Collide | Rucas AU

Prompt: Riley Matthews is a struggling writer who works as a bartender to pay off her student loans. Lucas Friar is a rich kid from Texas who’s lost his way. One night fate brings them together causing their two different worlds to collide.
A/N: It’s cheesy but I love writing AU’s. Hope it’s okay! xo (also note there’s A LOT of dialogue. Sorry in advance.)

Part 1 - “Tell me your story.”

I wake up to the sound of jeopardy blasting from the t.v. out in the living room. It was already noon but I work the night shifts so for me it might as well have been 6 in the morning. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I shuffle into the common area and watch as my roommate, Isadora, fills out paperwork while absentmindedly answering the questions from the outdated show. ‘According to C.S. Lewis, it was bordered on the east by the Eastern Ocean and on the north by the River Shribble.’ I glance over at her and without hesitation she answers, ‘What is Narnia.’

“Izzy, does that have to be so loud?” I ask making my way over to the kitchen.

“Sorry. It helps me concentrate.” She turns down the volume and returns to her papers.

“A lot of homework?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” She pulls out a huge stack of papers and slams them down on our coffee table.

“Well good luck with that.” I grab some water and head back to my room.

“You’re working tonight, right?” I hear her call from the other room. “Don’t wait up, I’ll be with Farkle.”

I nod my head even though she can’t see me and plop back down on my bed. My day doesn’t start until its dark outside.

It’s a Wednesday night so the bar is pretty slow. We have our regulars who are always here and a couple of girls who say they’re having a bachelorette party. Although the bride to be doesn’t seem to be having that much fun.

Since it’s a slow night and it doesn’t appear to be picking up I send the other two bartenders home and tell them I’ll lock up the place when I leave. I’ve gotten pretty chummy with the owner.

I started working here when I was a freshmen in college. I wasn’t 21 yet so I had to get paid under the table but she said I was a ray of sunshine so she took a chance on me. I’m 23 now and have been working here ever since.

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pjo history → an issue of the olympian daily during wwii

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since my post on pjo history received such a response, which i can’t thank you all enough for, i wanted to create a lil snippet from “the olympian daily,” the go-to newspaper for all the best updates; they publish new issues faster than hermes can run!

i hope you all enjoy ♥

Trans Luke Headcanon

Luke doesn’t know if Vader thinks he was assigned male at birth, or if he’s just respectful of his pronouns.

He usually trends towards thinking that he just passes pretty well, but sometimes when he’s feeling dysphoric, Vader will suddenly be speaking into his mind, and calling him “son” and “Luke” a lot, for no real reason, and he questions whether Vader might know after all.

Vader tries desperately to come up with excuses for his visits to his son’s consciousness, but they usually end up amounting to more or less, “Luke, are you absolutely 100% positive you don’t want to tell me everything about the Alliance.”

Vader enjoys Luke’s exasperated tone as he rebuffs Unintimidating Attempt #8450 with a vague, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”