Stop developing yourself and have fun !

I think I’ve found in myself a negative to self-development: not having mindless fun ! You see, I, and others trying to better themselves, spend a vast amount of our time trying to make ourselves better men . We run businesses, create content, run websites, meet women, read books, workout, etc. But we don’t make time to just sit down and watch a movie . Personally, I hate 99% of mainstream television, radio, literature, and film . I don’t dabble in them because the self-development community sees these as a waste of time that enforces bad social conditioning . But sometimes my mind gets worked so hard that I want to turn it off for a few days . During this time I admit to watching mainstream film . I just finished Pacific Rim . The serious notions of making every day count, not being normal, and pursuing our ideal selves sometimes miss the brevity of mindlessly enjoying a movie . This may seem like a counter-productive action but in reality it gives my mind a chance to reset . 

In the future I’ll more often take time off from developing my self so I can just laugh, distract myself, and play a Nintendo emulator on my friend’s computer .