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introducing jonghyun’s newest, and ninth known in total, tattoo. the tattoo was first seen today (august 5th kst) at smtown live world tour in hong kong. the tattoo appears to be below his shoulder - though no one is sure yet if it is on his back or above his chest, as the above image doesn’t give enough details to confirm that. the cleanest image that we have of it so far is this one, which has it appearing to read something close to: “a romantic”. (source)

edit: according to ideal boy, the tattoo may actually say “a romanticist”.this could have a lot of meanings and we won’t know for sure unless jonghyun explains it, but a romanticist (when referring to a single person) is usually in reference to someone who creates work that shows both imagination and sensitivity, or who has a sensitive / romantic / etc. outlook on life.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Jasmine Wright

Paving her way through the mostly male dominated tattoo industry is bad-ass tattoo artist and San Diego native, Jasmine Wright. Her insane tattoos may have been the first thing to catch our attention, but her “anti Pinterest” style and no excuses attitude had us itching to know more about her. We had the chance sit down with Jasmine in her downtown San Diego studio and watch her work some serious magic while chatting about tattoos, life choices, and shrimp brokering.

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Just in case you were wondering why I was at a tattoo parlor yet again today it was because the badass behind my Cubone and Marker tats ( could bestow upon me the ideal Borderlands tattoo 🍖🥓🔪💣💥🔥

(Bonus: approval from the Meat Man’s voice actor himself, nearly resulting in me shitting my internal organs out)

anonymous asked:

How important is sex in a relationship.. describe your ideal gf.. how many tattoos do you have

1.) It’s a deal breaker if it’s trash, it’s important because it’s an expression of vulnerability and allowing another person to have your body and trusting them to not abuse such a privilege and opportunity.

2.) I don’t have an ideal gf.

3.) I have 15 tattoos.

GOT7 Reaction - What Type Of Tattoos Would They Like On A Girl?

Hey! Here you go and I hope you like it <3



Youngjae - *I think something small and subtle would be ideal for a tattoo on a girl, also something that has a strong meaning behind instead of a pointless tattoo*

Example -

JB - *Something thats eye-catching and meaning full. He’d probably also like something small and not too big but still very beautiful*

Example -

BamBam - *I think he’d love something that’s elegant, aswell as something that may reflect the girl in anyway, even if its from movies or whatever*

Example -

Jinyoung - *I think he’d adore something that is soft but still eye-striking. Even if it is something something unexpected*

Example -

Yugyeom - *I think he’d love a girl with a tattoo that shows her off. Also something that the girl may like, something like music etc*

Example -

Mark - *I think something that’ll reflect your personality and something that has a story behind it also. I think he wouldn’t mind if it was a big tattoo or small*

Example -

Jackson - *I think he’d love something that would bring attention to your beauty, even if its a little crazy. Something that’ll show her sexy side as well as her cute side *

Example -


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