ideally watch it all

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

I just wanna say this real quick before the new episode tomorrow

Listen, I’m fully aware that there is very real possibility that Victor is eventually going to abandon Yuri and it will be incredibly angsty. I’m also fully aware that all the gay in the anime so far could just be queer-baiting.

Will I be disappointed if all the gay is just queer-baiting?

Well, yeah.

But is that gonna stop me from watching the anime and from shipping Victor and Yuri?

Probably not.

the new cyborg 009 series on netflix’s look/design is so ugly but im gritting my teeth and watching it cause the story/directing isnt like awful to the core it’s just like the old shows but the style and look 

why does 003 look like a child why is jet’s nose tinier that the others why is joe’s head so TINY…2D animation is so much more expensive but god is it worth it cyborg 009 vs devilman was so ideal everything looked GOOD….

watching the end credits with all the old manga shots is like a big slap to the face tbh : ^ /// 

My name is Susanne, I’m 17 years old and from Germany.
I speak German, English, Spanish (not quite fluent but enough to keep a conversation-at least I’d like to think so) and a couple of words Russian and Dutch.
I’d like to create a WhatsApp group with people from all over the world but if you’re not comfortable with giving out your number we can just talk on tumblr, instagram (@susannefruehling) or kik (@susannefriederike).
My interests include reading, politics, listening to music, watching (all the) tv shows and photography!
My ideal internet friend is around my age (like 15 to 19 years) and should not be prejudiced against any minority or religion and it’d be cool if we had some common interests!

Wayne was hanging back in the corner, minding his own business. He was only slightly tipsy, finding this to be the ideal time to hang on his own, watching all the other drunk students make fools out of themselves. It was pretty hilarious, actually. He spotted a fifth year trying (and miserably failing) to get with a seventh year in his house, a fourth year that appeared to be having a really hard time figuring out where her wand went, and a sixth year that had clearly never been drunk before. 

He had managed to smuggle in a rather fair share of muggle marijuana this year, remembering that small fact and proceeding to fish a joint from his pocket, lighting it with the tip of his wand. He took a long drag, glancing around the moment he realized he needed an ash tray. Of course, the Room had already thought of that and there was a small one resting on the table about feet from him. Wayne grabbed, ashed the joint carefully, and raised it back to his lips. His friend caught his eye and he grinned, nodding over at them before waving.

anapolera  asked:

11, 12 n 27 :3

11. describe your ideal day.
probably laying in bed all day watching all of my favourite movies
12. dog person or cat person?
cat person 100%, but I do love dogs a lot
27. do you feel like your outside appearance is a fair representation of the “real you”?
mostly yes

Well good morning. It’s chilly, foggy, and rainy in our neck of the woods today. If only we were all staying home and watching Netflix all day the weather would be ideal.

Saturday night close to 9pm I had the urge to make some donuts. These are a healthier version and peanut butter chocolate flavored. They turned out pretty delicious and I finished them off for my breakfast this am!

My gym bag has been brought along for the day and depending on the weather I’ll make it to get some form of exercise done tonight.

Rosie made me this scarf I’m wearing today! It’s an infinity scarf that’s wide enough I can use as a hood too it’s pretty awesome.

Also I’m trying to become bffs with my dry shampoo and not wash my hair every day like I was doing before but we’ll see how long that lasts.

OH and the most exciting to me but probably not to you thing today is we found a pink thermos for me and I brought it along and had a hot refill of yummy coffee vs the break room sub par stuff. It feels like magic even though thermoses (is that how you spell that?) have been around forever. Welcome to 2015 to me.

Have a good day friends!!