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Lance is a master in all things stealth. He knows the ins and outs of nearly ever shady operation in his city, and with the help of his team, including tech genius Pidge and their Jack-of-all-trades Hunk, not to mention Coran and his helpful hints, corrupt business leaders and all-around jackasses get what’s coming to them. And though Lance doesn’t view himself to be the lawful good Robin Hood figure, that doesn’t stop the public from colouring him in that light, and hence the nickname ‘Blue’ emerges.

Keith, on the other hand, has been brought in along with his brother Shiro, both of whom are special agents trying desperately to crack the case of the mysterious thief who’s been leaving the city’s most prominent members in shambles. Not that Keith can really sympathize with their losses, but he has a job to do, and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t do it well.

But something darker is brewing on the horizon, and while this game of cops and robbers ensues, both sides may be forced to cooperate in order to ward off the evil lurking just below their feet.

An evil too great to be handled alone.

Based on an au by @watsonthebox that I started a while ago and forgot about honestly. I’m bored though, so here we go!

This person on Instagram keeps re-posting everyones work. . I recognize so many edits created by friends of mine on this site and it is incredibly rude. I kindly asked them to stop months ago but they started up again . I am truly sorry to anyone who has gotten their hard work  stolen by this person. 

Stealth game idea

Had an idea for a Theif like game. So as you progress through the game the enemies wise up. If you keep finding keys and unlocking doors or chests then the AI adapts and guards will begin to check doors on their path. If you keep pickpocketing keys from guards guard will check their keys occasionally on their path. If you keep knocking out guards and hiding them guards will have to check in each rotation, if a guard doesn’t check in within a set amount of time the alarm sounds. If you constantly leave dead bodies guards will have better armor and more guards would be present. If you’re a keleptomaniac a new type of guard whose job is to make sure everything is in its proper place is introduced.

Costume Idea: Criminals

Here’s an easy costume that you can make with clothes you already have. The costume can be for both guys and girls. All you need is a black and white striped shirt, black pants, black boots or shoes, and a dark beanie. To give it a little more “criminal” feel you can use black body paint to draw a stripe on each cheek. You can also fill black trash bags with air, tie them, and tape giant dollar signs onto them.