Story Idea #14:

What if there was this robot with such good AI it was almost human like? Everyone thinks that the AI is going to become hostile, and the character who makes the AI can’t convince everyone that the AI is completely harmless unless provoked. The government eventually hunts down the character/creator of the AI and arrests them, but finds the AI and it’s robot body missing. The AI, with a more human looking body is out in the world, and their objective is to save their creator. Does the AI interact well with humans? Do they make any friends along the way? What about enemies? And finally, does the AI successfully save their creator?


Kitchen fever: I love it when the cabinets on top have a lighter tone.
This kitchen other than that has a ton of cute details such as the pending glasses, the lighting and the framed wall.

I’m glad they didn’t go with this idea, I think this would have been way too many tattoos for him, I prefer how he looked in the movie. But I do like the fact that he has a few tattoos of Harley whereas I’m not sure if in the final look in the movie he has tattoos related to Harley. Here there’s one on his left upper arm and the then there’s one straight below it ‘H Q 4 J’ 

proudchocolateaddict  asked:

Hey so I'm writing this story where a crazy old lady gives this guy the power to go basically anywhere bc he's being chased and his life is threatened. I'm just stuck as to how he's threatened as it's modern day and then how he can face it in the end

//Here’s some ideas;

  • Financial threat.

  • Blackmail.

  • Secrets being revealed.

  • Murder threats.

  • Family is threatened.

  • Held hostage.

Maybe they made some mistakes and it’s coming back to bite them in the butt?

As for how they face their problems in the end, ask yourself that. I can’t really say for sure, because it’s your character, and something you’d know the best. I don’t know their personality one hundred percent!

I hope this helps.

Tarot Today 12/4 - Five of Wands Reversed

Five of Wands

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa

I am evolving.

You’re not alone today. Just ask for help!

Five of Wandsreversed is all about teamwork. Gather like minded individuals to work with you instead of against you.

It can easily be done by showcasing the benefits and negatives of a situation.

If you can win together, why not!

You can still be competitive but only if it’s uplifting and friendly and advances everyone to the end goal.

Differences can come up, but if you picked the right people (the like minded ones) it will be really easy to come up with agreeable solutions. 

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