Wonder how to make an entrance?  What you want your guests to see the moment they walk in the door?  How about these great looking vestibules?  I’m sure some of your visitors won’t want to take even one tiny step in, seeing how lovely their initial greeting is!  Nothing says come on in, like a well planned entree! 

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This is a home that I was hired to revamp using my space lift.  Basically I try to use as much of the home’s existing items as possible for upcycling and recycling purposes.   This was a tight duplex in the Town of Mount Royal, a city suburb in the Montreal area of Quebec/Canada.  It was in dire need of a space lift (mini face lift for the home), where by it needed to be de-cluttered, then updated and brought into 2011!

Before photos can be seen on

If you have questions on how to’s, or need virtual help for your own home via a photo - I’d be glad to help. 

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