing so hard from the fact Shrio literally one-upped Keith.

And, to make it better, Shiro just goes “Y’aint got what is take to beat me.” 

No one could handle it.