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I don’t know if it’s actually true but Namjoon apparently had heart surgery when he was younger (let’s pretend that it’s true) can you do a reaction to Namjoon’s S/O liking to rest her head on his chest to hear his heartbeat because it makes her happy to know that he’s health and doing well?


I definitely have no idea if it’s true or not, but it’s a cute idea

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Wow, it would make him feel so happy and warm. His entire face would light up. His face would pull into a big cheesy grin. 

“Really baby?”

“Yea joon”

His arms would wrap around you and he’d kiss the top of your head. Knowing that you cared for him would make him the happiest boy ever. He would think of it at random times and it would never fail to make him smile. For him it would just be so reassuring that you cared for him like that. I genuinely can’t express, in words, how happy it would make him.

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I request a h/c about the Strawhats accidentally stumbling across a nude beach fully of old, ugly, and fat people.

You people are so imaginative and i absolutely love this idea

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GOT7 reaction to you wanting a threesome with another man.

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Got7 reaction to you wanting a threesome with another man?

sorry for the low activity, busy days and not still not 100% but i will still try and get reactions out ^_^
i hope you like this one 
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tries not to show his shock, but he obviously is, he would debate against the idea, but then when you say if it was with another girl there wouldn’t be an issue you have him stumped, but he still doesn't agree. 


Would tease you a little, about all the sounds and everything that would happen, mostly because he’s not for or against it, but it is fun to make you blush


All drama queen and starts going on about how you two are for each other and each other only, no sharing, he no likey the sharey 


Would badly act as if his really interested in the idea, but then when you ask him about his thoughts he pretends that he doesn’t know what your talking about.


The quickest reaction from him, he has so many questions he doesn’t even know where to starts. in an everlasting state of shock


‘but surely you don’t need more than me’ smug levels are high, as he tries to convince you out of the idea 


Finds it an amusing thought, but just a thought. enter savage maknae turning down your idea

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