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I really think you should give credit or acknowledgement to the original artist of the 'this is fine' dog meme. It wasn't just a random image on the internet, it's from a comic series called Gunshow which belongs to KC Green.

….its 9am and i wrote maybe 5 different paragraphs trying to respond to this

i know I did a stupid by not tagging kc green or outright saying it in the description

im sorry

i know it was from gunshow

I wasn’t trying to steal his work in any way

this was a really silly idea i had in my mind late at night

because my mind connected two things i like that really go well together!

and i needed to draw it and i had no idea that it would get this popular

it was literally just something to show my friends

im a tired boy 

everything in the past that involves other people I have properly tagged

so this will get tagged up now too

also this post will get tagged too @kcgreenn what up

So Mark said the others are on vacation but he isn’t cause if he wanted to go home, he’d need to go to LA. But then he still brings out Jinyoung? Are you guys spending your vacation together…or? xD

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I wonder what Lauren's reaction will be if someone shouts "Camren is not real" at her... anyone going to the shows willing to try?

good idea

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What do you think about how people call rucas' relationship unhealthy because of Lucas' jealousy or the belief that Riley only likes "Prince Charming" or is in love with the idea of Lucas.

They aren’t watching the same show. 

Yes, people watch things through different lenses and all of that, but this isn’t something that can be argued. It has been countered again and again on the show. 

Lucas got jealous. That is a fact. So did Maya. So did Riley. Jealousy is completely normal. It’s how you handle jealousy that makes it healthy or unhealthy, and not once has Lucas ever handled it in a way that presented as controlling or volatile or that he in any way was a danger to anyone.

And the Riley only likes Prince Charming thing makes me roll my eyes so hard. It’s not even creative at this point to counter it but simply put, if that were the case, she a) would have dumped Lucas the moment she found out that the shining armor was a bit tarnished (Secret of Life) or she would have backed out of the triangle at some point because if there was ever a situation that pointed out that this story was not a fairy tale and wasn’t perfect or going to be, it was that and b) she had a Prince Charming without those same drawbacks in Charlie but she didn’t go with him. Full Stop. Her relationship with Lucas might have started with a crush (which I don’t know if these people have been in the real world, but that’s how a lot of relationships start) but it grew, and it didn’t grow perfect, and she’s well aware of that but she’s still there. 

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To the end of the World

For my 4k Celebration @castiels-broken-fool asked: Can i have first date with Misha? For the prefrences?

My first ever Misha! Hope you like!

You had never been so nervous to go on a first date before. You had been so happy when he had finally asked you. You and Misha had been friends for a long time, and you had had a crush on him for almost as long.

Still, knowing him,  you no idea what to expect. You knew he would show you a good time. He always did, but for the years of knowing him, you still could not predict what he would do. Which was part of the allure, and you knew that.

So you went off on your date expecting the unexpected. Still Misha had surprised you. Showing up outside your home with two bikes and a big smile on his face. You drove around Los Angeles, and Misha showed you all his favorite places. Not touristy or normal but a small bench where a homeless couple always hang out. A small lake where he had named all the ducks, and when the sun started to set you ended up at the beach.

A beach with a romantically set table and a view that was almost as stunning as his eyes when he smiled down at you.

Your first date with Misha was spent much like everyday ever since. With kisses, smiles and laughter. Expecting the unexpected and still being surprise learning how big his heart truly was. How much he really cared for you and how amazing he was at showing you.

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Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Live] for Hillsong United’s visual project, “of Dirt and Grace”.

The idea with of Dirt and Grace was to show the songs from Empires in a different light and record where Jesus walked.

Buy of Dirt and Grace:


Fireworks Friday: Hallowishes from Bay Lake Tower - September, 2014 by Bob Rowan
Via Flickr:
To capture the size of Disney’s fireworks shows that include perimeter bursts requires backing away from some of the standard locations for shooting Wishes. This view is from a hotel room in Bay Lake Tower. From here, a lot is lost, as Cinderella Castle is dwarfed by Space Mountain and the foreground includes a relatively uninteresting parking lot. The curve of the monorail track adds at least a moderately interesting shape. This #FireworksFriday photo isn’t my best effort, as I don’t know the Hallowishes show as well as I know regular Wishes, but it does give folks a pretty good idea of the scale of the show.


(via Illustrator & human spaceship. on Instagram: “Lucy. 💖🍩☕️☎️Sketching ideas for Between Two Worlds, Fire Walk With Me art show @pushpullseattle #lucymoran #twinpeaks #sketch”)

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Do you or anyone else have any idea why tickemaster doesnt have the Austin Tx show up at all 😭

Not sure why they’re not available for presale but if you check their twitter page it says tickets will go on sale Sept 30th.

And they also have a contest going on if you want to enter that, I just posted it. Other than that I’d suggest @-ing​ Zack.

Writing Commissions are Open

I’m in need of some money in order to help my parents out and the job I currently have isn’t enough, so I thought I would give this a shot.


  • I have a couple of fanfictions that I’m currently working on that you can check out here,
  • And here is my blog to give you a better idea of what I’ve done lately
  • I can also show some stuff I haven’t published, just shoot me a pm


  • $1 per every 100 words
  • $3 for a ballad-type poem (I can also send you an example of this)

I Won’t Write

  • I’m not good at NSFW stuff, like at all. No sex scenes at all

I Will Write

  • OC’s (origin stories are my favorite things to write!)
  • OC inserts
  • Canon Characters
    • I’m pretty familiar with a lot of fandoms, but not all. However, depending on the type of content you want written I’m pretty willing to do research/watch stuff so that I’m more accurate
  • SFW shipping stuff (fluff, angst, hurt, etc.)
  • Original works/ideas

If you can’t help by buying something then please help spread the word by reblogging. Thanks!

I find it facinating that people still believe that Ichigo was forced to marry Orihime.

I understand people being upset their favourite pairings didn’t happen but the idea Ichigo was forcing himself to be unhappy at the end shows a fundamental misunderstanding about his character as well as Yhwach’s warning from 680 general.

But then again, this is bleach fandom.

I’m open for MLP comission

That’s right I set up a reward on my patreon that a $40 pledge will get you a MLP drawing and of course you choose what it is about. I’m open to most things and prefer to work in a simpler style. I also like to work more loosely with the ideas given to me so I can have the freedom to make it my own. I will still stick to your idea, but it wont be 100% like you wanted. For example say you wanted me too draw a picture of big mac carrying pinkie pie. I might change it around so pinkie is standing on his head and mac is slightly annoyed. I stuck with the idea, but put my own spin on it. Also if you want to PM me on tumblr or message me on patreon before pledging to go over your idea I’m cool with that, as well I can show you more examples if you want.

Here is something different - a 1980 Ibanez Joe Pass #JP20 #archtop #guitar spotted today at The #TwelfthFret in #Toronto. Apparently when #JoePass wasn’t playing his #Jazzmaster, he was playing an Ibanez! 😉

Now I appreciate an ES-175 as much as the next guy but I don’t usually go apesh*t for #archtops (wait…I just had an idea! Picture this: a new jazz guitar-related TV show called….drum roll…“Apesh*t For Archtops”! But I digress…), but this guitar was really gorgeous. Ibanez made some great hollow/semi-hollow #guitars back in the 70s and early 80s, before their guitars got all pointy and dangerous, with built in carry handles and day-glo finishes! Another nice part about this guitar is the price: just under $2k CAD (~$1550 USD). Try and find an #ES175 for that price!

Ok, that’s my last #Ibanez post for the rest of this decade, so you can relax now… 😄😅😆

#vintageguitars #ibanezguitars #vintageibanez #jazz #jazzguitar #archtopguitars #gibsones175 #guitarshopping #guitarphotography

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