OTP Idea #600

Person A is a massive nerd and Person B just moved to ‘the big city’ after working on a farm for their entire life.

Person B: “I never understand you. Speak English for once. What the hell is an RPG? What does that mean?!”


SVA alum Jackie Lay created this interpretive animation of David Lynch for The Atlantic

Potential Simmons // Aida introductions:

  • Simmons immediately going OMG THIS IS AMAZING SHE’S BEAUTIFUL
  • Simmons immediately going OMG THIS IS TERRIBLE WHAT IS THIS
  • Simmons not knowing anything about AIDA until she needs her for some reason and not caring or even noticing that she’s a robot in the form of a beautiful woman but rather caring more if not entirely about the information AIDA can give her.
  • Fitz introducing Aida to Simmons as if she’s a human person but with really intense hints that something’s up like “this is my COUSIN” “you don’t have an - OH THAT COUSIN” (I mean a little more subtle than that, probably a lot of intense eye contact going on, but you get the picture)
  • Simmons being unaware that AIDA is an LMD at first and:
    • getting super creeped out bc AIDA knows too much
    • feeling weirdly thrilled yet sort of scandalised bc AIDA knows too much and has no sense of tact in talking about it and the curiosity is   s t r o n g
    • wondering who this strange person is who seems to know waaaaay too much about Fitz and calls him Leopold for some reason and wtf is happening? is it good or bad? is there something about Fitz she doesn’t know?
    • being lowkey suspicious that something is up and going ‘nah that’s ridiculous…but what if…nah…but what about that time…’
    • maybe being slightly suspicious or curious, or asking about her, thus leading Fitz to believe that she is jealous (when she’s actually not) or suspicious (when she may or may not be) and thus leading him to overcompensate in order to assure Jemma that everything’s totally fine and normal and nothing dodgy is happening at all. Possibly resulting in infomercial levels of comedic ridiculousness if any fic writers out there so desire.
D&D Idea

This came up in a conversation with @storms-in-orbit and pals while out to dinner for @molecricket’s birthday last night (HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, friend!):

1) The DM runs two campaigns. One stars a party of Good-aligned characters, the other stars a team of Evil player characters.

2) Unbeknownst to the two groups, both campaigns take place in the same setting/location, simultaneously.

3) Throughout the Good campaign, insert little rumors and plot points about a group of villains wreaking havoc across the land, referencing events from the other campaign. Similarly, have the Evil campaign hear tell about a group of heroes coming to save the day.

4) Player characters on both campaigns will assume that the DM is referring to some NPCs/fun plot hooks, until…


i. Do not let the pedestal of their praises make you untouchable, nor the pitfall of their confusion make you false god.

ii. You are the space where possibility and reality merge, something people can only wish to witness but tend to never be.

iii. To the mundane and the accomplished you will always need to be more, do not listen with heavy heart. They will never know how hard it is to live with infinity behind the color of your eyes.

iv. Try to remember that you are not what you were, so to those who would leave you for what you did, forget them. Those who are worthy of your light will stay for who you will be.

v. You will be told; to stop, to slow down, that what you think of is not real, that you can’t do all of the things you feel you can. Fuck them, do it anyway. Make it amazing, make it as great as you feel it needs to be. No one can tell you what to feel is wrong.

vi. There will be days where all the stardust in your skin siphons back up to the heavens, where the sky flies away from your palms and leaves you gasping on the thicker atmosphere. On the days where infinity stop calling your name, look to the trees. Look to the earth, the water, look to the towers of what you have done until this very moment. Doubt, pain and fear are universal but to dwell on such things is less than you deserve

vii. Your differences make you intageable, able to experience everything in a transient state. You are both here and not in the small time of here and now. You may think your touch has no effect or your ideas no value but it will. Just like the rain, it takes time for you to sink into the soil of a mind.

viii. There will be days where nothingness greets you like waking up to a snowstorm, days where your room shrinks to all but the light fading from your eyes, days where voices scream in your head long after the people have left; but that’s okay. You have to learn that not being okay is in itself okay.

ix. The only true impossibility is sustained perfection.

x. People will not understand you, no matter how you try. You can’t explain away your ability or logic your talent or plead for acceptance. Instead find a person, if you are very lucky you may find a few persons, find ways to understand their impossibilities. Sometimes the burdens we think we have are gifts in the eyes of others.

xi. Burn bright, beautiful, and strong. If the world is afraid of fire why should that be the fire's concern? Make them remember your inferno like we remember the sun each morning.

—  To the unbearable and the impossible

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If when evidence contrary to your beliefs is presented and your action is simply to ignore said evidence. Then your beliefs are emotional not logical. You’ve become so invested in an ideology that you’d rather treat it as true than follow truth.

Evidence that’s against your beliefs such always be incorporated. To hold an ideology so highly that you ignore evidence and truth is intellectually dishonest.

That’s not to say you cannot refute evidence you don’t believe is sufficient. Simply that you should not ignore what refutes your beliefs.

There’s nothing wrong with being wrong, only with wilfully choosing to be so.