reasons we can’t trust shit that elim garak says about cardassian culture, literally nothing that comes out of his mouth re: cardassians is trustworthy:

1) this seems trivial but is not to be discounted: he is a troll. he will often just sort of say things in order to fuck with people.

2) he is a known liar, and may have reason to lie about cardassian cultural practices

3) but most importantly, he most likely has a lot of fucked up and incorrect beliefs about cardassian society, for various reasons:

  • 3a) he was a member of the most dangerous branch of the cardassian government’s propaganda machine, the obsidian order. it seems to me that one of the jobs of the order is to suppress dissent and sedition, and to surveil cardassia’s citizenry. he seems to be a true believer of this propaganda machine, idealogically. he is a true patriot and trusts the state overly much, and seems to project that viewpoint on cardassia as a whole. for example, the cardassia literature in which people lead “selfless lives of duty to the state” is……. well, my guess is if they did things that were not that, it would probably be censored, yet garak presents it as “this is just how cardassians are.”
  • 3b) he had a deeply unusual and traumatic upbringing, in which he was trained to be a tool of the cardassian state, that probably warped his view a shitton. it may be another reason why he is a true believer in the cardassian state.
  • 3c) he was a member of the ruling class. this is implied over and over again by his actions and mannerisms, and also by his backstory. his main hobby is discussing literature, which is the most upperclass hobby available to him without actually spending tons of money (since he is, you know, no longer a member of the ruling class), he is careless with expensive things (i don’t think i’m the only one who flinched when he ripped the dress in profit and loss, thinking “no garak i know you’re used to being rich but you’re not anymore!!! you can’t do that!!!”), he complains about bashir eating too quickly, saying he ate as though he didn’t know where his next meal was coming from and claiming that cardassians did not eat this way, even though it’s canonically confirmed that famines happen on cardassia, and most importantly, he was a high ranking member of the obsidian order, meaning he was both politically powerful in the panopticon police state of cardassia, and probably quite rich. the ruling class cannot have an accurate opinion on the culture of the masses, or how society affects them.
  • 3d) as a corrolary, almost none of the cardassian characters we ever meet are trustworthy observers of cardassian culture. members of the obsidian order of course fail 3a, high ranking members of the military fail 3c, and all members of the military fail a modified version of 3b because they are trained to be patriotic soldiers and are often true believers of the cardassian propaganda machine.
  • 3e) the result of (3d) is that the only even potentially reliable witnesses to what cardassian society and culture are really like that we ever meet, are rekelen, hogue, natima lang, ulani belor, and gilora rejal. now, lang, belor, and rejal are all explicitly members of the intellectual class which makes them still somewhat suspect. 

what pisses me off is that donald trump has not addressed the dylann roof verdict AT ALL and he is going to be our president. he has time to whine about meryl streep calling him out but he doesn’t have time to address a mass murderer.

i think i’ve finally figured out why ‘aphobic character of the day’ or ‘your fave is aphobic’ blogs are so upsetting and terrible. 

usually a ‘___ character of the day’ blog is meant to be a positive thing. people want to relate to their favorite characters. its nice to think that a fictional person you love shares your identity. 

“[character] is aphobic” type blogs are the opposite. they’re intended specifically to make it so that a-spec people can’t relate to anybody. their purpose is to tell all a-specs that their favorite characters hate them. it’s bullying, plain and simple. this isn’t just a discourse thing, or an idealogical difference. people are dedicating time and energy to telling a-spec people that their favorite characters would hate their asexuality. and it’s fucking disgusting. 

(also, don’t try to tell me that ‘aphobe character’ blogs are intended to give self-proclaimed aphobes something to relate to. do you really want to relate to the horde of cishets who think we’re broken and inhuman and fake? don’t answer that.) 

The Coffee Party



  1. Money out of politics
  2. Systemic injustices, particularly racially, in current institutions
  3. Climate change

Think about all the good ol’ country boys who like to fish that voted Trump. Think about the paranoia against the ruling elite. Equal playing field is an American concept. Tap into patriotism, generate excitement, create something for which Millennials and Gen Xers will fiercely protect.

We are the many, they are the few.

We’re up against the shuttering last breath of a dying idealogy; the people who would rather light the world on fire than give up a modicum of privilege in their last few years. People were led blindly into this, distrustful and feeling left-behind by the establishment for years. We can tap into this. We can get the turn-out. But we’ve got to do this now, or there won’t be a tomorrow to fight for.

anonymous asked:

What would you have to say about people who are trying to encourage boycotting Wonder Woman because of Gal Gadot? Or as they like to say "she's a Zionist and a supporter of killing Palestine's?"

I think there’s no actual evidence to suggest that she holds such a view but mostly that it’s pretty shitty and anti-semitic to make Jewish people (especially those from Israel) prove that they are not zionists. If Gal is somehow responsible for Israel’s politics or what Israel has done, then as an American citizen I am just as culpable for my country’s part in fucking up the region in the first place.

People can go ahead and boycott if they want but like if you’re not interested in seeing the WW movie stop pretending like you need an excuse. Nothing about not seeing this film or encouraging others not to see this film is going to make you more idealogically pure.

  • Tumblr: You can use sideblogs to separate your interests!
  • Me: *Reblogs 5 pages of anime gifs, 7 knitting patterns, and 3 posts about communist idealogical discourse in the course of 5 minutes* sounds fake but okay.

I think there can actually be a connection made between how America paradoxically has both low voter turnout while also enormous reverence and veneration for the act of voting in the civic culture and the rabid reaction people have towards people who make conscious decisions to abstain from voting. “Non-voter” is the default mode so moving from that towards being a voter is seen as an upward trajectory in terms of virtue so if someone were to consciously refuse to vote (or refuse to vote for the “live” candidates/parties at the very least) this is a kind of civic sacrelige in a sense sorta like its one thing if someone doesnt vote bc they are politically ignorant but if they are not politically ignorant and still abstain then its because theyre like evil or something.

Like I think that partially explains the attitude behind all those articles that are like “If you refuse to vote its because you are exercising white and/or male privilege” operate under the liberal idpol idealogy that ties social categories of “privilege” to personal morality and by viewing voting abstention as a immoral act the authors work under the implicit assumption that it can only be done by someone they consider “privileged”

I remain firm in my belief that Lestat is an unreliable narrator, who fudges the truth to make himself seem better / more impressive.  

Honestly, the only person alive from this point in his life isn’t going to argue with him, or go tell the tabloids ‘Lestat didn’t send anything back to his family - he didn’t kill 8 wolves - no one ever called him Wolfkiller - his book is a rose tinted version of what happened’.  

(Although, I do believe he would send his mother gifts, and nothing for everyone else, as some kind of punishment.)

But also, if I have to deal with heavy handed idealogical monologes in every book, I’m not going to get past Queen of The Damned.

caro-que-si replied to your posti have always found it, like, SoOooOo boring when…

The first part of this isn’t accurate. Many white people died in camps and suffered from oppression as well. My grandfather was the sole survivor of his family, and we’re white as can be. I don’t really have an opinion on Magneto or know much about X-men but many were oppressed by nazi Germany, white people included.

i know a lot of white people died in the holocaust because they were part of other groups targeted by nazis. what i meant was that white people as a group were not oppressed for being white, and there was no system of power that nazis were “fighting back against” with their white supremacist idealogy. i guess i should have made that clearer in the post

im so, so tired of people who say diagnoses aren’t important. i’m so tired of neurotypical people who spew the “labels are for soup cans” idealogy.

for the longest time, i thought i was ‘stupid’ because i have to have people repeat things for me multiple times. not because i can’t hear. not because i wasn’t paying attention. but because the words came out sounding like garbled radio sounds. when i found out other people experience it, and it’s called “auditory processing disorder,” i cried. because it occurred to me that maybe i’m not stupid or useless or annoying, and i hated myself a little less.

and that’s the same with so many other disorders. with things like depression and ADD and OCD and autism and personality disorders, etc. i can’t speak for everyone, but at some point, you’ve got this gut feeling that you’re not like everyone else. you don’t fit in. and you feel like this broken member of society. and when you don’t have a name for whatever you’re feeling, it’s like being completely and utterly alone. “labels” provide a little reassurance.

not to mention, diagnosis allows for treatment. for coping. for community.

so really, don’t you dare say that “diagnosis” isn’t important.

As a former Feminist and now egalitarian, it burns me up when I hear the term feminism being used as “The belief that both man and women should have equal rights”, which is a shorthand version of what TRUE egalitarian is (THe full definition includes getting rid of social classes. It’s similar to the definition of what a straight edge lifestyle is) . Most of it is on a syntax level (why is “fem” used?) the other is because internet/Tumblr feminists are the ones saying it. And most of the time they are pretty wrong about the info they put out- showing that they did research, and joined a bandwagon because they saw a couple of nicely dressed (but flawed) campaigns. Though there is an idealogy that feminism SHOULD include men’s rights issues, Feminism will always be about  women’s rights, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just when you let these internet fems and radical fems ruin it for a movement that’s not needed as much here in america as it's  needed in other parts of the world.

which leads me to another opinion:

Feminism did it’s job and got a TON of rights  now. Believe it or not what people say, females get paid equal or more than males and there’s even an Act to make sure this happens (Equal pay act), if anything the only problem might be that it’s not enforced enough, but due to that it’s hard to guage now a days if there is pay discrimination (too many variables) might be the reason why. Women in some cases have more rights than men, so majority of the stuff I’ve seen with feminism is more about moral things. But most of these moral things have been blown up due to internet and rad fems…..which is a problem because they are creating more of a rift than an actual improvement.

Also you can be pro equality and not be a feminist. I can Love bacon on my burgers, but not like bacon cheeseburgers- because I dont like cheese.

I was never a fan of the #HandsUpDontShoot Movement or the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I never said much because I although I didn’t agree with the idealogy I thought it was great that so many Black people cared enough in this day in age to come together. It wasn’t the appropriate time to criticize the movements. That would be condescending.

The only people Black people need to marching, holding up signs with and pleading to convince #BlacklivesMatter is Black people … your own people. The goal should be to make your own people turn the guns away from each other and point them at our oppressors. #sancophaleague

To me asking people to see you as Human is begging for mercy. Asking the people to value your existence is pleading. Trying to guilt trip people into not killing you is asking for their approval. You’ll never get respect that way. Only way to get respect is to make them respect you “by any means” *malcolm x voice*

Words by @solar_innerg

jackmuino909  asked:

How would you feel if there was an Arthur episode centered around the topic of feminism?

i think idealogical discourse is a bit too much for a show aimed at primary school kids to tackle, haha.

that said, arthur is a… fairly feminist show already. its cast is made up of different characters from different backgrounds and cultures, the female characters have varied personalities and hobbies (and there are multiple female characters instead of just the token girl), and characters like Maria (who is blind) and Carl (who is autistic) have made numerous appearances throughout the series and haven’t been restricted to only showing up in the very-special-episodes in which a character learns about how they’re ~different~. and then there’s the episode Agents Of Change in which muffy and francine point out the poor treatment of girl characters in media and team up with molly to make their own animated short that features a female lead. 

so while i can’t see feminism-the-ideology being addressed in the show, the show itself doesn’t seem to be… anti-feminist, exactly. 

It is ironic that people who believe in the system call us idealogical when they believe in a system that we can all see does not work, and we have worked out a better way of living using science.