ideal guy tbh

seventeen as brothers

seungcheol: the bro that will always protect you at all costs

jeonghan: the “cut your hair it can’t be longer than mine” bro

jisoo: literally the perfect bro; lets you borrow anything you want from him

wonwoo: the bro that bangs on your door because you’re too loud but is blasting his heavy metal song in full volume

mingyu: the bro that will constantly tease you for being short

chan: the bro that’ll dance billy jean during dinner

jihoon: the hardworking bro who always gets straight A’s

minghao: the kind of bro that you’ll brag about to your friends

junhui: the bro that all your friends have a crush on

soonyoung: that one bro that creates dances with every single word you say

seokmin: the optimistic bro that all the teachers love but he’s actually just a professional pranker

seungkwan: the sassy bro that’ll always invite you to go shopping whether you like it or not

hansol: the “stop saying oh my god oh my god” bro

Does anybody else just have that one bias who would just work with you so well? Like you dont even ultimate bias him he’s just kinder your ideal type. His flaws are art and make you love him even more. I dont know how to explain it other than this. He might not even be the hottest in his group or the best artist out there but he is just so ideal for YOU. Does anyone else feel this way?

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*chanting* hoe stories

here’s a couple to get u started u thirsty bih

  • i once made out with over like 10 people at a party and somehow didnt get a disease so +1 point for lia
  • not really a hoe story bc i didnt do anything but my thing back in chicago is to go on dates with men for the free food, and then leave as soon as they suggested going back to their place :’) i got 10 free meals out of it, and i got one guy to bring me a burrito and then LEAVE which is my ideal date tbh
    • one guy was super pushy so i went back to his apartment with him, let him eat me out, and then i left immediately lol
  • two of my friends and i collectively hooked up with 75% of a frat’s pledge class this year :’) by hook up i don’t mean sex btw