Chat Noir is with Ladybug and his transformation is running out. There is nowhere to hide. He panics a bit but there is nothing he can do. Somehow, he has the presence of mind to apologize. He steels himself and looks her straight in the eye as the magic strips away with a familiar flash of green. He is left stark naked.

Adrien wakes up in a cold sweat, screaming.

As long as I’ve got your attention RE: Stan and the Journals, allow me to remind you that anything written in Journal 3 up to the events of Scary-Oke, Stan had the opportunity to read.

Meaning he saw the page with the scribbled out sailboat. Saw Ford’s occasional wistful memories of him looking for the Jersey Devil with Ford or defending him from kids at show and tell. 

He saw Ford talking about “his muse,” and the fast, horrible, inevitable decline that anyone reading the journal could see coming from a mile away. He read every bit of pain and paranoia and suffering Ford wrote into those pages in 1982.

He saw what Dipper and Mabel wrote too. He learned they’d been inside his mind, and that Dipper had seen some memories he’d probably have rather kept hidden. As well as at least one that he was probably glad to have shared, however unknowingly.

He also learned about some of the dangerous things the kids had been doing that he might not have been fully aware of. 

That said, it could have been much worse.

He could have read the journal after the events of Sock Opera. 

And seen that note Mabel found in the car.

(Because Ford certainly did.)

I should play Off again with HEADPHONE~! Since I want to do some crossover arts I think I should be more familiar with everything in the game. Like, I might miss some important details in the first run. Maybe I’ll find something new in the second run. heh

My computer was actually back but it’s going to be sent to the repairer again because the problem is still appearing…danm it.

Before my computer is gone, have a sketch that might appear in the crossover comic. lol  

Nohr Sibling Prom headcanons

Hello everyone. I’m not dead, apparently. I thought I’d unload another headcanon dump onto you. In the spirit  of school season coming back round, let’s all enjoy some Modern AU headcanons.

  • Xander requires that his date send him a full length front and back photo of whatever they plan to wear to prom, then goes through arduous research of color theory to come up with the perfect color scheme for the corsage. Not only that, he painstakingly researches flower meanings to get his feelings across perfectly. The corsage is custom made and ridiculously expensive and might make his date feel anxious about so much as breathing on it too hard.
  • Camilla gets asked the most out of the family. All of them can expect at least several handfuls of people asking to go to prom with them, but Camilla seems to attract the most. When she rejects someone, the most she’ll say is: “Haha… you’re soooo cute :)” and leave it at that. She sneaks into her younger sibling’s dances and takes tons of photos of them. She has the most photos of Corrin, though.
  • Leo isn’t that fond of proms, but he’ll go if he has someone he’s interested in. He’ll sit on it for a week, mulling over whether or not he should ask, and hyper-analyzing every encounter he ever had with that person to guesstimate the chances of them saying yes. If he does land his date, he’ll come up with a carefully planned out prom-night itinerary. To get the maximum amount of FUN and ROMANCE out of the date. His date will almost certainly have a magical time though.
  • Elise is fearless when it comes to asking someone to be her date. She won’t think on it too hard and just bounce right up to them whenever she sees them. She’s also the kid who invites all her friends and classmates and her classmates friends to join her in her sick limo. Just imagine, if you will, a limo jam-packed with like 40 tweens rocking out to radio Disney on their way to their first middle school dance.