Here is an Ideal Cartoon Network schedule I made for next week.

Click here for the real schedule.

Because it’s October, you can’t complete it without the 2 Scary Godmother movies that made Cartoon Network infamous for this month. Remember when they aired them a decade ago? Believe me. The CGI animation was so cheesy, and advanced, back then.

Regular Show: Terror Tales of the Park gets moved down to 2pm on Saturday, and all 6 episodes of it would air together all at once.

Both The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and Courage the Cowardly Dog get primetime slots (including the 2 Billy & Mandy movies on the weekend) to add extra sp00kiness to your week. (in addition, The LEGO Movie moves upwards at 4:00p on Thursday)

Assuming the network decides to bring their Latin American shows Jorel’s Brother and Oswaldo to the USA, they would both air regularly weekdays at noon. As well as all 6 Villainous shorts on Friday as part of their spooky Halloween-themed NEW NEW NEW NEW! block they call: NEW NEW NEW BOO!

As usual, there is 2 hours of random classic and obscure shows in the morning every Monday-Friday at 7:00a-9:00a, followed by Clarence.

Ben 10 Alien of the Week moves down to 5:30p to make way for a 5:00p showing of the original Ben 10.

Tuesdays-Thursdays: You can’t complete a Scooby-Doo! movie without a bonus: an episode of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated. (probably the best series within the entire franchise, imo)

Lots of weekend changes are included because they’re gonna air Halloween specials very repetitively until Halloween the week after, so I cut down on the repetitiveness by adding other specials in the mix as well.

Yes, I did cut down on the excessive Teen Titans GO! and Gumball episodes here in favor of all of their popular shows as well as my ideal Saturday morning lineup. Sorry that I #TRIGGERED you, Cartoon Network’s scheduling department. But it’s for your own good.

Also found an Ideal Giggles for $6.99.

Her eyes and head still rock but she doesn’t seem to giggle.

All the little marks and some paint splatters came right off, and she even has her original clothes and shoes 😳

I will probably eBay her and see if I can save up for a Momoko or Unoa Light (hah).

Every time I come across an Ideal doll I gotta admire them. I don’t even LIKE baby dolls but I can see the appeal of this one. Whoever they had sculpting for them had a real knack.

it just feels like no stranger would ever look at me and be like “damn that person is attractive and I wish they’d talk me” ya know? like yeah I’m not bad looking but I just can’t comprehend some random person looking at me in my natural state and being like yep you’re cute please come say hi 🙏🏼🙏🏼


and this is the random pomeranian i met on the street and the minute i scratched him behind the ears, he rolled onto his back and ngjkdfgjfkgf I DIED!!! LOOK HOW SMOL AND SOFT AND SWEET HE IS!!! TODAY WAS A SUCCESSFUL POM DAY!!! I LOVE POMS!!! (i am da pomeranian queen)

i love jungkook and his adrenaline junkie ass and how he’s fearless at doing shit like skydiving and swimming with sharks, and how he loves trying new things and has so many hobbies he can’t keep up with, and how passionate he is at what he does? not to mention how he’s so good at a lot of stuff bc of his perfectionistic nature and never settling for second best. i love competitive jeon jungkook and his childish playful ways and idk this is a mood


“Ever since I met you, I have begun to doubt myself. I have lost faith in my own decisions. But now, with the kingdom in turmoil, I can’t run anymore. Midoriya… what should I do?”

>> Challenge your father for the throne. [King Path]

>> Rescue your mother from prison. [Witch Path]

>> ??? [Hidden Class Path]

- Part of the Boku no Hero Adventure RPG AU.