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i absolutely love agent green as a character, but i hate him as person, and his speech to sam was SO INFURIATING. that argument that, the same way american citizens have to obey american laws, being born as an atypical means she has to obey to their laws, totally misses the point? citizenship is both rights and duties, so americans do have a say on the laws, they get to disagree and decide what should be done through elections. i mean, ideally, since trump happened ugh

Infuriating is exactly what I was going for so I’m honestly delighted to hear this. It’s like, yes, dude, it wouldn’t be good to have atypicals just going around doing whatever and being above the law but the issue is so much more nuanced than that?? His morality is quite black and white.

Title: Honey, I’m not much of a dancer. ( but for you I’ll try ) pt.1
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Eventual Peggy x Jack, Steve x Peggy will be mentioned in other parts.
Summary: It started like all things did, with a dance.

Notes: If you are curious, I was listening to this song when I was writing. I have four parts in mind and this is the shortest. Just basically a couple of ficlets I’m throwing together on how it might ~happen~ if Peggy x Jack were to happen. You might notice, Jack is still… kinda a douche, but I figured it OC to make him suddenly more enlightened. He will still stick his foot in his mouth and inspire your ire in the future, trust me.

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other Thought i’m having today: the fact that sometimes people just need to accept that someone’s never gonna be the person they were before their trauma.

there’s this weird notion of ‘getting over it’ or 'getting past it’ and it’s wrapped in this idea that after a Certain Amount Of Time or a Certain Relationship or a Certain Amount Of Therapy traumatized people magically stop. being traumatized people. and their trauma stops effecting them.

and that’s. i see a problem with that idea t b h.