理想と現実 w/ ほくぴー(hokuto) #スターウォーズ #フォースの覚醒 〜 RedJoker

Ideal and Reality w/ ほくぴー(hokuto) #starwars #theforceawakens 〜 RedJoker



That hurt, that one now hurt. That’s unfair, you’re being unfair!!

My Ideal Aro/Ace Relationship

I don’t want a lover. I don’t want a traditional girl/boyfriend.
I just want a best friend, that lives with me, and comforts me on bad days, and watches shitty horror movies with me, and plays video games with me, and may not understand my fascination with Cthulhu and Lovecraftian lore but goes out of their way to buy me things with tentacles for Christmas.
And we have separate rooms, but live together, and our lives revolve around each other, but we’re not romantic, and we don’t have sex.
We have separate social lives, but make time to do stuff together.
We take turns making dinner and breakfast.
Our favorite thing to do is just hang out with each other without necessarily interacting, like they’ll be watching a movie and I’ll sit in the same room and play Pokemon while listening to music. And it’s just nice to be in the same room, even if we aren’t acknowledging each other.

La sociedad contemporánea predica el ideal de la igualdad no individualizada, porque necesita átomos humanos, todos idénticos, para hacerlos funcionar en masa, suavemente, sin fricción; todos obedecen las mismas órdenes y, no obstante, todos están convencidos de que siguen sus propios deseos. Así como la moderna producción en masa requiere la estandarización de los productos, así el proceso social requiere la estandarización del hombre, y esa estandarización es llamada “igualdad”.
—  Erich Fromm

If you don’t like a girl who will spend 5 hours talking to you on the phone about anything and everything. All the serious, too personal and even the random stuff. About things that is too stupid to make sense or even things that makes sense yet still so stupid to take all in.

If you don’t like a girl who will send you creepy, pointless and weird messages. Sometimes too mushy. Sometimes too dull. Sometimes too crazy that will make you smile like a fool. Flood you with I love you’s and check how your day has been.

If you don’t like a girl who will crawl into your side in a cold weather. Biting your neck and stare at you after. Tracing every lines and figures on your face and listening to your breathing. Kissing your forehead and telling you that you are worth it.

If you don’t like a girl that will wipe the sweats in your back after an action-packed fuck. Pinching your cheeks while admiring how good-looking you are every after making love. Laughing with you about those funny sexy green jokes you have. And always, always give herself to you with all the lust, love, passion and desire combined.

If you don’t like a girl who will write you a prose everyday. Hundred of letters and endless poetry. Typing narratives of how you exist so gracefully. Drawing your face in a spilled ink form. Making you a subject of literature.

Then, not me.

If you don’t like a girl that will write about you.

Then, it’s not me.