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Jonerys Post Rescue Mission Drabble

~450 words
obviously, spoilers for episode 6!

I’m still reeling over episode 6, and I couldn’t help myself but to write some of Dany’s inner thoughts after she returns to the wall. I’m planning on writing more and turning this into a oneshot, but here’s a Dany-sad-and-worried-about-Jon drabble!

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I can’t believe this just happened

*casually chops off a finger*

Me: All I ever wanted in a boy group was that they all sang beautifully, could all dance, write their own songs, were all uniquely handsome, each have individualized personalities and styles that make them stand out in their own special way, and have the best teamwork and synergy.

Monsta X: Hi


Updated Masterlist

Namjoon (Rap Monster):

You’re Hot When You’re Mad (Fluff & Smut)

The Date (Fluff)

I Guess We Changed | Prologue (Angst)

I Don’t Love You Anymore (Super Angst)

You Should Marry Me (Fluff)


You Look Cute With a Baby Bump (Fluff)

My Mistress (Fluff + Humour)

Photograph of Love (Fluff)

Yoongi (Suga):

I Can’t Believe You’re Carrying My Child (Angst)

Prepare for Trouble (Fluff)

Love At First Sight (Fluff)

Her (Fluff & Angst)

You’ll Always Have Me (Hurt/Comfort)

Please, I’m Sorry (Angst)

Fluffy (Ft. Adorable Yoongi)

Hoseok (J-Hope):

Valentine’s Date Disaster (Fluff)

Birthday Surprise (Fluff)

Are You Jealous? (Fluff)

My Bad-boy Soulmate (Fluff & Humour)

Give Me A Reason Not To Walk Away (Angst)


You Look Cute With A Baby Bump (Angst & Fluff)

Sit On My Lap (Fluff)

Did You Buy Me….Lingerie? PART ONE | PART TWO (Angst)

Bite Me (Vampire AU)

Is This Love? (Fluff)

Why Are You Walking Around Naked? (Angst)

We’re Just Friends (Angst + Eventual fluff)

All For You (Smut)

Drunk AF (Fluff)

Will You Fake Date Me? (Fluff)


You Set My Heart on Fire (Fluff)

Only in Dreams (Angst)

Cardcaptor Tae (Fluff & Humour)

Hold Me Tight (Fluff & Hurt/Comfort)

What’s Your Name Beautiful? (Horror + Fluff)

It’s All Your Fault (Fluff AU)

Lessons in Love (Fluff)


Experienced In Loving (Fluff)

Are You Scared? (Fluff)

Make Me (Angst)

Revenge (Fluffy + Comedy)

Just Leave Me Alone! (Angst)

You Should Marry Me (Fluff)

Ruin Me (Bad Boy! AU)

Clearing Confessions (Part One), Part Two, Part Three (Angst)

Whoa is Me (Fluff)

Give Me A Reason (Angst & Fluff)

Is That My Bra? (Fluff & Humour)

Experienced in Loving (Fluff)

Just Leave Me Alone! (Angst)

Senior Prank (Fluff + Humour)

Shut Up and Kiss Me (Fluff)

Will You Be Quiet!? (Fluff & Angst)

Play Pretend (Fluff)

Needlessly Large Rod (Fluff & Humour)

Save Me (Angst)

Cuddles (Fluff)

You’re Hot, Shame About the Personality (Fluff)

I Got You On My Mind (Angst) Part: One, Two, Three, Four

Talk Shit, Get Hit (Fluff & Humour)

Chat Imagines (Y/N X BTS):

#1: What the Hell Are You Doing Here?! (Comedy + Fluff x BTS)

#2: Ideal Type (Fluff + Angst x Jimin)

#3: Pay Me With Your Time (Fluff x Yoongi)


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mbti moodboards

➥ INFP (the healer)

[INFPs] are introspective, cooperative, informative, and attentive. Their tranquil and reserved exterior masks a passionate inner life. Healers care deeply about causes that interest them, and they often pursue those causes with selfless devotion. They are highly compassionate and empathetic to the needs of others, seeking to bring peace, health, and integrity to their companions and to society at large. They want to heal the problems that trouble individuals and correct the conflicts that divide social groups.

[They] tend to be private individuals who have a strong sense of right and wrong and an idealistic worldview. They are deeply committed to things that are positive or good and may be inspired to make extraordinary sacrifices in attempts to achieve their ideals. (x)

Sitting here waiting for Castlevania fanfics like…

I’ve blessed the Trevor x Alucard ship : Aluvor

what kind of girls would monsta x be attracted to?

hi!! again, this wasn’t requested. it’s based on my personal opinion and most definitely not made to offend anyone. i did bts’ version a few days ago, and plan on making more of these with vixx and shinee, too. share your opinions with me and feel free to request or ask me anything!

  • hyunwoo; shownu is a softie!! he really cares for ppl who are shy and sweet. he doesn’t like the ones who play hard to get nor cold people; he needs sweetness and love, someone who would love him and appreciate him for who he is. a person who’s vibrant and far from boring - she would always have long and nice conversations with him and keep him entertained. a girl who’s intelligent and has nice hands. probably younger than him.
  • hoseok; hoseok would like someone talkative and smart, probably a bit cocky and funny. someone who does sports and plays a little hard to get. he wants a friend before a lover, someone who’s not too rigid or too mature. confident, bold and independent girls drive him crazy!! slightly muscular, skinny or bony bodies would get him going. maybe someone his age or younger, but he wouldn’t really mind that at all.
  • minhyuk; someone fair and socially graceful, who values peace and tries to avoid conflicts as much as possible. a girl who’s good looking on his eyes and also very romantic. he likes voluptous bodies more than petite ones, but that wouldn’t be the most important factor to him. his heart would skip a beat at someone who had a delicacy while moving and talking, someone almost ethereal. is adored by animals and kids. probably younger than him.
  • kihyun; kihyun likes mysterious, withdrawn, shy women. the ones that are quiet but in reality are deep and thoughtful. girls who almost seem as if they are in need of protection. someone who would look at him with admiration, a girl who would cuddle him and make him feel like a man. a good cook and passionate about science or writing. probably younger, too.
  • hyungwon; another sucker for deep and thoughtful girls, hyungwon would look for someone who’s able to teach him new things and make him a better person. a person who has a strong mentality, ambition and dry humor. someone who would support him but not sugar-coat him. girls in leather jackets and darker shades. values her friends and is stubborn. younger, his age or older, he wouldn’t really care.
  • jooheon; ah… a sweet and good-looking girl would be his ideal type, but that’s too vague. he would love to have an admirer by his side, someone who would endlessly support him. a girl who would not mind the spotlight and is instantly likeable. someone with sincere feelings and squishy cheeks, probably cuter than him if that’s even possible. someone who dresses exceptionally well but still rocks skinny jeans. age wouldn’t matter to him.
  • changkyun; brave, original and capable girls who often seek for support in her ideas. someone who wears stockings and has smooth legs/calves. girls who would make him feel special and unique. loves a good ironic person. attracted to the different, faces and bodies who are not typically considered beautiful. seems strong and independent but needs protection. has a nice, clean room and finds dank memes the best thing on the internet. someone his age.
Can we talk about Yoonseok/Sope for a moment please

I strive to have a friendship as strong as these two they are the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen


Again, GOALS. 

They just seem to understand one another so well??? They just have a really precious friendship and they care about each other so much

They’re also essentially polar opposites where one is complete sunshine and bubbly and happy all the time and the other is a bit quieter and more reserved and I love friendships/relationships like those where the two people match together so well because they’re nothing alike

However, at the same time, I think that the reason they are such good friends is because they’ve both been through some rough shit and can connect really well in that way and I really admire that their friendship is built off of that because it makes them super supportive of each other

And when Yoongi is with Hoseok, he’s like a different person. He just lets go of himself more and he just seems a lot more carefree and happy. I think they bring out the best in each other and maybe even the side of them that you don’t see all that often because they just work with one another that well.

You don’t even have to necessarily ship them either, but you can’t deny that they have a really wonderful friendship

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Some Tips On Organic Chemistry
  1. When you’re looking at two compounds and wondering how they may react, pay attention to the carbons - if they are bonded to a halogen or something more electronegative than them, then they have a partial positive charge and they’re going to want anything that will give them more electrons (a.k.a. a nucleophillic attack). If they’re bonded to hydrogen, they have a partial negative charge and they become your nucleophile, which will want to give those electrons to something that’s lacking them. Once you get these basics down, mechanisms become much easier to memorize because you can see the logic in them and sometimes predict them.

  2. Get the basic mechanisms ingrained in your brain. Think of SN1, SN2, E1 and E2 as your new multiplication table. Make flashcards about them and take them to class. Or put them at the back or front of your notebook. Just have them handy at all times.

  3. Draw the final steps in 3D. ALWAYS. You can draw the mechanisms and the first steps in 2D because it will make it easier to understand, but never forget that you’re working with a 3D structure that can flipped (and attacked by nucleophiles) every which way. Also, if you don’t know the basic perspectives used in orgo (Fischer, Newmans, sawhorse, wedge-dash) please take half an hour to learn them. Mainly wedge-dash and Fischer, but Newman is very useful when deciding which position you should put your atoms in if you’re dealing with sin and anti.

  4. Colors. If you’re one of those people who ONLY writes in black pen, awesome, keep using it for WRITING. For reactions though, you’re going to want options. you’ll need to differentiate between:

    • The molecules (same color for atoms and bonds, unless you want to finish your notes on your deathbed).
    • Your three types of arrows: electron flow, actual steps in the reaction (think intermediates) and steps you may take to make it clearer for you but that happen at the same time.
    • Formal charges
    • The electrons that stay with its original atom and the ones that are given/shared, if you’re like me and you like your mechanisms to be spelled out.
    • This is not an excuse to go nuts with the coloring, 3 colors are enough. Personally, I use purple for molecules, electrons and reaction arrows, black for electron flow arrows and charges and light blue for clarification step arrows. Also optional but to denote a homolytic fission I usually write a blue line perpendicular to the bond. Similarly, if two atoms share one electron each, instead of just one them donating both electrons, I link said electrons with blue.
    • Remember to be consistent, otherwise you’ll end up like me, looking at your notes from the beginning of the semester and wondering if that dash is a bond or a -1 formal charge (to avoid this, preferably circle formal charges. Lol I never do this but I should).
  5. Flashcards are so helpful! Write the reactants on one side and the mecanism and products on the other. Test yourself until you are one with the electrons.

  6. If it’s a concerted mechanism, number the arrows. You’ll thank yourself a month from now.

  7. Khanacademy. Khanacademy will save your butt when it comes to mechanisms. Chemwiki is likely to have anything that Khanacademy doesn’t. If it isn’t in either of those, Google images just became your new best friend. Books also tend to explain those nicely but I personally find them to be poorly structured and they usually include much more info than what you’ll actually be requiered to know. If you have the time to read two pages on a reaction though, by all means go for it.

  8. Study in advance. Good luck studying for your final two days before if you don’t understand the mechanisms and you don’t have your material organized. Seriously, don’t do it. A week before the exam you could make those flashcards mentioned above. They’re a great way to review but it will be impossible if you are learning these things from scratch.

  9. Get your hands on past tests. This goes for any subject but especially for orgo. Try to get a past test or at least ask an upper-classman who’s taken orgo with that professor. Does his/her tests focus on mechanisms? Retrosynthesis? Or does he/she give you the reactants and ask what the product is or what environment they should be in to obtain x? Ideally, you should be able to answer any of these if you know the material. However, if they focus on retrosynthesis, it may be a little tricky, so make sure to cater your study techniques to that.

  10. You should also check out @colllegeruled’s Surviving Organic Chemistry, it’s super helpful and it has lots of resources (seriously, you introduced me to Khanacademy, I OWE YOU MY LIFE).

So, this is what I can offer so far. I hope it shines at least a faint light into the dark path that is organic chemistry.

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champagne supernova

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robert wasn’t the type of person who got overwhelmed. he’d spent his whole life just powering through the things that felt overwhelming, good and bad - chin up and shoulders back, as jack had always said.

or, aaron and robert share a quiet moment alone at their second wedding. 

Robert wasn’t the type of person who got overwhelmed. He’d spent his whole life just powering through the things that felt overwhelming, good and bad - chin up and shoulders back, as Jack had always said. That’s how the Sugden’s got through life, never letting anyone or anything get them down, stop them from getting what they wanted.

For better or for worse, his dad had instilled a fierce sort of pride in Robert, in all three of them, and it was something he was never going to be able to shake off, not completely, maybe not at all.

And that pride was exactly why Robert was sitting in a children’s playground, his wedding reception going on without him in the pub, chatter and music pouring out of every open door and window of the Woolpack.

His wedding.

Robert glanced down at the familiar ring on his finger, a new weight added to the metal now, an official marriage license and a legal wedding making him Aaron’s husband officially, on paper now.

He didn’t deserve it, Robert knew that much. He’d done nothing to ever deserve Aaron’s love, had done nothing to deserve the forgiveness Aaron had given him, one too many times now.

The forgiveness that had allowed them to build a life together, properly this time around, no cheating, no secret pregnancies, nothing. It was just the two of them in it this time, eight months of marriage counselling ending with them standing in city hall, applying for a marriage license.

To do it for real this time, Aaron had quipped, a bright smile on his face, and a confidence to the way he held himself that Robert hadn’t realised he’d missed, until it was back. A break up, a make up, a whole lot of therapy, and a few new hobbies, and happy hadn’t felt like such an impossibility anymore.

Thats how Aaron had put it. He’d thought happiness was impossible, once, Aaron plagued by all the things he’d had to suffer in his life, all the ways the universe had done him wrong.

But he was good now, a smile on his face and a snarky smirk in place whenever he decided to drive Robert up the wall, friendly banter and happy teasing taking the place of the fighting, the breaking point they’d spent months on the edge of before they’d had to admit they weren’t going anywhere (anywhere happy, at least.)

And yet somehow, here they were now, married, and happy, an easy sort of routine to their lives together that Robert knew he didn’t deserve.

He hadn’t deserved to get to go on that third first date, with Aaron, hadn’t deserved the smile and the ‘third times a charm, Robert’, hadn’t deserved any of it, but Aaron had always been the better man, the better of the two of them.

Better half took a whole new meaning, when it came to Aaron and Robert.


Robert looked up at the familiar shout, Aaron stalking across the grass toward him, suit jacket and tie long since discarded, shirt sleeves rolled up slightly, his husband clearly feeling the affects of the overly warm pub, and the free flowing alcohol.

Aaron looked gorgeous. More gorgeous than Robert had words for, and he prided himself on never being lost for words, but he had been, had been gobsmacked that afternoon at the registry office as he’d watched Aaron walk up the aisle, Chas holding tightly to his arm, fingers digging into the expensive blue material.

(Tailor made suits, for their second wedding, because it was the second and last.)

“You’re not allowed to abandon me, not when mum’s trying to make me dance,” Aaron said, waggling a bottle of champagne at Robert, one he’d clearly swiped on his way out of the pub.

Robert couldn’t help but crack a smile. Chas hadn’t been the biggest support, when they’d decided to give their relationship another go - not that Robert could blame her for her reluctance to get on board - but they’d found their way in the end.

He and Chas had common ground, after all - Aaron, and Aaron being happy, and so when Aaron’s smile had become a permanent fixture on his face, she’d done her nosey mum routine, and asked when they’d make it legal.

“I just needed a minute,” Robert admitted quietly, knowing Aaron was staring, waiting for an answer. It had all felt a bit overwhelming, as he’d stood at the bar with Zak and Sam, having a pint with the two Dingles, Aaron being cornered by Belle and Charity, the two women determined to make him dance.

It had been overwhelming because it had felt right, felt like home, felt like the blissful forever after they’d been denied at their first wedding. Robert had been in the midst of a group of Dingles, people who’d been out for his blood once upon a time, and he’d felt at home.

It had sort of been the straw that broke the camels back, if Robert was honest, the emotion of the day flooding his every sense at once, and he’d just needed air. if anyone but Aaron had come looking, he’d have said he needed to be alone, too - but well, this was Aaron.

He’d never say no to a quiet moment with Aaron.

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“-The Hyuga clan will be rebuilded. Objections are not accepted.”

“- Ninja orphanage constructing is almost finished. Me and Kakashi was tried hard for that!“ 

“-I wonder, how soon Shikamaru and his team decrypt that Kaguya scroll? 

-Dunno, but I bet that if he will do it on their honeymoon, Temari will never forgive us, you know…”

The end  ♥