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He didn’t want to be a superhero.

Not anymore at least. 

He’d outgrown it. He’d grown up, accepted that just because you had powers didn’t mean you got to be a hero. Heroics were for the people who could control the oceans, heal with a touch, literally move the earth, shoot fire from their hands, call down lightning… fly.

You didn’t get to be a hero when your skill set was moving through shadows and talking to the dead. Not exactly inspiring talents to bring into a crisis or use to rescue civilians. That kind of thing was more likely to frighten people or be useful for investigating after everything was over and had already gone horribly wrong. He was not going to live the CSI TV shows.

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Infinite Gravity / Billy Kaplan & Tommy Shepherd (Young Avengers) / by Aud Koch

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—A continuation of the idea of Billy & Tommy as The Quantum Physics Bros!  Because if Billy controls matter & energy and Tommy controls time & space, then by working together they’d be able to control gravity and black holes, right? 

AND THEN:  Following the strain of scientific thought that says black holes rip open pockets in the fabric of the universe, and those pockets are new universes, then … instead of Billy being the Demiurge, Billy & Tommy together would be the Demiurge, wouldn’t they?  Which would change quite a bit of the plot of YA vol. 2!  Anyway, that’s my current sandbox idea.  ( •⌄• ू )✧

(Disclaimer:  I am just a casual science fan, so I may be bungling all of this up!)


Hello class welcome to Astronomy with JackSepticHair what did he do today?

He had the Earth collide with a giant space teapot. :P

How we’re all still alive I have no idea! xD

Screenshots from Universe Sandbox 2 #3! :)

This game is so cool! :D You can make so many things in this game look like a light show when you play around with it. Plus space in general is just cool to look at! xD Why is watching Jack destroy everything space so fun to watch? 

(I really need to stop calling Jack JackSepticHair it’s not that clever of nickname. xD)

So I’m writing “King’s Ransom” based on these two posts and what is cracking my shit up is Bilbo not even realizing how important he is to Thorin - like, it’s in the back of his mind that Thorin has been pulling him aside and separating him from the other dwarves and then there’s the thing where Thorin tells him straight out that Bilbo is the only one he can trust, but Bilbo still doesn’t think he’s important enough to Thorin.

So his original plan is to give them the Arkenstone, but I think Bilbo conflates the Arkenstone with Thorin’s sickness far more than the Arkenstone actually affects the dragon sickness. I blame his conversation with Balin, to be honest. Bilbo might have originally taken the Arkenstone because he was drawn to its beauty (this is book canon), but after that conversation with Balin I think he becomes quite convinced that it’s the root of the dragon sickness, and maybe even that it’s cursed.

So he decides that it’s too much of a risk to wave something that’s probably cursed or at the very least enchanted in front of two men who have brought armies to basically extort the gold out of Thorin. So instead he offers to pay them his share, his claim of the treasure. It’s his to do with as he wishes, and Thorin did use “ours” to describe the gold so Bilbo thinks Thorin might be willing to part with Bilbo’s share if that’s what Bilbo wants.

Of course Thranduil and Bard don’t believe he will, so they ask what they’re supposed to do if Thorin refuses. And Bilbo says something like “Oh, figure it out! Ransom me against it for all I care!” as kind of a hyperbolic suggestion he doesn’t think anyone will take seriously.

Except Bard is immediately like “that could work” because Bard saw the way Thorin and Bilbo were together in Lake-Town. Thranduil is not convinced. Gandalf is, of course, against it because this whole thing is ridiculous and he pulls Bilbo aside to ask if he’s sure he wants to take this risk, and Bilbo tells him about “our” gold and the mithril and how Thorin must care for him somewhat if he told Bilbo outright he was the only person Thorin could trust. Of course the second he tells Gandalf about the mithril, Gandalf is 100% convinced this plan is going to work. He’s so certain that Thorin will pay the ransom for Bilbo that he convinces Thranduil it will work, and Bilbo is standing there like, when did this actually become a viable plan?? This is ridiculous!

It’s so precious because man, Bilbo, you have no idea.