idea shower


Jeremy showers whenever he wakes up, either from a nap at 2 in the afternoon or a 24 hour crash after a heist. Until he showers, he’s not awake. 

Jack showers at precisely 8.30 every morning. Until 9 o’clock the bathroom is Jack’s and no one can interrupt her.

Geoff showers whenever Jack tells him to. If he’s not told he forgets or just chooses not to. 

Michael showers when he’s dirty. Dirty is blood, dirt, sweat, etc, visible on his body. If he’s not dirty by his standards, it’s not happening.

Gavin showers at night right before bed, so after when he blow dries his hair he can use the dryer to warm his bed before he climbs in.

Ryan showers at dusk. He likes to be in there with the lights off until it’s so dark he can’t tell the shampoo from the conditioner. It makes him feel dramatic.

Writing masterplan

I just thought up a new plotline for my rewrite of the canon from KakaYama POV. I think it’s pretty neat and I’m all excited about it so I want to share it with y’all! Also if you have any more ideas TOTALLY TELL ME!

- so as we already know (I already started this plotline in Making it work), Yams befriended Nardo and he’s a good influence on the kyuubi brat since academy so the kid isn’t left on his own for so long and is less rowdy and better-educated

- most of the things pretty much go as the canon until Pein attack
- because during Pein attack Danzo held his ROOT back again but most of the ROOT members are already fed up with his scheming to get power at all costs, even at the cost of letting hundreds of innocent people to be killed and destroying the whole village
- so a group of ROOT members led by a certain dark-haired man who used to be paired with a certain mokuton user (yep, go Kinoto, go!) take the advantage of all the chaos and steal Danzo’s documents and take it all to the hokage
- Tsunade isn’t rendered unconscious for weeks but merely days and Shikaku and other high-ranked jounins make decisions in her stead until she wakes up again, so there’s no need to elect a new hokage
- Danzo is captured, restrained with seals and chakra supressors and put into heavily guarded prison built by Yams to be dealt with (he’s executed later), before that they make him release the cursed seals placed on ROOT members and they are transferred into regular ANBU (therefore there’s a significant amount of very strong ninjas with kekkei genkai on the Konoha side during war)
- the whole truth of the Uchiha clan massacre is revealed and a group of shinobi sets out to retrieve Itachi and Sasuke
- also I decided to sneak in some ItaNaru maybe? because that’s apparently my jam now… the thing is, Itachi shall live and both Uchiha are brought back to the village instead of Konoha nin being stopped by Obito and Sasuke killing Itachi

-the war continues pretty much the same only it’s Tsunade who goes to the five kage summit and team Kakashi leaves the village for a different reason than beg raikage for not killing Sasuke, maybe to ask him to let Naruto find and rescue and befriend Killer Bee?
- Kabuto still uses the fucking Edo tensei and is stopped by Uchiha bros(I’m debating Itachi just used Shisui’s kotoamatsukami on him instead of izanami so he woudn’t lose his eye), they decide they need help of the other hokage and revive Orochimaru because he’s the only one who can do that (therefore the four hokage are revived to help in the war and stop Madara in the first place)
- I’ll probably sneak in some past MadaTobi as well just for a comical exchange between the two :D :D
- aaand I have yet to figure out Itachi’s role in fighting Obito, Madara and Kaguya
-important things - Neji is to survive and Obito is not forgiven so easily dammit

-final pairings when everything returns to normal are:
- KakaYama is a thing and Kakashi appointed to be a rokudaime and they have their gay marriage
- Sasuke and Sakura try dating but discover it’s not what they want so Sasuke stays on his own and does a lot of business outside the village while Sakura gives a chance to Lee who matured a bit and isn’t so insane anymore
- then ofc ShikaTema , InoSai and ChojiKarui because I love those pairings tbh
- NejiTen, KibaShino and Hinata stays on her own to gain some damn confidence (maybe I’ll pair her with Sasuke later, idk yet) and ItaNaru


anonymous asked:

Probably some medicine people would tell how bad is her situation? When will she be alright again? And also, dyt she can have a shower/bath herself?

well officially she’s got a broken metatarsal, so I’m not sure how long that’ll take to heal but the boot is helping her a lot and she said she has to wear that for two weeks. she’s pretty resilient though and considering she was hobbling around within only a few hours again and rescheduling her appearances, I think she’ll recover pretty quickly and be okay again soon ☺️

i was completely convinced it had only been two years, but timehop this morning told me that it has actually been three. funny, really, how time flies, without you even noticing. 

three years sounds a lot longer than two did. it’s been over a thousand days since i last saw you, over a thousand days since you called me your little lorna, over a thousand days since i got one of your bone crushing hugs. a thousand and sixty five, actually, if google isn’t putting me wrong. 

i never had grandparents, really. i never met my grandfathers, and i only got six years with my grandmothers, but i got nineteen years with you. i got to love you for nineteen years, have you there for every birthday, and christmas, every single special day i ever had. you’d be there, and you’d tell me how beautiful i looked, and how proud my grandparents would be if they could see me now. 

but i graduate in a week, and you won’t be there. you weren’t there when i got my dream internship, you weren’t there when i turned 21, you weren’t there when i got accepted to my masters, but graduation hurts most of all, because i always just assumed you would be there. i always thought you’d be there, sitting with my parents, and i never thought about what it would be like if you weren’t around.

i thought you’d always be around. you always were, you were at ours nearly every sunday, you’d put up our christmas tree with us every year, i’d call in and see you on my way home from university, and you’d always greet me with a hug and a kitkat, golf on the television in the background, your best mugs out, ready for some coffee and gossip.

i miss you. i miss you so much, and it gets harder every single time another 365 days pass, because i’m starting to forget all the little things i could hold onto that first year that made it feel easier - the way you smelled, how your voice sounded. with every year that goes by, i forget all the things that made you, you, a little more, and i wish i could just make it stop. i wish, just for five minutes, that i could make it stop, and i could sit with you, and i could tell you all the things i never got to tell you when you were alive. i could tell you how much i loved you, and how you made sure i never felt like i felt like i was missing out by not having a nana, or a granddad, because you were all of that, and so much more. you were my partner in crime, and i’m going to miss you endlessly for however many more thousands of days i get to have without you here.

i hope that wherever you are now, you’re happy, and they’ve got your favourite perfume on hand, and that you’re missing us as much as we miss you, and you’d better not have found anyone else to do your nails for you, because that’s always going to my job, even if you’ve got to wait hundreds of thousands of more days. 

My favorite procrastination technique?

Making long lists of things I need to do. For example:

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Make a giraffe
  • Call maintenance about the leaky pipe
  • Make a bunny
  • Shower (possibly for the first time in 3 days)
  • Call about our Dish contract
  • Make 3 ear warmers
  • Bake cookies for the neighbors
  • Bathe the dogs
  • Make a few hats
  • Pretty much just finish all the orders
  • Match that basket full of mismatch socks
  • Clean the cat litter
  • Pick up the toys all over my house
  • Get a cup of coffee
  • Check my e-

See what I did there?

Maybe I’ll start with that cup of coffee…