Laughing at the “Boys™”

Something I started forever ago (shortly after the first RTTE season came out) but never finished. There’s a hundred and million mistakes, but I found it in a pile of art and decided I’d quick finish it up :)

I seriously object to the idea that wanting to be beautiful/wearing make up/struggling with self image/caring what people think of your appearance makes you a bad feminist. 

Being a feminist does not mean: “I am entirely unaffected by the patriarchal society we live in!” 

It means: “I am aware of the patriarchal society we live in, have grown up in it and have absorbed a lot of its toxic ideas about gender and women, but I want to change it!

It can also mean: “Now I am aware of certain aspects of this patriarchal society, I am in a super difficult and confusing position because I do not quite know how many of my choices are actually choices and how many are a response to conditioning and subtle yet constant societal pressures. I am trying to strike a difficult balance in forging my own identity and being confident in myself regardless of what I look like without denying myself things I enjoy like pretty clothes and make up tutorials because feminism should be about choice right? and I don’t want to feel forced to stop enjoying those things. That is the opposite of what I signed up for. But also I don’t want to reinforce the idea that women need to look attractive in order to be confident/valued and would love to be that woman that can be totally at ease with no make up whatsoever 24/7, but at the same time having grown up in a patriarchal society I do not personally feel 100% confident in dispensing with my beauty regime altogether, and I’m not sure if I even want to do that because it’s fun… am I a BAD feminist???” 

We are all on a journey. There is no such thing as a perfect feminist. So long as you aren’t harming anyone then you make the choices you feel are right and healthy for you. Unlearning this stuff is hard and may well take forever. Feel no guilt over the way you want to present yourself. 

You can be a feminist who likes to wear make up and wants to be beautiful. They stuck us in this mess, it’s up to us how we hold onto ourselves while we fight on through it. 


Art is something that beautifully remains extensively into the distant future.

Eternal beauty is art!

Seventeen Ideal Types

A/N: Not requested. This is my opinion and I tried to be as accurate as possible. I hope you guys like this! :)

S. Coups- For the dad of the group, I feel like he’d need someone to be the mom. Someone warm, gentle, understanding, and patient. Someone who he could protect but also someone who isn’t necessarily a push-over. I mean, you have to be able to deal with 13 boys all at once, so you kind of have to be fairly assertive personality-wise.

Jeonghan- The angel would want someone similar to him. Quiet and gentle would be musts. I don’t think he’d be comfortable with someone incredibly outgoing or loud, as he seems to be the type to be embarrassed easily by people who are like that (I’m looking at you, DK, Hoshi, and Seungkwan.) He’d be more comfortable with silence and quiet conversation than loud jokes and playfulness.

Joshua- Whereas the previous two boys would want girls similar to him, I think Joshua is the opposite. He’d want a girl that was more outgoing than he was just so it’d bring him out of his shell. Someone who would joke and make him comfortable and also encourage him to take part in more conversation. But they’d also have to be okay with being alone every once in a while so he can recharge from being social (since he is an introvert).

Woozi- He’d want someone as passionate as he is about music. Someone who would listen to his stuff, give him fair critique, and comfort him when he’s stressed. He’d also appreciate a girl who could make him feel more manly per say, since (if I remember correctly) he does feel a bit insecure about his height. Also someone who doesn’t demand a lot of wordy expressions of his love, but would recognize the little things he does to show that he cares.

Jun- This greaseball would like someone who he could be protective of. It would give him a lot of satisfaction to have someone who would look to him and only him for reassurance and love. He’d match well with either an outgoing introvert or a slightly less energetic extrovert who would be okay with dirty jokes and lots of teasing. The most important thing for him, though, would be a girl who’d encourage him in his dancing and be very supportive of his musical career.

Wonwoo- This shy little emo child is very similar to Joshua.. Poor Wonwoo needs a girl who makes him comfortable and who he can depend on in social situations. Someone who will make him feel safe and secure. He wouldn’t want that dependency to be going one way, though. He’d also want someone who trusts him enough to share their insecurities with him and let him comfort them.  

Mingyu- He’d do great with an introvert. Just look at how close Meanie are; it seems natural for introverts to gravitate towards him just because he’s so good at making them feel comfortable. But, I also feel like he could work well with an outgoing, extrovert type person just because he isn’t super over the top in his extrovert-ness. Instead of the both of them feeding off of each other and getting really hyped, they would balance each other out nicely.

Hoshi- He’d love someone goofy. Someone who he could joke and mess around with, but who also would have a serious side. Having passion would be a huge turn on for him just because of what a hard worker he is, and even if it wasn’t in something that he was initially interested in, he’d still love to watch you talk about it and see that light in your eyes. He’d love a girl who would be his best friend first and lover second.

DK- He needs someone who could balance out his energy. An introvert would be best with him just because they’d be able to remind him to tone it down a bit while he would bring them out of their shell. He’d do very well with someone who could give reassurance on his singing and talent and also someone who he could pamper and really love on. If he was to choose between cute and sexy, personally I think he’d go for cute.

The8- Minghao is very similar to Jeonghan, although instead of someone who was an equal in how shy/quiet he is, I feel like someone slightly more outgoing would suit him better. He wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable with a raging extrovert, but having someone who could help him overcome his shyness would be a good thing.  He would be very appreciative of a girl who is as sweet as he is and who makes sure to compliment him a lot.

Seungkwan- Diva Boo needs someone who can keep up with him. This means he would do best with an extrovert; someone that loves to joke, have fun, and just in general have a good time. Someone witty and who could counter his sassy remarks would do well with him. I think he would especially love someone who could sing just so they could have karaoke battles and compose duets.

Vernon- Vernon may act like a cool swaggy rapper, but in reality he is a gigantic cinnamon roll. That being said, he would be similar to Joshua in that he needs a girl who would encourage him to try new things. He would appreciate someone who is playful, isn’t afraid to joke around, and wouldn’t mind just jamming out to music or geeking out over anime.

Dino- My little maknae would do well with a person that really appreciated and supported him. I feel like he could connect with both an introvert and an extrovert as they both have things to offer to him. He’d like a girl that either shared his love for Michael Jackson or was willing to deal with his enthusiasm about him. Being able to do aegyo would also be a huge plus for him along with having a compassionate and loving personality.