Dating Jungkook (Part 2)

Jeon Jungkookieee~
After this one a sexy version will come out ;)

  •  Inside jokes about the other members
  • Pranks against each other.
  • Vlog buddies
  • Photography junkies
  • Inseparable
  • Making out in front of the bts mebers ;)
  • “Okay, okay we get it, we’re single and you two are obviously not”-Jhope
  • Tease-ful couple
  • No self control when in the mood.
  • But protected sex is always jungkook’s idea
  • Love seats at the theaters
  • Sleepless nights
  • Doesnt let you go at night.
  • Cuddles are 100%
  • “If we had a boy what should we name him?” he asks as he cuddles with you
  • “Hmmm, I dont know, but if we had a girl, it would be either, Soo Young or Bora” you hug him back, laying your head over his chest, hearing his hear beat.
  • “I like Bora, Jeon Bora?”
  • “Oh its kinda cute”
  • Baby name ideas
  • Looking up baby pictures.
  • CATS.
  • You love cats, but he loves dogs
  • “Can we get a cat?”
  • “Can we get a dog?”
  • “Lets get both” 
  • Your kitten is named Kookie
  • And his pup is named Ah-Young
  • Together you both built a tree house
  • It was lit.
  • Shows off to the public that your his.
  • Holds you by the waist
  • Carries you princess style as a tease in PUBLIC 
  • Pecks in public
  • Named as the ”perfect couple” online
  • Never ending surprises from both of you.
  • When your hands are cold, he puts them in his pockets
  • Marriage never crossed your mind
  • but has always crossed his mind everytime he looks at you.
  • Smiles while thinking about you at work.
  • Texts you randomly during work
  • Tweets you when youre at work so that your phone wont blow up by his texts.
  • Wants to make your relationship with him public.
  • You dont mind either way.
  • Proposal plans, with the bts members and your best friends
  • You cant stop thinking about him.
  • Your identity outside is already “Mrs. Jeon”
  • Marriage only pops up to your mind after jungkook brought up at the cafe

the eye of a lovely idea

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So here’s a (sort of ridiculous) idea

Love Live + da:i AU, in which Thedas is probably doomed because Honoka somehow became the inquisitor

Honoka; human (or dwarf? I could picture her as a dwarf tbh), warrior, sword+shield

A-RISE as the advisors (Tsubasa; forces, Erena; secrets, Anju; connections) 

Companions (AKA the rest of µ’s);

Umi; human, rogue, archer
Kotori; dalish elf, mage
Eli; human, warrior, sword+shield (also a Seeker)
Nico; city elf, rogue, dual daggers
Nozomi; qunari, mage
Maki; human, mage
Rin; city elf, warrior, two-handed
Hanayo; dwarf, rogue, archer