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Hinata’s quirk is “Fly High”: he can jump up to 30 meters with ease! He’s able to scale some impressively tall buildings with just a few quick jumps, or leap his way ahead along the streets! In between leaps he truly looks like a bird mid-flight! He’s got to be careful though–having great jumping ability doesn’t mean he has great adhesive ability, and if he loses his grip he can take a pretty nasty tumble

(Hinata’s trademark is his incredible jumping skills, so what better quirk than one that enhances that ability further? I also thought it’d be nice to keep that human flight imagery that surrounds him, and also Fly High is one of my favorite Haikyuu anime openings!) 

Other Characters: 
Tsukishima  Yamaguchi

eren, mikasa, and armin would be the kind of people to go to the beach at two in the morning just to see the stars above the ocean before the sun rises

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Can you draw mullette having a sad moment where Lafayette has to return to France and they both share one last kiss?

I’m sorry hhhhhhhh I tried but I’m so tired

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i read "the only thing worse than me is you" today and it's so so cute ajdkskwlskfkkw do you know any other books like that?

Oh gosh it is adorable, isn’t it?! While I can’t recommend a similar book, I can recommend a book that made me just as happy as that one did:

This is 100% another one of the inspirations behind Lucky Us. Observe:

When Graham Larkin sends an email to a friend about his pet pig Wilbur, the last thing he expects is a response from the other side of the country from one Ellie O'Neill. As their online friendship blossoms, they begin to reveal more about themselves - but, crucially, they leave out the truth about Ellie’s past and Graham’s career as a Hollywood heartthrob. And when a new location needs to be found for Graham’s next film, he jumps at the chance to visit Ellie’s hometown. But, now that they’re together, it’s impossible to keep their secrets for long - and there’s a lot to overcome if love is to blossom.

Ohh. Interesting thoughts. I’m interested to hear more about all of these angles. Like how Chara would’ve survived or come back, and what would fill someone with that much hate.  

Those are 2 things I am happy to say nobody has ever asked me to do.
And uh wow how did you find out don’t you believe in me, friend?

Oh? This one is interesting, too. Props to this pacing.