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Venus as a Boy

Do you ever think about all the different kinds of guys out there? I thought maybe it would help my followers who have a hard time figuring out their type; people who just don’t know what they want in a guy. I will make a girl one later as well.
I wanted to make a post about men and their Venus signs; how they are romantically.
The information I’ve gathered is based off real interpretations as well as friends I’ve studied with these Venus signs so here we go (keep in mind that these aren’t afflicted by other forces. Somewhat pure and complimentary forms of the Venus signs)

Venus Signs in Men

Venus in Aries

Playfully teasing, he might say things like, “I know you want me.” You find his immaturity somewhat charming because deep down you know he needs you more versus you needing him like he makes it out to be. He is addicted to your love. He wants to be listened to, but you may need to teach him to listen to you sometimes. Dates are spontaneous and often fill the whole day; he might start it off with something active, yet romantic like skating. Then go eat at his favourite restaurant, maybe settle into the night with comfortable clothes and a movie. He might even suddenly get you up again at midnight to go star gazing! He wants to take on every day with you fresh and playfully.

Venus in Taurus

Every second he is with you, he has to feel you and have his arms wrapped around you. The perfect date to him would be either going to a restaurant or making you dinner, give each other a good massage, enjoy a bath, and then just cuddle. Comfort is very important to him, he wants you to feel comfortable at all times; he never wants to push you. He doesn’t find high energy activities to be as fun as other people think, he would rather just sit together and enjoy each others company. He wants you to know that you can depend on him and he won’t turn around and change on you.

Venus in Gemini

He’s charming and witty. In his company he just wants to see you laugh and smile which he seems to make you do so effortlessly. I hope you enjoy a talker, because he can go on and on about just about anything. Things are hardly taken seriously, everyday has to be fun, care-free, and spontaneous. Social activities excite him so expect lots of coffee dates, parties, movie nights, and video games. You’ll know he’s comfortable with you once he starts inviting you to family get-togethers; he loves his family and he loves you!

Venus in Cancer

He is a sentimental lover, his eyes well up and his heart flutters when his mind focuses on you. He is sensitive/receptive to your thoughts and feelings, he knows when something’s up. He is the type of guy to show up with your favourite things on your off days. He will be extremely protective of your feelings as well as his own. He prefers for you do make first moves because he doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries. He will definitely want to do some family oriented activities with you; the closer he gets you to his family, the more he appreciates your company and wants you apart of it. He is definitely what you would consider the sweet and sensitive type!

Venus in Leo

His love is indeed dramatic and passionate, he could practically break out into song about you. He has it all envisioned in his mind, a happily ever after with you. Every single moment, good or bad, is taken to heart. For someone who is as fiery as he is, he does wear his heart on his sleeve; he isn’t afraid to show you exactly how he’s feeling. Dates have to be high energy and exciting; prehaps a beach day, a concert, or a show would satisfy the need for sharing excitement with his lover. If you want your everlasting days to feel like you are being spun round and round like Jack and Rose, he’s your prince.

Venus in Virgo

He remembers your favourite colour, favourite meal, the way you bite your lips when you’re nervous, how you prefer sunrises over sunsets, he remembers the small things .Taking care of you and listening to you is number one, he wants you to feel comfortable at all times. He’s insecure and a little nervous around you because he cannot believe he has you. He strongly desires to serve you and finds every way to make you love him more. He is bound to take you out some where nice and pull the seat out for you like a gentleman.

Venus in Libra

He is extremely smooth with everything; the way he walks, the way he talks, the way presents himself to you. Even the way he looks at things, it’s alluring. He sees the beauty in things; he sees the beauty in you. He is the type of guy that will write you a poem or sing you a song so effortlessly; it makes you wonder how sincere it was. The sincerity is definitely there though, he’s inspired by you. He treasures love expressed through words and sharing so a perfect date to him would be going out one on one at a restaurant or just relaxing just about anywhere, a park or coffee shop maybe?

Venus in Scorpio

His love runs deep and intense. You become his obsession, he wants to feel not only you, but your soul. He’s easily jealous when you’re around other guys. His desire is not to control you, but he definitely watches your every move. Mutual trust is held at the highest octave for him, he loves to be able to tell you anything without worrying. The perfect date to him could be checking out quirky shops and cafes. He has a dark an alluring energy to him as if he’s a vampire or something. You will be endlessly curious about this mysterious side to him that you’re so attracted to.

Venus in Sagittarius

His contagious laugh and interesting stories to tell is what draws you in. You also can’t help but find it adorable how he’s so good with animals. His lust to travel with you sparks his being. He wants to see the world, with you. Whether he’s the athletic type or not, dates must be adventurous in some way. Maybe hiking or going to some sort of museum or zoo would fit the ideal date to him. This is the type of guy who will constantly encourage you to achieve your dreams more than other people would. He wants to see your life at its fullest. He also wants you to know that he is a lover and best friend

Venus in Capricorn

Your his princess and a princess deserves royalty! He comes off as serious and maybe even a little shy, so expressing how much he means to you may come from the small things like surprising you with coffee. Fully confessing his love to you may take a little time, but when he finally shows you, it will be extremely sincere and special. Showing his prized possession off is also very important to him so expect to be invited out to all of his very important affairs. The ideal date may include shopping and dining at fancy restaurants. Occasionally he’s going to surprise his princess with luxurious gifts!

Venus in Aquarius

Definitely not the type to want everything to constantly be lovey-dovey. He likes air to breathe, he wants to have everything just laid back. Not everything has to be serious, things can be as if your friends, but with the occasional romantic gestures. He is the type to stir up deep conversations on just about anything like, “Do you think aliens exist?” or “How are we as humans affecting our world right now?” He’s quite eccentric and uniquely opinionated. He wants to pass on his care-free personality to his lover because who cares about tomorrow? We are us now. The perfect date to him is definitely going to be something out of the ordinary so be prepared for anything! Also be prepared to have a long discussion about it afterwards.

Venus in Pisces

Very sensitive and compassionate lover. He craves a deep connection with his partner and picks up emotional cues very easily. He definitely enjoys a partner where he can drink in the world with them, gaze at horizons and stars together. Often he will express his wishful thinking and humour to you to get everyone’s mind off of life’s troubles. He prefers the simple things in life over the luxurious things so a perfect date to him would include camping, picnics, going for walks, or simply just napping together. Get lost in each other’s eyes, get lost in each others dreams!

MASTERLIST (PART 1/2) [back-up]


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Rogues as shopper types

Jonathan Crane: The extreme coupon/bargain hunter. You want 27 orange juice containers for some reason? He’s got a coupon for that. You want a bunch of guns without the consequence of blackmail later? He’s got 3 coupons for that. You want a pack of Oreo’s, but don’t have a coupon?  Well put that shit back on the shelf b/c it’s the coupon way or fear toxin way, no exception.

Edward Nigma: The thrift shop prowler. May it be a Value Village or some obscure store, he will have visited it at some point. Why spend $50 on a new cane when you can get an old one for 99 cents, and just modify it? Where else do you think he buys so many suits, Abercomie & Finch? Nah, he’s too busy devising plots designed for tormenting Batman to make money for that. He’ll wear your grandpa’s hand me downs any day, and just say it’s high class (What? It probably was at some point).

Poison Ivy: The window browser, aka the ‘i’m shopping but not really’ type. Spends more time admiring the clothes than actually buying them, unless she’s with friends, in which case she may indulge a bit. If she see’s someone else admiring clothes, she will vigorously insist they try it on until they decide to buy it. She’ll probably have everyone else blowing all the money before the end of the trip, and then walk away herself with a full wallet. The only exception to this is the organic beauty product store, or any organic store in fact. All products will be bought from the shelf before the end of the hour, and some poor sucker will be seduced into carrying it home for her. What a queen.

Harley Quinn: The no limit spender. Every shopping trip is a fresh challenge to see how far she can push the newest credit card she stole. Everything she buys is worth it in her eyes, and if she ever runs short, she can call up some ‘gal-pals’ to persuade Mr.Wayne into loaning his money to them again. Even though it barely stays in her hands, she seems to always have an endless flow of cash from somewhere.

Jervis Tetch: The know it all. This man is in the scene. You want tea? He knows a store. You want cute doily shit and flower headbands? He knows a store. You want mind controlling technology and maybe some cat food? He can probably hook you up with the mind tech, but he knows a store for cat food as well. You want books on neurosciences and the working of the brain? He knows several bookstores with that shit, cause he shops there frequently. You want access to the most exclusive stores in town? He can do that. He’s a shopping champ.

Harvey Dent: The indecisive shopper. Go shopping with him, and you’ll spend more time looking at the stuff in the store than actually buying it. He’ll hum, and huh, and flip his way through every item that may have caught his attention. If he see’s a suit, he’ll spend a solid 20 minutes deciding if it’d be better two toned, or monotone. Don’t try to tell him to buy it or not either, or you’ll be standing for even longer as he contemplates wringing your neck in the store or parking lot.

Joker: The erratic buyer. He’ll go from socks to swords in minutes, and you probably won’t fully grasp what the fuck is going on throughout the entire trip. He’ll be pushing a cart that’ll have kazoos, guns, a goldfish, twenty something pairs of underwear, a golf club, and a laser cat pointer, and somehow he’ll manage to make it into a functional plan. Only shop with him if you want to get doused with laughing gas, or get a massive headache out of sheer confusion. Whichever one comes first.

Victor Fries: The miracle worker. Browses around, purchases only the necessities, chips in to help whenever you’re a dollar short or something, somehow knows all the best deals, and is the ideal shopping buddy. Just keep him away from stores involving ice, cryotechnology, or couples things. It may be several hours before he decides to leave them.

Oswald Cobblepot: The snob. His motto is ‘Shop? Why shop when you can just commission everyone to make the clothes for you!’. He’d rather invite Black Mask to tango dancing than be caught in a Target.

AU asks

Send an emoji and I’ll answer some AU-themed questions

☕️ Coffee shop AU: What’s your favorite coffee order? Describe your ideal coffee shop? If a complete stranger wanted to ask you out at a coffeeshop, what would work on you? What pick up line would you use to ask a barista out?

📓 High school AU: What clique where you in in high school? What was your favorite subject? Who were you in love with in high school? What’s your most romantic memory from then?

💐 Flower shop AU: What kind of flowers do you like? Would you rather give flowers or have someone buy flowers for you? If you were mad at someone, would flowers make you forgive them? If you could send flowers to someone for free and in secret, who would you send them to?

📚 College AU: What did you (or do you plan to) study in college? What’s your favorite cheap college student meal? If someone asked your friends what you’re an expert at, what would they say? If you could choose one fictional character to be your college roommate, who would you choose?

💞 Soulmates AU: Do you believe in soulmates? What two fictional characters do you believe are soulmates? What’s one quality you absolutely know your soulmate has to have?

🚘 Road trip AU: What are your top road trip destinations? What three tumblr users would you take on a a road trip? What’s the coolest attraction/location you’ve ever seen in your country? What kind of car would you want if money were no object?

☢️ Post-apocalyptic AU: What’s something you absolutely have to do before the world ends? How do you think the world will end? What’s the place you feel safest on earth? What fictional character do you think would be the best apocalypse buddy?

You’re Mine, Princess | E.D.

Requested By: Anon


It was a sunny Sunday morning, and about 11:30. In other words, you were just waking up. You opened one sleepy eye to see your boyfriend’s chest. He was laying on his back. Your head was on his chest, your legs tangled together, and his arm draped around your waist. “E,” you whispered. “E, wake up, I’m lonely..”

Without opening an eye, he muttered, “Good morning, Princess,” in the morning voice that made you weak literally every time you heard it. You began to sit up, but his arm tightened, effectively stopping you from moving. “E, c’mon, we gotta get up, bup,” you laughed. He just groaned. “5 more minutes. Please? I’m tired. You owe me this, okay? You kept me up late last night.” He said, trying to persuade you. You playfully hit his chest. “Hey! I didn’t keep you up! You could’ve gone to sleep. I didn’t force you to fuck me, Ethan.”

That made him sit up. “Yeah, but you looked really damn beautiful. It was inescapable. Now c’mon, what are you still doing in bed, we gotta get up!” He teased. You did nothing but roll your eyes, before climbing over him and off the bed.


You were at the mall. Shopping. With Ethan. He wasn’t necessarily your ideal shopping partner, but he’d insisted that he come, so that he could ‘glare at all the punks who stare at you.’ You’d protested, saying that no punks looked at you and you would be fine, and he refuted that by telling you that firstly, everyone stared at people as beautiful as you, and secondly, you were wearing his sweatshirt, so he might as well come. So now you were walking through Forever 21, and E hadn’t left your side much. He had this little smirk every so often, when some guy would glance your way, see E, and then look the other direction. The smirk was actually really hot, but you would never tell him that.


Shopping with E wasn’t actually that bad. He constantly gave you compliments when you were trying things on, insisted he pay for everything, and bought you guys milkshakes. Currently, you were walking towards the Nike store, your hands in each other’s back pockets. As soon as you stepped inside, however, he released you. “Ok Princess, I’m gonna go look at shoes and stuff. You don’t have to come with me, but if I see another guy trying to talk to you, I am not responsible for my actions,” he said, before walking away. You laughed,then headed over to look at sweatshirts.


“Omg, E! You’re turning into a punk! You’re staring at me! Omg!” You gasped, a mischievous gleam in your eyes. You were standing in your kitchen, later that night. He shook his head.

“No, it’s different. See, I can do this,” he stated, before pulling you in, and kissing you deeply. You broke apart a couple minutes later. “Face it. You’re mine, Princess. Now, let’s get to bed, yeah?”

Of course, my lovely! I love coffeeshop AU’s, of course - I love all AU’s, to be honest! I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!


What’s your favorite coffee order? 

Todoroki doesn’t like coffee, only tea. He orders green tea whenever possible but will settle for black tea if he has to. Depending on how bad the tea is, he drinks it plain or with milk - the worse tasting the tea, the more milk he adds.

Describe your ideal coffee shop?

Todoroki doesn’t really have an ideal coffee shop. He tends to go more for trusted shops though, using big chains that are more convieniently located and more widely reviewed than just taking a chance at any old shop. He’d definitely use Starbucks more than he’d use a little hole-in-the-wall diner.

If a complete stranger wanted to ask you out at a coffeeshop, what would work on you? 

Time. Todoroki isn’t one to rush into relationships and it takes him quite a bit of time to trust people. If his admirer were to consistently show up around the same time as him, making small talk at first until they were better acquainted and were patient enough to slowly get him acclimatized to them, then they could gently work into sitting together to drink their tea until a relationship felt like the natural next step even to Todoroki. That way, when they were to ask him out, he’d be much more likely to agree. 

What pick up line would you use to ask a barista out?

Todoroki use pick-up lines? Never! Even if he was interested, he’d be much too blunt about it to even consider using a pick-up line. 


What’s your favorite coffee order?

Shinsou adores coffee and drinks it often. He drinks both iced coffee and hot coffee, always in the largest size available. He takes it with two sugar and just the tiniest bit of milk…and it has to be milk, not cream. He hates cream in his coffee and always seems to know when someone uses cream.

Describe your ideal coffee shop?

Shinsou prefers the little mom and pop coffee shops over the great big chain stores. There’s something nice about being able to support a local business and he finds the service is always a little bit better at those types of places. He’ll stop by on his way to school, on his way back, or through-out the weekend, often taking the chance to go on a nice bike ride along the way. It’ll get so that the people who own the store and run it will know him by name and will ask about him and the various things he has going on in his life.

If a complete stranger wanted to ask you out at a coffeeshop, what would work on you?

Just sit down and act like the two of them are already on a date. By the time Shinsou recovers from the surprise of it all, he’ll likely be too confused and a little flattered by their attention to just get up and walk away.

What pick up line would you use to ask a barista out?

Shinsou doesn’t really pull out pick-up lines very often. However, he might be guilty of pulling the whole ‘so when’s your break?’ line. 


What’s your favorite coffee order?

Iida rarely drinks coffee - he prefers tea, black. However, if he is drinking coffee, it’s a medium-sized black coffee, something dark-roasted but with a nice flavour to it, an almost chocolately darkness, probably a Sumatran. 

Describe your ideal coffee shop?

Iida’s ideal coffee shop is one that functions well, is well-staffed with personable employees, serves good coffee, and serves it quickly. He doesn’t need fancy drinks or a gorgeous interior - just good coffee served quickly by someone with a smile on their face.

If a complete stranger wanted to ask you out at a coffeeshop, what would work on you?

Honestly, nothing. Iida isn’t one to rush into anything without putting some modicum of thought into it. While he’d be flattered, telling that straight out to the person who asked him out, he’d want to know someone a little before he dated them. Instead he’d suggest getting to know one another first, perhaps asking the other person if they wanted to sit with him to drink their coffee and get to know one another.

What pick up line would you use to ask a barista out?

Iida would never rely on something so antiquated and cheesy as a pick-up line. If he ever became interested in one of the barista’s at his favourite coffee shop, he’d simply make it a point to chat with them every time he saw them, getting to know them better before confessing to them point blank, letting them know he liked them and wanted to get to not only know them better but to take them on a date.

I scout the area around my place of school/work for the best bathroom to use. pooping in the same building as your coworkers/peers is not only a bad idea but also usually not ideal. shop around for the biggest, cleanest bathroom.

Daisuga #17

Tea and sympathy [Fluff]
’ “I’m not sick,” Suga says, highly affronted.

“Sore throat? Headache? Tremendous laziness?” Daichi settles back down on the couch and purposefully backs up against the opposite arm, as if he doesn’t want to be any closer to Suga than he has to be.

“I’m not sick,” Suga repeats. “I just yelled too much last night.” ’

Suga is both the most supportive, and the most pathetic, and Daichi loves every bit of him.

Anything more [Fluff]
Sex is all happy grins and held hands, with them. They fall into bed, catch each other’s eye, and have no idea what is going to happen - they just know how it will happen (with light, wandering fingertips and smiles pressed together).

Hand on my heart [Fluff]
“Daichi, what is this?” Suga asks, but he sees the guitar, sees the lamplight in Daichi’s eyes and the sweat turning his white collar grey. (He doesn’t even need to hear the music to see the love).

Height is a changing thing [Angst]
(And height is the wonderful thing between them and their minds, and it changes like the tide or the windswept, silver tresses, or the glances and wobbling toes and the black, black knee pads that save them always, much like their hands and heads and, almost always, their hearts.)

something mystical in colored lights [WIP - Fluff/Angst]
Koushi hesitates for a moment before jumping right out with it. 
“I’m going to start doing what we used to do in college, and I’m meeting up with someone tonight.”
Oikawa blinks blankly at him for a second, eyes huge and mouth slightly open in shock. 
“What?” He finally asks.
Koushi sighs, feeling his cheeks flame in embarrassment as he admits, “I’m going to be a sugar baby again, Tooru.” 

It takes about five seconds before Oikawa, predictably, loses his shit.

The time I saw flowers in your hair [WIP - Fluff]
In which Daichi’s disinterest in the whole flower shop ideal is quelled by a particularly interesting customer.


Le Bruloir

Location: 318 Rue Fleury O

Metro Station: Henri-Bourassa

I want to start off by saying thank you so much for +350 followers. I end my holiday break by almost reaching 400 which is more than I expected for this blog.. Thank you for the support  ❤ Getting positive feedback like this means the world to me.

This coffee shop is probably one of my favorites. The best part about it? It’s 10 minutes away from my house by drive… no metro or anything! It’s as close as the Starbucks nearest to me. Win! Our own little indie cafe, here in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. But really, the distance from my house isn’t the only thing that makes this place so special. 

Le Bruloir has caught my attention and warmed my heart in many ways. First of all, just look at the pictures. They say a thousand words: all of them being “CUTE”. Bruloir has a small town feel to it. The decor is so adorable and different than other coffee shops I’ve gone to. The space is saturated with unique corners, various seating arrangements and gorgeous little decorations. Plants, lamps and globes fill the area which makes the cafe feel home-y. The windows are huge. The light that comes in here is just all I want in life. And coffee - but we’ll get to that soon.

Second of all, this shop is ideal for many types of visits. Here to study? There’s a huge desk/table to put your laptop on. On a cute date? There are 2 seater tables along the wall with a gorgeous pattern that is sure to make you fall in love. Coming here alone to read a nice book? There are your typical white, round coffee tables accompanied by beautiful decor.

Another aspect I love about this place is the color scheme. Both warm and cold tones are all around the cafe. The blue and white walls and the reddish wooden tables give it a tasteful contrast.

But what about the COFFEE? Good question. It’s delicious - it’s amazing - it’s life and it’s also their very own. They have their own coffee beans and where do they make them, you ask? Their “labo” is right across the street. You can see it from the cafe. This makes their coffee so fresh. Roasted and straight into the cafe. A unique drink they serve is their cold brew “Nitro coffee” served on tap. 

They also have food, but I haven’t tried it yet! I’ve heard their menu is really good so let me know if you try!

As a bonus, their staff is very friendly. I feel almost at home every time I come here.

If you live around Cartierville or even Laval, try this place out! No need to go downtown to get your indie coffee anymore.. And if you do live in the heart of Montreal, well.. put the effort and travel an hour for coffee for a change ;)

kimmykoosh  asked:

Hirakawa daisuke? :3

I was hoping to make it in time for Hirarin’s birthday… but real life and internet derping around delayed me OTL Oh well, it’s still the 4th of June somewhere in the world lololol

To my Maji Tenshi Oniichan Hirarin~ Happy Birthdaaaaaay~!!! >A<)b

  • When he was in his 4 grade of elementary school and up until 2nd year of middle school, he was in the swimming club. And unlike Rei-chan, he totally sucks at the butterfly stroke.
  • During his kindergarten days, his grandfather used the have a “zaisu”, a legless chair, and he got his fingers caught in the metal fittings of the chair and ended up getting scolded.
  • He was mentored by Morikawa Toshiyuki.
  • He really loves children, and he used to always play with relatives’ and friends’ children.
  • He usually (forces himself to) wake up at 7:30 AM . He admits to not being a morning person.
  • Midorikawa Hikaru notes that Hirarin is always early for work.
  • And when he gets home from work, he also forces himself to check and read all of the script he has for the drama CDs / animes / shows, but almost always ends up sleeping.
  • When he had moved into the current apartment he lives in, he said it took him almost a year to put everything in its place, and he had ended up with only his bed as free space in the process.
  • Washes his neck first when bathing.
  • Has a fetish on fingers, he likes girls with slender finders.
  • He says that on girls, he likes it when they’re in a simple combination of a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
  • When he watches television, he always watches cooking shows.
  • Though he’d love to go scuba diving, he used to be afraid of fish, because of an incident in an aquarium when he was a kid.
  • He’s really weak to cold weather, so he dislikes winter.
  • During his days off, he mostly stays inside his house.
  • He has a bad habit of not closing the door to the toilet when he’s using it, because when he was in his old house, the door to the toilet was a sliding door type and it made so much noise when he opens/closes it, so he leaves it open. Unfortunately, he had carried over that habit even when he has moved out.

    (PS: Below are from my first Hirarin post around a year ago)

  • He’s a very nice guy! During a radio show with Kondo Takashi, he said that before being a seiyuu, he wanted to be a daycare/kindergarten teacher, because he enjoys playing and being with kids. He decided on being a seiyuu because he thought, that way, he can breathe life into characters that children would enjoy.
  • He’s so nice, he’s easily duped! XDD He said he’s weak against those salesmen selling stuff door to door, and even those who come up and offer you stuff in the mall. He said he once ended up buying a grill used for cooking fish just because the salesperson cornered him. 
  • In connection to that above, after he ended up buying the grill, he bought fish immediately to test it out on, and surprisingly, he liked how it worked that he bought another one of the grills. 
  • Most of the younger seiyuus, they call him “oniichan”, and he says, he sort of finds that weird, because he’s the youngest child in his family.
  • Also, one particular female seiyuu calls him “oneechan” and the reason she said was that he’s just like a kind and reliable older sister she can always ask advice from.
  • To those interested, his ideal “date” would be shopping together for groceries while holding hands and pushing the cart together inside the store, then going home and cooking together. And a house movie date as well.
  • He’s easily amazed and intrigued by techie stuff, and even not so techie stuff, like an electric razor. 
  • He claims to be a super hetare. Once, he said, he was commuting to the studio, and it was raining hard and the wind was very strong. On the way to the bus station, his umbrella turned inside out when the wind blew and he got soaked in the rain because of it. And so, he ended up going in the studio all soaked up and dripping wet because he had no choice but to continue and ride the bus because it only passes once a day in his area.
  • He said he has never been into internet cafes and manga cafes, but would like to try and go if permitted. 
  • Also, he would also love to to go scuba diving and even get a license for it.
  • And he also would love to try sky diving.
  • He’s well-known to be the run to person when someone gets bullied.. like Hatano Wataru here, getting a hug from him after being bullied by Miki Shinichirou:

  • And if for some reason, you want to see him cooking a sunny side up:

  • And I leave you with him just being cute and shizz–
    …with Show-chan and Terashii while in a gakuran:

  • Falling over from laughing too much…

  • Literally being adorbs with a hand puppet D:

  • Really, so cuuuute~

anonymous asked:

Makeup routine ? Skin care routine ? Fav places to shop at? Ideal date ? Fav movie/ shows ?

i got this ask 4 times so im gonna answer the makeup and skincare later when i can look at products i use but fave place to shop at: depop, instagram stores, unif, dollskill, theraggedpriest, thrifting,,, ideal date would literally just be watching anime together, fave show thats not anime is its always sunny and fave movie is heathers!!

brieflymagnificentangel  asked:

1-100 we wanna know all about the meme lord, master

1.Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora? Spotify
is your room messy or clean? Messy to me but clean to others(?)
what color are your eyes? Brown
do you like your name? why? My name is Joyce and it’s okay but I wouldn’t know of a better name to have.
what is your relationship status? Single (;ω;)
describe your personality in 3 words or less? Funny but stupid
what color hair do you have? Black
what kind of car do you drive? color? I don’t drive ヽ(;▽;)ノ
where do you shop? I like to shop at all types of stores but I’m still trying to find an ideal shop where I buy stuff lol
how would you describe your style? Casual and comfy (trashy)
favorite social media account? I like all types of accounts on social media (I’m on mobile so I’ll link them when I have time)
what size bed do you have? Queen
any siblings? I have four
if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? I would want to live in Toronto or Vancouver, because I like big diverse cities and would love to have been able to live in a diverse city.
favorite snapchat filter? I like the one that makes your lips bigger and that’s where I take my photos the most
favorite makeup brand(s) I don’t know any lol, starting to use make up!
how many times a week do you shower? I shower every other day
favorite tv show? I don’t have any lol
shoe size? 5 women’s
how tall are you? I’m like 4"11(?)
sandals or sneakers? Sneakers
do you go to the gym? Pshh…what’s a gym?
describe your dream date? We get McDonald’s and watch movies all day
how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? I’m poor I have like ten bucks
what color socks are you wearing? I’m not wearing socks
how many pillows do you sleep with? 5
do you have a job? what do you do? I do not ( ;∀;)
how many friends do you have? Do my followers count? Lol
whats the worst thing you have ever done? Lie to my mom
whats your favorite candle scent? I like sea smells
3 favorite boy names Jason, Joseph, and Conner
3 favorite girl names Laura, Esther, and Celina.
favorite actor? Kim Woobin boissss
favorite actress? Park boyoung
who is your celebrity crush? Kim seokjin
favorite movie? I don’t have at the moment
do you read a lot? whats your favorite book? I don’t read a bunch, and I really like “Red Queen”
money or brains? Brains
do you have a nickname? what is it? depends on the people, some call me joy or joycie and my gaming crew calls me tiny or taepot.
how many times have you been to the hospital? I’ve been there a couple times for sick family members but I’ve never been there because I was hurt.
top 10 favorite songs I can’t choose!!
do you take any medications daily? Nope
what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc) it’s usually oily but now it’s pretty normal
what is your biggest fear? Spiders or being alone
how many kids do you want? 3 or maybe 2
whats your go to hair style? A casual ponytail
what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc) I live in a big house
who is your role model? My older sisters are my role models because of how strong and independent they are.
what was the last compliment you received? Someone called me cute
what was the last text you sent? It was to my best friend and it was about someone who handed his number out
how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real? Like super young, around 6 cause my sister told me and I yelled it in class during santa letters, I made a class cry in one sentence
what is your dream car? A cute five seater that has a sun roof
opinion on smoking? It’s disgusting for the body and it’s disgusting for those around you to inhale it in their bodies
do you go to college? Nope
what is your dream job? I want to do something in the medical field
would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs? Suburbs
do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Yes lol
do you have freckles? No
do you smile for pictures? I try to lol
how many pictures do you have on your phone? 226
have you ever peed in the woods? No
do you still watch cartoons? Yes
do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds? McDonald’s
Favorite dipping sauce? Ketchup
what do you wear to bed? T shirt and shorts
have you ever won a spelling bee? No
what are your hobbies? Drawing
can you draw? Yes
do you play an instrument? Not anymore
what was the last concert you saw? I can’t remember lol
tea or coffee? Tea
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Starbucks
do you want to get married? Yes
what is your crush’s first and last initial? I don’t have one lol
are you going to change your last name when you get married? If his or hers last name is worse than mine then I’m keeping mine
what color looks best on you? Black/ dark blue but also light pink/purple
do you miss anyone right now? Yeah, I miss my aunt
do you sleep with your door open or closed? Closed
do you believe in ghosts? Yeah lol
what is your biggest pet peeve? When people don’t listen and keep talking
last person you called` my mom
favorite ice cream flavor? Cookie dough
regular oreos or golden oreos? regular
chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? Rainbow
what shirt are you wearing? A shirt I got in Cozumel
what is your phone background? It’s a picture of a rainy window
are you outgoing or shy? A bit of both
do you like it when people play with your hair? Depends on the person
do you like your neighbors? Yeah they’re old and adorable
do you wash your face? at night? in the morning? I wash it in the morning and in the night
have you ever been high? Nope
have you ever been drunk? Nope
last thing you ate? Rice
favorite lyrics right now? “My left stroke just went viral!”
summer or winter? Summer
day or night? Night
dark, milk, or white chocolate? Milk
favorite month? December
what is your zodiac sign Sagittarius
100. who was the last person you cried in front of? My sister, I think lol

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