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i’ve been really productive the past few months, which is actually quite rare for me bc i’m a slave to procrastination i get burnt out v easily. this time was a little different, i managed to keep my productivity levels really high for a whole 2 months all the way until exams ended, studying every single day without fail, around 10 hours a day, when i used to only do an average of 3 or 4. so here’s what worked for me and what didn’t!

what works: schedule your day

what happens when ur a virgo studyblr? u plan. i would write out everything i needed to accomplish for the day, the night before, and be really specific about it. i would then plug in the timings, this works for me, but u can choose to put the time in first and plan what u want to do around the time. 

a structured time plan pressures me and i end up getting everything done, especially when i set an alarm on my phone for all the timings!

what does not: cramming a lot of hours into a day

12+ hour work days are ideal, especially when u watch all the ‘study with me: 14 hour work day!’ youtube videos, but they are just tedious and unreasonable. 

let’s face it, even if u do complete one or two long study days, ur just gonna get bored and tired and have no mood to continuing this for a week or more. slow and steady wins the race!

what works: tweaking the pomodoro technique

i hate the pomodoro method. at the 25 minute mark, i’m normally on a roll and super focused on the task; and the 5 minute breaks were too short for me to actually take a break. 

that’s why i tweaked it to 45-minute study sessions with 10-minute breaks, and after 3 study sessions, a 30-minute break. longer study sessions meant i get a break when i really start to get restless, and longer breaks gave me more time to recharge. i suggest tweaking this to match what works for you.

what does not work; doing too many / too little subjects a day

1. u don’t want to cram all the same topics and subjects into one day. ultimately, it’s a choice of spending 8 hours solely on a subject / topic and not touching it for the next few days / weeks, OR doing just 2 or 3 hours of one subject / topic each day over a few days / week

2. just thinking about doing only one subject for a whole day already tires me out. i have tried it, but normally i get so sick and tired of it that after a few hours, i can’t bring myself to focus on it any longer. on the contrary, if i keep switching between subjects, i get super confused because i have to remember too much of very different info. 

what works: leaving the last portion of your day ambiguous 

i like to start and end my days early. but in the process, i found a benefit of ending them early: i end up w a chunk of time at the end where there are two scenarios:

  1. i’m super motivated and want to continue studying
  2. i’m rly tired and cannot bring myself to continue bc i need a break !1!!

surprisingly, option 1 does happen a lot. and i think this is a rly good work-life balance. u don’t get burnt out easily, but from time to time, u get a bonus extra few hours of work done! 

what does not work: forgoing sleep

sleep is so important omg. 3 hours of studying while sleepy = 1 hour of studying when ur refreshed and ur brain’s working. a tired mind is a slow mind, and an awake mind is a fast mind!

do not worry about that rly hard chapter that u must understand and complete! ur mind continue to works even when ur sleeping, i assume bc it’s rewiring and sorting through new information. after waking up, i find myself being able to better remember and understand information that i struggled on the night before!

what works: finding out ur energy levels and use it to ur advantage

some people work best at 6am and can’t focus after 9pm, some people can’t focus before 11am and work best at midnight. take note of and chart ur energy levels throughout the day for about a week or so, are u particularly refreshed in the morning? do u feel urself always dozing off at 4? are u the most productive at night? 

work ur body clock out and work around it! every body functions differently! like in the last point, 3 hours of studying at ur worst energy levels = 1 hour of studying at ur peak energy level! forcing urself to work when ur body refuses to do so will only lead to procrastination. 

i sincerely hope these few tips can help u out w being productive! what are some of the things u do to get shit done? 

i love solarpunk but everything i see is,,, super inaccessible to me and it sucks

i cant read those long books people reccomend bc autism, i cant garden due to general fatigue problems, i cant join some group about this bc theres nothing around here, i cant MAKE some group because im a mentally disabled bich…

Are there any solarpunk things i can do that. take little to no effort to make and maintain? This question mainly goes out to spoonie solarpunks bc i dont trust what non-spoonies say is low-effort

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

NCT 127: Boyfriend Jaehyun
  • I feel like he’d be the type to fall in love w/ you after being close for years
  • but his feelings would always be obvious like……………
  • both of yall were never really “just friends” u feel me
  • there was always something going on whenever yall interacted or hung out, you just didn’t know what it was 
  • so neither one made a move
  • honestly it was like a flirty best friend relationship more than anything really
  • it was just too fun to be teasing and flirting w/ each other that you never really considered taking it seriously and that your feelings might run deeper than you actually thought 
  • same for him tbh he’s always so confused and doesn’t know what to do
  • bc he loves being able to be close to you and have casual skinship but………..
  • he really wants to say that he loves you when he holds on to your hand for too long
  • and that he sees you as more than a friend when his arm brushes by yours when you’re walking and when you don’t move away
  • and that you mean the world to him when you gently kiss his forehead when he’s just brought you lunch
  • all of those small daily affections will start to mean so much more to him and you can’t help but notice the intense gaze in his eyes when you catch him looking at you
  • and he won’t even look away agahsijdkf he is not gonna make this easy for you is2g
  • eventually he’ll fess up bc the thought of you possibly ending up w/ someone else destroys him
  • he always saw you as ‘my best friend’ ‘my y/n’ ‘the love of my life’ so he ain’t gonna let anyone else take that away from him
  • u go jae
  • so one day he begged you to play a quick game of basketball w/ him and he’s like
  • ok y/n so if I make this shot then you have to sit over there on that bench and listen to me, cool? cool.”
  • although it did take several shots for him to actually make it into the hoop (poor bean was nervous omg you were actually watching him play)
  • but when he did, he finally confessed that he imagined you two were always dating anyway, and it just didn’t make sense that he’d be w/ anyone else but you awwwwwww
  • cue the tears bc ur boi is gonna cry when he finds out you felt the same
  • but anyways
  • he’s a helpless romantic kinda boyfriend I promise u
  • like anything cute or adorable or romantic that he sees, he’ll instantly think of you 
  • probably sends you a dozen texts full of hearts emojis for no reason really
  • those hearts just remind him of you
  • ngl yall would be texting nonstop anyway
  • he’s always updating you on what he’s doing so that you could make plans to meet up
  • the teasing will never stop bc it’s just like being in love w/ your dorky best friend who won’t let you live 
  • probably has a list of all the times you’ve embarrassed yourself lmao don’t @ him
  • no lie he’d get jealous when seeing you w/ the other members 
  • esp if you just met them and suddenly they wanna hear all the dirt you have on jae
  • esp if it was doyoung omfg 
  • “lmao ok one time he-”
  • “y/n if another word comes out of your mouth I’m throwing your favorite chocolates in the trash don’t test me”
  • hella clingy sometimes and even does it in public to annoy you or make you blush
  • his hands just kinda snake around your waist and he kinda caresses your tummy through your shirt and omg he smirks bc knows this one thing makes you weak
  • also he never breaks eye contact when you look at him, and just stares at your lips if you’re not saying anything
  • petition to ban jaehyun from doing this
  • his lips are always ready to be kissed tho
  • aka just get on his lap and shut him up by kissing him for a couple hours 
  • trust me he won’t be saying a word afterwards lmaooo
  • having tickle wars every time he wants to cuddle
  • falling asleep in each other’s arms bc he can’t bear sleeping anywhere else 
  • he’d be hella close w/ your parents lol
  • one time he legit told them that he’s gonna marry you and spend the rest of his life w/ you
  • …………….
  • you were only in the bathroom for like 5 minutes how did he
  • late night phone calls!!!!!!!
  • his voice is so husky and worn out when he’s laying on his bed, halfway across the world, cuddling a pillow as he’s talking on the phone bc he can’t put into words how much he misses you in his arms
  • slow dancing to anything w/ you
  • even Elmo’s world theme song when it plays on tv like 
  • ??
  • why tf am I in love w/ you and why does this feel romantic and sweet and omg
  • yall would always have bets on the stupidest things 
  • and they all end in you giving him kisses bc he always wins not bc you let him
  • teases you endlessly but it’s all outta love 
  • plus it’s not like you let him off easy either yikes
  • going on gym dates sounds ideal to him but tbh all you do is watch him bc damn boi
  • he thicc and he knows it
  • not to mention he turns into a puddle of mush when you grab his booty lmao
  • you may or may not have a whole folder on your phone dedicated to its glory
  • fr tho
  • he’s such a loving and sweet guy who deserves the world
  • so keep him safe and loved 💖
bad news

mr blake’s teammate has had a last minute Issue for a race tomorrow and I’m now joining my lil cyclist on the road, so Modern Romance will not be done in time for its usual Sunday evening release. I feel awful but this one especially needs to be done right, so I’m going to take my time and post when it’s done to my satisfaction rather than rush it. I’M SO SORRY I really feel bad, after all those asks last week saying people enjoy getting it on sunday night I just knEW something was going to come up to Ruin Everything so please forgive me I love you pardon my indiscretions amen

my ideal summer day consist of sunbathing all day, watching sunset at dawn, night ride with all the windows down going home, bathing and moisturizer, good nights sleep, repeat

fenrirmitsuki  asked:

Bit a complex one that breaks the universe a bit, but how about the companions reactions to some dark anime: 1) Evangelion (the series, End of Evangelion, and the Rebuild movies), 2)Puella Magi Madoka Magica, 3) Mirai Nikki (aka The Future Diary), 4) Parasyte (aka Kiseijuu)

Okay so first off I must apologise for this being so late but admittedly I had do a little research as I’m not too familiar with those particular anime, but I will try my best to make this a half decent react nonetheless.

Cait: Tends to like the four of them, she likes all of the kickass fighting although is a bit distracted when there’s not much of it,she can get into it though. She’s conflicted over parasyte though, she likes the science horror stuff but it creeps her out a little. Her favourite is probably Mirai Nikki, it reminds her of the Combat Zone and the rush fighting.

Curie: She’s interested in the science behind Evangelion and feels Parasyte would make a great research case, she’d like to know more about Magica’s world and finds it both perplexing but fun, she’s not too fond of all the fighting unlike Cait, would watch for “scientific inquiry”, well at least that’s what she says ;)

Codsworth: Not too fond of of the fighting and seems very against the battle royale in Mirai Nikki, like Curie he is interested in how magic works and quite enjoys Magica.

Danse: Favourite is Evangelion, he sees it as the Brotherhood’s fight against the Institute and Super Mutants, he doesn’t seem to like Parasyte, it creeps him the fuck out.

Deacon: Big… big nerd, loves it all, in contrast to Danse sees Evangelion as being like the Railroad against the Brotherhood.

Dogmeat: Just likes to watch TV with Sole next to him, doesn’t matter whats on as long as he’s with Sole

Hancock: NERD, would watch all of them, then re-watch while on a jet trip, seeing the witches fly is trippy as fuck, doesn’t watch Parasyte while high though, it tends to fuck him up a little and give him nightmares.

MacCready: Seems a bit dumb to him at first but after watching some Evangelion and Mirai Nikki he’s hooked, he goes and reads all available copies of the manga he can find.

Nick: Enjoys the dark side to them, being a Noire character himself he appreciates the style, Mirai Nikki is like a mystery to him and he can’t help but watch the whole thing.

Piper: Total nerd from episode 1, watches all episodes to the four of them, gets hooked on Mirai Nikki and Magica and would happily sit in her pj’s all day watching them, ideally with Sole. When away from watching Piper can sometimes be heard humming one of the theme songs, totally denies this.

Preston: Like Danse and Deacon, identifies with Evangelion, except this time he sees it as the struggle of the Minutemen, eventually gets hooked and when Sole isn’t available he and Piper would totally binge watch them together.

Strong: Just  loves to see the fighting, likes Evangelion but sees him and the Super Mutants as the Angels instead, killing off the humans, also likes Mirai Nikki for the same reason. ( I get the feeling he’d also like Attack on Titan for the same reason?)

X6-88: Likes Parasyte, finds the parasites interesting in how they can get into human hosts without them knowing, similar to how the Institute infiltrates the Commonwealth perhaps?

I’m sorry it took so long but I enjoyed doing this one, hope you like!

I just wanna say this real quick before the new episode tomorrow

Listen, I’m fully aware that there is very real possibility that Victor is eventually going to abandon Yuri and it will be incredibly angsty. I’m also fully aware that all the gay in the anime so far could just be queer-baiting.

Will I be disappointed if all the gay is just queer-baiting?

Well, yeah.

But is that gonna stop me from watching the anime and from shipping Victor and Yuri?

Probably not.

anonymous asked:

do you see arima as a father figure to kaneki?

Yes and no… it’s complicated.

I think not having a father present from a young age left Kaneki to construct his own idea of how one should be through books he’s read, societal standards, and people he’s met, then plaster those ideals onto whatever older man takes interest in him. His own biological father was absent, and Yamori was purely domineering and violent towards him. Yoshimura was a kind, protective person, but his status probably took a blow once he connected the fathers (or lack thereof) in Eto’s books to him.

Kaneki says he saw Arima as a father figure despite not understanding him. A father to him was supposed to be mysterious and distant and powerful and intimidating. Haise was in awe. Arima was a terrifying force to be reckoned with in his eyes and others’.

But it was all wrong…. Kaneki expected his “father” to kill him, for fuck’s sakeThat’s not a healthy perception of how any relationship should be, let alone a paternal one.

But then all of those horrible ideals shattered as Kaneki watched Arima fall.

Everything he knew to be true was wiped clean. Arima was broken. He was fallible. He hated himself and wanted to die; cried and caressed Kaneki’s cheek. Arima loved him, believed in him, protected him by making him stronger, and freed him from death and a life of servitude. Arima lived and died for Kaneki Ken.

That’s how a parent should be. 

But despite all that, I’m not sure if Arima saw himself as a father, or that he saw Haise as his son.

And if he did, he must’ve known that “Arima Kisho: Death God” was an inappropriate person for Kaneki to to see as such (but played along with the “grandchildren” thing nonetheless). After all, it seems like Arima didn’t have a real father either, and wouldn’t know the nature of one himself. From all we really know, he just loved Haise with all his heart, plain and simple, with no title to it.

So, while the Arima who lived strangled and muted six feet below the surface of “The Reaper” would’ve made a wonderful parental figure, what’s important when Kaneki finally walks away from this isn’t that he finally has a father– it’s that a person he loved returned the feeling with every fiber of their being, and did all they could to prove it.

anonymous asked:

Matsu bros favorite body type?

a very tough question, since i think these NEETs are easily capable of falling in love with anyone of any shape or size!

I think Osomatsu’s body preferences are typical of a shamelessly pervy male–curvy figure, nice boobs, nice butt, nice legs… His ideals likely come from all the porn he reads/watches, but even with those common turn ons, he’s easily persuaded to like almost any body type.

Karamatsu’s only appearance preference is perhaps nice hips and thighs and that’s about it. He isn’t even picky theoretically, so this guy is super easy to please. Or super desperate. 

Choromatsu doesn’t pay much attentions to physical appearances so much as he does someone’s personality, but if he did, he’d likely appreciate someone of average size and shape the most. He’s pretty plain himself, so he’d like to start off with something expected, and find all the beautiful details within it! Boobs are also a plus.

Ichimatsu honestly couldn’t care less, as long as they’re genuine and not extravagantly annoying like his shittymatsu brother. If anything, he likes it when someone has a little more meat on them–it makes for an excellent pillow and cuddling partner.

Jyushimatsu has literally no preferences when it comes to liking other people–he just wants to make everyone laugh! I think though that Jyushi finds more short and stout people more admiring and fun to be around.

Todomatsu is likely the most shallow of all his brothers, but it’s all in the name of physical aesthetics! The only thing he’d really care about is having someone just as cute–if not cuter than him, so generally someone of petite build and smaller frame. He’s also big on staying active and healthy, so he’s likely to prefer someone of a more fit appearance, to match his general lifestyle. He’s also totally a leg person–it’s canon.

HELP! YouTube's Algorithm Hates the Project for Awesome

YouTube uses a complicated algorithm to decide whether or not to show you videos from the people you’re subscribed to. One of the most important pieces of data in this algorithm is the number of times people ignore videos from a particular creator on their “What to Watch” page. 

Because we posted a ton of “videos” (really live streams) during the P4A…and because a lot of people weren’t in the mood to watch EVERY SINGLE ONE, our click rate on videos went WAAAAY down.

As a result, YouTube has stopped showing our videos to a lot of people who are subscribed to us. 

The logic is “If they didn’t click on the last six, why should we clutter up their feed with these videos…they’re obviously not interested.” But that logic does not take into account 48 hour live charity events. 

Our viewership has declined by about 40%. Roughly 100,000 people who would have seen our videos aren’t seeing them. 


If you could go to and click on and watch (ideally all the way through, yes, watch-time matters too) the most recent few vlogbrothers videos, that’d be GREAAAT, even if you’ve already watched it before, it should help us get back on the right side of the algorithm.

If you don’t see the video in your feed, go to “my subscriptions” and watch them there. It will show that you’re going out of your way to watch something YouTube might not be showing you.

Also, if you could reblog this that would help too. 


HELP! We Made YouTube's Algorithm Angry!

YouTube uses a complicated algorithm to decide whether or not to show you videos from the people you’re subscribed to. One of the most pieces of data in this algorithm is the number of times people ignore videos from a particular creator on their “What to Watch” page. 

Because we posted like 16 videos in the last week…and because a lot of people weren’t in the mood to watch ALL SIXTEEN OF THOSE VIDEOS, our click rate on videos went WAAAAY down. And as a result, YouTube stopped showing our videos to a lot of people who are subscribed to us. 

The logic is “If they didn’t click on the last six, why should we clutter up their feed with these videos…they’re obviously not interested.” But that logic does not take into account 48 hour live charity events. 


If you could go to and click on and watch (ideally all the way through, yes, watch-time matters too) the most recent vlogbrothers video, that’d be GREAAAT, even if you’ve already watched it before, it should help us get back on the right side of the algorithm.

If you don’t see the video in your feed, go to “my subscriptions” and watch it there. I don’t know if the algorithm counts that, but it couldn’t hurt. Thank you all for your help, and thanks for a great Project for Awesome.

Also, if you could reblog this that would help too.